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Updated on: January 20, 2022

Graph Database

A graph database uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. A typical graph database works as a data storage medium and allows users to retrieve the data using a query language. Nodes denote specific data points like customers, companies, or any recorded data. A graph database can quickly form edges, i.e., relationships between nodes. Graph databases are helpful for large enterprises to identify specific relationships from large datasets. Similarly, database admins can use this graph database to create usable models.

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The GraphQL Cloud Platform
(33 Ratings)

Dgraph pricing: Starts at $39.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

Dgraph is the simplest way to implement a GraphQL backend for your applications. Everything you need to build apps, unite your data, and scale your operations is included, out-of-the-box. With Dgraph, simply create your schema, deploy it, and have instant database and API access. No code required.... read more

Neo4j Graph Database

The Fastest Path to Graph
(114 Ratings)

Neo4j Graph Database pricing: Neo4j Graph Database Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

The most trusted, secure, and globally deployed graph database. At real-world scale, you get no-compromise performance, reliability, and data integrity. Battle tested for performance, Neo4j is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable speed-optimized... read more

Oracle Spatial and Graph

Discover spatial and graphical capabilities with Oracle
(24 Ratings)

Oracle Spatial and Graph pricing: Oracle Spatial and Graph Offers Custom plan.

Oracle Database, keeping a vision to help people view data in new ways now includes Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph features. If a person has an Oracle Database license he/she can use all the industry-leading Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph capabilities for development and deployment... read more

IBM Graph

Enterprise-grade property graph as a service

IBM Graph pricing: IBM Graph Offers Custom plan.

IBM Graph unleashes the power of data connections by letting you store, query, and visualize data points, connections, and properties in a property graph as an enterprise-grade IBM service. The experts monitor, manage and optimize everything in your stack, every day, all day, so your dev team can... read more

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