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Bill.com - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Empowers your back-office financial processes
(409 Ratings)

Bill.com pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Bill.com and how does it work?

Bill.com is an advanced bill payment solution for businesses that helps to manage the financial operations of small and mid-size companies. The software integrates and shares financial data with the user's accounting system. Bill.com runs Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) functions remotely for users and offers a smart way to create and pay bills, send invoices and get paid by the customers. It increases efficiency and saves users’ time by automating the entire work. Companies can set up approval workflows and custom roles that suit their team. The platform accepts international payments across various countries and currencies. Bill.com uses industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect the data in transit. It is equipped with smart features like automatic data entry and duplicate invoice detection that save time and reduce human error. The software stores its data in cloud storage and makes team members to get access to it anytime and anywhere, enabling collaboration. Bill.com also offers flexibility to add new payment options, besides expanding the way businesses can receive money. show more

Bill.com Alternatives
Tipalti - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Bring scale and efficiency to your business with Tipalti
(44 Ratings)

Tipalti pricing: Starts at $149.0.

What is Tipalti and how does it work?

Tipalti is an account payable automation, global payment and procurement platform. Businesses that are looking to scale finance operations and processes trust this platform to reduce their workload by 80% or more. Tipalti's end-to-end accounts payable interface comes with a built-in OCR, enabling touchless invoice processing. Furthermore, the platform featuring AI-driven approval and line-item workflows results in invoice management, seamlessly. The brandable 24/7 self-service supplier hub and proactive supplier payment status notifications help in supplier management. Furthermore, Tipalti with its frictionless approval cycle helps in both 2-way and 3-way matching. The platform approves control and visibility overspend. Not to mention, it is easy to use across the organisation. Tipalti encourages 6 unique payment methods across 120 currencies and 196 countries. The platform’s centralised AP helps businesses manage unique payable workflows. Approved by KPMG, Tipalti ensures users can collect and validate IRS and VAT IDs. Its other features include payment reconciliation, financial controls, self-billing module, fraud detection, early payments, secure cloud, ERP integrations, performance-to-pay integrations and more. show more

Tipalti Alternatives
AvidXchange - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Improve your accounts payment processes and operations
(156 Ratings)

AvidXchange pricing: AvidXchange Offers Custom plan.

What is AvidXchange and how does it work?

AvidXchange enables you to automate the entirety of your accounts payable process. As part of this functionality, AvidXchange allows you to reduce your processing costs, accelerate the approval process, as well as almost completely eliminate paper, which provides sustainability benefits for your company. This solution also ensures you have complete control over your spending, as well as visibility into and transparency within this. With AvidXchange, you can automate your manual accounts payable tasks, while reducing time your team spends wasting doing things such as chasing approvals, processing paper invoices, and answering inquiries. With AvidXchange’s Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation functionality, you can streamline your purchasing operations and processes, including ensure you have optimal spending in place, improving the reports you produce, and enhancing the way you budget for your whole company. This will enable you to run more effective and efficient AP processes, while always staying compliant. show more

SutiAP vs AvidXchange | AvidXchange Alternatives
Paypool - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Streamline your entire AP process
(1 Ratings)

Paypool pricing: Paypool Offers Custom plan.

What is Paypool and how does it work?

Paypool is an Account Payable (AP) automation software that helps businesses to take full control of their AP process, from invoice to approval. Paypool eliminates the need for manual tasks by automating the AP process. The software offers a host of facilities like transaction-level data, on-demand reporting and integration with external platforms. It saves the data in an organised form and makes it available whenever required. Paypool shows approval routes and GL coding and allows unlimited users to work over it. The platform gives users the freedom to create a process in which they want to receive payments from their customers. Paypool automatically routes invoices to the right approvers, who can review and code bills from any device and from anywhere. Once the invoices are approved, checked and electronic payments are scheduled, users can see all the information related to it. With Paypool Connect 360, users can seamlessly share the data with other integrated apps to enhance their AP process. show more

Paypool Alternatives
APXPRESS - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Get your business-specific accounts settled down on the go
(0 Ratings)

APXPRESS pricing: APXPRESS Offers Custom plan.

What is APXPRESS and how does it work?

