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PowerSchool Unified K-12 Education Technology Software

PowerSchool Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 PowerSchool Alternatives

Schoology - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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A Distance Learning Schooling Solution
(879 Ratings)

Schoology pricing: Schoology Offers Custom plan.

What is Schoology and how does it work?

PowerSchool is a distance learning resource tool that helps district education to be accessed remotely. District education institutes can utilize the available resources to get up with remote learning. Schoology supports education for all students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The database of Schoology has been crafted thoroughly after considering feedback and responses from more than 20 million users. Schoology is a sophisticated collaboration platform that brings students, teachers, coaches, parents, and administrators on a common platform, ensuring that the students get the best of the learning. This platform's resource bank includes more than 200 ready to use tools that have been designed considering the modern-day virtual education requirement. The list of well-known integrations includes Khan Academy, One drive, Google drive, and Discovery. The latest addition to the Schoology platform is the Texas Districts Register, wherein more than 400 schools of Texas district have implemented Schoology for their students. show more

PowerSchool vs Schoology | Schoology Alternatives
Infinite Campus - New SaaS Software

Infinite Campus

Single system starts with a powerful student information system
(219 Ratings)

Infinite Campus pricing: Infinite Campus Offers Custom plan.

What is Infinite Campus and how does it work?

Infinite Campus builds information technology software that helps K12 districts manage their daily operations. The tools your teachers need to be successful in a 21st-century classroom. Create Quick Assessments to check for student understanding simply and easily. Reduce the stress on teachers in standards-based classrooms. Progress Monitor lets teachers view all standards for all students on an easy to use screen. Help the K12 community efficiently serve students and communicate instantly with their stakeholders. show more

PowerSchool vs Infinite Campus | Infinite Campus Alternatives
Skyward School Management - School Management Software
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Skyward School Management

Simplifies and automates SIS process
(198 Ratings)

Skyward School Management pricing: Skyward School Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Skyward School Management and how does it work?

Skyward School Management comes complemented with a suite of faculties, parents and school administration features.The software helps in reviewing and evaluating school progress against set standards, in a paperless form. With the use of this tool, you can add simplicity and transparency to your classroom management tasks.It offers family engagement, student services, classroom tools and quality school information system (SIS) experience. Skyward School Management offers online course requests, curriculum management, fee management, enrollment, registration, behavior management, food and health services, state reporting, IT services, gradebook, etc. show more

PowerSchool vs Skyward School Management | Skyward School Management Alternatives
Canvas LMS - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Canvas LMS

Personalizable LMS software enriched with features
(3,554 Ratings)

Canvas LMS pricing: Canvas LMS Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Canvas LMS and how does it work?

Canvas cloud-based learning management software is popularly used by academic and educational institutes. This software can be installed in Android and iOS. This software comes with a few classroom management features test building, collaboration, and gradebook. This software comes with an array of learning management system features like academic/education, e-learning companies, corporate/business etc. Canvas comes designed with built-in course authoring tools. Combination of digital media and classroom learning technique becomes possible using the blended learning feature. Users can benefit from conducting both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Mobile learning support is available. show more

PowerSchool vs Canvas LMS | Canvas LMS Alternatives
Aspen SIS - New SaaS Software

Aspen SIS

Student Information System
(20 Ratings)

Aspen SIS pricing: Aspen SIS Offers Custom plan.

What is Aspen SIS and how does it work?

Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data. Aspen SIS gives educators access to a wealth of tools to monitor student progress, schedule events, implement a new curriculum, and leverage data for success. Aspen's Classroom Pages create a virtual classroom, where students can access course materials and collaborate through file sharing and Google Drive™. Aspen SIS allows parents to see what’s going on inside the classroom by enabling visibility into daily activities and assignment grades. show more

PowerSchool vs Aspen SIS | Aspen SIS Alternatives

Products Similar to PowerSchool

Synergy Education Platform - New SaaS Software

Synergy Education Platform

K-12 data management solution
(67 Ratings)

Synergy Education Platform pricing: Synergy Education Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Synergy Education Platform and how does it work?

Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP®) unites multiple K-12 data management solutions in one seamless ecosystem, creating systemwide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes without the hassle of third-party system integrations. Manage the special education process start to finish within a collaborative environment that better serves student learning needs while ensuring compliance. Strengthen the home-school connection with specialized portals and mobile apps that give parents and students real-time performance data and much more. show more

PowerSchool vs Synergy Education Platform | Synergy Education Platform Alternatives
Aeries SIS - New SaaS Software

Aeries SIS

Student information system
(33 Ratings)

Aeries SIS pricing: Aeries SIS Offers Custom plan.

What is Aeries SIS and how does it work?

