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Top 5 OfficeRnD Flex Alternatives

Nexudus - Facility Management Software


Manage co-working and flexible workspaces
(23 Ratings)

Nexudus pricing: Starts at $85.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Nexudus and how does it work?

Nexudus helps you build a network of flexible coworking spaces that give your clients a professional and productive work environment to do their best work. We have created a white-label platform that allows you to attract members, manage your space and promote your space as the best place for the best people to work. Nexudus automates most of the tasks involved in managing flexible workspaces, saving time for you and your members. Nexudus combines a range of tools providing intelligent solutions for billing, accounting, lead tracking, member on-boarding, community management, event ticketing, managing deliveries, security and access systems, and much more, all in a single platform. Based in London, UK but reaching clients globally, since 2012, Nexudus has helped over 2000 coworking spaces and flexible workspaces in over 90 countries to scale up and provide seamless experiences to members. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs Nexudus | Nexudus Alternatives
CenterStone CAFM - Facility Management Software

CenterStone CAFM

Manage the Complete Lifecycle of Workplace Building Processes
(1 Ratings)

What is CenterStone CAFM and how does it work?

CenterStone is a feature-rich CAFM solution specifically designed to help organizations streamline the tactical work of managing the complete lifecycle of workplace building processes, including space, moves, assets, work orders and operations. CenterStone is perfect for organizations of all sizes and can be tailored for companies looking to manage a single building, to those with millions of square feet that require an enterprise-wide facility management solution. Ability to manage traditional, modern office and hybrid workspace as well as manage the transition to new workspace styles. Full end-to-end flexible workflows that manage your facilities processes from beginning to completion. Meet the self-service demands of the modern flexible workplace. Easily navigate floors, locate office amenities, or search and find colleagues. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs CenterStone CAFM | CenterStone CAFM Alternatives
IBM TRIRIGA - Facility Management Software


Get all insights on real estate and facilities management
(222 Ratings)

IBM TRIRIGA pricing: IBM TRIRIGA Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM TRIRIGA and how does it work?

IBM TRIRIGA is a real estate and facilities management solution that widely helps to unlock the key information and insights. The software offers better visibility in facility utilization, maximizes capital projects, and deals with the related accounting standards in a well-organized manner. With IBM TRIRIGA, users can get the most of their real estate investments irrespective of their scale, size, and configurations. One can rely on this unique platform to create better workplace experiences and optimize accounting and lease administrations successfully. IBM TRIRIGA uses IoT, AI, and other smart measures to deliver proper insights. This application assists building owners and operators to understand and manage various actions. Besides this, it also plays a vital role in improving the utilization of space as well as the performance of all types of facilities. One can take preventive actions for better maintenance of buildings, and also identify expansion opportunities and building consolidation. This intelligent software has been designed using the latest techniques; it is easy-to-understand and also convenient in use too. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs IBM TRIRIGA | IBM TRIRIGA Alternatives
Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management - Facility Management Software

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management

Get facilities managed across several sectors
(0 Ratings)

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management pricing: Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management and how does it work?

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management is a comprehensive facility management solution that helps managers and building owners provide the best services to their prospective clients. The solution greatly reduces costs, risk and downtime while increasing reliability, customer satisfaction and compliance. Furthermore, it streamlines operations with vertical functionality specially built for government, airports, defense, higher education, hospitals and more. The solution helps users to boost their productivity levels with the help of workflows, role-based dashboards, alerts and fully integrated collaboration tools. Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management solution can be easily integrated with Infor and other applications, such as 4D building information modeling. It helps users to visualize operations, construction and maintenance projects including specifications, equipment data and warranties. The solution also eliminates the inefficiencies, missed opportunities and costly maintenance that results from information silos and disconnected systems. Moreover, detailed reports offered by the particular turn out to be of great help regarding decision making and business process improvement. show more

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management Alternatives
Cobot - Facility Management Software


Run workspace more efficiently with Cobot
(3 Ratings)

Cobot pricing: Starts at $30.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Cobot and how does it work?

