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Alteryx Application to ensure high data security.

Alteryx Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Alteryx Alternatives

Tableau - Business Intelligence Software
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A data-driven solution to every problem
(2,770 Ratings)

Tableau pricing: Starts at $12.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tableau and how does it work?

Tableau is an integrated business intelligence and visual analytics solution that helps users analyse the key business data and find solutions to different problems. The platform can be used to obtain data from multiple sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, SQL and cloud apps, to generate meaningful insights. It helps users generate interactive maps and find necessary solutions to all their problems – whether they are analysts, students, teachers, executives or business owners. From connection to collaboration, the platform provides a secure, powerful and flexible end-to-end analytical approach, finding out AI-driven effective solutions. Tableau is capable to scale companies engaged in different industries, including manufacturing, communication, healthcare, education, technology and real estate. It is referred to as the world’s deepest and broadest analytics platform, compatible with Salesforce CRM. Other than English its is available in different global languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and more. show more

Alteryx vs Tableau | Tableau Alternatives
Informatica Cloud Data Quality - New SaaS Software

Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Manage the quality of your data effectively
(18 Ratings)

Informatica Cloud Data Quality pricing: Informatica Cloud Data Quality Offers Custom plan.

What is Informatica Cloud Data Quality and how does it work?

Informatica Cloud Data Quality is an effective data quality management tool that allows clients to deliver trusted insights. The tool is essentially useful for managing, identifying and fixing data quality problems in the cloud as well as on-premise business applications. Data discovery is an important feature of Informatica Cloud Data Quality as it performs iterative data analysis to point out the exact problems and thereafter. The solution’s common data quality rules can be smoothly reused to save time and resources for increased productivity. Further, data quality transformations too are a useful part of an Informatica integration that includes data cleansing along with standardisation and address verification, parsing and enrichment capabilities. Spark processing enhances the rate of performance by ten times thanks to its serverless nature. Further, Informatica Cloud Data Quality keeps every bit of data under continuous monitoring and tracks quality across source systems over time. It further automates a handful of critical tasks and orders, enabling enhanced productivity. However, among all features, it is Informatica’s intensive lineup of business-grade data solutions that sets it apart from the crowd. show more

Alteryx vs Informatica Cloud Data Quality | Informatica Cloud Data Quality Alternatives
KNIME Analytics Platform - Business Intelligence Software
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KNIME Analytics Platform

Generate appropriate Data Science workflows on the go
(109 Ratings)

KNIME Analytics Platform pricing: KNIME Analytics Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is KNIME Analytics Platform and how does it work?

KNIME Analytics Platform is an open-source software for creating appropriate data science workflows as per need. Continuously integrating new developments, KNIME makes reusable components accessible to everyone. The platforms intuitive and open interface makes it easy for developers to understand data and design workflows, accordingly. Also, KNIME Hub offered by the same makes it easy for users to drag and drop nodes and components as per choice, without the need for coding. Furthermore, with this software developers can model each step of their data analysis, control the data related workflow of data and ensure that their work is always up to date. With the platform’s native nodes, developers can blend tools from different domains into a single workflow which includes scripting in R & Python, machine learning or connectors to Apache Spark. KNIME Analytics Platform also comes supportive of simple text formats like PDF, CSV, XML, XLS, unstructured data types (documents, networks, images) or time-series data for users to open and combine. Also, this software hosts a series of databases and data warehouses which allows users to connect data from Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, Apache Five and more. show more

Alteryx vs KNIME Analytics Platform | KNIME Analytics Platform Alternatives
Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheets Software

Microsoft Excel

Always remain organised with Excel
(1,955 Ratings)

Microsoft Excel pricing: Starts at $5.00.

What is Microsoft Excel and how does it work?