Aeries Student Information System is the most widely-used SIS in California, with over 45% of all student population managed through Aeries. Because of Aeries Software's multi-decade focus on education solutions, Aeries is designed specifically to support K-12 environments. These include elementary, middle, and high schools, alternative education, charter schools, and private schools. Aeries enhancements respond quickly to the changing requirements established by law. All related modifications and updates to Aeries are included as a part of the client's annual support maintenance. show more

PowerSchool vs Aeries SIS | Aeries SIS Alternatives
Google Classroom - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Google Classroom

Teach and inspire learners with Classroom
(1,753 Ratings)

Google Classroom pricing: Google Classroom Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Google Classroom and how does it work?

Google Classroom is a video casting tool developed by Google, for students, teachers, non-profits and any other individual with a google account to teach and attend educational lectures. It is an easy tool that helps educators efficiently manage and assess the progress of students on the go. The platform allows users to add students directly or share a code so the entire class can join at the same time. Teachers can set up a class in minutes and create a class schedule that appears on students calendars. They can easily communicate with guardians and send them updates in real-time. Google Classroom also allows teachers to grade consistently and transparently after checking students' work. The tool helps students to produce original work by detecting possible plagiarism. It enables teachers to make face-to-face connections with students using Google Meet built into Classroom. They can also access frequently used feedback in the comment section. show more

PowerSchool vs Google Classroom | Google Classroom Alternatives
Classe365 - School Management Software
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All-in-one platform to maintain your educational institution
(99 Ratings)

Classe365 pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is Classe365 and how does it work?

Classe 365 uses a cloud-based SIS (student information system) and LMS learning management software ideal for the educational organization. They accumulate the LMS, and SIS features to offer the students a forward-thinking education and efficiently manage their alumni and course content with learning tools and a discussion board. This software provides broad usage for students through its complete student management system. On account of this, students find it very useful to learn and acquire knowledge and look forward to their bright future. This modular student management software offers the ultimate solution for educators and institutions to provide curated content for the students and furnish the knowledge through conventional and blended learning environments. Classe 365 maintains student's convenience as it enables the students to enroll in classes digitally. Through accounting and finance attributes, users can maintain analytics reports and scholarship, including performance and grades. Everything is fantastic, easy to customize, and host. Right from providing customer support to the integrated applications. The pricing strategy is that users can only pay for the modules they desire to use. show more

PowerSchool vs Classe365 | Classe365 Alternatives
SAF School Management Software - School Management Software
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SAF School Management Software

Streamlines the school administration process
(1 Ratings)

SAF School Management Software pricing: SAF School Management Software Offers Custom plan.

What is SAF School Management Software and how does it work?

SAF School Management Software is able to manage every aspect of school management and can streamline the processes easily.It is highly suitable for all primary, secondary, nursery and K-12 schools.It is appropriately designed with school accounting features as well.The school management features include library management, bookstore management, behaviour management, curriculum management, enrollment management features, etc to name a few.It comes with event calendar, parent portal and student portal as well.SAF School Management Software helps recording and tracking student-related information in a systematic manner.The software provides remote access to staff,students and parents. show more

PowerSchool vs SAF School Management Software | SAF School Management Software Alternatives
School Diary - School Management Software
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School Diary

Easy access to information for parents and teachers
(1 Ratings)

School Diary pricing: School Diary Offers Custom plan.

What is School Diary and how does it work?

School Diary is an innovative application that acts as a bridge of communication between the school authorities and the parents. All information regarding the fees, homework, declaration of results along with the informal details on notices and circulars sent by the school to the parents is available on the application. It enables the school to send a piece of information or notification to the entire school or a selected group of students through the app. Pdf and jpg files can be attached to the notifications that can be viewed and downloaded on the parent’s phone with a click of a button. It also helps the user to save a lot of time by keeping the informations in excel type forms on the ERP. School Diary aims at eliminating instances of false announcements and updates as all information is thoroughly reviewed and scrutinized before approving and making the announcements to ensure the information received is legitimate. The software results in maintaining a productive and harmonious relationship between the teachers and parents resulting in the development of the students. show more

PowerSchool vs School Diary | School Diary Alternatives
Ellucian - School Management Software
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School manager with higher education features
(84 Ratings)

Ellucian pricing: Ellucian Offers Custom plan.

What is Ellucian and how does it work?

Ellucian school management or administration software comes packed with many higher education supporting and admission features. Users of this software can manage a pool of applications for colleges as well as universities. The tool helps in doing recruitment management, forms management, financial aid management, candidate management, curriculum management, enrollment management, staff management, fundraising management etc. In the field of higher education, you can use this software to ensure systematic alumni management as well. Ellucian features student portal, scheduling & student record tools. In academic reporting also, this software can be quite beneficial to its users. show more

PowerSchool vs Ellucian | Ellucian Alternatives
Fedena - School Management Software
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A complete school management software suite
(20 Ratings)

Fedena pricing: Starts at $1004.41. Offers Custom plan.

What is Fedena and how does it work?