Cobot is a management software that is appropriate for co-working spaces, flexible workplaces, commercial hubs, and others. This software is best for small creative spaces or multi-location hubs. One can use a single white-labeled platform and take care of all the administrative tasks successfully. Cobot streamlines the billing, manages the bookings and performs other related functions in an organized manner. The software offers multiple location support, and users do not have to spend much time on sales, billing, lease agreements, contracts, and space occupancy. Users can come across seamless brand experience and customize the colors, control the voice behind emails, design signup pages, and use unique domains too. One can use the CRM, communication tools, accounting software, printer setup, security systems, and integrate these with Cobot. Some of the popular integrations include Slack, Kisi, Xero, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, custom integrations, etc., which allow one to perform the setup smoothly. The software removes all hassles relating to payments and bookings and manages multiple spaces efficiently. Besides, it also controls member access and pricing with ease. Cobot eliminates messy spreadsheets, prevents wastage of time, and helps to get more organized with all the essential tools required for a workspace. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs Cobot | Cobot Alternatives

Products Similar to OfficeRnD Flex

HOALife - Facility Management Software


CC&R Enforcement just got easier.
(1 Ratings)

HOALife pricing: Starts at $95.0.

What is HOALife and how does it work?

HOALife is an online-based facility management software. Leverage the location-aware mobile apps to guide you through an inspection. They work offline; quickly record a violation without being noticed. Utilize the highly customizable Violation Notice templates to deliver personalized notices. They are automatically generated for you after you've recorded the violation. Keep your board members completely informed with the Inspection Summaries. Generate them with a single mouse click. Or grant them view-only access directly to the Dashboard. show more

HOALife Alternatives
360Facility - Facility Management Software


360Facility offers a complete solution to facility management operations
(16 Ratings)

360Facility pricing: 360Facility Offers Custom plan.

What is 360Facility and how does it work?

Accruent - 360Facility is a facility management software that is helpful for increasing operational functionality. This fully integrated system helps in managing property and asset management, records real-time reporting, reduces costs, and improves operational efficiency. With Accruent - 360Facility, one can easily automate work orders, centralize data and increase overall performance using the work order processes. The software includes a line of features, which allows one to access facility conditions and prioritize future repairs and maintenance. It performs real-time reporting and identifies all issues categorized by type, region, responsibility, and action. Next, it securely manages vendor activities and accesses work orders in real-time. The software then renders key control to users, and they can access the database easily. This helps to manage the location-access of all the people with ease. The software increases customer satisfaction, by empowering tenants to submit and review requests. It updates work orders, attaches images, reviews logs on-the-go on the mobile app. Above all, it collaborates documents; tracks and follows critical documents like contracts and certificates. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs 360Facility | 360Facility Alternatives
Property Meld - Facility Management Software

Property Meld

Save yourself from the hassles of property maintenance with a solution as smart as AI
(29 Ratings)

Property Meld pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Property Meld and how does it work?

Property Meld is a futuristic property maintenance software. Simply put, with Property Meld, property management companies can look forward to a smarter method of coordinating maintenance and relevant obstacles. Registered residents, vendors and owners can directly communicate among themselves thus, simplifying communication by ounces. The messages sent are all recorded and time-stamped to help the client stay in the loop with the ongoings. Property Meld is aimed towards reducing wasted time and increasing predictability, profitability and positivity. It automatically eliminates the mundane and repetitive tasks and allows clients to focus on that which is important, business. With a single coordinating platform on the run, Property Meld saves clients a lot of actual legwork by monitoring over 1000 units at a go and that too, with maximum accuracy. Property insights provide a quick overview of pending repair and maintenance requests so that these are always scheduled accordingly. Further, it allows viewing real-time statuses, tracking progress and reviewing documentation. show more

Property Meld Alternatives
CAFM Explorer - Facility Management Software

CAFM Explorer

Robust total facility management software
(2 Ratings)

CAFM Explorer pricing: CAFM Explorer Offers Custom plan.

What is CAFM Explorer and how does it work?

CAFM Explorer is a smart facility management software that helps its users to enhance their operational efficiency while maximizing the saving of cost and time. The software is a comprehensive and fully integrated FM solution, which is designed to be both configurable and scalable in order to meet the diverse needs and requirements of one’s business. With CAFM Explorer, users can add purchase invoices and orders matching to track the financial activity of the supplier. One can also add planned maintenance to see how they can automatically schedule and adjust the planned maintenance activities. The software allows its users to introduce automated emails and interactions across the Intranet in order to encourage end-users to log their own calls, and hence improve the level of service. CAFM Explorer scales up the data of the users infinitely, and the facilities-based functionality is accessible whenever required with no added extra cost. It is a complete solution that grows with its user. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs CAFM Explorer | CAFM Explorer Alternatives
andcards - Facility Management Software


Member-first coworking space software
(18 Ratings)

andcards pricing: andcards Offers Free-forever plan.

