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Top 5 Airkit Alternatives

Unqork - No-Code Development Platforms Software
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Application Building Platform for Enterprises
(0 Ratings)

Unqork pricing: Unqork Offers Custom plan.

What is Unqork and how does it work?

Unqork is an application development tool that allows businesses to build powerful business applications fast and easy. Unqork gives users the ability to design, integrate, manage, and monitor applications without writing code. It provides a customizable CSS solution for a seamless client experience. Users can create all complex application processes efficiently and virtually. A process flow can be constructed across applications, communication channels can be defined, integration jobs can be scheduled, and automated processes can be relocated to the server. Its open-source API allows users to integrate existing apps to Unqork, enabling batch file updation and data synchronization. Its data modulation tool will enable users to combine the power of excel and SQL with an easy drag and drop system. Unqork also supports a near to live UAT platform where users can test and carry out UAT of the built applications to ensure perfect launch. It provides a step by step debugger to give insight into the inner workings of the modules. show more

Airkit vs Unqork | Unqork Alternatives
Quadient - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Create the world’s most meaningful customer experience
(54 Ratings)

Quadient pricing: Quadient Offers Custom plan.

What is Quadient and how does it work?

Quadient is an intuitive mobile and web app personalisation software that helps businesses with customer-specific and engaging mobile and web experience creation processes. These mobile and web experiences are fully integrated with users’ core systems, besides being aligned with non-digital channels too. The software enables businesses to quickly create responsive, regulatory compliant, interactive and highly individualised web and mobile experiences from a single place. In addition, users can also test their mobile applications with the help of Quadient’s unique omnichannel preview functionality, before deploying relevant content. The software also comes with a Digital Advantage Suite of its own, simplifying the entire process of transforming customer data received from core systems into dynamic content (HTML5) widgets. Once the transformation is complete, these widgets can be easily integrated into mobile or web pages accordingly. The Digital Advantage Suite also allows users to block content for specific employees in order to manage and control the flow of information. At last, Quadient is also ISO 27001 certified, promising complete security of the stored data. show more

Quadient Alternatives
SAP Fiori - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

SAP Fiori

Design, develop and deliver apps with the best customer experiences
(147 Ratings)

SAP Fiori pricing: SAP Fiori Offers Custom plan.

What is SAP Fiori and how does it work?

SAP Fiori is an advanced user experience and app development software that helps designers and developers with their app creation process to deliver a consistent and innovative user experience, across variable platforms. The software comes loaded with a plethora of tools and guidelines, helping developers to turn their innovative ideas into great apps as per users demand. SAP Fiori can be used to improve user satisfaction levels while increasing data quality and productivity mechanics at the same time. Moreover, users can also depend on the same to work from anywhere with responsive web apps and optimised native mobile apps as per convenience. SAP Fiori accelerates the entire design-to-development process. It comes with a different design languages framework that makes it easy for developers and designers to create native customer experiences in a hassle-free manner. Thus reducing the front-end development costs by up to 80%. With SAP Fiori, users also get to leverage the benefit of SAP Fiori Community where they can ask relevant questions about the software or share their knowledge with others. show more

SAP Fiori Alternatives
HCL Digital Experience - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

HCL Digital Experience

Gain customers trust by delivering powerful digital experiences
(67 Ratings)

HCL Digital Experience pricing: HCL Digital Experience Offers Custom plan.

What is HCL Digital Experience and how does it work?

