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Foodservice Suite

CBORD Food Service Software Solutions | CBORD 3.8 Based on 7 Ratings
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Use smart software tools that help large, complex food service operations improve productivity, lower costs, and reduce waste.

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Real-Time Business Intelligence Write a Review
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DigitalPour is the premiere solution for integrating with a Point-of-Sale System. Make changes to your inventory and it will be updated automatically on your digital menus and POS. Interactive reports give you insight into the performance of what you serve. Display metrics like average time a beer has been on tap; average generated income; and average profits/time on.

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ConnectSmart Kitchen logo

ConnectSmart Kitchen

Overview | QSR Automations 3 Based on 1 Ratings
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The ConnectSmart Platform is a data-driven operational platform using kitchen automation, guest management, off-premise technology, and predictive analytics with robust integrations to deliver operational excellence.

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No. 1 digital HACCP plan builder in the world Write a Review
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Create your internationally qualified HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Plan, with the help of AI, and meet all the legal requirements. No prior food safety knowledge needed. Get your fully customizable digital HACCP plan 500 x faster without loads of papers or hiring a food safety consultant. We follow your local regulations. It doesn't matter if you are from the US, UK, or any other country – your account will be set up based on your location, with all the relevant legal requirements met. Let's get your HACCP paperwork ready for the food inspector or audit.

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Reimagining the future of Food production Write a Review
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Connect all your operational data through a single hub to manage Food and Beverage operations in a new way. Inecta's fully comprehensive ERP solutions for food will take your business to the next level with cutting-edge software designed for the digital age. With both on-premises and 100% Cloud-hosting capability, our Microsoft-powered solutions can help your company achieve its goals by streamlining virtually every facet of your business.

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School Lunch Delivery Service in SF Bay Area & Southern CA | Healthy Food in SF Bay Area & SoCal CA 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Thoughtfully Sourced. Deliciously Prepared. Wholesome lunches kids love! Serving schools in the SF Bay Area & Southern California!

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Food and Beverage Manufacturing, made easy Write a Review
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Wherefour’s modern food traceability & ERP software saves you time and money. Generate the reports you need to pass your next audit or inspection with flying colors. Enable your team to confidently run daily production. Get the detailed cost and inventory breakdowns you need. Spend less time on managing data and more time growing your business.

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Track store and employee performance Write a Review
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Using the BOHA! Control Center, your Operations staff at HQ can establish and roll-out new products, tasks and procedures – and utilize a reporting dashboard that adapts insights based on the user’s profile, whether location or regional manager, or Operations/Food Safety/Marketing roles at Corporate HQ. View real-time and historical reports to get an accurate, holistic understanding of each location’s performance.

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hospital foodservice management software Write a Review
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Considering food represents a significant expense in the healthcare supply chain, it is challenging to successfully manage all the components involved in foodservice. At some point, operators are faced with the decision to either automate their processes or continue having no visibility of food spending. When it affects operational performance, the decision becomes apparent. Hospital foodservice management software provides the traceability and budgetary control that every leading healthcare organization needs. A hospital that uses a food production software system has access to real-time data to regulate foodservice inventory, manage food vendor ordering, build menus, develop recipes, forecast food supply and generate reports.

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ComplianceMate logo


The right solution to meet your needs Write a Review
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ComplianceMate takes your food safety and HACCP Compliance tot he next level of operational excellence- beyond the clipboard and notebook. The ComplianceMate Restaurant Management System is specifically intended for "Back of the House"​ operations. In essence, we automate your Brand's processes within a restaurant- those functions currently being handled by notebooks and clipboards. This enhances overall management, accountability, and equipment performance in addition to brand protection.

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Advanced Procurement Module Write a Review
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FOOD-TRAK is a true browser-based solution, using the latest Microsoft .Net technologies for the application and Microsoft SQL for the database engine. Users need only Internet Explorer on their local computer to access the system, which can be located on the company’s systems, or on our hosted datacenter systems. The hosted software approach provides clients with the flexibility of paying a quarterly or annual fee to use the software from anywhere in the world over the internet without the need to purchase and manage hardware or licenses.

