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Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) - CRM Software
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Copper (ProsperWorks CRM)

Richly featured tool for CRM
(1,401 Ratings)

Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) pricing: Starts at $23.0.

What is Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) and how does it work?

A productivity tool that comes equipped with several sales features like online CRM, real estate CRM, healthcare CRM, sales forecasting, sales enablement etc. The software is integrated with calendar, docs, google sheets, Gmail, slides, and inbox. It is easy to use and receive a notification every time someone goes through your email. The software offers enterprise-level security and automates the data entry process. Actionable insight is provided with pipeline reports for driving sales. show more

Zinc vs Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) | Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) Alternatives
Steel Analytics - Web Analytics Software
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Steel Analytics

All-in-one website analytics tool
(0 Ratings)

Steel Analytics pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Steel Analytics and how does it work?

Steel Analytics is the ultimate tool for analyzing user behavior. Our clean and simple interface allows to easily track users’ journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps, and more. By understanding how users interact with the website, to improve the overall experience. With powerful features, can see exactly which paths the visitors take and the actions they take on the site without invading their privacy. Replaying sessions and heatmaps provide valuable insight into how the website works. Heatmaps provide a quick and easy way to test out pages and understand which parts are being used by a group of users. Try Steel Analytics today and unlock the full potential of the website. show more

Zinc vs Steel Analytics | Steel Analytics Alternatives
SkillSurvey Reference - Reference Check Software

SkillSurvey Reference

Intelligent Automated Reference check
(181 Ratings)

SkillSurvey Reference pricing: SkillSurvey Reference Offers Custom plan.

What is SkillSurvey Reference and how does it work?

SkillSurvey Reference is an online, automatic reference check solution that speeds up your process and gives you detailed, full information on all of your candidates, whether you are hiring, onboarding, or managing a placement. This advanced software provides an automated way for managing references swiftly and discreetly using an online interface. It boosts your productivity and makes it easier for you to hire or manage a placement. SkillSurvey Reference is an automatic online reference check solution that is ideal for all of your business needs. With SkillSurvey Reference, you can collect quantitative data at key stages throughout the employee lifecycle, from hiring to firing, and use it to improve performance that can help you sort the right talents. It's backed by billions of data points, science, and actionable data to help you make the best possible personnel decisions and automate your talent selection process. You will not regret on making this buying decision. It is available as a free trial for testing of its features before making the actual purchase. You additionally get a variety of premium plan options to choose from with SkillSurvey Reference. show more

Zinc vs SkillSurvey Reference | SkillSurvey Reference Alternatives
Xref - Reference Check Software


Request references on your next hire today
(237 Ratings)

Xref pricing: Xref Offers Custom plan.

What is Xref and how does it work?

Xref is a best-in-class, global solution that makes reference, background, and ID checking fast, simple and secure. Whether you are requesting one or multiple references, receive fast, honest feedback within 24 hours. Build your own list of questions for each reference or choose from a wide variety of pre-built templates. Track progress and enjoy complete visibility at every stage of the reference checking process. Xref’s algorithm monitors multiple data touch-points throughout the referencing process and will alert you to any unusual activity. show more

Zinc vs Xref | Xref Alternatives
Crosschq - Reference Check Software


Robust talent analytics and reference checking system made available for individual businesses
(110 Ratings)

Crosschq pricing: Crosschq Offers Custom plan.

What is Crosschq and how does it work?

Crosschq is a comprehensive recruiting task management platform that helps companies to hire the best talent in a convenient way. The software comes loaded with three different types of integrated modules that can be used to source out, screen and onboard the best candidate. Its 360 module helps companies streamline pre-hire candidate assessment and reference check related tasks, while the recruiting module helps with candidate referral network monitoring inclusive of detailed metrics like qualified talent pipeline, accurate CRM and ATS integrations along with prospect specific job matching facility. Also, the analytics module takes care of DEI assessments, ensures candidate wise quality structure and retention analytics. Features like predict retention and AI & ML feedback loop also helps businesses in improving their hiring process. Moreover, real-time integration facilities with external platforms like Workday, Oracle, Glassdoor, Lever, Greenhouse and more enabled by Crosschq are also of great help. show more

Zinc vs Crosschq | Crosschq Alternatives

Products Similar to Zinc

Vitay - Reference Check Software


Hire the right candidates with proper insights
(37 Ratings)

Vitay pricing: Starts at $299.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Vitay and how does it work?

