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Most affordable calendar booking solution in the world
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Tidycal pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $29

What is Tidycal and how does it work?

Tidycal is the best, most affordable calendar-booking solution in the world. helps to make calendar scheduling for bookings.

Tidycal Alternatives
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Scheduling made simple
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SchedulingKit pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SchedulingKit and how does it work?

Schedulingkit lets you put your bookings on autopilot mode and do what else you want to do with your manual scheduling hassle. Scheduling Kit simplifies scheduling by only offering times that work with your availability across all of your calendars.

SchedulingKit Alternatives
Zynq - Meeting Management Tools


Manage meetings instantly
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Zynq pricing: Zynq Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zynq and how does it work?

Zynq software is used to manage meetings for remote teams. The software offers zoom or hangouts as auto-added to every meeting you schedule Boost Productivity with timezones for optimal meeting times. Individuals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

Zynq Alternatives
AIRA - Meeting Management Tools


Your conversational artificial Intelligence
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AIRA pricing: AIRA Offers Custom plan.

What is AIRA and how does it work?

AIRA is your Smart Meeting AI Assistance Tool that takes care of your online meetings and provides you with a transcript of your whole phone conversation. Syncs with both Microsoft 365 and Google Mail. Analyze meetings and suggest improvements, optimize sales, and drive sales pipeline. If you have a busy schedule and have a work atmosphere where you needed to take up online meetings, it becomes tedious to keep track of all these while creating specific meeting notes. show more

AIRA Alternatives
Fantastical Scheduling - Meeting Management Tools

Fantastical Scheduling

Calls and meetings organizer
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Fantastical Scheduling pricing: Fantastical Scheduling Offers Custom plan.

What is Fantastical Scheduling and how does it work?

Fantastical Scheduling is a tool for managing meetings. They understand what a good user experience should be because they are also users. Please inform the user if they are dissatisfied or frustrated with anything. With years of experience working on a variety of well-known apps, they hope that their knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in everything they produce. Fantastical makes it simple for others to set up meetings with you. Set up your availability and send out a link. They choose a date and time, and you're ready to go. Based on your existing calendar events, Openings will automatically block off slots. Fantastical lets you view your invitees' availability and helps you choose a time that works for everyone when scheduling an event with them. Even better, you can send your invitee multiple event proposals at different times and dates. Fantastical is built with a privacy-first philosophy in mind, which means it maintains as much personal information on your device as possible. The password for your account is stored securely on your device using Keychain and never leaves it. For further information, please see our privacy statement. show more

Fantastical Scheduling Alternatives

Products Similar to Airgram

Hypercontext - Meeting Management Tools


A Collaborative Meeting Software
(28 Ratings)

Hypercontext pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Hypercontext and how does it work?

Hypercontext (previously Soapbox) is a platform used to streamline objectives, meetings, and morale into one workflow. The software offers customizable meeting agendas for your one-on-ones, team meetings and other recurring meetings. Take meeting minutes right within your agenda and gain insights with real-time employee feedback to measure meeting effectiveness in minutes. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Hypercontext Alternatives
Fellow - Meeting Management Tools


Manage meetings efficiently and smartly
(318 Ratings)

Fellow pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Fellow and how does it work?

Fellow is a toolkit designed for managers and teams that enables them to conduct one-on-one meetings and plan agendas collaboratively. The application provides smart suggestions for helping you have your conversations efficiently. Users can centralize all their tasks in a single to-do list, thus boosting workflows. It comes with follow-up facilities that help to track performance and work progresses. Fellow enables one to receive valuable feedback and recognition from managers or team members, thus boosting efficient teamwork. One can respond to and send feedback both on the web and Slack. The application provides smart suggestions, helping users to learn who and when to request for feedback. With Fellow, users can write the action items extracted from each meeting and 1-on-1 discussion, which brings organization in the workflow. Users can join numerous teams with Fellow, including Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Getaround, ShipStation, Vidyard, KeepTruckin, and others. The software helps to keep track of conversations and stay coordinated by accomplishing all the things that were promised to other team members. show more

Fellow Alternatives
Lucid Meetings - Meeting Management Tools

Lucid Meetings

Efficiently manage your teams and boost productivity
(14 Ratings)

Lucid Meetings pricing: Starts at $12.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Lucid Meetings and how does it work?