Microsoft Excel is an intuitive part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, helping users create spreadsheets that can be used in recording data and modifying it as required. Excel further helps in organising data so that users are unburdened of all kinds of repetitive tasks. The spreadsheets can be modified with available templates and all complex mathematical calculations solved with preloaded formulas. Charts and graphic data help users to present themselves in a more standardised and organised manner and yet, stand out with quirky inclusions like sparklines, formats and insightful tables or charts alike. The software also lets them create forecasts conveniently for predicting trends just with a single click. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are shareable with an audience who can also be selectively turned into editors for the particular file to incorporate necessary modifications. The latest version of Microsoft Excel is flexible when it comes to devices and can be operated simultaneously from a PC as well as a mobile phone. Analogue spreadsheets can be converted into digital simply with a click while printable data on a photo can be easily converted into a full-fledged modifiable table on Excel. show more

Alteryx vs Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Excel Alternatives
Snowflake - Data Warehouse Software


Get the data mobilized in real-time
(333 Ratings)

Snowflake pricing: Snowflake Offers Custom plan.

What is Snowflake and how does it work?

Snowflake is a data cloud solution enabling organizations to run their workloads within a single platform eliminating data silos. The software offers real-time access to an intuitive network of 1000+ business enterprises, monitoring data as providers and consumers. Enterprises can execute diversified analytical workloads as per the accurate location of individual data. Thus delivering a seamless experience across differential public clouds and the regions they are located at. The FedRamp authorized solution ensures complete compliance with multiple industrial and governmental regulations, besides offering a wide variety of cloud data security measures. The robust architecture of Snowflake facilitates native integration between computing, storage and services. Enterprises also get to collaborate across their business ecosystem, get access to shared data sets and services through data marketplace offered by the software. Business houses can generate modern data applications and get them running on Snowflake. Thus offering a robust experience to individual employees, customers and business partners as well. show more

Alteryx vs Snowflake | Snowflake Alternatives

Products Similar to Alteryx

Microsoft SQL Server - Database Management Software
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Microsoft SQL Server

Make the best out of your data
(3,375 Ratings)

Microsoft SQL Server pricing: Starts at $209.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Microsoft SQL Server and how does it work?

This Business Intelligence software from Microsoft has everything you want to grow your business with the use of meaningful insights into your business. WIth Microsoft SQL server, you can view and transfer data and reports to and from any device in a very cost-effective way. You can build your own app for online transaction processing with high performance and scalability features. Analyse your data directly within the SQL server database using the popular statistics language ‘R’. With its advanced security features, it ensures that your data is safe, secure and protected from any vulnerability, whatsoever. show more

Alteryx vs Microsoft SQL Server | Microsoft SQL Server Alternatives
Python RPA - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software
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Python RPA

Go beyond boundaries
(0 Ratings)

Python RPA pricing: Starts at $19.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Python RPA and how does it work?

Python RPA is the perfect way to take their business automation to the next level. With this Flat Fee and Unlimited Bot options, they can enjoy a complete, all-inclusive enterprise plan with the added flexibility of their On-Premises setup option. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses Bots to imitate human actions inside computer systems, providing efficient results and saving time due to their ability to rapidly complete repetitive, rule-based tasks. For businesses looking to maximize automation across their company, Python RPA offers a unique opportunity to unlock boundless potential. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes; this amazing technology helps them realize a smoother workflow and automates their most tedious tasks. RPA bots are also perfect choice for sales; many CRM systems are locked-off, therefore difficult to configure or integrate with other software. With Python RPA, enjoy 100% automation and access a world of incredible potential without heavy costs. Discover the power of automation – the possibilities are endless with Python RPA! With its highly efficient and cost-effective On-Premises setup option, this amazing technology offers unlimited bots and a flat fee, so their business can reap the rewards of complete business automation. show more

Alteryx vs Python RPA | Python RPA Alternatives
Databricks - New SaaS Software


A simple yet powerful way to manage data warehouses
(104 Ratings)

Databricks pricing: Starts at $0.07. Offers Custom plan.

What is Databricks and how does it work?