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Minute Menu CX logo

Minute Menu CX

Daycare Sponsors - KidKare 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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KidKare a CACFP management software for daycare sponsors to increase efficiency & compliance. It simplifies tasks for fewer errors & better documentation.

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Bucky Box logo

Bucky Box

Powering your local food enterprise Write a Review
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Your customers place orders through your easy to use web store. Manage your customers with our powerful and quick-to-use database. Orders are scheduled, packing lists are made, and deliveries are reconciled. Bank deposits and credit cards are coming very soon.

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Squadle logo


Digital Food Safety Write a Review
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Squadle’s digital food safety solution automates temperature logging with our patented ZeroTouch technology. Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch handheld sensor technology allows you to speed up your existing workflows and integrates directly with hardware and sensors in your store. Real-time alerts trigger corrective actions to fix issues as they occur, reducing the risk of food safety issues. A customized reporting dashboard shows when and what corrective actions were taken.

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Smarter TakeOut logo

Smarter TakeOut

Capturing catering orders has never been so easy Write a Review
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Smarter Takeout works side by side our clients to develop the most innovative and straightforward solutions for online and mobile takeout. Our team of industry experts will develop an experience your customers will engage with. Our professionalism and knowledge will bring your restaurant to the next level. We’ve spent years working with clients and partners to discover what customers look for most in their takeout experience. All of these ideas and features have been consolidated, tested and taken to the next level and are now rolled into our Smarter Takeout online ordering packages.

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Placebag logo


Online Ordering System Write a Review
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Restaurants are able to easily accept orders using the online ordering menu. All this, fully integrated with their own payment processing accounts. The mobile food ordering apps are completely customized to your restaurant brand including logo, color scheme, dish pictures, and more. Using their existing direct deposit payment processing accounts, businesses are able to easily collect money directly from the consumer at the time of purchase.

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ProMenu logo


Food Service Management Write a Review
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Discover our software solutions and let’s discuss together of a strategic approach to improve the performance of your organization! Whether for a hospital, a long-term care establishment, a cafeteria, a caterering business, a school or an educational institution, we have solutions that suit your needs.

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Deliverart logo


Food Delivery Management Software Write a Review
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DeliverArt aims to provide food delivery businesses with tools developed specifically for that domain. It allows users to receive orders from all their channels and control their business processes along with relevant data and results. There is an app for the riders, which speeds up their delivery by providing them with the required details in a neat and organized fashion. The couriers can be tracked with accuracy. All the statistics are available both in real-time and otherwise for purposes like analysis and reports. The software also maintains a detailed customer database. Users can access the courier database to find new couriers, organise shifts and inform and coordinate resources. It suggests the best delivery times based on the user’s workload and helps in courier route optimizations. Their basic features include cloud functionality, courier app for android, kitchen dashboard, and customer care along with dedicated support.

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CoffeeOne logo


ERP Software for the Coffee Industry Write a Review
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Delivers Unbeatable Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Lot Traceability, Recall Functionality, & More. Building upon SAP Business One’s industry-leading ERP solution for small- to mid-sized, fast-growing companies, Softengine’s Coffee One is a Coffee ERP software that delivers unbeatable inventory control, warehouse management, lot traceability, recall functionality, and much more. The fully configurable Coffee One solution tackles the unique challenges of the Coffee Industry.

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DigitalSchoolMenu logo


Networkable signage system Write a Review
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An easy-to-use, fully-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other school stakeholders. Digital School Menu is an easy-to-use, fully-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other school stakeholders. This SaaS-based application provides a centralized database to manage daily lunch program information for all schools in a district along with nutritional and allergen information. The data is utilized to display menu boards in school cafeterias, web-portals for children and parents and to send notifications via mobile apps.

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List of Foodservice Management Software

Foodservice Suite Foodservice Suite 3.8
DigitalPour DigitalPour 0
ConnectSmart Kitchen ConnectSmart Kitchen 3
FoodDocs FoodDocs 0
iNECTA Food iNECTA Food 0
ChoiceLunch ChoiceLunch 4.5
Wherefour Wherefour 0
Computrition Computrition 0
ComplianceMate ComplianceMate 0

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