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Updated on: September 29, 2022

POS Software

The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the place & time where a retail transaction is executed. The retailer/shopkeeper calculates the items, and its overall price and the buyer pays the amount for the chosen goods/used services. The POS software can be described as a combination of software and hardware for centralizing, automating and simplifying business transactions and operations.

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Most Popular POS Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


Toast is a customizable POS system designed for restaurants. It helps restaurants to provide better service, improve the way they run operations, and increase revenue. The solution brings together online ordering, digital and physical loyalty and gift cards, and workforce management tools. Toast... read more

Toast also won


TouchBistro is a comprehensive restaurant management platform that helps restaurants to manage their daily operations, increase sales and delight guests. This point of sale (POS) platform is fast, reliable and easy to use. Brands can choose from a wide range of add-on products to expand their core... read more

TouchBistro also won

Upserve POS

Upserve POS is a restaurant POS system that helps restaurants for an easier point of sale, in-depth analytics and reliable payments. It makes deployment easy, establishing one consistent way to approach information. Thousands of restaurant owners and staff rely on this system to run smoother shifts... read more

Upserve POS also won


Talech is an advanced order management tool, ideally suited for all types of business ranging from small to medium to large. Talech’s spontaneous device allows you to create and mark orders, apply discounts, manage your stock, and view sales all in one place with just a few clicks. It has over a... read more

talech also won


Kounta is an advanced point of sale software that helps businesses to run their retail and hospitality departments. It provides a variety of inventory tools that keep the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) in line and eliminate over-ordering. It helps kitchens to waste less food and consistently meet the... read more

Kounta also won


Lavu is an iPad point of sales system for restaurants, bars and more. This POS helps restaurant owners with every aspect of their business. From managing the inventory to maintaining customer care services. At present, it is used by 1000+ restaurants across 80+ countries. Automated loyalty... read more

Lavu also won

Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail point of sale and retail management software is made specifically for retail, empowering brands & retailers to harness their data and sell more profitably. It features a user-friendly POS with comprehensive tools to fuel growth. It enables the users to streamline their order management, and with the right tools to manage inventory, it allows the user to customize the management to some extent. In-depth customer management tools are available in this software. It places focus on metrics and allows users to record data and generate reports. SpringboardTRAC is a low-cost way to track key traffic metrics, improve... read more


RepairDesk POS software is highly beneficial for medium and small sized handset or mobile phone repair service centers. Users of this software can very well manage their sales and store from a smartphone, as it can be run on multi-platform. With the help of this tool, you can easily manage your... read more

RepairDesk also won

PHP Point of Sale

PHP Point of Sale is a payment solution that helps small retail businesses to manage their daily business operations and process financial transactions. PHP POS has an effective inventory management system that helps to organize inventory counts and keep users updated with its e-mail inventory... read more

PHP Point of Sale also won

Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS software is highly beneficial to owners and or managers of food retail outlets, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and any type of eateries.The software is available both in the cloud-based as well as SaaS version.This can be run on Android and iOS mobiles as well. Loyverse POS software... read more

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