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ClientBase - Travel Agency Software


Travel Agency software
(12 Ratings)

ClientBase pricing: ClientBase Offers Custom plan.

What is ClientBase and how does it work?

ClientBase is a fully-featured Tour and Travel Operator Software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. ClientBase provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. Use the info to build lasting relationships as clients return to the agent who knows them best. Use it, too, to gain insight into your customers that will increase your marketing success. Enhances your customer relationship management capabilities. Enables you to maximize the turnkey marketing campaigns offered by ClientBase Marketing Services. show more

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Travel Next - Travel Agency Software

Travel Next

Cater to your everchanging travel business needs with Travel Next
(17 Ratings)

What is Travel Next and how does it work?

Travel Next is an online reservation system that enables travel agencies and companies to respond accordingly. Travel agents located in different parts of the globe can depend on the particular, with B2B, B2E, B2C and B2B2B booking engines. Also, it comes loaded with more than 100 leading global GDS and aggregators enabling seamless business. Ready to use APIs incorporated within Travel Next help businesses develop a unique booking system of their own in a hassle-free manner, also with less time and effort. An intuitive inventory management system enables organisations to get their content streamlined accordingly and cater to the individual needs of a vast audience base. Travel Next with its intuitive set of product features like hotel extranet, low-cost ownership, SMS gateway, comprehensive report module, holiday package management, agent monitoring and automated voucher or e-ticket generator assures a well-organized business base. Its core modules include a central mid-office system, sightseeing booking engine, car booking engine and more. show more

Travel Next Alternatives
Regiondo - Travel Agency Software


The All-in-one Booking System
(0 Ratings)

Regiondo pricing: Regiondo Offers Custom plan.

What is Regiondo and how does it work?

Regiondo is Europe's leading booking software for the leisure industry. More than 8,000 tour and activity providers from 42 countries power their revenue using our booking software- all operated by our headquarters located in Munich.Regiondo experts not only ensure a smooth booking process but comprehensive customer care as well. The booking system can be professionally linked to your own website and adapted to your individual design. Regiondo booking system also includes an extensive marketing network and specific user analyses.Regiondo also provides a platform for connecting a wide range of businesses from the leisure industry. Regiondo network of partners and other stakeholders is constantly growing, making our booking solution even more valuable for clients. There's never been a better time to join and share the success. show more

Regiondo Alternatives
WeTravel - Travel Agency Software


Manage Bookings and Payments in Minutes
(98 Ratings)

WeTravel pricing: WeTravel Offers Custom plan.

What is WeTravel and how does it work?

WeTravel software is a platform used to optimize booking and payment solutions help grow businesses of any size. Create bookable trip page in minutes and take bookings with payment plans directly in your website. Collect documents and edit bookings with your team. The software offers WeTravel Card and instant worldwide vendor transfers to make a pay for your vendors. Individuals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

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Lemax - Travel Agency Software


Scheduling tours just got easier
(1 Ratings)

What is Lemax and how does it work?

Lemax travel agency solution is a comprehensive guide for tour operators and agencies, automating their marketing, sales, finances and operations. The software ensures maximum business efficiency by offering an automated workflow. It is capable of serving multiple sectors within travel businesses like OTA and travel agency, corporate travel, outbound tour operator, destination management companies and more. A robust business engine within the platform enables customer specific invoice generation in real-time. Lemax’s automated follow up emails teamed with multiple marketing and sales tool assures maximized revenues to tour guides and agencies. Users can monitor multiple sales channels in a simultaneous manner within the particular. Tour agencies can send customised emails to their clients, enabling them to purchase extra travel products while the tour is live. Lemax also offers a wide variety of travel components, which can be used by the agencies to generate attractive packages and get them published on their website. It offers detailed reports based on profit, sales, purchase history and more facilitating greater decision making. show more

Lemax Alternatives

Products Similar to TraviYo

WebCRSTravel - Travel Agency Software


Automate, Save time and resources
(1 Ratings)

WebCRSTravel pricing: WebCRSTravel Offers Custom plan.

What is WebCRSTravel and how does it work?