HCL Digital Experience is a trusted digital experience transformation platform that helps enterprises to improve their customer-centric interactions, by delivering differentiated and personalised experiences on the go. Powerful features and functionalities provided by the platform enable teams to deliver trusted solutions at the right time. With HCL Digital Experience, users can choose how they want to integrate their data, service and processes into in house DX. Thus picking up solutions that meet all types of unique requirements. Businesses can also use connected services and data to generate custom and insight-driven experiences across different sales channels. The platform even facilitates adequate collaborations across teams in the content review process. Moreover, built-in security features are provided by HCL Digital Experience to keep users data secured with an end-to-end encryption system. Finally, a plethora of codeless content tools helps enterprises create and deliver beautiful content, from wireframe to web page, within minutes. show more

HCL Digital Experience Alternatives
Liferay Digital Experience Platform - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Provide your customers with a personalized experience during their entire journey
(91 Ratings)

Liferay Digital Experience Platform pricing: Liferay Digital Experience Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Liferay Digital Experience Platform and how does it work?

Liferay Digital Experience Platform is a leading enterprise management software aiming to match the needs of organizations undergoing a digital conversion, with the ultimate purpose of offering better customer experiences. Organizations can bring their businesses together upon a consolidated digital platform, that helps them host multiple systems to build cohesive customer experiences. They also get to create and deliver personalized experiences as per customer's expectations. Additionally, Liferay Digital Experience Platform offers seamless integrations with a variety of external platforms enabling great customization facilities. Enterprises can use this software to empower and attract customers through personalized web experiences. They can add in features of social networking sites, send invitations, generate polls and define workflows as well. Dedicated mechanical support featured by Liferay Digital Experience Platform, helps with responsive design, adaptive media management and content management. Data gets updated within a safe database in an automated manner, protected against emergency situations. show more

Liferay Digital Experience Platform Alternatives

Products Similar to Airkit

Kentico Xperience - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Kentico Xperience

An enterprise-grade solution to improve customers’ digital experience
(391 Ratings)

Kentico Xperience pricing: Starts at $9999.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Kentico Xperience and how does it work?

Kentico Xperience as a digital experience management platform enables marketers and developers to streamline seamless digital experience monitoring processes across multiple business channels, in the cloud or on-premises. The platform brings in all the essential digital experience management tools that marketers and developers need within an integrated solution. These tools can be used to create websites, sell products online, or send newsletters without any extra costs. Marketers can also depend on the same to create different touchpoints offering unique content to individual visitors. Moreover, marketers can even automate their marketing campaigns and sell their products online with a customized and personalized store view. Kentico Xperience also helps developers deliver high-performing websites using ASP .NET Core MVC5 framework and Microsoft SQL Server technologies. They can even build exceptional web solutions with the help of MVC development models. Ultimately, the platform can also be integrated with powerful APIs for developers' own connectors facilitating seamless business growth. show more

Kentico Xperience Alternatives
Episerver DXP - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Episerver DXP

Digital Experience Platform Clouds
(26 Ratings)

Episerver DXP pricing: Episerver DXP Offers Custom plan.

What is Episerver DXP and how does it work?

Episerver Digital Experience Platform is an online-based Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Software. Create compelling, targeted content at a speed and scale that adapts rapidly to changes in the market. The solution is fully integrated and specifically designed for modern eCommerce, content, merchandising, and marketing. And because it’s built on the cloud, it’s easily extensible to your existing technology so you can get started, without starting over. Everyone is unique. Customers expect to be treated as such. Deliver tailored recommendations, 1:1 personalization, and test what works for each individual. Customers get what they need, and you do too. show more

Episerver DXP Alternatives
Crownpeak DXM - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Crownpeak DXM

Create and deliver impactful omnichannel digital experiences
(93 Ratings)

Crownpeak DXM pricing: Crownpeak DXM Offers Custom plan.

What is Crownpeak DXM and how does it work?

Crownpeak DXM is an online-based Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Software. The unique cloud-native, the decoupled architecture gives you everything you need to create high-quality, contextual experiences across hundreds of touchpoints anywhere in the world. Crownpeak’s enterprise web content management system empowers brands to create and deliver powerful, omnichannel digital experiences that are compliant with privacy regulations, accessibility requirements, and brand standards with ease. show more

Crownpeak DXM Alternatives
Acoustic Content - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Acoustic Content

Increase customer engagement and conversion
(39 Ratings)

Acoustic Content pricing: Acoustic Content Offers Custom plan.

