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Hybrid Cloud Storage Software

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Azure Storage Explorer

Cloud Storage Made Simple
(25 Ratings)

Azure Storage Explorer is a desktop applications used to manage Azure cloud storage resources. Automate configure storage permissions and access controls, tiers, and rules. Efficiently connect and manage Azure storage service accounts and resources across subscriptions and organizations. Create, delete, view, edit, and manage resources for Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure managed disks. Customize Azure Storage Explorer to meet the users needs.

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Azure StorSimple

Hybrid Cloud Storage Software
(10 Ratings)

Microsoft Azure StorSimple is a hybrid cloud storage solution that meets the needs of performance- and capacity-centric applications. StorSimple can automatically archive inactive primary data from on-premises to the cloud to create effortless capacity expansion. It can also remove the need for separate backup infrastructures with cloud snapshots that provide off-site data protection, and eliminate the need for remote replication of data to a secondary datacenter with cloud storage. Applications come up faster to accelerate overall recovery and potentially help to reduce productivity costs. show more

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Azure Stack

Build Hybrid apps in Cloud
(17 Ratings)

Azure Stack is a portfolio of products that allows to extend Azure services and capabilities to environment of choice—from the datacenter to edge locations and remote offices. With Azure Stack, can build and deploy hybrid and edge computing applications and run them consistently across location boundaries to diverse workloads.

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Red Hat Gluster Server...

Get open, software-defined storage with Red Hat Gluster Storage
(6 Ratings)

A software-defined storage platform that can be deployed on bare-metal, virtual, container, and cloud environments.

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VMware HCI Software

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure? | 3 Benefits of HCI | VMware
(4 Ratings)

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is scale-out software-defined infrastructure that converges core data services on flash-accelerated, industry-standard servers. Learn More

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Red Hat OpenShift Container...

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
(5 Ratings)

Software-defined storage that gives data a permanent place to live as containers spin up and down and across environments.

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Rackspace Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Computing | Connect Your Clouds | Rackspace Technology
(1 Ratings)

A true hybrid cloud has multi-cloud flexibility, so you can connect dedicated bare metal environments to the private and public clouds of your choice.

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NetApp Private Storage for...

Private Cloud Solutions | NetApp
(1 Ratings)

Private cloud solutions from NetApp for Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure as well as Cloud Native environments. Bring public cloud capabilities to on-premises IT.

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ONTAP Select

ONTAP Select: Software-Defined Storage (SDS) | NetApp
(1 Ratings)

Speed enterprise data storage deployment on-prem with cloud-like agility and greater flexibility. Leverage software-defined storage built on ONTAP.

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Dell EMC SC Series All-Flash and Hybrid Storage
(2 Ratings)

SC Series all-flash and hybrid arrays, powered by Intel Xeon processors, provide top performance, flexibility and value.

Compellent Alternatives

Fusion Private/Hybrid Cloud

Managed Services: IT Collaboration Solution - Fusion
(1 Ratings)

Fusion's fully integrated and comprehensive solutions drive efficiencies in hardware, software, network, management, maintenance and support. They plan on the basis of resources required, not individual servers or other hardware. IT departments can rapidly adjust to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demands.

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Enterprise Data & Cloud Storage Solutions | Infinidat
(2 Ratings)

Infinidat's enterprise storage solutions offer the performance, flexibility and reliability necessary to support today's data intensive enterprises.

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Shared storage for demanding Clouds. Price/performance optimized.
(6 Ratings)

StorPool is a shared storage that replaces mid- and high-end all-flash arrays and traditional SANs. StorPool's enterprise storage pricing is explained below

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FalconStor NSS

Network Storage Server | FalconStor
(1 Ratings)

NETWORK STORAGE SERVER (NSS) Maintain continuous business operations and improve efficiency with storage virtualization. Home NETWORK STORAGE SERVER (NSS) The FalconStor® Network Storage Server is part of the FalconStor Data Mastery Platform and enables storage virtualization and optimized efficiency across heterogeneous storage and networks, providing centralized management, consolidation, and continuous, active-active availability of primary data […]

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StoneFly SCVM

SCVM Software Defined Storage Solution - Virtual Storage Appliance
(0 Ratings)

SCVM software defined storage solution is an enterprise class virtual storage appliance that provides fully featured SAN and NAS within a single appliance.

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Datrium DRaaS | VMware Cloud on AWS | On-Demand DR | Instant RTO
(15 Ratings)

Datrium Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with AWS is transforming DR with its cloud-native design, built-in backup, instant RTO, and on-demand model. It's liberating IT from the complexity of legacy DR approaches and standalone backup tools.

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List of Hybrid Cloud Storage Software

Azure Storage Explorer 4.6
Azure StorSimple 3.8
Azure Stack 3.9
Red Hat Gluster Server (formerly Storage Server) 3.8
VMware HCI Software 3.8
Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.4
Rackspace Hybrid Cloud 4
NetApp Private Storage for Cloud 1
ONTAP Select 4
Compellent 4