Databricks is a compact data management platform that enables businesses to unify their analytics, data and AI, storing them all in a secured location. Users get to unify their entire data ecosystem belonging to different standards and formats. The software includes collaborative features allowing team members to work together across the entire data and AI workflow. It also brings collaborative notebooks within a unified portal enabling companies to work easily with Python, R SQL and Scala. Databricks includes openness and flexibility which provides reliability and performance within the data warehouses. These qualities of the platform make it a perfect solution for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data types. With Databricks, businesses can use their existing BI tools to analyse the updated metrics in real-time. Furthermore, the software also comes equipped with a heap of solutions facilitating a complete ML lifecycle management which supports any data type across multiple scales. This ML lifecycle also enables businesses to train models and manage their deployment in a way that best serves their individual purposes. show more

Alteryx vs Databricks | Databricks Alternatives
Talend Cloud Data Integration - iPaaS Software

Talend Cloud Data Integration

Gather, combine and use relevant data to get productivity levels enhanced as per need
(202 Ratings)

Talend Cloud Data Integration pricing: Starts at $1000.00.

What is Talend Cloud Data Integration and how does it work?

Talend Cloud Data Integration is an efficient data management software that helps companies to bring all of their data together from multiple sources. It also empowers companies to use the data and make better business decisions on the go. The software provides a unified approach helping organisations with rapid data integration, mapping and transformation through automated quality checks. Talend Cloud Data Integration offers convenient self-service tools, making it easy for users to bring data from almost any source of their choice. It can also be used to send data to any destination, whether it's on-premises or in the cloud. As a flexible software, Talend Cloud Data Integration also enables users to build multiple data pipelines with ease and run them over any platform accordingly. In addition, users can also combine data integration, data sharing and data quality within a single space, which is easy to deploy and use. Talend Cloud Data Integration’s powerful API provides the ultimate help to individual users while gathering quality data, increasing team productivity and making better decisions. show more

Alteryx vs Talend Cloud Data Integration | Talend Cloud Data Integration Alternatives
Geckoboard - Dashboard Software
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Make business data easy to understand
(156 Ratings)

Geckoboard pricing: Starts at $29.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Geckoboard and how does it work?

Geckoboard is a smart dashboard developed to help you simplify the data obtained from spreadsheets, databases, and applications, and present them in the most vivid way possible. By using real-time metrics, companies can help their teams understand and improve their performance. With more than 60 integrations, you can easily create real-time dashboards to help your team immediately see the impact of their work and make corrections independently. Owners can now let everyone in the organization understand the progress of the entire business, and show the progress of achieving high-level goals, as well as an essential summary of key performance indicators and company goals with Geckoboard. Companies can easily visualize the exact information they need and filter the data to accurately display the information they want; they can also choose a beautifully designed real-time view through Geckoboard's easy-to-use interface. show more

Alteryx vs Geckoboard | Geckoboard Alternatives
Cyfe - Dashboard Software
95%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Monitor all of your key performance metrics from a single dashboard
(183 Ratings)

Cyfe pricing: Starts at $29.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Cyfe and how does it work?

Cyfe is a comprehensive dashboard management solution that helps businesses monitor and visualise a variety of essential activities within a real-time dashboard. Brands can depend on the particular platform to get a quick overview of essential data collected from various social media, marketing, analytics, sales and support services within a single place. Moreover, the platform also allows users to find a perfect dashboard template as per convenience and get essential data displayed in a particular structure in real-time. Cyfe even comes loaded with a variety of pre-built widgets, enabling users to pull data from popular services like Salesforce and Google with ease. Brands can depend on the same to schedule or download data wise email reports in PDF, PNG, JPEG and CSV formats as per need and go through them while offline. Ultimately, real-time alerts offered by Cyfe via SMS or email helps users with seamless monitoring. Large teams dependent on the particular get access to secure sharing capabilities. show more

Alteryx vs Cyfe | Cyfe Alternatives
Databox - Dashboard Software
95%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


All your data on one dashboard
(187 Ratings)

Databox pricing: Starts at $135.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Databox and how does it work?

