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Updated on: August 14, 2022
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Top 5 Bedloop Alternatives

ActiveBuilding - Property Management Software


Resident Portal & eCommerce Platform
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ActiveBuilding pricing: ActiveBuilding Offers Custom plan.

What is ActiveBuilding and how does it work?

ActiveBuilding is a resident portal and mobile app that streamlines self-service tasks for your teams and residents, saving staff time and keeping them focused on residents’ needs. Retain more residents by making online renewal easy, and communicate with them in the channels they prefer. Boost ancillary revenue and drive incremental yield from assets you already have or can provide through third-party providers. Make everyday processes more streamlined. Manage package deliveries and service requests with automatic status updates 24/7. Even engage with residents and protect your online reputation right from the app. show more

ActiveBuilding Alternatives
Zego - Property Management Software


Multifamily Property Management Software
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Zego pricing: Zego Offers Custom plan.

What is Zego and how does it work?

Zego is a property technology company that modernizes resident experience management to boost retention, productivity, and NOI. Zego's mobile-first engagement platform for the residential real estate industry unifies the most critical resident touch-points into one app. Everything seamlessly integrates into your back-end system, from payments and utilities to communications and smart devices. show more

Zego Alternatives
SKYLINE - Property Management Software


Increase your occupancy and NOI with SKYLINE
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SKYLINE pricing: SKYLINE Offers Custom plan.

What is SKYLINE and how does it work?

SKYLINE is a technological solution supplier for the property management sector, developed to support clients' growth, enhance diversified portfolios, and create organisational structures. It offers tools that are simple to use and designed with cutting-edge technology to improve your leasing, accounting, and facilities operations. The platform provides a quick, adaptable, and scalable software for increasing process efficiency, maximising property performance, all while being both dependable and cost efficient. With a touch of a finger on a touchscreen, you can generate more leads, engage with prospects, and sign digital leases with SKYLINE. You can provide convenience with mobile services to strengthen tenant relationships and analyse performance data and use custom financial reports. Users can create important date alerts, handle purchase orders, invoices, and vendor payments, and schedule monthly charges. With SKYLINE, service requests are dispatched, available apartments are marketed, background checks are conducted, papers are managed and rent is collected at one place. Additionally, this paperless property management system saves operating costs, speeds up processes, eliminates risk, and encourages open communication with employees, clients, investors, and residents. show more

SKYLINE Alternatives
Console Gateway - Property Management Software

Console Gateway

Manage all of your trust accounting and property management
(1 Ratings)

Console Gateway pricing: Starts at $49.95.

What is Console Gateway and how does it work?

Console Gateway has a rich set of features that can help any agency manage a mix of residential, sales, commercial, and holiday letting, all in one place. From business development and advertising, right through to lease terminations and exits, Console Gateway handles everything. Console Gateway is so efficient that once you’ve got it all set up, your staff will have more time on their hands straight away. Reduce time spent on receipting (reconciliations and disbursements) with bulk receipting that’s compatible with all major banks. show more

Console Gateway Alternatives
Aiosell PMS - Property Management Software

Aiosell PMS

A PMS Software for Business Needs
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Aiosell PMS pricing: Aiosell PMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Aiosell PMS and how does it work?

Aiosell PMS is a cloud-based Hotel Property Management System to increase business. The software offers tools to manage internal hotel operations such as inventory management, staff management, point-of-sale services, and much more. The integrated PMS used to measure the ROI, booking patterns, and customer behavior to make smarter decisions to increase profit. It integrates with Accounting System like QuickBooks Tally. Hotel Manager, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Aiosell PMS Alternatives

Products Similar to Bedloop

Infor Property Management - Property Management Software

Infor Property Management

Commercial property management software
(1 Ratings)

Infor Property Management pricing: Infor Property Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Infor Property Management and how does it work?

From attracting tenants to creating financial reports, thousands of property owners and managers depend on Infor Property Management software to meet their operational, financial, and business intelligence needs. Featuring a true multi-tenant cloud architecture, the solution can be deployed on-premises, in a public cloud on Amazon Web Services, or in private. The portfolio reporting app delivers key analysis and performance metrics to owners, investors, and executives. Residents and prospects can request immediate service with the QuickTask app. show more

Infor Property Management Alternatives
HotelKey - Property Management Software


The Future of Hospitality Technology
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HotelKey pricing: HotelKey Offers Custom plan.

What is HotelKey and how does it work?

HotelKey is a property management system. HotelKey administration application allows users to create a new product by uploading multiple products via CSV or bulk upload from the user interface. Products can be set up with different sizes, tags, departments, categories, SKU's, and multiple UPCs to support easy searching of these products from the register. HotelKey administration application allows users to attach promotions to products. HotelKey supports multiple types of promotions which are quick and easy to set up and assign to products. show more

HotelKey Alternatives
Workspeed - Property Management Software


Helps increase asset lifespans
(5 Ratings)

Workspeed pricing: Workspeed Offers Custom plan.