APXPRESS is an automated account payable management software, helping businesses streamline challenges related to manual errors, inaccurate cashflows, missing invoices, lost money and paperwork simultaneously. Businesses dependent on the particular have witnessed enhanced productivity levels, real-time hikes in revenue generation, accurate cash flow and elimination of paperwork on the go. The feature list of APXPRESS is quite extensive covering a variety of departments and business modules alike. It goes as dynamic approval routing, automated invoice receiving, an integrated exception management system, pre-built ERP connectors and traceability monitoring tool. Apart from helping out users with their account payables, the software can also be relied upon with other essential services like ERP consulting, managed services, robotic process automation, integration & enhancements alongside technology and cloud-based services. Integrations and enhancements served by APXPRESS are Boomi integration, Q-Xtend development, progress development along with QAD reporting framework. show more

APXPRESS Alternatives

Products Similar to SutiAP

MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay - Accounts Payable Automation Software

MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay

One stop solution to manage your finances.
(91 Ratings)

MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay pricing: MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay Offers Custom plan.

What is MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay and how does it work?

Mineral Tree provides secure, easy-to-use, end-to-end Accounts Payable and payment automation solutions that reduce costs by more than 75%, increase visibility and control, mitigate fraud and risk, while improving cash flow. User simply needs to select the invoices he/she like to pay and enter the amount scheduled when the user would like to make the payment. With Mineral Tree, user’s vendors can generate and send their bills and invoices to specific emails. It assists you in extracting the line-level invoice details and header using human reviews and OCR technology. With Mineral Tree, users can complete and schedule all of their payments from a single place. At Mineral Tree, they keep looking and finding new ways for improving and automating key financial processes. They work at eliminating inefficient, time-consuming, annoying, and AP needs disrupting. Mineral Tree was established to transform AP with their exceptional, simple to use automation solution for AP. Year after year, innovation after innovation, and customer after customer, they are continually evolving the way businesses pay each other. Mineral tree’s pricing includes everything, no hidden charges, no additional transaction fees, no extra user fees, or workflow configuration fees. show more

MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay Alternatives
Melio - Accounts Payable Automation Software


A Secure and Simple Payment Tool for Better Cash Flow
(5 Ratings)

Melio pricing: Melio Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Melio and how does it work?

Melio is a secure yet straightforward payment management tool specifically designed for small businesses and startups. The tool can be effectively used to manage both receivables as well as payables. Organizations with the help of Melio can make bank transfers or even mail checks to their clients without any charges. It can be easily linked to Quickbooks with two-way sync, reducing any duplicate data entry. It also supports workflows to ensure necessary approvals are taken before releasing any payments. Melio gives a snapshot of all your client accounts in a single login. Users can also schedule their payments to ensure that the deadlines are not missed. Melio can also be used to collect money digitally from clients without any charges. It can be used to create and send payment requests to clients. Clients can easily click on the link and make payments via bank transfers or even credit cards without signing up on any portal. show more

Melio Alternatives
Sync for Commerce - Accounts Payable Automation Software

Sync for Commerce

Embed accounting automation for all merchants
(0 Ratings)

Sync for Commerce pricing: Sync for Commerce Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Sync for Commerce and how does it work?

Sync for Commerce simplifies how commerce and payments providers integrate with accounting platforms. Native accounting integrations help merchants save time and improve their bookkeeping. However, they are hard to build. Accounting is complicated, and different accounting platforms have different APIs. show more

Sync for Commerce Alternatives
Goby - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Get your company-wise ESG skills managed in an intuitive way
(20 Ratings)

Goby pricing: Goby Offers Custom plan.

What is Goby and how does it work?

Goby is a comprehensive Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) management platform helping out businesses establish, discuss and monitor ESG initiatives in real-time. These initiatives enable businesses to attract and retain capital, boost sustainable and responsible growth & mitigate enterprise risk. The platform enables users to make smarter decisions by using millions of data points transformed with the help of AI and RPA technologies. Goby’s hybrid platform comprises SaaS and strategic expertise, enabling businesses to get access to an end-to-end solution facilitating responsible and sustainable growth. Also, an easy-to-use interface makes ESG management simpler and more accessible to everyone. The platform seamlessly aggregates data across companies or their portfolios and provides them with actionable insights backed by streamlined reporting. Goby’s team of experts offer relevant consultancy for improving financial performance, enhancing non-financial returns and leaving a positive impact on the market. Furthermore, the utility data tracking features equipped within help businesses to find new opportunities, identify trends in markets and make better strategic decisions accordingly. show more

Goby Alternatives
Nexus Systems - Accounts Payable Automation Software

Nexus Systems

Automates your invoice processing and vendor payments
(13 Ratings)

Nexus Systems pricing: Nexus Systems Offers Custom plan.