Databox is an advanced dashboard, ideally suited to all types of businesses to maintain their business needs efficiently. With Databox, customers can see all their performance data in one place, so they have to spend less time checking data from different sources, creating reports, and more time processing information. With its DIY Dashboard Designer tool, anyone can extract the indicators they need, visualize KPIs in various ways, and create beautiful dashboards without coding or design skills. The user can also set targets for specific metrics from any of the 70+ brand integrations or any other data that they integrate into Databox. Databox also provides job reminders for the company; notifications when performance is disabled. With statistics, owners can view a series of achievements for their team and receive suggestions for improving business performance. By using data calculations, users can combine data from any source and easily calculate new indicators. They also have a free package for users to try out their advanced features. show more

Alteryx vs Databox | Databox Alternatives
DashThis - Dashboard Software
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Empower your marketing team with ingenuous data
(153 Ratings)

DashThis pricing: Starts at $33.00.

What is DashThis and how does it work?

DashThis is a futuristic market report management tool designed to help marketers, executives, small businesses, freelancers and agencies to generate insightful reports in real-time and save hours of their work. Users can depend on the particular to avail data of their choice across 34+ most popular marketing platforms, like Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more in an automated manner. They can even depend on DashThis to create a single dashboard view from different sources. Along with that, these dashboards also get updated automatically from time to time offering fresh data. Moreover, a CSV file import system within DashThis, helps users add data of their choice with a few clicks and get work completed in real-time. The solution allows users to add as many client accounts as they want and get those accounts monitored in real-time. Ultimately a wide variety of reports provided by the same enables seamless eCommerce, digital advertising, PPC, analytics and SEO management. show more

Alteryx vs DashThis | DashThis Alternatives
Solver - Dashboard Software
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Reliable solution to support third-party integration.
(79 Ratings)

Solver pricing: Solver Offers Custom plan.

What is Solver and how does it work?

Solver enables faster and better decisions using a single, cloud-based solution that automates reporting and planning processes. Eliminate your manual spreadsheet-based planning processes and back-and-forth emails to achieve modern, dynamic budgets and forecasts with self-service Solver Planning. Integrated with Power BI, Solver Dashboards deliver easy-to-understand insights into the health of your organization, enabling faster analysis and smarter decisions. Connect the dots of your diverse data sources with the Solver Data Warehouse, which allows you to consolidate company information in one easy-to-use, high-performance platform. Whether in the office or working remotely, Solver Reporting offers you robust, business user-friendly financial and operational reporting as well as consolidations. show more

Alteryx vs Solver | Solver Alternatives
Grafana - Dashboard Software
94%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


A Highly Customizable And Open-source Data Visualization Platform
(58 Ratings)

Grafana pricing: Starts at $49.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Grafana and how does it work?

Grafana is software that assists companies to monitor everything from Prometheus & Graphite metrics, logs, applications, beehives, power plants, sourdough starters, and custom data sources. It makes metric visualization tools that are more accessible and easy to use across the entire company. Grafana cloud plan collects, analyzes, and alerts users on Graphite and Prometheus metrics and Loki logs on highly available, high-performance, and fully managed Grafana Cloud platforms. Users can get visibility into all data sources and metrics across their teams without jumping through multiple tabs and tools. The platform enables users to get massive query performance and high efficiency for their Prometheus metrics at any scale. Users can also access Grafana Enterprise, which includes access to enterprise plugins that take users' existing data sources and allow them to drop them right into Grafana. This will enable users to get the best out of their complicated and expensive monitoring solutions and databases by visualizing all the data more easily and effectively. show more

Alteryx vs Grafana | Grafana Alternatives
Google Data Studio - Dashboard Software
92%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Google Data Studio

Get your data transformed into insightful and compelling stories
(436 Ratings)

Google Data Studio pricing: Google Data Studio Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Google Data Studio and how does it work?