Vitay is a reference checking software that helps recruiters and HR leaders to find better employees, saves time and increases employees retention rate. The software provides comprehensive data sets and feedback to users so they can find the right candidates for their companies. It makes recruiters request references within 60 seconds and gets feedback in 24 hours, accelerating the hiring process significantly. The automated processes of Vitay allow recruiters to use collective intelligence and gain candidate insights. Its talent feedback tool allows users to collect important insights about their recruiting process, candidates’ abilities, quality of hire and onboarding issues. A prescreening tool within Vitay assesses candidates cognitive ability, skills, honesty, personality, emotional intelligence and integrity, enabling recruiters to make quality hires. Moreover, the software’s fraud detection algorithm monitors IP addresses, locations, devices, browsers and time stamps besides notifying users about detected suspicious activities. The solution creates detailed PDF and Excel reports regarding candidates' insights, making it easy for teams to share and view them seamlessly. show more

Vitay Alternatives
Checkmate - Reference Check Software


Streamline your hiring process in a hassle-free manner
(12 Ratings)

Checkmate pricing: Starts at $17.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Checkmate and how does it work?

Checkmate is a reference checking and background screening tool that helps organizations by improving and making the overall recruitment procedure easy. The software automates the manual processes and saves a lot of time for the company recruiters. It can be combined with the brand seamlessly to make a good first impression of company’s brand value. Checkmate can be integrated with organizations’ existing Applicant Tracking System to make it easy and more useful. The software also has its own API for better business. The reporting tools that Checkmate includes, provides accurate information to users about their individual hiring process. They can track employee renewals, expiry dates and other information using auto-renewals and scheduled reminders. It allows organizations and candidates to exchange documents and information quickly between them. With Checkmate, users can hire employees in bulk deploying its advanced data handling feature that can hire the entire spreadsheet of candidates in one click. It also uses a safe network that keeps all the organizations’ data secure and protected. show more

Checkmate Alternatives
Checkster - Reference Check Software


Faking references get even tougher, Hiring people with talent didn't
(99 Ratings)

Checkster pricing: Checkster Offers Custom plan.

What is Checkster and how does it work?

Checkster is an efficient reference checking platform, which aims towards cross-checking, screening and selection of honest candidates before hiring them for any organization. The software captures important data during the entire hiring process and gets them transferred into powerful information, facilitating better decision making. Enterprises get to automate their interview evaluation process using the particular. Its scored and consolidated reporting module, collective feedbacks and systematic documentation make it all possible. The software also offers intuitive retention mechanism, making it easy for business houses to connect individual dots and track the performance levels of new hires. Organisations can eliminate manual labour intrusive annual review and make employees take charge of their own success levels, based on the 360-degree talent insights offered by Checkster. Moreover, enterprises can also capture honest feedbacks from their departing employees and make changes within their current retention programs. Admins can personalize the exit questions based on the role exhibited by the departing employee. show more

Zinc vs Checkster | Checkster Alternatives
Dossy - Reference Check Software


Quick and Efficient Candidate Reference Checking
(0 Ratings)

Dossy pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dossy and how does it work?

Dossy is a tool that acts as a great productivity hack for the HR department of any company or recruiters in consultation firms. It enables users to quickly chase and check references of interview candidates prior to their joining. With Dossy, reference checking can take as low as 1 minute. Users can thus save time and money and greatly reduce the chances of wrong hires. By leveraging a modern verification technology, Dossy makes it super hard for candidates to fake their references. Hence, recruiters can feel confident about the information mentioned on their resumes. Dossy enables 98% of the reference check reports to be turned around within 24-32 hours. The tool takes into account both startups and large corporations and allows users to add as many coworkers as they want without any extra charge. With a simple cloud app, users can kickstart by just adding their name and company information. show more

Dossy Alternatives
Searchlight - Reference Check Software


Automated Reference Checking for Digital Companies
(0 Ratings)

Searchlight pricing: Searchlight Offers Custom plan.