What is Acoustic Content and how does it work?

Acoustic Content is an online-based Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Software. Quickly assemble omnichannel content by adding copy, images, and categories and reuse and repurpose content and assets stored in the library. All Content features are expressed via swagger-compliant REST APIs. Easily integrate content and related functions into any application. Present the right image version for consistent brand experiences across all customer touchpoints. Use the Shutterstock library in addition to your own to create the experiences your customers expect. show more

Acoustic Content Alternatives
Core dna - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Core dna

Content and commerce without limits
(13 Ratings)

Core dna pricing: Starts at $1250.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Core dna and how does it work?

Core dna is an all-in-one digital SaaS platform that allows you to create solutions for content, marketing, eCommerce, intranets, and communities. Their platform manages your content, communities, eCommerce and communications – all from one log-in.

Core dna Alternatives
Squiz Matrix - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Squiz Matrix

Create and choreograph your digital services
(10 Ratings)

Squiz Matrix pricing: Squiz Matrix Offers Custom plan.

What is Squiz Matrix and how does it work?

Build websites, portals, mobile apps and more with scalable technology that puts you in the driving seat to connect with customers and innovate at speed. Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place. Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization. Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations. show more

Squiz Matrix Alternatives
CoreMedia - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Standout in the global market and increase revenue with CoreMedia
(24 Ratings)

CoreMedia pricing: CoreMedia Offers Custom plan.

What is CoreMedia and how does it work?

CoreMedia is the best digital engagement framework that enhances revenue and adapts to changing cultural trends. The software includes innovative, adaptable, reusable, and configurable toolkits that are optimised for agility. It brings together various brands to create uniform experiences among all channels and locations. It also supports the liberation of developers and the empowerment of business users through increased performance and power. The software allows for seamless integration and takes advantage of strong connections with best-in-class Commerce and Promotional solutions. Marketers, Direct eCommerce, Developers, and Editors can all benefit from the software. The software allows Marketer to effortlessly plan worldwide campaigns among teams with a single central interface. Direct eCommerce shifts to increased marketing to respond quickly to trends. Also, create various experiences that combine information and commerce. With CoreMedia, developers can quickly integrate into all major Marketing and eCommerce networks. Editors can also design regionally-based campaigns while launching their new website on CoreMedia Content Cloud within only eight weeks. show more

CoreMedia Alternatives
SundaySky - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Personalized Video Experience Platform for CX
(29 Ratings)

SundaySky pricing: SundaySky Offers Custom plan.

What is SundaySky and how does it work?

SundaySky is transforming customer experience for the world’s most demanding brands, enabling them to deliver video-powered experiences that drive breakthrough outcomes at moments of consequence across customer journeys. Bring your digital experience strategy to life with intuitive VX authoring tools, and no technical skills required. The platform allows users to build compelling VX using centralized libraries of modular scenes, creative assets, business logic, and data sources. The enterprise-grade GPU renderer activates data in real-time through feeds and APIs. Real-time rendering ensures valuable and optimal video experiences. The platform guarantees data security and is SSAE SOC II certified and HIPAA compliant. show more

SundaySky Alternatives
FirstSpirit - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Inspiring Digital Experiences at Scale
(4 Ratings)

FirstSpirit pricing: FirstSpirit Offers Custom plan.

What is FirstSpirit and how does it work?

“The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP), offered through a SaaS or on-premises model, helps you engage customers and accelerate time to revenue with personalized, content-rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere. The FirstSpirit DXP includes a hybrid headless CMS, AI-driven personalization and support for multi-experience and omnichannel marketing capabilities. Savvy marketers rely on FirstSpirit for personalized and synchronized content delivery across all channels to differentiate their companies and compel buyers to action. We call this the Digital Experience Edge.” show more

FirstSpirit Alternatives
Curated - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Grow your audience by collecting and sharing truly engaging content
(0 Ratings)

Curated pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Curated and how does it work?

