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HCM Deck
HCM Deck Employee Development Software for Learning

HCM Deck Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 HCM Deck Alternatives


Cut down time-to-value
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Checklisty is a gamified User Onboarding Software for PLG SaaS to engage your users with incentives, see where they dropped off, and get them back. Checklisty lets users integrate their apps with the most popular apps, so they can automate their work almost completely!

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HRweb Makes It Simple For Small Businesses To Manage Talent Operations
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HRweb is the perfect talent management tool for small businesses. It simplifies administrative tasks, brings businesses into compliance with regulations, and helps them develop and retain talented employees. HRweb is designed to work with your business in whatever way is most convenient for you. HRweb is integrated with Quickbooks, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, making it easy to access and use the tools needed. With HRweb, can easily manage human resources and make sure business is running smoothly.

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Onboarding Made Simple
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RemotePass is the perfect solution for managing remote employees. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows user to hire, offer benefits, onboard, manage, and pay global team all in one place. It offers a guided self-onboarding process that includes identity verification. It also enables remote teams to sign contracts electronically and get straight to work. Furthermore, RemotePass helps to save time and reduce mistakes by taking care of payroll compliance. With RemotePass, user can trust that remote teams are being handled with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. show more

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Recruit outstanding people
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Use Perfect’s all-in-one platform to discover, reach and engage with incredible talents. Let question-based onboarding lead to the perfect position setting, and free yourself from has-been job descriptions. Forget awkward first calls and connect with candidates as if they have always known each other.

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Proactively onboard new talent
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Create an engaging and seamless employee onboarding experience, enabling new hires to do their best work and feel like an essential part of the team, from day one. Role tailored onboarding with micro modules boosts productivity like never before. Interactive content stimulates newbies to be proactive with new work and colleagues.

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Products Similar to HCM Deck


Build user-centric products
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Marvin is a user research platform designed for modern product teams. They help companies put the focus on user needs and user experience by making it dead simple to talk to and understand their users. Marvin helps product teams become more user-centric. They help a distributed team collaborate to find the most powerful insights from your user conversations. Backed some of the most cutting-edge investors in Silicon Valley. They are well funded and ready to invest aggressively in growth.

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The operating system for analytics
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If user were looking for a way to streamline the onboarding process for analysts, then look no further than dbt. With dbt, there's no need for complicated local setups and engineering support; simply deploy the secure workspace in the cloud and user can go from zero to first pull request within hours. Furthermore, dbt helps to accelerate team learning with full graph lineage from the warehouse to data consumers. With every commit for every model, user can access lineage, documentation, and data with ease. All of this and more make dbt the right choice for streamlining the onboarding process. show more

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Tools, Identity & Invoice Management App
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TOOLUP is a platform that helps companies and organizations onboard their team members with different tools, applications & softwares they use.

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A powerful web3 auth developer platform
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Dynamic is the perfect choice for those looking to seamlessly incorporate secure and intuitive login processes into their digital presence. Dynamic features smart and beautiful login flows that have been designed specifically to enhance the experience of crypto-native users maximizing ease, security and flexibility. Plus, our simple onboarding flows allow anyone to quickly dive right in and make the most of our platform. On top of all this, developers can take advantage of our powerful suite of developer tools which provide non-stop authentication solutions. Overall, Dynamic is an outstanding choice for those seeking a comprehensive approach to designing user login processes whether you’re a crypto-savvy user or just starting out. Seamless functionality, unbeatable security, and convenient customization options are what set Dynamic apart from its competitors making it the go-to option for robust and reliable authentication solutions. show more

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Optimize Productivity with Simple Knowledge Management
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Spiccle is the perfect way to speed up the process of training employees. With it, you can easily manage and share knowledge within the organization. Spiccle provides companies with a centralized platform for sharing company knowledge and ensuring that everyone in the organization is up to date. It's fast, easy to use, and provides custom playbooks for specific roles. This makes it easier for teams to onboard new employees quickly and consistently. Spiccle helps you train employees 10x faster without any gaps.

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CloudSuite HCM

Human Capital Management | HR software | Infor
(23 Ratings)

Empower your people with Infor Human Resources to deliver streamlined processes and remarkable experiences.


Get The Most Powerful Onboarding System For New Hire Documents
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With 321Forms' onboarding system, new hires can easily fill out their applications, benefits and HR paperwork, and it's all filed neatly in the clouds.


Free and open source employee onboarding software
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ChiefOnboarding will help you onbaording your new hires through our software. Streamline the onboarding process and automate the repitive tasks!

Onit Employee Onboarding

Enterprise Legal Management | Products | Onit, Inc. Enterprise Apps
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Onit's Enterprise Legal Management solution is a system that supports the highly integrated, collaborative legal work that reinforces your business goals.


Paperless Employee Onboarding Software | HROnboard
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HROnboard is perfect for creating and sending job offers to your new hires online. Complete tax and super forms electronically, without any printing or postage.


New Hire and Quality-of-Hire Software | FirstDays®
(854 Ratings)

FirstDays® utilizes new hire and quality-of-hire surveys to combat early attrition and identify top talent early. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform that provides data to improve the recruiting, onboarding and work experience of high potential and diverse new hires to set the stage for long term success.

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Zohno Tools, Zohno Z-Term, Active Directory User Provisioning, Active Directory User Creation Tool, Create Active Directory Users,Office 365 User Creation Tool,Create Office 365 Users

Employment Hero

Paperless Onboarding: HRIS Feature • Employment Hero
(69 Ratings)

Employment Hero is Australia's first all-in-one HR, payroll, employee engagement and benefits platform for employers and employees. Over 3,500 Australian businesses use Employment Hero and together we collectively manage over 125,000 employees.

CivicHR Human Resource...

Human Resource Software for Local Government & Cities | CivicHR
(1 Ratings)

Human resource management software for local government assists with recruiting and hiring employees. CivicHR is hr software for government that is easy to use.

Greenshades Employee Services

Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform - Greenshades Official Site
(5 Ratings)

Greenshades offers a Payroll, Benefits, and HR Platform for the entire employee life cycle. Built by compliance experts for your business.