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Azure Purview

Unified Data Governance with Microsoft Purview
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Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive and unified data governance solution that helps organizations manage and govern their on-premises, multicloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) data. It provides an accurate, current, and consistent view of data assets by automating data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. With the use of this solution, data consumers are enabled to access valuable and trustworthy data management. It also helps organizations to accurately track data flows, identify data ownership, enforce data access policies, and maintain compliance. By leveraging the features of Microsoft Purview, organizations are able to gain a better understanding of their data and make data-driven decisions with confidence. show more

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Apache Atlas

Apache Atlas – Data Governance and Metadata framework for Hadoop
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Apache Atlas – Data Governance and Metadata framework for Hadoop

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IBM InfoSphere Information...

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer - Overview
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Analyzer helps identify data inconsistencies, redundancies and anomalies and makes inferences about the best choices for structure. It utilizes a reusable rules library and supports multi-level evaluations by rule record and pattern.

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Salesforce Data Studio

Power marketing with Salesforce and Slack
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Salesforce Data Studio is a power marketing with Salesforce and Slack it can adapt quickly. It has valuable solutions like Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing Analytics, Digital Advertising, and Digital Leader.

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SAP Information Steward

Data Stewardship & Integrity | SAP Information Steward
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Maximize data integrity with SAP Information Steward software. The combination of data profiling, data lineage, and metadata management tools provides continuous insight into your enterprise data model.

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Micro Focus Content Manager

Enterprise Content Management | Content Manager | Micro Focus
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Content Manager provides organizations complete lifecycle management for those that want to manage risk and maintain total control of their assets.

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TIBCO Foresight

Real-Time Data Software
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TIBCO Foresight makes a smarter Decision for business and it can solve the problems quickly and accurately. And it is tool for quick research complaint and non complaint data issues. It offers valuable modules like Full Validation, Better Visibility, Handle Any Document and much more.

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Cloudera Navigator

Cloudera Navigator: data governance solution for Hadoop
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Learn how your business can manage data and get more done with Cloudera Navigator.

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Axon Data Governance

Trusted data expertise software
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Axon Data Governance for trusted data at enterprise scale. Its a Cost-effectively scale data. It has key features like Quick access to curated data, Easily define connections, Develop data dictionary, Visualize data lineage, Ensure data privacy and much more.

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Data Governance
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Give all your people a single location to find, understand and create a shared language around data. With Collibra Data Governance, you can operationalize data governance workflows and processes to deliver trusted data for the people, by the people across your organization. Define the terminology, rules and regulations that matter to your business so that everyone is on the same page.

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Identity Manager Data...

Simplified Auditing Information Software
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One Identity helps organizations establish an identity-centric security strategy with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), AD Account Lifecycle Management and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.

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Automated Data Governance Solution
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Immuta’s Data Access Platform gets the right data into the right hands faster, enabling data teams to break through data access barriers and achieve both scalability and data security.

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Magnitude MDM (Kalido)

Master Data Management | Magnitude Software
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Magnitude Software's master data management solution delivers data governance and higher quality data across the enterprise

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Cloud data governance software
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Privacera's enables data democratization without compromising on compliance with data access control, data discovery, and encryption. It has powerful solutions like Automated Compliance, Accelerate Cloud Migration, Trusted Data Access, Governed Data Sharing and much more.

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Get advanced product analytics metrics in real-time
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Avo is a collaboration app for project managers, developers and data scientists to work together on a single platform, helping them plan, track and improve their operations in real-time. The app provides a simple way to track data with strong standards and proven quality so that teams can trust and use it to make decisions. Avo saves companies’ time of planning and verifying data by automatically implementing and generating shipping analytics in hours. It aims to provide product delivery speed and reliable insights simultaneously. Avo’s tracking plan supports every team member, whether they are data experts or not, to define event plans according to the company standards. The app provides a branched workflow network reviews to make it easy for the cross-functional groups of stakeholders to plan, implement and govern analytics seamlessly. Its best in class type-safe analytics code and debuggers make the implementation process easier and faster. show more

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Cost-Effective Data Reporting Software
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FundMETRIX is a data and investment reporting managed services solution powered by a custom technology platform. It provides features like Scalability, Customization, flexibility and much more. It has accurate and timely data uploads.

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Rencore Governance

Leading Provider Software
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Rencore Governance provides a maximum flexibility and efficiency. It provides key features like Powerful Discovery, Comprehensive Monitoring, Automation Flexibility and much more. It can manage all mid-size and large enterprises in all industries.

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Data Experts Solution Software
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ActiveNav Governance provides continuous monitoring of connected repositories and automatically applies policies to content. The software notifies information owners and relevant users for action as part of a repeatable and defensible process. It monitor the quality and governance data estate. Automate content monitoring to stay on top of information growth.

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Marketing Data Governance Platform
(29 Ratings)

Unified Data for the Modern Marketer Connect teams and technologies to accelerate business decisions LEARN MORE A few of incredible customers Previous Next The process to launch, track, and optimize enterprise digital experiences is broken. The expansion in marketing point solutions, channels, devices, and touchpoints has created complexity that has broken traditional processes.

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Altitude IG

Data Governance | Sherpa Software
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Sherpa Software's Altitude IG is scalable, affordable data governance and eDiscovery software. It provides complete transparency and visibility into the unstructured data sprawled throughout your enterprise.

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List of Data Governance Software

Azure Purview NA
Apache Atlas 4.5
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer 3.6
Salesforce Data Studio 4.2
SAP Information Steward 4.1
Micro Focus Content Manager 3.5
TIBCO Foresight NA
Cloudera Navigator 5
Axon Data Governance NA
Colibra 4.3