What is andcards and how does it work?

andcards is a handy tool for coworking space managers or owners that lets them handle all management tasks in one place. andcards is the one of the first co-working space software focused on members. Blazing fast room bookings, membership benefits and services, and a collaborative community feed — andcards technology offers an engaging experience for flexible office tenants.They can define and explore membership options, execute payments, book spaces, and even market their business right through the app. The idea is to help users save time by reducing the number of clicks and consolidating every functionality in one place. Payments can be easily handled via automated bonus credit allocation and in-app card payments. It covers every basic need of a covering space, including membership management, IoT device management, community feed with push notifications, and more. With a dedicated customer directory, users can view both individual and team accounts in an Excel-like table and manage plans, payments, bookings, and more. Available plan options include a hot desk, fixed desk, private office, and even a mass membership plan. show more

andcards Alternatives
ServiceChannel - Facility Management Software


Track, manage and automate work orders successfully
(93 Ratings)

ServiceChannel pricing: ServiceChannel Offers Custom plan.

What is ServiceChannel and how does it work?

ServiceChannel is a work order manager that lets users track, manage, and automate work orders across all locations. It helps the facilities management team to manage and maintain work through a single dashboard. In fact, it offers complete visibility into every step associated with the facilities management team and other staff. The software automates the entire work order processes, and helps to track and manage service requests, monitors real-time updates, and provides feedback too. It improves performances, lowers costs and boosts efficiency through the maintenance and repair processes. This software helps the teams to find the right contractor for management. Next, it aids in managing the services that users need in different situations. Besides this, it looks into the automated payment procedures; and analyzes the data and analytics thoroughly. The software comes with a line of features like online and telephone-based service requests, on-site check-ins/check-outs, automated processes, contractor initiated work orders, customized dashboard, Metric-based NTE controls, etc. ServiceChannel willingly supports the facility management teams during every step, right from submission to fulfillment, reviewing, and invoicing processes successfully. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs ServiceChannel | ServiceChannel Alternatives
Optix - Facility Management Software


Flexible offices and coworking spaces
(6 Ratings)

Optix pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Optix and how does it work?

Optix is a coworking management software that connects your users to your workplace's community, resources, and services in a seamless manner. It enables the users to invest in the proper technologies for their coworking space, built to suit the demands of today's flexible and hybrid work patterns. With Optix, you can showcase your brand in a beautiful way to the rest of the world and give your users the best coworking experience possible. To further personalise your service, you can use data and insights and allow people to connect with your community, reserve workspaces, and utilise your services from any location. You can create a smooth in-app meeting room booking experience for your consumers and allow your users to see real-time meeting room availability and book them with a single touch. Users can reserve desks, change and extend reservations, and even book several seats at the same time. You can also get data on your business's most important metrics, such as memberships and meeting room reservations. Additionally, you can allow users to search for people in their community and send messages. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs Optix | Optix Alternatives
AkitaBox - Facility Management Software


Facility Management Software
(49 Ratings)

AkitaBox pricing: AkitaBox Offers Custom plan.

What is AkitaBox and how does it work?

AkitaBox delivers real-world built environment data that drives mission-critical facility initiatives, reduces facility risk, and supports seamless communication from the boiler room to the boardroom. A new, visual way to manage your facilities. Provide your team with the facility and asset data they need at their fingertips from any mobile device to improve efficiency and protect institutional knowledge. Move from reactive to proactive. Intuitive software design and simple workflows make it easy to create and complete work orders while tracking maintenance activity in real-time. show more

AkitaBox Alternatives
Drawbase - Facility Management Software


Facility Management Technology
(4 Ratings)

Drawbase pricing: Drawbase Offers Custom plan.

What is Drawbase and how does it work?

Drawbase Software is a developer of Best of Breed Workplace Management Solutions. The Drawbase product line contains a suite of CAD/CAFM and IWMS offerings. Drawbase is a powerful, easy-to-use, completely user-configurable CAD/CAFM software program. It is an all-in-one software solution used to design, draw, track, and actively manage facilities. show more

Drawbase Alternatives
Infraspeak - Facility Management Software


Maintenance Management Software
(74 Ratings)

Infraspeak pricing: Infraspeak Offers Custom plan.

What is Infraspeak and how does it work?