What is Searchlight and how does it work?

Searchlight is a reference checking tool for companies that empowers them to know every relevant detail of their candidates. The tool provides them with past performance data of the candidates for better hiring decisions and early reference checking. As a result, users can accelerate their hiring cycles by 50% by carrying out the reference checks even before the on-site interview takes place. Hence, hiring managers can get insights about the best possible candidates even before they have met them. The process begins with the candidates receiving a link that onboard them within minutes. Searchlight can also be integrated with ATS for this purpose. Candidates receive emails to create accounts where they can intuitively invite all relevant references to submit their feedbacks. And when the complete data is collected, candidates receive complete reports in a few days. Other features include adding custom position requirements, sorting candidates by reference results, and viewing aggregated answers by questions. show more

Searchlight Alternatives
Referoo - Reference Check Software


Check references in a simple, secure and fast way
(5 Ratings)

Referoo pricing: Referoo Offers Custom plan.

What is Referoo and how does it work?

Refroo is a useful referencing tool that makes it easier for companies to generate secure and fast reference checks for job candidates. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool with customisable features suitable for individual businesses, irrespective of their size and client base. Using the tool users can check references via SMS, phone or email. They can create reports on each candidate, download and send them to their clients. It also allows candidates to provide their best referee details for the role. Further, recruiters can ask questions to the referees over email or SMS through an online questionnaire and referees can also answer them from the same medium. Refroo comes with a dashboard where users can see the progress of their references in real-time. It works on an SSL secured network besides serving fraud detection functionalities that are capable of identifying suspicious references. Its intuitive design and simple monitoring facilities, promises seamless business without training. show more

Referoo Alternatives
RefLynk - Reference Check Software


Make your candidates complete their own surveys
(0 Ratings)

What is RefLynk and how does it work?

RefLynk is a reference checking software that helps companies to demand references from their candidates via text. The software sends text and emails notifications to users whenever reference surveys are completed. With the help of RefLynk online tool, organisations can make candidates responsible to initiate and collect reference feedback. Candidates get automated reminders to complete a particular survey after every 12 hours, followed by a status report to the recruiter’s inboxes each morning. Companies can set a minimum number of references that candidates will have to fulfil after a certain time period. The software also sends an automated text to individual candidates when the pre-existing reference gets declined. RefLynk creates reports after analysing consistent feedback and making comparisons between the received data. The software can be used to collect references on candidates across different areas, such as employment, pre-employment, volunteers, exit interviews, internships and tenant screening. Its active integration with SafeHiring solutions, helps companies run adequate background checks and look out for criminal records. show more

RefLynk Alternatives
Intrro - Reference Check Software


The Fastest Way To Get Employee
(0 Ratings)

Intrro pricing: Starts at $1800.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Intrro and how does it work?

Intrro matches the best talent in your employees network so you can hire more from recommendations. Simply invite your co-workers to join in Slack, they’ll sync their professional networks in 2 clicks and we’ll get you diverse referrals shipped into your ATS.

Intrro Alternatives
RefNow - Reference Check Software


Automated Employment Referencing Tool
(0 Ratings)

RefNow pricing: RefNow Offers Custom plan.

What is RefNow and how does it work?

RefNow is a recruitment tool that helps HR managers by automating employment referencing. A new reference request for a prospective candidate needs to be created first using the online employer portal provided by RefNow. The tool directly asks the candidate for the most recent referee contact details and proceeds to contact each of the provided referees for a reference. The referee can then complete the reference from any internet-enabled device and the reference report is subsequently generated. Different levels of access for various roles such as agents, team admins, and organization admins can be set. Support is offered through the web, email, and live chat, and security is attained using military-grade SSL encryption. The tool offers several benefits to the users such as quick candidate reference requesting, automated email and text reminders, customizable questions, team management, and integrated ID verification. The software is also GDPR compliant. show more

RefNow Alternatives
HiPeople - Reference Check Software


Get access to automated, in-depth reference checks to hire better candidates
(12 Ratings)

HiPeople pricing: HiPeople Offers Custom plan.

