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Updated on: January 26, 2022

Sales Engagement Software

Sales Engagement Platform (SEPs) or Sales Engagement Software is designed to gather all the business communication channels into one place. This means incorporating systems like email, CRM, and all social media accounts into one unified user interface. Once the order has been installed and set up, the sales engagement software allows users to create a coordinated sequence of outbound activities across a customized range of channels. Customers can be contacted via emails, phone calls, Linkedin connection requests, including printing out physical assets like product samples or books. The purpose of a sales engagement software is to allow sales teams to work efficiently in a unified manner. It helps in effective time management as users don't need to work across different platforms at once, as the software puts everything in one place.

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Fastest Growing Sales Engagement Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


Apollo.io is a data-first engagement platform for businesses to add intelligence within their workflows and help them to execute, analyze, and improve their growth strategy. The platform can gather verified email and contact numbers directly from LinkedIn so that users can reach out to potential... read more

Apollo.io also won


This is one of the leading sales engagement platforms trusted by over 40,000 sales professionals. Groove is built for both inbound and outbound sales teams. It helps sales representatives to spend more time closing deals by streamlining each stage of the sales process. A minimum of 5 users are... read more

Groove also won


SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform for revenue teams to engage and communicate better with their customers. It also helps these teams build pipelines, manage deals, and close revenue. Sales development teams can build pipelines by identifying, developing, and qualifying leads. The tool helps... read more

SalesLoft also won


Yesware is an all-in-one emailing and sales toolkit software solution that provides a comprehensive array of features for your sales team to monitor email outreach activity, quickly test what works and what doesn't, and share the data with the rest of the team so they can get better results... read more

Yesware also won

Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is a guided intelligence operation and revenue generation platform that provides step-by-step guidance to the sales team leading them to drive in more revenue with less guesswork and better consistency. Contextual and actionable notifications provided by the platform turns out to be of great use, helping the entire sales team with the discovery of loopholes and adequate actions. Also, businesses can depend on the same to manage operations, track changes and streamline shifts as per convenience. At present more than 25000 companies across different geographical backgrounds depend on Revenue Grid for their regular business... read more


Lead Desk is a smart sales and customer service call center software, developed to assist tele-communication businesses in managing their call center services and triple their outbound sales efficiency. It offers auto and predictive dialer modes that allow your agents to increase their call volume from 40 to 120 per day which in turn increases your growth and revenue. With Lead Desk, you get eight distinct dialer modes, including auto and predictive dialers. With the correct dialer mode, your outbound sales employees can contact consumers swiftly in any circumstance. When you switch from a manual dialer to LeadDesk, your call center... read more


SalesBlink is an online cold outreach automation platform created to re-invent the outdated cold outreach process into a modern, better-performing one. It allows the users to tap potential leads, discover targeted prospects, and pitch custom and automated cold outreach campaigns. SalesBlink offers a personalized, multi-touch sales sequence that increases your response rate with every successive follow-up reach. Its sales outreach automation suite assists in prospect finding, cold outreach automation, and deal pipeline management. It automates email outreach sequences, tap and analyzes targeted calls and performs personalized LinkedIn... read more


Outreach is one of the leading sales engagement apps. It delivers insights and performance resulting in client satisfaction and acceleration of revenue. Outreach boosts the productivity of sales teams by prioritizing and automating all customer touchpoints throughout the sales process, empowering... read more

Outreach also won

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a comprehensive CRM solution and sales productivity plugin for Salesforce offering automated tools to drive sales through communication. Its expert services are also trusted widely by companies such as Samsung, Logitech, Kaplan, and Ecolab among others. With comprehensive... read more

Cirrus Insight also won


This sales engagement tool is focused on the art of selling. VanillaSoft gathers all the information about leading prospects and clients and puts them into action. It combines unique cadence automation with data management to help boost your sales operation. It offers queue-based routing that... read more

VanillaSoft also won