Curated is an online-based Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Software. As you discover interesting content, capture it in seconds using your one-click ‘Save to Curated’ link. Collect on the go by emailing content directly into Curated. It couldn’t be simpler. Invite other contributors from your team to make it a group effort. The editing process is completely streamlined for this style of the publication. Glance over your stream of links and effortlessly assemble each issue. They have optimized the layout of Curated publications to be not only beautiful but successful. Your completely personalized publication will look the part and perform well from day one. show more

Curated Alternatives
mura DXP - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

mura DXP

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.
(82 Ratings)

mura DXP pricing: mura DXP Offers Custom plan.

What is mura DXP and how does it work?

The web-Content platform for markets and developers that offers no-code abilities to publish content and manage marketing initiatives. Mura is a content and experience platform created to empower. Unify disparate systems by integrating your existing tech stack on a single platform to deliver connected experiences for internal and external users. show more

mura DXP Alternatives
censhare - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)


Universal Content Management
(22 Ratings)

censhare pricing: censhare Offers Custom plan.

What is censhare and how does it work?

censhare is a platform with content at its heart. Through central management and global sharing, you can remove the stifling complexity of working with multiple systems. This empowers your staff with the freedom to create and transform content to suit each and every audience. Avoid costly errors by ensuring teams are always using accurate, up to date content. Use streamlined processes and automation to let teams focus on the customer experience. show more

censhare Alternatives
Altis DXP - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Altis DXP

Power Ambitious Digital Experiences with Supercharged WordPress
(0 Ratings)

Altis DXP pricing: Altis DXP Offers Custom plan.

What is Altis DXP and how does it work?

Altis is the WordPress digital experience platform by Human Made that helps marketing teams delight their audiences with personalized, localized, intelligent digital experiences. Simplify workflows, supercharge content for maximum engagement and accelerate data-driven decision making. Relevant, timely and personalized interactions for your customers, and automated experiences that promote experimentation. A robust and secure architecture with flexible and automatic scaling, enabling faster time-to-market and improved developer experiences. show more

Altis DXP Alternatives
Jahia Digital Experience Platform - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Jahia Digital Experience Platform

Deliver engaging customer experiences over digital platforms
(47 Ratings)

Jahia Digital Experience Platform pricing: Jahia Digital Experience Platform Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Jahia Digital Experience Platform and how does it work?

Jahia Digital Experience Platform enables businesses to deliver engaging digital customer experience across their entire application system. With Jahia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), users can collect first-party customer data and events in order to create personalised and data-driven experiences, without replacing their existing CMS. By combining data and content together, the platform enables users to test, evaluate, profile and improve their content in a seamless manner. Jahia Digital Experience Platform comes with a Content Management System (CMS) of its own that brings businesses’ entire content ecosystem into a single place. Thus, it empowers them to deliver an on-brand customer experience across all of their digital channels. Moreover, the platform also comes loaded with a wide range of useful connectors, allowing users to expand the digital experience further and create a Digital Experience Stack (DXS) that meets all of their needs. An intuitive resource library equipped within, lets users find reports, whitepapers, case studies and other useful material improving customer experience in the best possible ways. show more

Jahia Digital Experience Platform Alternatives
Enonic XP - Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Enonic XP

Low Friction Content Platform
(23 Ratings)

Enonic XP pricing: Starts at $990.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Enonic XP and how does it work?

Enonic is a privately held software company established in 2000 that helps companies accelerate their digital projects. The company has seen steady growth and is now expanding internationally with offices in London and Oslo. Enonic’s reference customers are leading organizations and brands in both the public and private sectors. Enonic is one of few ISO 9001 certified companies in our industry. All their central processes are governed by their quality system, which is audited annually by DN. show more

Enonic XP Alternatives
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