Lucid Meeting is a team management software designed to run business meetings successfully. Its mission is to facilitate more human interaction and run team discussions and conferences efficiently on a daily basis. The software tries to address and focus on the underlying systems that play a key role in making the regular team meetings a success story. Lucid Meeting acts as a guidance provider to its clients. It gives them a detailed overview of the factors, which pose great threats to destruct the harmony within the teams. It helps the organizations to get engaged with collaborative meetings. This helps them to increase engagement among the team members and will improve their performance as a team. The software features a successful Quick-Start meeting program that efficiently combines workshops, training and coaching for teams to work quickly and more efficiently. The software measures effective meeting preparations and even captures audit-ready records on behalf of the organization. It even offers online courses created by international experts who teach efficient skills needed for high-performance driven team meetings. show more

Lucid Meetings Alternatives
Focusmate - Meeting Management Tools


Get productivity levels boosted in real-time with Focusmate
(3 Ratings)

Focusmate pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Focusmate and how does it work?

Focusmate is a productivity-boosting solution for the virtual work base. The platform is appropriate for freelancers, writers, side hustlers, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their goals by unlocking the potentiality of the human spirit, technology and psychology. Users of Focusmate, can select their convenient working hours and the software will send an email to get the sessions confirmed. Users can launch their own video sessions, declare their goals to the support partners and start with their day’s work. Users can also check on their session partners by the end of the day and celebrate individual achievements. This way they can, eliminate daily distractions and focus on long-term goals. The software helps users get rid of social media addictions and other focus killing ideas. Focusmate follows strict behavioural guidelines and enables individual users to take stringent measures in case they encounter rude behaviour from their session partners. Users can either report the partners or block them as per their own convenience. show more

Focusmate Alternatives
Stratsys Meetings - Meeting Management Tools

Stratsys Meetings

Never miss an agenda again with this meeting tool
(29 Ratings)

Stratsys Meetings pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is Stratsys Meetings and how does it work?

Stratsys Meetings is an effective meeting tool with which one can schedule meetings, make them more effective and organize them in a click. Users can share their agenda with the team members, assign tasks and make sure that everyone has the right information. One needs to add agenda items and attachments and share the same with the team members to work together. Users can add decisions and take notes, assign tasks and share the meeting details instantly. With this software, one can search among tasks and decisions, get reminders and push notifications and start any meeting by reviewing the previous ones. Whether the meeting is a new one or recurring, all the related details are gathered in one place. One can download the app to keep all the meetings and the actions taken in one place. Every action undertaken is sent to the to-do lists of the persons concerned. The software sends daily reminders of the assigned tasks so that no agenda is left behind. One can keep track of every decision made at a meeting and with the to-do lists, and even monitor assignments with their deadlines. All these data are readily accessible through Stratsys Meetings. show more

Stratsys Meetings Alternatives
Parabol - Meeting Management Tools


Manage Meetings for Agile Teams
(21 Ratings)

Parabol pricing: Starts at $6.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Parabol and how does it work?

Parabol software is a platform used to track online meetings with a purpose-built tool. The software offers a retrospective meeting tool to collaborate with your team and can collect feedback in minutes. Add the Slack integration to your Parabol team to notify teammates to manage meeting summaries. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Parabol Alternatives
Dory - Meeting Management Tools


Attract more engagement in your virtual meetings and make them productive
(0 Ratings)

Dory pricing: Dory Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dory and how does it work?

