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Updated on: December 2, 2021
Checkmate Streamline your hiring process in a hassle-free manner

Checkmate Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Checkmate.

Top 5 Checkmate Alternatives


Request references on your next hire today
(199 Ratings)

Xref is a best-in-class, global solution that makes reference, background, and ID checking fast, simple and secure. Whether you are requesting one or multiple references, receive fast, honest feedback within 24 hours. Build your own list of questions for each reference or choose from a wide variety... read more

Xref Alternatives


Hire the right candidates with proper insights

Vitay is a reference checking software that helps recruiters and HR leaders to find better employees, saves time and increases employees retention rate. The software provides comprehensive data sets and feedback to users so they can find the right candidates for their companies. It makes... read more

Vitay Alternatives


Check references in a simple, secure and fast way

Refroo is a useful referencing tool that makes it easier for companies to generate secure and fast reference checks for job candidates. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool with customisable features suitable for individual businesses, irrespective of their size and client base. Using the tool users... read more

Referoo Alternatives

SkillSurvey Reference

Intelligent Automated Reference check
(234 Ratings)

SkillSurvey Reference is an online, automatic reference check solution that speeds up your process and gives you detailed, full information on all of your candidates, whether you are hiring, onboarding, or managing a placement. This advanced software provides an automated way for managing... read more

SkillSurvey Reference Alternatives


Faking references get even tougher, Hiring people with talent didn't
(98 Ratings)

Checkster is an efficient reference checking platform, which aims towards cross-checking, screening and selection of honest candidates before hiring them for any organization. The software captures important data during the entire hiring process and gets them transferred into powerful information,... read more

Checkster Alternatives

Products Similar to Checkmate


Hiring made easy the smart way
(17 Ratings)

With Blockchain technology, Zinc creates a fully transparent and authentic identity and work system, eliminating job-related inefficiency. It is a secure platform for sharing candidate profiles and finding the necessary credentials. The Human resource software updates automatically and reduces the... read more

Zinc Alternatives


Collect all kinds of references in one place

AutoRefs is an automated reference checking platform that helps organizations, candidates and referees to collect references for all kinds of applications. The software can be used by both traders and employers to streamline client and applicant reference checking processes. It increases the... read more

AutoRefs Alternatives


Get access to automated, in-depth reference checks to hire better candidates

HiPeople is a talent insight and reference checking platform that enables companies to make better hiring decisions, faster. The platform detects conflicting responses present in candidates’ references and offers immediate follow-up questions. The solution benchmarks the candidates and makes it... read more

HiPeople Alternatives


Make your candidates complete their own surveys

RefLynk is a reference checking software that helps companies to demand references from their candidates via text. The software sends text and emails notifications to users whenever reference surveys are completed. With the help of RefLynk online tool, organisations can make candidates... read more

RefLynk Alternatives


Robust talent analytics and reference checking system made available for individual businesses
(70 Ratings)

Crosschq is a comprehensive recruiting task management platform that helps companies to hire the best talent in a convenient way. The software comes loaded with three different types of integrated modules that can be used to source out, screen and onboard the best candidate. Its 360 module helps... read more

Crosschq Alternatives
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