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Managed DNS Providers Software

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Azure DNS

DNS | Microsoft Azure
(15 Ratings)

The Microsoft global network of name servers has the scale and redundancy to ensure ultra-high availability and performance for your domains and apps.

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Premium DNS Hosting | Namecheap.com
(1 Ratings)

Namecheap's PremiumDNS hosting service offers security and resilience on one of the most robust DNS server platforms on the planet - for less than $5/year. Order now!

PremiumDNS Alternatives

GoDaddy Premium DNS

Premium DNS Hosting | Bullet Proof DNS Security & Hosting - GoDaddy
(29 Ratings)

Manage and protect your DNS with GoDaddy Premium DNS Hosting services. Easy to use advanced DNS management service and DNS Security.

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Google Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS  |  Google Cloud
(16 Ratings)

Reliable, low-latency, authoritative DNS serving. Create DNS records with a CLI, or program against a REST API to customize the service to your needs.

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Verisign Managed DNS

Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure - Verisign
(2 Ratings)

Verisign enables the security, stability and resiliency of key internet infrastructure and services, including the .com and .net domains. The domains that define the internet are Powered by Verisign.

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Rackspace Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS Management | Rackspace Technology
(1 Ratings)

Rackspace Cloud DNS allows you to simplify & automate the integrity and functionality of a domain name system. Sign up for a cloud account to get started.

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StackPath DNS

Managed DNS | Domain Name System - StackPath
(1 Ratings)

Global Anycast DNS network designed with blazing fast resolutions, near real-time update propagation, and the security-first posture.

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Reverse DNS Services. Test for Free | ClouDNS
(24 Ratings)

Free Reverse DNS hosting service for IP network owners and operators.

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Managed DNS Services - 100% DNS Uptime - No-IP
(4 Ratings)

Let the DNS experts at No-IP manage your websites DNS. There are no upsides to downtime. No-IP Managed DNS has you covered.

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Enjoy total control over domains
(11 Ratings)

DNS Made Easy has everything enterprise organization needs to keep domains online 100% of the time. They have led the industry with the fastest DNS speeds, highest uptime, and the most advanced analytics tools available. They provide IT groups with a fully optimized environment for domain's security. Brands have chosen DNS Made Easy to reduce their IT staff workload, increase uptime, improve performance, and lower IT expenditures for more than 20 years.

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Managed DNS | NS1 Products
(5 Ratings)

A Next-Generation Managed DNS service to Optimize Performance and Resiliency for Every Kind of Website or Application

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Security Solutions | Neustar
(19 Ratings)

Neustar UltraDNS is an enterprise grade cloud-based authoritative DNS service. securely delivers fast and accurate query responses.

UltraDNS Alternatives

G-Core Labs DNS

Enterprise-grade DNS Hosting
(0 Ratings)

Accelerate the DNS resolution process and make application fast and responsive. Keep services available and responsive in case of DDoS attacks, maintenance errors, and other accidents. Optimize DevOps experience with an extended API and many useful integrations.

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Constellix | Next-Generation DNS Traffic Management
(2 Ratings)

Constellix is a DNS management and network monitoring service. Our mission is to provide users with top tier monitoring, traffic routing, and network resiliency.

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List of Managed DNS Providers Software

Azure DNS 4.2
PremiumDNS 4.5
GoDaddy Premium DNS 4.2
Google Cloud DNS 4.6
Verisign Managed DNS 4.8
Rackspace Cloud DNS 5
StackPath DNS 4.5
ClouDNS 4.5
No-IP.com 4.5
DNSMadeEasy 4.3