Google Data Studio is a comprehensive data optimisation platform that enables businesses to turn their data into fully customisable informative reports. It offers a plethora of automated reports made available on interactive dashboards that are quite easy to understand. Moreover, businesses can also depend on the same to import and visualise essential data from Google Analytics, Big Query, Spreadsheets, Google Ads and other databases of their choice. They can even monitor updated reports related to multiple projects within a single portal. Further, organisations can trust Google Data Studio with essential business process monitoring by analysing data generated from ad spend, search ranking, site traffic and more. It helps to transform data into impactful stories using engaging charts and graphs. The entire process makes it easy for users to understand the ROI of their business initiatives and spendings on digital advertising. Furthermore, the platform also boosts productivity levels across teams in real-time by providing them with accurate data that they need. show more

Alteryx vs Google Data Studio | Google Data Studio Alternatives
iDashboards - Dashboard Software
92%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


An easy to use business intelligence tool
(105 Ratings)

iDashboards pricing: iDashboards Offers Custom plan.

What is iDashboards and how does it work?

iDashboards is an user-friendly business intelligence software which is rich in features. It allows customization of dashboards and securely stores the data. It has iDI-Data Blending feature due to which, data are collected from multiple sources and a dataset are created. In addition, it has scheduled reporting feature that allows you to schedule business reports on regular basis and stores it in the database automatically. It also has Excel Auto-uploader feature that enables auto updation of reports as excel files using an API call. With this software, you will get access to number of databases by data connection feature which will enhance your data analysis. show more

Alteryx vs iDashboards | iDashboards Alternatives
Whatagraph - Dashboard Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Keep a track of your campaigns with Whatagraph
(203 Ratings)

Whatagraph pricing: Starts at $119.00.

What is Whatagraph and how does it work?

Whatagraph is an intuitive marketing analysis and social media reporting software, used by organisations to facilitate seamless campaign based tracking and analysis across various platforms. In simple words, it enables companies to generate customisable visual reports on the go and let the accumulated data lead the way. Data can be added from any number of sources to your report. With Whatagraph, sending reports on or before deadlines becomes an easy task since the entire process of compiling and forwarding reports is automated. Deadline dates and timings can be customised according to the needs of both the client and the receiver. Further, Whatagraph enables the customisation of reports before they are forwarded to the receiver. Building and editing reports with the entire team on board are possible with this software since it allows easy sharing of projects via an auto-generated link. Pre-designed templates and widgets make the entire task of report making easier. Whatagraph also enables seamless data integration with external platforms like Google Analytics, Hubspot and Google MyBusiness. show more

Alteryx vs Whatagraph | Whatagraph Alternatives
DataHero - Dashboard Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Cloud-based multi featured dashboard software
(19 Ratings)

DataHero pricing: Starts at $49.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is DataHero and how does it work?

DataHero is a cloud-based dashboard software that is also available in SaaS version and is mobile-friendly too. This software comes enhanced with diverse features, in addition to just dashboard ones. It contains big-data features, business intelligence features, data visualization features, etc. to name a few. Users can generate data-driven actionable business reports with the help of its useful reporting features. Business growth and performance can be measured using statistical analysis features. DataHero comes with attractive dashboard features like themes, widgets, annotations, data source integrations, scoreboards, etc. It supports both private and public dashboards. show more

Alteryx vs DataHero | DataHero Alternatives
Cluvio - Dashboard Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


An advanced data analysis solution.
(4 Ratings)

Cluvio pricing: Starts at $279.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Cluvio and how does it work?

Cluvio is a data analytics platform suitable for small and medium business. With the use of time-based and custom filters, reports can be easily categorized in the dashboards. This dashboard can be shared with multiple users through link. Cluvio supports integration with all SQL databases and provides an advanced data analysis. It allows you to filter results based on your preferred parameters and also supports sharing of dashboard. In addition, you can run R script on SQL query in order to maximize the efficiency of analysis. This cloud-based application enables effective security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to your data. show more

Alteryx vs Cluvio | Cluvio Alternatives
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