What is HiPeople and how does it work?

HiPeople is a talent insight and reference checking platform that enables companies to make better hiring decisions, faster. The platform detects conflicting responses present in candidates’ references and offers immediate follow-up questions. The solution benchmarks the candidates and makes it easy for users to compare reference feedback and standout real talent. Companies can also collect references from candidates’ former mentors, managers and supervisors to find out their true potential before hiring them. HiPeople even offers detailed insights into how candidates see their own work styles, strength and development areas. Recruiters can create custom questions of their own to ask candidates something unique about their organization. The platform comes with pre-made, skill- and role-based reference templates that save a lot of time for users. HiPeople allows companies to check and verify candidates’ previous company’s, work history, job titles and tenures. Its fraud detection feature runs through checks through the references to see whether they are completed by the right person, without any link forwarding. show more

HiPeople Alternatives
Refty - Reference Check Software


To transform your hiring process
(6 Ratings)

Refty pricing: Starts at $149.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Refty and how does it work?

Refty software is a platform for gathering feedback in order to build a business. The software provides tools for managing job references as well as a new channel for finding qualified candidates.Track and optimize recruiting to meet job requirements. The software is used by HR managers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.It has the following features: Self-Assessment: Use a self-assessment to learn how your candidates see themselves. In order to better assess your candidates, you are given access to a database containing 50+ tests for various positions (Marketing, Support, Sales, Customer Relations, Tech, etc.).Automatic sourcing is one of their most useful features. Refty gives you two options: use their pre-screened pool of qualified candidates or turn your candidates into sourcing machines using their self-assessment tests. You can get up to 20% more candidates with Refty.Configure the type of referees you want for each candidate, and Refty will contact them to verify the references. Cross-reference your candidates' evaluations with the results of the reference check to detect unanticipated personality traits in your candidates. show more

Refty Alternatives
Hiringcue - Reference Check Software


A Simple Reference Checks for Hiring Candidates
(0 Ratings)

Hiringcue pricing: Starts at $9.99.

What is Hiringcue and how does it work?

Hiringcue is a platform to manage reference checks for candidates to optimize your hiring decisions. The Pre-Interview questionnaire is a platform to learn about the candidate before the interview. Collaborate with your team about the applicant's performance. Build a pipeline of employed, qualified, and passive candidates by reference checking your current applicants. HR Managers, Small, Medium, and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Hiringcue Alternatives
AutoRefs - Reference Check Software


Collect all kinds of references in one place
(2 Ratings)

What is AutoRefs and how does it work?

AutoRefs is an automated reference checking platform that helps organizations, candidates and referees to collect references for all kinds of applications. The software can be used by both traders and employers to streamline client and applicant reference checking processes. It increases the reference response rate and cuts call time references. AutoRefs also improves the due diligence on applications and always tries to accept better applications. The software is easy to use for all sorts of users, whether it is employer, referee or candidate. It includes personalizing questions through which organizations can obtain critical applicant information and improve the hiring process. They can also set reminder schedules for applicants or forward manual reminders to them. With AutoRefs, users can easily hold their references and find them in the future quickly, whenever required. It also includes proper compliance that ensures a clearer background checking process. Lastly, AutoRefs improves the entire collection rates enabling organizations to accept the best applications available. show more

AutoRefs Alternatives
Worecs - Reference Check Software


Automate your reference checking
(0 Ratings)

Worecs pricing: Worecs Offers Custom plan.

What is Worecs and how does it work?

Worecs is an online reference checking platform with the unique features of candidate detail forms and letters of offer designed to streamline the recruitment administration workflow. Worecs provides instant notification by text and email from recruiters to their candidates and referees, ensuring proficient automation engagement at each stage of their administration and obtaining and storing records of completed documents. Recruiters can create their questionnaire and letter of offer templates, which are stored in the application, and these can be sent readily within seconds. Worecs is highly competitively priced and has a significantly lower price point than other market competitors. Worecs also customizes its packages based on specific quantities so that customers only pay for what they need and can top up whenever they like. Therefore with this accessibility in the pricing strategy, Worecs is designed for all businesses regardless of size. show more

Worecs Alternatives
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