WebCRS Travel is an automation tool for travel and tour businesses. Manage and monitor the operations by automating the follow-ups, queries, notification and request to clients.The system is created with SOPs, KPIs, and KRA tools by specialists in tourism/sales/marketing/finance/business management/legal to assure the best possible performance of the resources deployed.Some of its features include – lead management which captures leads directly into your back-office software from your website, social media campaigns and assigns it to different staff members. Their tour planning software helps you in building complex itineraries and customizing them as per different client needs. You can auto-mate email confirmations to answering queries helping you to increase follow ups with your customers.One of their most beneficial features is their quotation generator – creates fully detailed quotation having all information such as details on hotels, vehicle, guides, layovers activities, and meals. You can also track every individual supplier’s performance from transportation providers to hoteliers and many more others. Managing trip sheets is extremely convenient - you will be able to track every payment made, as well as any other information regarding payments. show more

TraviYo vs WebCRSTravel | WebCRSTravel Alternatives
PHPTRAVELS - Travel Agency Software


A friendly software to launch your travel business online
(99 Ratings)

What is PHPTRAVELS and how does it work?

PHPTRAVELS is an innovative travel agency software using which you will be able to open your online travel agency (OTA), selling flight tickets, hotel rooms, tour packages, car transfers, cruises, and more. It enables you to create a booking website that is creative and interactive with no prior skills in either design or coding. You get entirely built and automated modules along with a simple, manageable, and customizable interface distinctive for online travel businesses. With PHPTRAVELS, you get maximum security as SLS and 3D protection are enabled. The platform provides you with all major payment gateways with an option to add more gateways and a test mode enabled with them. It is supported by major currencies where you can edit, remove, enable and disable any currency. You get a content management system (CMS) and a user-friendly admin panel. You also get a multi-language system and an opportunity to form unlimited social connections. The platform is suited for many devices and all screen sizes. It has straightforward filters and booking elements. Moreover, it has a pre-integrated API so there is no need to hire or employ pricey developers. Suppliers can be enabled and disabled with a single click. show more

PHPTRAVELS Alternatives
Agent Studio - Travel Agency Software

Agent Studio

Boost your email marketing efforts and win more clients
(0 Ratings)

Agent Studio pricing: Starts at $12.71.

What is Agent Studio and how does it work?

Agent Studio is an efficient email marketing tool that is specially designed for travel agents so they can manage their marketing campaigns easily. The tool helps travel agents to simplify their marketing processes by sending emails directly to their clients. In addition, it also drives clients’ responses back to the users’ websites so they can know how effective the curated campaigns really are. The working of Agent Studio is very simple. Travel agents just need to upload their contacts and its Marketing Center will do the rest. It sends brand-wise newsletters from the travel agents’ agencies to their clients every week. These newsletters include top travel offers, trending travel headlines and destination information. With Agent Studio, travel agents can create their own custom emails and personalise messages by using pre-designed templates and ready-to-go themes. Moreover, the tool also offers powerful analytics that enables users to measure the success of their email marketing campaigns. show more

Agent Studio Alternatives
Burrow - Travel Agency Software


A comprehensible Airbnb clone script
(0 Ratings)

Burrow pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Burrow and how does it work?

The vacation rental business is running with the innovative business concept of availing accommodation for the world traveler. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of Agriya's easy to develop Airbnb clone script-Burrow.

Burrow Alternatives
iSell - Travel Agency Software


manage your customers and enquiries
(10 Ratings)

iSell pricing: iSell Offers Custom plan.

What is iSell and how does it work?

iSell is a leading dynamic packaging booking engine, that allows travel sellers the freedom to search and book holidays that meet the needs of their customers. It was developed exclusively for the leisure travel industry to help bookers sell travel products in the most efficient way possible. With iSell, there’s no need to jump between systems. Their solution provides one single platform for agents to search and book flights, hotels, cruises, tours, and ancillary products in one transaction. Plus, with an inbuilt CRM, you can manage your customers and inquiries from one centralized place. show more

iSell Alternatives
Technoheaven TMS - Travel Agency Software

Technoheaven TMS

All-in-one solution for the entire travel industry
(2 Ratings)

Technoheaven TMS pricing: Technoheaven TMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Technoheaven TMS and how does it work?

