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Updated on: January 25, 2022
Minute Menu CX
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Minute Menu CX Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Minute Menu CX.

Top 5 Minute Menu CX Alternatives

Foodservice Suite

CBORD Food Service Software Solutions | CBORD
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Use smart software tools that help large, complex food service operations improve productivity, lower costs, and reduce waste.


Real-Time Business Intelligence

DigitalPour is the premiere solution for integrating with a Point-of-Sale System. Make changes to your inventory and it will be updated automatically on your digital menus and POS. Interactive reports give you insight into the performance of what you serve. Display metrics like average time a beer has been on tap; average generated income; and average profits/time on.

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The ConnectSmart Platform is a data-driven operational platform using kitchen automation, guest management, off-premise technology, and predictive analytics with robust integrations to deliver operational excellence.


hospital foodservice management software

Considering food represents a significant expense in the healthcare supply chain, it is challenging to successfully manage all the components involved in foodservice. At some point, operators are faced with the decision to either automate their processes or continue having no visibility of food spending. When it affects operational performance, the decision becomes apparent. Hospital foodservice management software provides the traceability and budgetary control that every leading healthcare organization needs. A... read more

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School Lunch Delivery Service in SF Bay Area & Southern CA | Healthy Food in SF Bay Area & SoCal CA
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Thoughtfully Sourced. Deliciously Prepared. Wholesome lunches kids love! Serving schools in the SF Bay Area & Southern California!

Products Similar to Minute Menu CX


Track store and employee performance

Using the BOHA! Control Center, your Operations staff at HQ can establish and roll-out new products, tasks and procedures – and utilize a reporting dashboard that adapts insights based on the user’s profile, whether location or regional manager, or Operations/Food Safety/Marketing roles at Corporate HQ. View real-time and historical reports to get an accurate, holistic understanding of each location’s performance.

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Bucky Box

Powering your local food enterprise

Your customers place orders through your easy to use web store. Manage your customers with our powerful and quick-to-use database. Orders are scheduled, packing lists are made, and deliveries are reconciled. Bank deposits and credit cards are coming very soon.

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Reimagining the future of Food production

Connect all your operational data through a single hub to manage Food and Beverage operations in a new way. Inecta's fully comprehensive ERP solutions for food will take your business to the next level with cutting-edge software designed for the digital age. With both on-premises and 100% Cloud-hosting capability, our Microsoft-powered solutions can help your company achieve its goals by streamlining virtually every facet of your business.

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Networkable signage system

An easy-to-use, fully-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other school stakeholders. Digital School Menu is an easy-to-use, fully-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other school stakeholders. This SaaS-based application provides a centralized database to manage daily lunch program information for all schools in a district along... read more

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Advanced Procurement Module

FOOD-TRAK is a true browser-based solution, using the latest Microsoft .Net technologies for the application and Microsoft SQL for the database engine. Users need only Internet Explorer on their local computer to access the system, which can be located on the company’s systems, or on our hosted datacenter systems. The hosted software approach provides clients with the flexibility of paying a quarterly or annual fee to use the software from anywhere in the world over the internet without the need to purchase and... read more

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