Dory is an interactive platform, helping out enterprises make their meetings engaging and productive, using a comprehensive set of available tools and features. The software makes it easy for users to interact with their live audience based on the engaging Q&A sessions and live note taking facilities. Admins also get to prioritize the questions that their attendees want to hear the most. They can keep their audiences engaged with voting and live discussions. Dory lets users monitor the access rights of their private events and grant permission to attendees who belong to their custom email domain. The software even lets hosts allow their live audiences to generate queries in an anonymous way, eliminating the panic of asking questions. Further, users can jot down necessary notes during, before, and after a particular meeting. Dory empowers hosts to keep their meetings short and effective, ensuring adequate acknowledgement of shared thoughts. show more

Dory Alternatives
EasyRetro - Meeting Management Tools


Improve with Fun Sprint Retrospectives
(0 Ratings)

EasyRetro pricing: EasyRetro Offers Free-forever plan.

What is EasyRetro and how does it work?

EasyRetro is an online platform and an open-source project to help the team to do better retrospectives that help to improve by using Fun Sprint Retrospectives and other activities. EasyRetro was designed to remove any obstacles and distractions for teams to have better meetings and to get better results. The mission is to empower teams to reflect on their way of working. And to continuously become better in what they do. show more

EasyRetro Alternatives
Docket - Meeting Management Tools


Enhance meetings and improve team collaboration
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Docket pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Docket and how does it work?

Docket is a meeting management software that helps to improve the productivity of meetings, thus ensuring efficient collaboration. This meeting-focused workspace enhances agenda creation, action item tracking and carrying out decision documentation procedures collaboratively. Docket is a central hub for meetings that enables users to create agendas and prioritize them to conduct meetings efficiently. The meeting workspace of the application helps participants to take notes and briefings or record summary points of the meeting minutes and distribute them among the members for an effective team collaboration. Docket also comes with a task manager that helps to assign action items And thew upcoming strategies that need to be taken to boost team performance and productivity. The software features an Activity and History Archive that enables users to search notes, resources, and tasks from previous Docket meetings. The application allows one to create to-do lists to prepare for the meetings. Users can even integrate Docket with other popular note-taking applications like Evernote, Slack, and Zoom. It combines with tools that one already uses, thus saving time and making meetings better. show more

Docket Alternatives
Warmly - Meeting Management Tools


Look professional on Zoom with Warmly
(0 Ratings)

Warmly pricing: Warmly Offers Custom plan.

What is Warmly and how does it work?

Warmly is a user experience enhancement platform that enables you to create a lasting first impression and eliminates the need of small chats on our video meetings with a virtual backdrop business card. It assists you make a business card for yourself that can make your team stand out. With Warmly, you can begin every Zoom meeting with a discussion starter: your digital business card. You can get detailed background on everyone after, during, and before your meetings. With business card backdrops and fast information on everyone you're meeting with, you can have better meetings. With a customized Virtual Business Card that functions as an instant ice breaker on calls, you can have 2x better meetings. You can add the corporate logos of your prospects and customers over your shoulder with a simple click using Warmly. You can make your team look more professional with a virtual uniform. You can mix and match backgrounds, logos, and more. You can always stay prepared and pre-planned for meetings with quick insights synced right on your calendar using the Warmly platform. show more

Warmly Alternatives
Meetgeek - Meeting Management Tools


Maximize the productivity of your meetings
(0 Ratings)

Meetgeek pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $59

What is Meetgeek and how does it work?

Focus on having efficient conversations while recording all the details and automatically writing accurate meeting notes. Reduce the time spent writing meeting minutes, recalling what was discussed and having separate debrief calls with those that could not participate in the meeting. Remove knowledge barriers and keep your team always up to date by sharing meeting highlights and recordings. show more

Meetgeek Alternatives
adam.ai - Meeting Management Tools


Manage your meetings from anywhere
(0 Ratings)

adam.ai pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is adam.ai and how does it work?

adam.ai is an all-in-one solution for meeting management that handles the entire meeting lifecycle. It easily & intelligently captures and retrieves information, transforming your meeting content into knowledge assets. When you’re on business trips or working remotely, communication with your team can suffer. Being able to look at all your collaboration apps in one place helps make staying in touch easier. Keep all of your important notes, files, and documents safely stored in the cloud where you can quickly retrieve them at any time. show more

adam.ai Alternatives
Taggg - Meeting Management Tools


Group Meeting Scheduling Solved
(0 Ratings)

Taggg pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Taggg and how does it work?