Technoheaven TMS is a travel management booking software for tourists, hotels and many other businesses related to tourism, providing them with a solution to every travelling process. The software offers a unified platform to tourists, to search for destinations and hotels according to their star ratings, price, supplier and location. They can also get access to relevant information about hotels, such as facilities offered, description, map, street view, cancellation policy and maximum occupancy policy. It also shows information regarding different flights across the globe. Technoheaven TMS helps tourism companies with eCommerce solutions, web designing, email marketing and SEO to increase their ROI through their website. It provides better B2B and B2C solutions to companies so they can deliver accurate services to tourists and make their tours exciting and memorable. The software is also very useful for travel agents. Using Technoheaven TMS, they can create unique tour packages depending on the time and budget of the tourists. show more

Technoheaven TMS Alternatives
AgencyAuto - Travel Agency Software


Helping to serve customers better
(5 Ratings)

What is AgencyAuto and how does it work?

AgencyAuto is a one-stop solution for travel agencies that helps them to connect to their customers, fulfill their travel request and manage the agency functions. Connect: Users can connect to multiple GDS, multiple customers, multiple sub-agents and multiple vendors through a single platform. Serve: AgencyAuto helps travel agencies like the user to offer multiple services like air, bus, train, car, hotel, forex, and visa to their customers. Manage: AgencyAuto automates the entire agency function that helps the user to serve the number of customers in better ways. show more

AgencyAuto Alternatives
Vamoos - Travel Agency Software


An appropriate app-based solution for travel companies, villas and hotels
(1 Ratings)

Vamoos pricing: Starts at $220.0.

What is Vamoos and how does it work?

Vamoos is a comprehensive travel application that helps tour companies, villas and hotels by transforming their client’s experience at every step of the entire journey. The app provides a set of accurate features that users need right from the time of booking a tour to the time they reach back to their homes. It is a customizable app that travel agents can modify as they wish based on how much information their customers want. Vamoos also helps with brand promotion, whenever travel companies or hotel customers open the app, or share their trip experiences with their friends and colleagues. Further, the app allows companies to stay connected with their guests 24/7. This way they are always in contact with each other and can deliver information and feedback as well. One of the main benefits of using Vamoos app is that it enhances the rebooking rates by up to 50%. Besides, providing an amazing customer experience, Vamoos also makes them feel at home and enhances customer loyalty so they can recommend it to their family and friends. show more

Vamoos Alternatives
Origin - Travel Agency Software


Booking Software For Tour Operators
(0 Ratings)

Origin pricing: Origin Offers Custom plan.

What is Origin and how does it work?

Origin is a booking software for your guests to book online in real-time. The software offers free E-Waivers built in for clients to sign waivers before trips. Collect reviews from clients and allow clients to create and send them custom itineraries. Make instant payments via Stripe account. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Origin Alternatives
Illusions Online - Travel Agency Software

Illusions Online

One-stop solution for travel agents and tour companies
(1 Ratings)

Illusions Online pricing: Illusions Online Offers Custom plan.

What is Illusions Online and how does it work?

Illusions Online as a comprehensive solution turns out to be helpful for hospitality, airlines, OTAs, travel technology, destination management, tour operators and travel agencies. The software provides one-stop solutions to travel companies going through operational deficiencies and complications. It is capable of easily adapting and responding well to the ever-changing conditions and requirements of the industry. Illusions Online offer complete automation processes, ranging from product management, internet booking engine for B2B and B2C to pricing and tariff information. The software comes integrated with CRM and XML/Web services that provides outstanding reporting and enhanced business intelligence framework. It also helps companies to distribute their products in the travel trade and sell them to individual customers, with contractual changes and offers in real-time. Illusions Online also comes with a dedicated development and research team that offers a variety of productive ways for companies to generate revenue and scale their business as well. show more

Illusions Online Alternatives
Airportal - Travel Agency Software


The Corporate Travel Software Every Travel Manager Needs
(0 Ratings)

Airportal pricing: Airportal Offers Custom plan.

What is Airportal and how does it work?