What is Workspeed and how does it work?

Workspeed is a work order management system that helps streamline building operations. By using this system companies can boost their operational control and maximise asset lifespans. This end-to-end real estate operations management solution brings process improvements to building owners and managers. Workspeed’s powerful and intuitive feature comes from collaboration, workflow automation and mobile communication. This system’s suite of solutions also includes the functionality of service requests, certificate of insurance management, preventive maintenance and more. Trusted by more than 3,00,000 users, Workspeed’s mobile application hub for tenants, managers, vendors and engineers, deliver end-to-end tracking and comprehensive workflows. Using this system, companies can leverage commercial real estate best practices and standards to extend asset lifespans. Furthermore, Workspeed ensures on-time maintenance with access to equipment libraries, warranties and service contracts. With this system, one can gain visibility into tenant and vendor insurance to mitigate liability concerns. Also, Workspeed helps streamline lobby traffic and enhance overall building security. It ensures visitor management, providing security personnel with an intuitive interface to register and check-in visitors. show more

Workspeed Alternatives
Zeevou - Property Management Software


Comprehensive software to grow your hospitality business
(38 Ratings)

Zeevou pricing: Starts at $25.04. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zeevou and how does it work?

Zeevou is a compact rental property management software that helps hotels to grow their business through industry-leading training, cutting-edge automation and world-class support. The training programs available enable users to explore top-notch educational opportunities offered by leading experts in the industry. These training programs of Zeevou include webinars, podcasts, sample documents, and templates along with outstandingly written materials. The software allows hotels to automate their everyday tasks in order to increase efficiency, minimize human error, and improve the guest experience. It comes with various self-check-in features that include key safes, KeyNest, and smart locks. Hotels also get real-time reports comprising an overview of their business performance, related to finances, operations, or occupancy. Zeevou also offers relevant guides throughout the entire business procedure, right from getting started to its expansion. An included ‘Set-up Guide’ provides detailed information on how to use various parts of the software, while a ‘How to Guide’ contains Frequently Asked Questions. show more

Zeevou Alternatives
Yardi Breeze - Property Management Software

Yardi Breeze

Software that is pleasantly basic
(99 Ratings)

Yardi Breeze pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Yardi Breeze and how does it work?

Yardi Breeze is a delightfully straightforward property management tool created with just one objective in mind: to offer our users a single platform that is simple to use and makes use of the most recent developments in cloud-based technology. Breeze gives you the freedom to market, lease, and manage your portfolio from any location using any device. You may work online from lead to lease thanks to online payments and portals for applications, residents, and owners. With Yardi's built-in accounting system, which is supported by over 35 years of dependable real estate accounting, you can be sure that your reports are correct. Get outstanding help as well as limitless live chat whenever you need it. Check out Breeze Premier, a user-friendly, powerful programme with more sophisticated features like automatic invoice processing, work costing, and premium property websites. We've even developed an AI-powered chatbot that can answer queries from prospects for you in a smart and precise manner. See Yardi Breeze Premier for heightened capabilities. Unlock features like task costing, custom reporting, menu-level security controls, and automated invoice processing. Check out the reasons why thousands of companies select Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier, regardless of whether the platform is best for you. show more

Yardi Breeze Alternatives
Fixflo Lettings - Property Management Software

Fixflo Lettings

Repairs and maintenance done right
(1 Ratings)

What is Fixflo Lettings and how does it work?

Fixflo Lettings is a repairs and maintenance platform that offers you a communication tool to easily keep your landlords informed and show exceptional property management service with concrete facts. It allows property managers to focus on building long-term connections with landlords and tenants by automating monotonous chores. With Fixflo Lettings, property managers can train contractors, manage work orders, schedule scheduled maintenance, and get landlord permission easily. It allows you to simply assign certain contractors to specific portfolios. With Fixflow, contractors get their own app where they can quote, update, be updated, and charge property managers. You can set up one-time and recurring scheduled maintenance activities, and the system will notify you when they're due. It also offers a phone line utilizing IVR technology for vulnerable occupiers or those with limited Internet access, enabling all occupiers to benefit from a smart repair reporting experience. Fixflo's in-system instruction assists you in securely resolving difficulties without the need to contact the property management. Additionally, occupants can report repairs in 40+ languages using Fixflow’s online, white-label reporting platform at any time and from anywhere. show more

Fixflo Lettings Alternatives
Property Manager Cloud - Property Management Software

Property Manager Cloud

Streamline a seamless rental process
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Property Manager Cloud pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Property Manager Cloud and how does it work?

