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Proofpoint Security Awareness...

Security awareness training software
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Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a training software explicitly built to assists businesses in conducting knowledge assessments, customize course content, generate phishing duplications all in one centralized suite through its training administration tool. It is an effective solution to turn the organization's staff members into a robust last line of defense and make them part of their team. Proofpoint Security tool ensures an accurate response from the users when faced with complicated phishing attacks. Moreover, this software assessment dashboard enables administrators to monitor the user's average completion time, progression, substandard categories, and other key metrics. It allows cyber security experts to automatically allocate training to team members based on a phishing duplication and assessment performance. Moreover, it also allows group members to duplicate link-based, data entry-based, and attachment-based attacks to acquire insights into employee security awareness from within an integrated platform. Through this solution, organizers can set up two-factor authentication; manage password policies, to ensure the user's data security and safety. Proofpoint security awareness training software offers a free trial and follows a quotation-based pricing strategy. show more

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Mimecast Awareness Training

Learn cyber security awareness with Mimecast Aware
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Mimecast Aware is an online cyber security awareness platform that is built to make the process of emailing safer for your business. It provides services like management and delivery of security, and data protection for emailing on just one easy-to-operate cloud platform. Mimecast Aware works at improving cyber-attack preparation, reducing complexities of IT, and streamlining compliance. They provide secure and quick access to professional information, and enable email flow even during an outage with their advanced tools and technology. They aim to preserve, and secure your flow of information using email and to prepare you for every stage of a real time phishing attack. They provide the best security services even before an actual attack that focus on preventing and adapting as per the attack. Users can recover their data and other important information after an attack using Mimecast Aware’s effective and efficient tools. They offer both web security and AI cyber security to their clients. You can request a free demo on their official website to test and try their products and features and then choose from a variety of plans that they offer for their products. show more

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Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Engineering | Part-Time & Online Graduate Education
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Advance your career and the future of engineering. We offer part-time and online graduate programs in 21+ engineering disciplines.

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The SANS Institute

Where to find SANS Information Security and Cyber Security Training
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Find information Security training and Cyber security training courses, live or online, in the US (by State), Europe, Middle East, or Asia-Pacific.

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Webroot Security Awareness...

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees
(69 Ratings)

Security awareness training is ongoing education that provides employees relevant information and tests of their cyber-awareness by covering all aspects of data security and regulatory compliance. Phishing and credential theft are the number one1 tactics used in breaches, with user error being more common than malware as the causal factor. Succinct, easily consumed courses increase employee attentiveness and the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs.

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Infosec IQ

Make your workforce Cyber secure and aware with Infosec IQ
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Infosec IQ is an internet security awareness and phishing simulation that was designed with the vision to empower employees of a company with the skills and knowledge of cybersecurity in order to secure the organization from malicious mishaps. It aims to empower every employee of the client organization and to prepare them for real cyber-attacks with effective security awareness training. It provides personalized training and programs on security awareness and phishing prevention to meet every requirement. It conducts phishing tests, prepares workers for real-time attacks, and delivers extremely effective training on how to tackle them. It measures and reports your success during the training, performs trend tracking and knowledge gap identifying. It automates your training of security awareness to save time. Users can choose from a list of 800+ security training resources, modules, infographics, newsletter templates, and assessments as per their needs and requirements. The software is available in three versions to suit every type of pocket. show more

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KnowBe4 Security Awareness...

Appropriate security management backed up by robust training
(916 Ratings)

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training is a comprehensive security training platform for enterprises. The software offers a modernistic approach that can integrate with baseline training using mock attacks, smishing and vishing attacks, interactive web-based training and more. Thus helping out organisations to be more secure and resilient. The software features the world’s most extensive library, inclusive of contents like interactive videos, modules, newsletters and games. There are thousands of community phishing templates available within the particular, offering unlimited usage. Users can even customize the templates as per their requirements. KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training hosts personal timelines for individual users, besides providing detailed reports on the security strength of the organization, including both granular and high-level graphs and stats. The integrated platform offers a wide variety of necessary components in one place. Other salient features showcased by KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training are random attack delivery, excellent tech support, new risk scoring, advanced enterprise reporting and more. show more

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Cofense PhishMe

One-stop solution to Digital Security
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Cofense PhishMe is a security awareness training software that is available online. Your personnel must be trained to recognise and report phishing emails right away. Simulations in Cofense PhishMeTM are based on the most recent threats known to circumvent SEGs, allowing your users to become human threat detectors. You can provide phishing simulations when users are engaged in their inbox with Cofense PhishMe Responsive Delivery to optimise interaction, minimise whitelisting, and prevent global scheduling concerns.It has a vast list of features such as - Cofense Protect uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect phishing attempts quickly and accurately. To detect impersonation, their powerful AI "looks" at emails and pages and evaluates their true visual representation. One of their most beneficial feature is that it provides real time detection - Before they are opened by their intended recipient, new and recently produced emails and phishing kits are recognised and stopped.It is easily deployable and has next to no maintenance issues - Out-of-band deployment that is fast, server-side, non-proxy, and requires minimal support and maintenance. show more