Managing corporate travel can be complex. Travel managers need solutions that actually make their job easier, not more complicated. Technology is key to making that a reality. When innovative digital solutions are seamlessly woven into a corporate travel program, travel managers are able to more successfully manage the daily details and data that inundate business travel. They’re able to better manage costs, decrease spend, and ultimately work more efficiently. They’re also able to provide a frictionless travel experience to their travelers. show more

Airportal Alternatives
Softrip - Travel Agency Software


Manage daily operations and passenger need in a seamless way
(2 Ratings)

Softrip pricing: Starts at $249.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Softrip and how does it work?

Softrip is an end-to-end business software that helps tour operators, reduce their operating costs, enhance ROI and secure margins. Businesses can depend on the particular to set scheduled departure packages, by monitoring operating costs and setting prices per departure date for escorted tours. Moreover, passengers are allowed to utilise the platform to generate their own trips and book reservations as per convenience. Softrip, saves a lot of time for users business by automating tedious manual processes, such as managing reservations, products, campaigns and operations. It eliminates the need for third-party vendors or alternative solutions by providing a unified platform to monitor operations and sales. For security purposes, Softrip uses two-factor authentication protocols for all staff users and passengers. It can also be integrated with companies’ Active Directory, facilitating seamless user authentication. Other notable features of the same include custom groups, elimination of manual processes, itinerary details, product sharing and more. show more

Softrip Alternatives
TravelBox - Travel Agency Software


A comprehensive solution for travel companies
(1 Ratings)

TravelBox pricing: TravelBox Offers Custom plan.

What is TravelBox and how does it work?

TravelBox is an accurate travel solution, helping travel and tourism companies increase their sales, distributions and conversions, besides optimizing products and services significantly. It is an intelligent retailing, reservation and fulfilment platform that delivers solutions to demanding workflows and complex business structures. With TravelBox, companies can manage flights, accommodation, rail, car hires, cruise, transfers, tours, tickets, insurance, activities, etc. They can even manage rates, discounts, rules, supplements and conditions in real-time and respond to their customers quickly. The platform helps companies increase their marketability with personalised and dynamic packaging techniques. It provides upselling capabilities and intelligent recommendations along with flexible and hybrid packaging options. TravelBox acts as a travel aggregator and offers a range of third party connectors including Channel Managers, GDS and transportation services to deliver the best holiday products. It includes a Search Source Preference (SSP) rule that controls source inventory. TravelBox also offers Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard API and REST API that ensures seamless integration with other third-party platforms within the same industry. show more

TravelBox Alternatives
Mercury Office - Travel Agency Software

Mercury Office

Quick & Easy for Front Office Staff
(1 Ratings)

Mercury Office pricing: Mercury Office Offers Custom plan.

What is Mercury Office and how does it work?

Mercury Office is a highly sophisticated travel agency database designed from the ground up with the travel agent in mind. Front office staff will find it effortlessly easy to create booking files for customers, keep track of payments and send welcome home letters. Meanwhile, back office staff can manage supplier payments, bank reconciliation, staff salaries, and company profitability. One of the best features of Mercury Office is that it's completely web-based making it accessible from anywhere in the world and means your data is safe and secure in every circumstance. show more

Mercury Office Alternatives
Pathfndr - Travel Agency Software


Platform for trip management powered by AI
(0 Ratings)

Pathfndr pricing: Starts at $10.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Pathfndr and how does it work?

Pathfndr is an artificial intelligence-powered travel operating platform that automates order management, accounting reporting, voucher management, invoicing, itinerary PDF preparation, and other business activities.Multiple destinations, flights and airport transfers, different hotel stays, and a variety of activities All reservations are made through a single booking process! The merchandise is powered by reputable global partners, and we may act as a middleman if necessary. You maintain your position as the client's primary point of contact.With comprehensive travel booking management solutions, you can get set up in minutes, avoid tedious bookkeeping, and simplify travel for your company. Prices from international flights, hotels, and the top activities on the planet. All at a fraction of the cost of OTAs.Everything is in the details. Create your own pricing strategy and keep track of your travel products. Make it as easy as possible for your consumers to pay for their travel.For each product type, set your markup and country taxes. Allow loyal clients and agency personnel to make bookings without paying up front if they have a credit limit. Create promo codes to encourage people to book. For your accounting purposes, you can download invoices and Excel reports. show more

Pathfndr Alternatives
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