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Updated on: August 11, 2022

Task Management Software

A project consists typically of various small tasks. A task is an activity that must be completed within a specified period for achieving the set goals. A practical task management process helps in managing your team’s workload and their respective responsibilities. A task management software helps to automate and monitoring a task through all its lifecycle to ensure proper execution.

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Fastest Growing Task Management Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


TickTick is a platform that enables its users to capture ideas, organize life, and do something creative each day. The software helps its users to manage all their works irrespective if it is work-related or a personal goal. Users can get reminded at any time and anywhere by setting a reminder to... read more

TickTick also won

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a popular tool that provides an easy-to-use platform for managing all to-do lists in a systematic and effective way. It’s available for free and syncs across Android, iPhone, Windows 10 including the web. The smart daily planner My Day comes with personalized suggestions to... read more

Microsoft To Do also won


Todoist is an efficient task organizer that enables its users to keep track of their projects, tasks, and goals from a single easy to use interface. The software syncs across all the devices of the user and easily integrates with the popular platforms used by users. Users can easily keep track of... read more

Todoist also won


Any.do is a work management solution that helps businesses organize tasks, to-do lists, and reminders with ease. It comes with a to-do list manager module that allows users to order their to-do's in a simple yet functional list. The specimens in the list can be colored in order to sort them by... read more

Any.do also won


Easynote is a work and collaboration software that is adaptable to any industry or businesses, irrespective of their size. The software fits in every process, whether it’s project management, CRM & Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Construction or any other. The collaboration mechanism offered by... read more

Easynote also won

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. It helps never forget the milk (or anything else) again. Add the tasks, create or share the lists, and assign tasks to others with this web-based to-do app for busy people. Get reminded by email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile apps (Android,... read more

Remember The Milk also won


Sunsama is a daily planner for elite professionals. The tool enables users to organize everything they need to do today in a suitable, centralized place, including tasks, meetings, emails, etc. It allows them to prioritize their workday by day by setting reasonable goals for what they want to... read more

Sunsama also won

Week Plan

Week Plan is an Online tool used to Plan your tasks to achieve goals. The key elements are to prioritize and scheduling tasks and enhance your work progress. Collaborate with your team, create a workspace and discuss the details of a task with your team. Segment tasks by role and include a journal... read more

Week Plan also won


HeySpace is a free task management solution that also aims to improve collaboration and communication in your business with its chat functionality. With HeySpace, you can track the progress of tasks, set due dates, assign them to people, and mark them as complete, as well as do all of this in bulk.... read more

HeySpace also won


GQueues is a google partnered task management solution, catering to the individual needs of medium and small-sized businesses. The software facilitates real-time collaboration between teams, by allowing members to share project lists with their colleagues and generate or edit related tasks... read more

GQueues also won


MeisterTask is a task management software that allows teams to collaborate and work on projects. It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface that has Kanban-style boards. This allows users to manage tasks easily and have continuous watch over the project's progress. These boards are fully... read more

MeisterTask also won


TaskOPad is a customized project and task management software that helps organisations from various sectors with their business growth. The software is capable of simplifying multiple business centric functions like sales, projects, development, marketing, budget, goals etc. Users need to follow only three steps, organising, assigning, and monitoring, to achieve the best output from individual projects. Organizations get to overcome common business problems and get multiple projects sorted out with TaskOPad. Managers get a comprehensive view of the workload distributed among the member’s and prioritize individual projects in real-time.... read more


TasksBoard is a futuristic task management application by Google that helps individuals and professionals to manage, edit and share tasks, accordingly. It is a desktop application that enables users to organise their tasks list on a full-screen board so that they can see every task clearly, without missing any. Users can even share their entire Google Tasks lists with their team in real-time, with just one click. TasksBoard comes fully integrated with Google Workspace. This enables users to export their lists to Google Sheets. The tasks lists can be attached with Google Drive files and can be sent to other people via Gmail. Users can sync... read more


Marvin is a customisable task manager and a daily planner that incorporates principles from behavioural psychology to help people beat procrastination. Marvin is the most feature-rich and customisable personal to-do app on the market today. People can discover a system that works for them. It... read more

Marvin also won

Tweek Calendar

Tweek is a simple calendar tооl that аllоws you to рlаn your week аnd add tasks. The соnсeрt is to digitize the simplicity of traditional рарer рlаnners. It works well in its simplest form. You can add а task to any day, change its соlоrs, аnd transfer it between bоаrds... read more

Tweek Calendar also won


OmniFocus software is a Task Management software used to manage tasks to automate workflow. Track task, prioritise tasks to organise projects. It integrates with Apple Devices to increase productivity. Project Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

OmniFocus also won


Taskable is an intuitive productivity assistant for business professionals, bringing all of their essential tasks, communications and files within a unified place. The solution promises real-time integration with external platforms like Asana, GitHub, Slack, Jira, Trello, Zoom, Google Meet, Basecamp, HubSpot and more, facilitating seamless business. With Taskable and its intuitive tools, users no longer need to spend their valuable time searching out for tasks that need to be done and focus more on business-relevant activities. Moreover, professionals can also depend on the same to get their weekly priorities planned in an organised way.... read more


Futuramo is a collaboration platform that empowers teams to manage their work, track time, share tasks and report bugs effectively. The platform comes loaded with a set of smart tools that are specially designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between different business units, teams and... read more

Futuramo also won


BusyOn bot is a software which helps to conduct standup meetings digitally and also handle tracking and reporting tasks on Slack. It is a valuable managerial software which allows you to hold scrum meetings within Slack, allowing you to keep track of your team members and whatever issues they might have with their jobs. These meetings can be held at different times for the different members in geographically different areas and the meetings can also be automated to be scheduled at certain time intervals. BusyOn also allows the team leader to set real-time assignments and this helps to understand the project status via the team members and... read more

Family Tasks

Family Tasks is a simple yet powerful family task management platform that helps members of a family to collectively manage the household chores and other responsibilities. It also acts as an effective learning tool for parents to teach their children their individual responsibilities. Family Tasks enables you to define tasks and assign them to your kids during engaging family discussions. The interface, being simple, fits in all types of family configurations, and one can check out their day-to-day tasks from any device. This platform is developed for the modern families who are searching for ways to bring equality in work in the house,... read more