What is Nexus Systems and how does it work?

Nexus Systems is a vendor payment and invoice processing software for real estate companies that automate invoice processing in a seamless way. The software eliminates the requirements of paper cutting checks and pays suppliers on users behalf with a Nexus Virtual Card, ACH or outsourced check. The Nexus Virtual Card makes the payment process highly secure. It identifies the vendors who are ready to accept the virtual cards and contacts the remaining ones, encouraging them to accept the card as well. With its NexusOne feature, it automates the entire invoicing process and saves a lot of time for users from opening envelopes, entering data, scanning invoices and securing approvals. It also makes the process of browsing online catalogues and approvals completely electronic and helps users to fast forward their purchasing skills, along with making them efficient and compliant. Nexus Systems seamlessly integrates with companies management systems so they can use it in its full capacity. show more

Nexus Systems Alternatives
Recko - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Monitor finance operations for enhanced business needs
(1 Ratings)

Recko pricing: Recko Offers Custom plan.

What is Recko and how does it work?

Recko is a finance operations management platform used by different fast-growing internet organizations. It comes equipped with a compact and strong technology stack, capable of managing various financial data besides enabling multiple financial workflows like Commission calculation, Reconciliation, Payout creation, and more. Product teams can get themselves set for product launches with minimal engineering effort and a battle-tested financial operations tech-stack. They can easily expand product capabilities into new markets and new business verticals. Besides regular VAPT, the software provides ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification along with PCI DSS v3.2.1 compliance to avoid any vulnerability. Also, finance teams can manage large and complicated transactional volumes with this platform in a shameless manner. They get to automate a variety of complex financial operations, perform commission calculations, revenue reconciliations, etc. Members can also import data from any external or internal systems and eliminate mistakes during manual data messaging along with endless VLOOKUPs. Moreover, Recko empowers companies to recover their lost money and avoid manual errors as well. show more

Recko Alternatives
InvoiceWorks - Accounts Payable Automation Software


A Simple AP Software for Business
(4 Ratings)

InvoiceWorks pricing: InvoiceWorks Offers Custom plan.

What is InvoiceWorks and how does it work?

InvoiceWorks by iPayables is a Accounts Payable automation solution to make invoicing easier. The software offers support to online invoice payment processing. It supports Artificial Intelligence to manage suppliers to print the purchase order and can send acknowledgments and advanced ship notices. PO Classes are used to apply the specific two or three-way matching, tolerance and validations specific to that purchase order. It integrates with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Great Plains, and more. Medium, Large companies make use of the software. show more

InvoiceWorks Alternatives
Hylobiz - Accounts Payable Automation Software
(2 Ratings)

Hylobiz pricing: Hylobiz Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Hylobiz and how does it work?

Hylobiz is a business-focused Fintech platform with offices in India (HQ), the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations/enterprises, and professionals/freelancers can all benefit from Hylobiz's services. Hylobiz has integrated the most widely used ERP in its target markets, established an API-sandbox for larger organizations, and provided for functional use cases such as PI, PO, inventory, invoicing, and so on, as well as related banking services. The Hylobiz Neobanking platform, which enables companies to access banking services such as insurance, loans, bill-discounting, utility payouts, and tax payments through a single window, is built on Open Banking APIs and direct agreements with banks. Hylobiz is a financial platform that focuses on businesses. Connected banking, which includes ERP connection, digital payment collection, automatic reminders, and reconciliation, is one of the services it provides. Businesses, corporations, and freelancers are all served by the company. In the SME world, Hylo's major goal is to address the problem of late payments by accelerating receivables and reconciling payments against invoices. We've also been working on the b2b distribution supply chain. show more

Hylobiz Alternatives
Zapro - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Intuitive Procurement, Reliable Invoicing
(0 Ratings)

Zapro pricing: Starts at $35.0.