Connecting with your contacts and their calendars no matter if they use Google or Microsoft calendar allows for sharing availability and faster meeting booking than ever before. Simply select contacts or teams to meet with and decide who is a required participant or is an optional attendee.Taggg then automatically crosschecks all calendars of your connected contacts and invites the others to share their availability with the group. No voting or polls needed. show more

Taggg Alternatives
Spinach.io - Meeting Management Tools


Redesigning remote meetings and workflows
(0 Ratings)

Spinach.io pricing: Starts at $6.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Spinach.io and how does it work?

Spinach.io creates communication tools to assist organisations in running productive team meetings. Clients can stay on track and concentrate on their growth thanks to the platform provided by the business, which also supports the work of the remote product development team and provides the necessary tools for virtual meetings. Spinach.io enables you to perform focused standups more quickly. Reduce standup time by 50%. more precise updates Utilize your current tools to track progress and roadblocks. Spinach.io is a self-running standup with a timer and agenda. A place to put questions also avoids interruptions and keeps the conversation on track. A 2-minute preparation period results in better, quicker standups. Meetings move more quickly and updates are sharper when the team is prepared. Surface the important information, then boost your board. Slack is used to create history and accountability by sending standup notes. Connect Spinach to JIRA or Slack to link meeting notes to specific tickets or for input and output of meeting notes. Many people only interact with the team in person at meetings. A better meeting results in a better day for them! show more

Spinach.io Alternatives
Miter - Meeting Management Tools


Outcomes or it didn't happen
(0 Ratings)

Miter pricing: Miter Offers Custom plan.

What is Miter and how does it work?

Shared goals, real-time outcomes, facilitation in a box, automated summaries, centralized action items.get a one-minute crash course. Miter provides powerful tools and a simplified workflow to help deliver productive meetings and clear outcomes, with less work. Planning with Miter is so easy, can do it in the first two minutes of the meeting. show more

Miter Alternatives
Amazemeet - Meeting Management Tools


A Tool to Manage Effective Meetings
(7 Ratings)

Amazemeet pricing: Amazemeet Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Amazemeet and how does it work?

Amazemeet software is a platform used to manage meetings, and focusing on effective outcomes. Define clear purposes of meetings and can manage leads to follow up meetings. Make proven methods to measure Meeting Quality Scoring algorithm to get actionable insights to improve your meetings. The software offers encryption with AES-256 bit. It integrates with 700 other apps like scheduling, tasks, CRM, social media and much more. Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Amazemeet Alternatives
AgreeDo - Meeting Management Tools


The advanced productivity Software for meetings is here
(5 Ratings)

AgreeDo pricing: Starts at $7.9. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is AgreeDo and how does it work?

AgreeDo is a meeting productivity platform that facilitates writing meeting agendas, creating meeting minutes, and making decisions, all at one single place. It enables you to assign assignments, write meeting minutes, and agree on the agenda. AgreeDo is an all-in-one online web program that allows you to effortlessly compose and share meeting agendas and minutes, boosting the efficiency of all your meetings. The platform offers features for comments, reminders, attachments, configurable task lists, auto-history, sophisticated search, and other. It helps you start Microsoft Teams Conferences and send calendar invites to appear in Google Calendar, Outlook, and a variety of other calendars. To produce or read AgreeDo meeting minutes straight from Outlook, you can use AgreeDo’s Outlook Plugin. AgreeDo makes it easy to build a meeting agenda and share it with all attendees in real time. Before the meeting even begins, attendees utilize AgreeDo to add their ideas, opinions, and outcomes to the agenda. AgreeDo works with Microsoft Teams, LogMeIn's GoToMeeting, and Cisco's WebEx, allowing attendees to join an existing video conference right from the platform. show more

AgreeDo Alternatives
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