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Autodesk EAGLE

EAGLE | PCB Design And Electrical Schematic Software | Autodesk
(56 Ratings)

Autodesk EAGLE is a powerful PCB design & schematic software for professional electronics designers, with easy-to-use schematic editor, and powerful PCB layout.

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SolidWorks Electrical...

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic
(7 Ratings)

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical Schematics packages provide standalone, easy-to-use, electrical design tools that enable you to efficiently define electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems.

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NI Multisim

SPICE simulation and circuit design software
(25 Ratings)

Multisim is industry standard SPICE simulation and circuit design software for analog, digital, and power electronics in education and research.

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DesignSpark PCB

Free PCB Design Software
(0 Ratings)

DesignSpark PCB is a platform used to create an effective printed circuit board (PCB) to design flow, and explore additional options. The software offers circuit boards come in different shapes and sizes, serving a variety of purposes and technologies. Build parts’ symbols and footprints to industry standards with the help of our ready-to-use embedded libraries. It allows to export work easily and quickly to Spice Simulation, outputting different netlist formats, including LTspice, IsSpice, B2 Spice and TINA.

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Altium Designer

Easy, Powerful, Modern
(103 Ratings)

Altium Designer offers a unified design environment, empowering engineers with a single view of every aspect of the PCB design process from schematic, to PCB layout, to design documentation. By accessing all design tools in one place, engineers can complete their entire design process within the same intuitive environment and deliver high-quality products quickly.

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Professional PCB design tool | CircuitStudio
(1 Ratings)

CircuitStudio is a ready to pick up and go, professional PCB design tool. Powered by Altium.

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EasyEDA - Online PCB design & circuit simulator
(1 Ratings)

EasyEDA is a free and easy to use circuit design, circuit simulator and pcb design that runs in your web browser.

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3D PCB Design Software
(0 Ratings)

CR-8000 is the only concept-to-manufacturing PCB Design Software that has been developed from the start to address the unique requirements of today’s ever-increasing challenges in system-level design optimization. The software suite’s fully integrated design flow ranges from initial system planning, where critical design decisions are made about design partitioning, schematic capture, and circuit design and simulation, through to multi-board PBC layout with comprehensive design-for-manufacturing capabilities for optimized manufacturing outputs. show more

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OrCAD Capture

PCB Schematic Design Software for Electronic Engineers
(28 Ratings)

OrCAD Capture – Schematic capture software and circuit diagram maker for PCB schematic design.

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Signal Integrity for PCB Designers | Signal Integrity SI Analysis
(1 Ratings)

OrCAD PCB SI – Signal Integrity analysis for PCB designers to improve your high-speed designs.

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OrCAD PCB Designer

Printed Circuit Board Design Software
(12 Ratings)

OrCAD PCB Design Software – Printed Circuit Board design, PCB layout, and routing software for professional PCB designers.

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PCB Layout - DipTrace
(30 Ratings)

PCB layout is a high-level engineering tool for board design. Features smart manual routing of high-speed and differential signals, shape-based autorouter, advanced verification, and wide import/export capabilities.

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Altium CircuitMaker

Projects | CircuitMaker
(3 Ratings)

CircuitMaker is the best free PCB design software by Altium for Open Source Hardware Designers, Hackers, Makers, Students and Hobbyists.

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Advanced Circuits

Online PCB Design - Free Software | Advanced Circuits
(1 Ratings)

One of the reasons our customers love doing business with us is because of our online PCB design software, PCB Artist. It is unrestricted and free.

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PCB fabrication Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

CAM350 is a platform used to effectively drive PCB fabrication and part of the truly integrated manufacturing data preparation. The software offers a complete suite of tools incorporating 3D manufacturing data visualization to model CAM data exported from PCB design tools. 3D manufacturing data visualization provides a virtual model of the PCB to predict how a designers manufacturing data will be integrated and constructed into a finished PCB. The DFF Analysis verifies the PCB database to find issues that may cause problems when entering into the fabrication process. show more

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A Printed Circuit Board
(0 Ratings)

Pad2Pad is a printed circuit board company offering a one-stop PCB service for design, fabrication and assembly. The software offers premade footprints and powerful drawing tools to help design the PCBs. Receive manufacturability and cost savings feedback as the design.

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Single-board PCB Design Software
(0 Ratings)

THE INTERNET CONNECTED PCB DESIGN PLATFORM – is a breakthrough in EDA software that gets your product to market faster, easier and more profitably, it connects your team wherever they are in the world through collaboration, giving access to real-time project data and pricing, scalability and rich and easy to use training and local/global community support. 64-bit technology means it’s faster, has excellent graphics and a consistent GUI that stays constant, making it quicker to learn and easier to use. Built for designers, it’s simplified to give you ONLY what you need, so fantastic design is just a fewer mouse clicks away. With eCADSTAR, you’ll be giving your business a genuine competitive advantage. show more

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Free PCB layouts for Electronic products
(0 Ratings)

ZenitPCB Layout is a tool to create a professionally printed circuit board (PCB). The software offers tools to achieve a good printed circuit board, is single side both double-side, using the rules of the individual project or general, through the net class. Hobby, Students, Universities or high schools make use of the software.

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Free PCB Design Tool
(0 Ratings)

PCB123 is a full-feature design tool for Printed Circuit Board designers of all levels. The software offers 3D rendering view to visualize board. Schematic Capture, Physical Layout, BOM Management and real-time Design Rule Checking means we deliver a full-suite of just the tools needed. It supports Windows.

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PADS PCB Design Software

A PCB Design Software
(0 Ratings)

PADS PCB Design Software is a complete PCB design platform used to includes board design and real-time supply-chain insights. The software offers tools to create custom library elements using either of two wizard-based apps. Share design and BOM data with all project stakeholders and cross-functional team members with role-based team management.

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List of PCB Design Software

Autodesk EAGLE 4
SolidWorks Electrical Schematics 4.6
NI Multisim 4.2
DesignSpark PCB NA
Altium Designer 4.5
CircuitStudio 3.5
EasyEDA 2.5
Zuken NA
OrCAD Capture 4.2