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Updated on: August 18, 2022

Security Awareness Training Software

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Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Engineering | Part-Time & Online Graduate Education
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Advance your career and the future of engineering. We offer part-time and online graduate programs in 21+ engineering disciplines.

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The SANS Institute

Where to find SANS Information Security and Cyber Security Training
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Find information Security training and Cyber security training courses, live or online, in the US (by State), Europe, Middle East, or Asia-Pacific.

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All-in-one Simulation & Awareness Training Software
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PhishingBox software offers a suite of security tools for robust security awareness training and phishing simulation. The integrated learning management system (LMS) used to create training courses, courses content providers, and more. The phishing simulator, conducts the realistic phishing tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their employees' security awareness. KillPhish is an email plugin used to evaluate emails and NRS monitors the organization’s security awareness posture to automate workflows.

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Prevent security incidents
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CybSafe measures and tracks security behavior to improve security controls and awareness activities. It understand the people and prevent security incidents. It follow the culture updates, useful reads and job postings.

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Inspired eLearning Security...

Security Awareness Training
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Your employees are the weak point in your security infrastructure. Make them your strength with Inspired eLearning security awareness training courses.

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Security Awareness Training
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Protect your employees and customers without the headache and cost. Schedule a demo today to see how CyberHoot can secure your business. Short and engaging videos with quizzes are sent directly to your users' inboxes. Run unlimited phishing campaigns to identify users who need more training, securing any weak links. Send out policies to your users inboxes and track compliance.

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CYRIN Cyber Range

Real-Time Modification Software
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CYRIN Cyber Range is a training platform for college and university engineering trainees, network engineers, and corporate cyber defenders. It offers training in 3 ways like Independent High Fidelity Training, Training Flexibility & Exercise Builder, and Comprehensive Student Monitoring.

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Security Awareness Training | Mimecast
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Security Awareness Training to guard against security breaches caused by human error. Our compelling awareness training is combined with predictive analytics.

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Phishing Tackle

Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing
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PhishingTackle helps to see the organization in one view. And it uses the same emails as the hackers with fully automated smishing in it. PhishingTackle is used to See the campaign results in real-time. And it helps the users to know if the users are affected by data breaches or not.

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AI-driven cybersecurity platform
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Phished is an AI-driven platform that focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. By combining fully automated training software with personalized, realistic simulations of cyberattacks, Phished teaches the employees how to correctly and safely deal with online threats.

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Easy to communicate platform
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The SoSafe awareness platform sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topics of cyber security and data protection. It has modules like Simulated phishing attacks, Modular e-learning platform, and Dashboard & support tools.

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Security Mentor

Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide
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Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide; tells you everything you need to know about security awareness training, the benefits it offers, pitfalls you should avoid, how to make security awareness training successful, topics to cover, and how to evaluate vendors. Find out how effective…

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Simple Latest Training Platform
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Haekka is the only training platform that embeds organizational knowledge where employees work. Haekka can even automatically renews training. And it has valuable key features like Training Catalog, Quizzes, Auto-Renewal, Employee Assignment, Graded Training and much more.

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Hook Security

A Security Awareness Training
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Hook Security software offers complete toolkit for any company to create a healthy security-aware culture. The phishing email templates used to schedule and launch ongoing phishing tests to employees. Provide instant video training feedback to employees who click on phishing tests. Monitor progress with real-time reporting and insights to understand and put into action.

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Powerful cyber security software
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CyberPilot ApS is a Danish cybersecurity company. It works with all types of companies and organizations, both large and small. It develop services based on both open-source technology and third-party products.

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ThreatGEN Red vs. Blue OT/ICS Cybersecurity Gamification Training
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ThreatGEN's solutiuon to the cybersecurity skills gap is a combination of our ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification and courseware.

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Hut Six

Hut Six Security - Information Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation
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Train, test and track your information security culture through information security awareness training and customised phishing simulation campaigns.

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Fully Customizable Solution Software
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CanIPhish maintains an open-sourced Secure Email Gateway evaluation toolkit. CanIPhish platform integrates with our public domain tools to identify and exploit real-world vulnerabilities. It provides latest solutions like Robust phishing libraries, Simplified campaign setup, Comprehensive docs, Flexible infrastructure and much more.

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Boxphish Security Awareness...

How to Spot Cyber Attacks | BoxPhish
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Boxphish provide an automated solution for our customers covering both simulated phishing and security awareness training courses. Data is at the centre of anything we do, we gain valuable data at all points within the programme. We provide training that is bite sized, engaging, and enjoyable.

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Managed Security Awareness Program | Stridepoint
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Relay by Stridepoint is Managed Security Awareness. Our micro-learning content is delivered directly to a user's inbox via direct links. All the user has to do is click "launch" to immediately begin a session.

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