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the global leader in cybersecurity training
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ThriveDX was established to close the skills gap in cybersecurity - a critical global challenge. This award-winning solutions are designed to support life-long learners in developing market-driven skills and knowledge. They collaborate with industry leaders to provide security training catered to the global workforce. This suite of programs combine the efforts of both the partners and ThriveDX to tackle the cybersecurity skills gap and create a more diverse talent pipeline. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional education, training, and certification opportunities to those who are passionate about cybersecurity. By doing so, they are empowering individuals to become the cybersecurity experts of the future. show more

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All-in-one Simulation & Awareness Training Software
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PhishingBox software offers a suite of security tools for robust security awareness training and phishing simulation. The integrated learning management system (LMS) used to create training courses, courses content providers, and more. The phishing simulator, conducts the realistic phishing tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their employees' security awareness. KillPhish is an email plugin used to evaluate emails and NRS monitors the organization’s security awareness posture to automate workflows.

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Prevent security incidents
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CybSafe measures and tracks security behavior to improve security controls and awareness activities. It understand the people and prevent security incidents. It follow the culture updates, useful reads and job postings.

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Inspired eLearning Security...

Security Awareness Training
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Your employees are the weak point in your security infrastructure. Make them your strength with Inspired eLearning security awareness training courses.

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Phishing Tackle

Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing
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PhishingTackle helps to see the organization in one view. And it uses the same emails as the hackers with fully automated smishing in it. PhishingTackle is used to See the campaign results in real-time. And it helps the users to know if the users are affected by data breaches or not.

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Easy to communicate platform
(4 Ratings)

The SoSafe awareness platform sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topics of cyber security and data protection. It has modules like Simulated phishing attacks, Modular e-learning platform, and Dashboard & support tools.

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Empowering Cybersecurity Awareness with CyberHoot
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CyberHoot is an innovative, open platform designed to create custom training programs using any video URL. The platform allows users to easily incorporate custom quizzes into their training videos to assess and evaluate user knowledge. With automated follow-up emails, CyberHoot ensures that training programs are completed in a timely and efficient manner. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, enabling users to schedule and implement training programs in a matter of minutes, utilizing either the platform's extensive video library or their own content. CyberHoot's advanced functionality and capabilities make it a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enhance their employee training and development programs. With CyberHoot, users can create customized and effective training programs that promote learning and drive success. show more

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Move fast without breaking things
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If a tech company struggling to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, Sprinto removes the guesswork and simplifies the process. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to pre-approved, auditor-grade compliance programs. The platform's adaptive automation capabilities do the work of organizing, nudging, and capturing corrective actions against each task. This makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest security protocols, while also providing with a detailed audit trail of all security measures taken. With Sprinto, can easily meet your compliance needs while also reducing the risk of data breaches. show more

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CYRIN Cyber Range

Real-Time Modification Software
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CYRIN Cyber Range is a training platform for college and university engineering trainees, network engineers, and corporate cyber defenders. It offers training in 3 ways like Independent High Fidelity Training, Training Flexibility & Exercise Builder, and Comprehensive Student Monitoring.

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An End-To-End Cyber Security Simulator And Awareness Tool
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ThreatCop is a cybersecurity awareness tool that is used to assess real-time threats of organizations and reduce any cyber risk. The solution can run an unlimited number of dummy attack campaigns to build cyber awareness among employees. The LMS feature helps in creating awareness about different cyber-attacks. Employees are assessed through questionnaires that are based on simulated cyber-attacks and awareness modules. The software runs simulated phishing attacks that are deployed via emails so that the level of awareness amongst employees can be analyzed. Users can customize and even import email templates that help to deploy realistic phishing attacks. The tool allows users to schedule attack campaigns for any date and time as per convenience. With the hack record of employee features, users can extract all hack history of employees to get an in-depth analysis of their employee’s vulnerability level. The tool replicates the most popular phishing attacks so that it can get the most accurate risk posture of the organization. show more

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OutThink is a revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform that helps Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) protect their organisations from data breaches. OutThink is designed to target the main source of 90% of all data breaches: human behaviour. OutThink stands out from other security awareness solutions by using targeted training to not only educate, but also allow users to learn from their people. Additionally, OutThink uses a combination of human intelligence and data from existing security systems to reveal unique patterns of risk across an organisation. This allows organisations to visualise risk, target interventions and prevent data breaches more effectively than ever before. This is predictive human risk intelligence, and it is the basis of OutThink’s revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform. show more

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AI-driven cybersecurity platform
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Phished is an AI-driven platform that focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. By combining fully automated training software with personalized, realistic simulations of cyberattacks, Phished teaches the employees how to correctly and safely deal with online threats.

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List of Security Awareness Training Software

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training 5
Mimecast Awareness Training 3.6
Johns Hopkins University 5
The SANS Institute 4.2
Webroot Security Awareness Training 4.4
Infosec IQ 4.6
KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training 4.7
Cofense PhishMe 4.5
ThriveDX NA
PhishingBox 4.5