Fedena is a school management software that comes richly featured with almost all essential school administration features, which can help automating and organizing college and school administrative tasks. Fedena encourages maximum possible parent teacher collaboration, does fee management and allow paying online, features timetable, gradebook and reports, does attendance management, allows scheduling and allows conducting online examinations and assignment submission too. Users can do behavior monotoring, store student information, classroom manageent, curriculum anageent, enrollment management, academic reporting etc. It features event calendar, student & parentsportal. show more

PowerSchool vs Fedena | Fedena Alternatives
Alma - School Management Software
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A Simple Student Information System
(56 Ratings)

Alma pricing: Alma Offers Custom plan.

What is Alma and how does it work?

Alma is a School Management System used to make data-driven decisions. The software provides Standards-Based Gradebook, Blended Learning, and Google Classroom Integration for students. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

PowerSchool vs Alma | Alma Alternatives
MyClassCampus - School Management Software
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Manage your institution top to bottom
(35 Ratings)

MyClassCampus pricing: MyClassCampus Offers Custom plan.

What is MyClassCampus and how does it work?

This is an institution management software equipped with 40+ modules such as finance and fees management, time table module, inventory management, library management, etc. The software comes with online fees payment with passbook and settlement reports. The software helps in the elimination of any possible human error in accounting through its finance module. Parents can settle dues later which can be monitored through the software and manage student fee report through this application. One can conduct an online test and generate the report card and intimate the date of result through this software. Time-table management is a crucial aspect that is managed through the software allowing the authority to properly allocate classes. Among the other modules that is managed through the software are library management, hostel management, grievance handling cell and gate pass management. Wireless bio-metric, GPS-enabled school buses, etc. is effectively managed through the application. Even users can manage the admissions taken in a particular academic year through MyClassCampus software. show more

PowerSchool vs MyClassCampus | MyClassCampus Alternatives
FACTS - School Management Software
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Get a flexible donation platform and school administration solution
(0 Ratings)

FACTS pricing: FACTS Offers Custom plan.

What is FACTS and how does it work?

FACTS offers instant solutions associated with education, enrollment, administration, fundraising, and many others. This efficient platform believes in improving school management through service and technology, and their prime goal is to help schools, teachers, administrators, and families. It offers scores of solutions such as school administration solutions, where it allows users to consolidate their student information and activities with a single, service-oriented provider. Next, the tools available help manage school finances, award financial aids, project cash flow, and other flexible payment options. In addition to the above, it offers a comprehensive donation platform that helps one to streamline the donor’s communications, organize donor details, and provides access to reporting and data analysis. Lastly, it offers smooth enrolment and communication via the user-friendly, customizable website content management system, which allows users to build a school’s site and share information. FACTS provides modern and effective solutions and tools to the private K-12 schools, enabling them to meet the requirements of their administrators, students, teachers and parents. It also offer roubus LMS and SIS platforms to improve efficiency both in the classroom and in the front office. show more

PowerSchool vs FACTS | FACTS Alternatives
NextERP - School Management Software
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The best learning platform
(0 Ratings)

NextERP pricing: NextERP Offers Custom plan.

What is NextERP and how does it work?

Next ERP is a fully unified SaaS-based blended learning platform that combines all of a school's digital resources, including content, ERP, adaptive exams, LMS and more into one single system. It allows schools to obtain unprecedented insight into kids' learning while also increasing educational staff productivity. The Next Learning Platform's Live Lecture function assists instructors in creating a school-like knowledge atmosphere at home. This feature uses live monitoring of students, pop quizzes, combining courses from different parts of a grade, homework management, and other features to make teaching and learning more engaging. The Next Learning Platform supports consistent course material in school (through TeachNext) and at home (via LMS), allowing students to refer to the same information at both places. Using Next ERP’s assessment generator and a large pool of questions, teachers can simply construct bespoke assessments, formative and competitive examinations for all courses. Teachers can keep track of each student's academic progress, including the number of examinations completed, assignments submitted, and full performance reports. Additionally, the platform enables automation of the admission process, fee collection, and school transportation monitoring. show more

PowerSchool vs NextERP | NextERP Alternatives
Web School ERP - School Management Software
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Web School ERP

A management solution for parents, students, and teachers
(0 Ratings)

Web School ERP pricing: Web School ERP Offers Custom plan.

What is Web School ERP and how does it work?

Web School ERP is a mobile app that aims to make the management of schools easier. Web School ERP has a dashboard where you can access all relevant information about the school in one place. Web School ERP is organized according to modules, with modules for students, parents, and teachers. Teachers have a special portal within Web School ERP, which allows them to manage a variety of tasks. This includes attendance, class schedule, grading, absenteeism, assessments, eliminating lateness subject notices, creating monthly reports, and administrative duties. Parents can monitor the performance of their children, with metrics including exam results, attendance, and behavioral progress, with information provided on timetables and public holidays. In terms of administration, Web School ERP helps to plan meetings involving the board, parents, and staff, as well as manage inventory and finances, and ensure timetables are error free and best place teachers. show more

PowerSchool vs Web School ERP | Web School ERP Alternatives
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