What is Zapro and how does it work?

Introducing Zapro.ai their one-stop shop for advanced AI solutions. With Zapro.ai, Users get cutting-edge AI technology to maximize efficiency and success within their business operations. These innovative AI solutions enable users to create highly effective systems, streamline processes, and drive profit. Users are dedicated to helping outsmart the competition by providing Users with the tools and expertise to automate and optimize results. Whether they’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, Zapro.ai has Users covered. This streamlined system enables minimal setup time so the user can hit the ground running. Leverage advanced AI technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning, to help User achieve their desired outcome. But, don’t worry if they’re not a tech savant! Zapro.ai doesn’t require coding knowledge; its user-friendly interface allows anyone to experience its full benefits. It’s never been easier to optimize their business operations. With Zapro.ai, they’ll be able to automate their processes, quickly recognize important trends, and improve overall performance show more

Zapro Alternatives
Ocerra - Accounts Payable Automation Software


A Simple AP Automation software
(0 Ratings)

Ocerra pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is Ocerra and how does it work?

Ocerra software is an account payable automation software to track of supplier invoices in one centralized system. Capture and auto-extract key invoice data to approve and export your accounting system. Receive notifications via email or text message to automate workflow. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Ocerra Alternatives
Checkrun - Accounts Payable Automation Software


Monitor your cheques through online means
(0 Ratings)

Checkrun pricing: Starts at $9.95.

What is Checkrun and how does it work?

Checkrun helps maintain paychecks through online means. People can make payments through this platform without a hard chequebook. One can approve checks from the Checkrun application across any location anytime. It incorporates a digital wet-signature check that can be accessed from a mobile device. This solves the complication people face of carrying their chequebooks everywhere. It further eases the issues faced in tracking down an approver. When it comes to security Checkrun provides multi-layered security through Truprint stock of checks. Users get instant notifications when there is a need for a signature or authorisation. There is no need to have technical expertise or requisition of software installation for using this solution. Checkrun accommodates checks of multiple layouts, print, logos and colours. Hence users have the liberty to customise their checks. Further, it has an option of print + mail to skip self-printing. Anyone using this can sync their payments online with Quickbook. Images of printed checks can also be sent to the Quickbook portal for storing the records on the cloud. show more

Checkrun Alternatives
EZ Cloud - Accounts Payable Automation Software

EZ Cloud

Mid-market and enterprise organizations
(0 Ratings)

EZ Cloud pricing: Starts at $1000.0.

What is EZ Cloud and how does it work?

EZ Cloud helps mid-market and enterprise organizations to enhance their accounts payable processes, empowering them to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With this cloud-based automation software, users can easily automate manual processes, as well as digitize complex invoice approval workflows and unlock real-time insights. The software comes with extra features that simplify the accounts payable job, such as an automated parser for data entry, bots for accelerated processing, and a graphical workflow editor to design and manage invoices through a streamlined approval process. Furthermore, the intuitive user interface offers ease of use and any user can set up and get started quickly with no need for technical assistance. The soft setting allows organizations to access the software from any device, anytime and from anywhere while deploying all the relevant data to a secure cloud. Moreover, the software can quickly scan documents and use these as attachments for further reference. This feature even allows for accurate data extraction for better approval decisions. Therefore, EZ Cloud enables mid-market and enterprise organizations to make their accounts payable processes smooth, and they can ask for approvals without delay while enjoying the utmost accuracy that guarantees 100% traceability. show more

EZ Cloud Alternatives
Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation - Accounts Payable Automation Software
(0 Ratings)

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation pricing: Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation Offers Custom plan.

What is Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation and how does it work?

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation provides businesses with an invaluable asset: peace of mind. This cloud-based program facilitates a smoother end-to-end operations workflow and gives users complete control over their financial processes. By enabling you to capture invoices from anywhere, extract essential data quickly, and gain unhampered visibility into the status of your accounts payable, this cutting-edge automation solution streamlines the process like never before. In addition, Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation assists companies in reducing costs since manual entry is no longer needed. Furthermore, there’s no need for extra integration since it works across a variety of platforms. Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation offers a hassle-free solution so that you can focus on what matters most – running your business and taking it to the next level. show more

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation Alternatives
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