Infraspeak is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform that brings your entire operation together. Gain full control and the flexibility to build a custom maintenance management solution capable of answering your own operational challenges. Infraspeak processes all information and generates the insights you need to make and support the best decisions. Better insights lead to intelligent maintenance operations. Your business runs smoothly, your team and customers will thank you. show more

Infraspeak Alternatives
Corrigo Enterprise CMMS - Facility Management Software

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS

Transform vision with Corrigo Enterprise CMMS platform
(56 Ratings)

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS pricing: Corrigo Enterprise CMMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Corrigo Enterprise CMMS and how does it work?

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS is a cutting-edge facilities management platform that turns everyday actions into actionable insights and empowers users to make better management decisions. There are scores of industries and clients that rely on this platform to keep facilities flowing smoothly. The CorrigoPro Network allows users to access the largest network of commercial service professionals, which can benefit them in many ways.This software helps to drive the team’s efficiency and effectiveness with exclusive business intelligence. This powerful facilities management platform lets users transform building and facilities management operations smoothly. This owner-operator software comes with an easy-to-use interface, and it helps to connect with the appropriate resources. Lastly, it easily connects all in the team, from technicians, service providers to other staff involved in the facilities management team. This mobile and web-based application runs smoothly and one can access it from anywhere. With Corrigo Enterprise CMMS, users can transform vision to see better results. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs Corrigo Enterprise CMMS | Corrigo Enterprise CMMS Alternatives
Facilities Management eXpress - Facility Management Software

Facilities Management eXpress

Maintenance of business operations and facilities simplified
(401 Ratings)

Facilities Management eXpress pricing: Facilities Management eXpress Offers Custom plan.

What is Facilities Management eXpress and how does it work?

Facilities Management eXpress is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that enables its users to enhance operational success. The software helps its users to increase the productivity of their assets, streamline the processes, and hence turn actionable insights into meaningful results. Users can optimize the request submissions and resolve the maintenance issues through the software while keeping track of the money spent and labor hours. One can manage compliance and schedule repeated inspections, audits, maintenance, and other tasks. The software allows its users to increase the lifespan of their assets and equipment, and hence reduce the downtime of their equipment significantly. One can also track how the tickets are resolved and simplify the IT ticket submission through the software. Facilities Management eXpress enables its users to manage the purchase order by managing the inventory, purchasing, and facilities centrally. With this application, users can streamline operational and business processes throughout their organization by customizing their workflow. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs Facilities Management eXpress | Facilities Management eXpress Alternatives
MYBOS - Facility Management Software


From work order creation and building communication
(0 Ratings)

MYBOS pricing: MYBOS Offers Custom plan.

What is MYBOS and how does it work?

MYBOS is the system for you. From work order creation and building communication, MYBOS does it all. Striving to improve lives through innovation in technology and its integration with living systems. Constantly engaged in finding ways and means to upgrade facility management tools and practices. Creators of world-class cloud-based facility management solutions for strata buildings. Take control of your preventative maintenance with the all-in-one interactive calendar. Don’t waste time digging through endless emails and paper records. MYBOS intelligently organizes your property’s information into one. show more

MYBOS Alternatives
ADDA GateKeeper - Facility Management Software

ADDA GateKeeper

The Most Practical Security Solution for Gated Communities
(2 Ratings)

ADDA GateKeeper pricing: ADDA GateKeeper Offers Custom plan.

What is ADDA GateKeeper and how does it work?

ADDA Gatekeeper App is a solution for your housing society's visitor, staff management and security problems. You may call your gated community Housing Society, Villa Complex, Apartment Complex/Building, Strata Community or Condo Building. ADDA GateKeeper is the perfect solution for your visitor, staff management and security-related problems. Worry less about the Security of your Home and Loved Ones. Validate Visitors right from your Mobile Phone, even if Intercom is down. Prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel through accurate data capture at the security gate. Replace all your manual registers at the gate with a Tablet/Phone - ADDA GateKeeper App. show more

OfficeRnD Flex vs ADDA GateKeeper | ADDA GateKeeper Alternatives
CrowdComfort - Facility Management Software


Mobile Facilities Management and Analytics
(0 Ratings)

CrowdComfort pricing: CrowdComfort Offers Custom plan.

What is CrowdComfort and how does it work?

CrowdComfort is a mobile app that enables employees to report service requests in a matter of seconds with geolocation, text, and photos. Each request made in the CrowdComfort platform is delivered to FM teams with the precise location shown with a red dot on the floorplans. Spend less time scoping issues and more time fixing them. Stop wasting time with excel-based 2-dimensional analytics. CrowdComfort provides advanced 3-dimensional analytics and data visualization to make recommendations that are meaningful and actionable. show more

CrowdComfort Alternatives
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