Property Manager Cloud is an online real estate property management software that is easy to use, easy to access as well as easy to set up. The software comes with some exciting features on every plan. Property Manager Cloud offers paperless real estate management, everything online, for example, applications, leases, resident screening, rent payments, maintenance requests, detailed property information, late notices, and more. Also, it helps companies to save on office supplies and reduces clutter. Its Tenant Portal is 100% mobile-friendly, making it easy for tenants to check their balances, pay rent or generate maintenance requests. The portal further displays account balance, payment history, work order history, and more. Property Manager Cloud features a work order system ensuring tenants manage their work orders, requests, and follow-ups online. Furthermore, this software also provides Digital Rental Payment services, accordingly. When tenants pay online, accounting entries are automatically made for them and they are notified about it. With Property Management Cloud, businesses can use a template for their incoming tenant. This feature automatically fills all the information into agreements and saves time. show more

Property Manager Cloud Alternatives
Axis - Property Management Software


Commercial Real Estate Software
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Axis pricing: Axis Offers Custom plan.

What is Axis and how does it work?

Axis is a web-based software platform that integrates marketing, management, and communications tools for commercial real estate properties. The Axis Workorder module (powered by Angus) allows tenants to place their requests online. The workorder is then routed to the assigned engineer, who is notified of the new request. Axis offers an electronic version of your Tenant Handbook. Through Axis, you can access specific content in your handbook directly from a link in your pull-down menu or through a table of contents. show more

Axis Alternatives
MRI Commercial Management - Property Management Software

MRI Commercial Management

Helps optimize portfolio performance
(30 Ratings)

MRI Commercial Management pricing: MRI Commercial Management Offers Custom plan.

What is MRI Commercial Management and how does it work?

MRI’s commercial management suite gives you the freedom to scale your real estate business. Simplify the management of your office, industrial and retail properties by automating complex lease calculations, including lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments and recoveries. Empower your property management and leasing teams with centralized tenant information. Automate the full range of lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments and recoveries. show more

MRI Commercial Management Alternatives
LandlordTracks - Property Management Software


All-in-one Property Management Software
(1 Ratings)

LandlordTracks pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is LandlordTracks and how does it work?

LandlordTracks is an all-in-one, cloud-based Property Management Software. With the all-in-one screening tools let the applicant fill out their information and you simply click a link to generate an instant background report. You can upload property images from anywhere using your mobile device. Images are automatically synced between every device using LandlordTracks property management software. Payments are completely integrated with the accounting module, so there is no need to enter data in multiple systems. show more

LandlordTracks Alternatives
Visitt - Property Management Software


Get your job done with Visitt
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Visitt pricing: Visitt Offers Custom plan.

What is Visitt and how does it work?

Visitt is a property management software that enables you to manage all areas of management and facility maintenance responsibilities, field worker activities, and service operations in one place. It allows you to provide tenant requests and work order management, smart documentation and regulatory compliance, inspections and preventative maintenance, and inventory management. With Visitt's live, configurable management dashboards and predictive Visitt Operational Score, you can give great insights and data from day one. You can interact with your team in one click, with in-app messaging, remote processes, and a super intuitive tenant mobile app. All properties, assets, sites, and people may be measured and compared so you can figure out how to have the most influence on your organization. It enables you to raise the bar on customer service, control and optimize facility maintenance and service costs, and closely adhere to safety laws. You get quick implementation and results, customizable solutions, a smooth account management system, and all-day support with this platform. You can also automate all property inspections, work orders, due dates, and documentation for faster resolution. show more

Visitt Alternatives
Lynx - Property Management Software


Makes Smart Devices, SMARTER
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Lynx pricing: Lynx Offers Custom plan.

What is Lynx and how does it work?

Lynx offers PMS Integrated Keyless Entry, Home Automation for Thermostat, Leak/ Noise/ Smoke/ CO sensors combined with Workflow Automation and Guest Communication.

Lynx Alternatives
MRI Residential Management - Property Management Software

MRI Residential Management

Attract and retain high-quality residents
(46 Ratings)

MRI Residential Management pricing: MRI Residential Management Offers Custom plan.

What is MRI Residential Management and how does it work?

MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions. MRI’s comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of real estate businesses—from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets. A pioneer of the real estate software industry, MRI develops lasting client relationships based on nearly five decades of expertise and insight. Through leading solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI liberates real estate companies to elevate their business and gain a competitive edge. show more

MRI Residential Management Alternatives
Invensol SAM - Property Management Software

Invensol SAM

Space and Asset Management
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Invensol SAM pricing: Invensol SAM Offers Custom plan.

What is Invensol SAM and how does it work?

Invensol SAM provides the most efficient method of accessing the information by a simplified platform in order to remain quick and easy during the entire process. The software can be easily implemented in any organization and doesn't require constant maintenance on board. With a customizable data reporting platform, you can download occupancy data or a complete facility management analysis from the Dashboard module. show more

Invensol SAM Alternatives
PropertyFlo - Property Management Software


Simplify your property transaction as a escrow agent.
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PropertyFlo pricing: PropertyFlo Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PropertyFlo and how does it work?

Achieve shorter sale cycles by making communication between you and your buyer/seller more comprehensive. Invite all sides of the transaction to one central location offering a high level overview of progress for all participants. PropertyFlo is an easy to follow workflow for your property transactions with your buyer/seller. show more

PropertyFlo Alternatives
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