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Graph Database

A graph database uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. A typical graph database works as a data storage medium and allows users to retrieve the data using a query language. Nodes denote specific data points like customers, companies, or any recorded data. A graph database can quickly form edges, i.e., relationships between nodes. Graph databases are helpful for large enterprises to identify specific relationships from large datasets. Similarly, database admins can use this graph database to create usable models.

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AnzoGraph - Graph Database


Even Scalable Graph Database Software
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AnzoGraph pricing: AnzoGraph Offers Custom plan.

What is AnzoGraph and how does it work?

Anzo is a complete knowledge graph platform built on a high-performance graph database engine, called AnzoGraph, that uses an in-memory MPP processing paradigm to execute queries against datasets extremely quickly, enabling agile data integration, transformation, and analytics at enterprise scale.

Dgraph - Graph Database


A simple platform to access all your data in one place.
(33 Ratings)

Dgraph pricing: Starts at $39.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dgraph and how does it work?

Dgraph is a graph database that makes implementing a GraphQL backend for your apps a breeze. It includes everything you'll need to create apps, connect your data, and scale your business. No code is required to develop your schema, deploy it, and gain immediate database and API access. You can use GraphQL or go further with DQL. Even if you have no prior knowledge of graph databases, you can quickly and easily dive into your data. To take advantage of the capabilities of a unified data graph, you may quickly import or stream data into Dgraph. In JavaScript, you may quickly define custom logic that will be run when a query or mutation is issued. Even when providing terabytes of data, you can easily scale horizontally to retain high throughput and low latency. gRPC, Protocol Buffers, Go contexts, and Open Census integration for distributed tracing are just a few of the open standards that Dgraph supports. show more

VelocityDB - Graph Database


Object and Graph Database Engine
(3 Ratings)

VelocityDB pricing: Starts at $200.00.

What is VelocityDB and how does it work?

VelocityDB is an easy to use, extremely high performance, scalable, embeddable and distributable object database system with indexes for C# .NET applications with a small footprint

Neo4j Graph Database - Graph Database

Neo4j Graph Database

The most trusted, secure, and globally deployed graph database.
(114 Ratings)

Neo4j Graph Database pricing: Neo4j Graph Database Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Neo4j Graph Database and how does it work?

Neo4j is an online graph database that has satisfied the needs of many companies like Lyft, Airbnb, Adobe and many more. In fact, it is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable speed-optimized architecture, and ACID compliance. With Neo4j you can choose from multiple cloud options – self-hosted, hybrid, multi-cloud, or our fully managed cloud service, Neo4j AuraDB. Neo4j's high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with your data needs, minimizing cost and hardware while maximizing performance across connected datasets. Neo4j's high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with your data needs, minimizing cost and hardware while maximizing performance across connected datasets. Make use of Neo4j’s 1000X performance advantage for applications that need to scale up and out to handle higher data volumes, while also maintaining data integrity and higher performance across a growing diversity of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures. Neo4j enforces rigorous enterprise security rules while remaining easy to deploy and manage. Protections like “row-level” security in relational databases are not enough when using graphs. Organizations need fine-grained access control for mission-critical security and privacy. Neo4j is designed with flexibility in mind to help meet the evolving needs of your applications and includes options to run in any cloud environment. Neo4j also offers developer control, robust data pipelines, and modern reactive architecture. show more

Oracle Spatial and Graph - Graph Database

Oracle Spatial and Graph

Discover spatial and graphical capabilities with Oracle
(17 Ratings)

Oracle Spatial and Graph pricing: Oracle Spatial and Graph Offers Custom plan.

What is Oracle Spatial and Graph and how does it work?

Oracle Database, keeping a vision to help people view data in new ways now includes Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph features. If a person has an Oracle Database license he/she can use all the industry-leading Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph capabilities for development and deployment purposes (on-premise and in Oracle Cloud Database Services). Included in Oracle’s converged database, Oracle Spatial Database allows developers and analysts to get started with location intelligence analytics and mapping services. It enables Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals to successfully deploy advanced geospatial applications. Additionally, Oracle’s converged knowledge base includes a graph directory that offers to eliminate the need to set up a separate database and move data. Users like analysts and developers can perform fraud detection in banking, find connections and links to data as well as improve traceability in smart manufacturing. Furthermore, Oracle’s database includes Graph Studio with one-click provisioning, security and integrated tools. The Graph Studio also automates graph data management and simplifies modelling, analysis and visualisation across the entire lifecycle of graph analytics. show more

RecallGraph - Graph Database


Edition data store for time-variant graph data
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RecallGraph pricing: Starts at $29.00.

What is RecallGraph and how does it work?

RecallGraph is a versioned-graph data store - it retains all changes that its data have gone through to reach their current state. And it Integrate into any stack. It can also import the existing non-temporal data and begin tracking revisions from there.

OrientDB - Graph Database


A simple DBMS to learn NoSQL Database
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OrientDB pricing: OrientDB Offers Free-forever plan.

What is OrientDB and how does it work?

OrientDB is a database management system (DBMS) platform where software professionals can learn NoSQL database with easy and simple steps. It comes with a graph editor that can be used to visualise, modify and interact with the data. Learners can ask queries and get answers to clear their concepts. The system comes with a command-line console that can be used to quickly manage databases through a terminal console interface. Unlike other DBMSs that work as secondary databases, OrientDB offers a flexible and powerful system that can be used as an operational DBMS. OrientDB offers unmatched security, query profiler as well as 24x7 support to resolve any issue and give the required information. It also supports incremental backups, metrics recording, distributed clustering configuration and live monitoring along with configurable alerts. OrientDB is created with a zero-configuration multi-master architecture that helps it to manage workload easily and deliver the best services across distributed modern data centres. show more

Grafbase - Graph Database


The Affiliated Data Layer
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Grafbase pricing: Starts at $20.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Grafbase and how does it work?

grafaBase is the offering that helps professionals seamlessly combine their data sources into a single GraphQL endpoint. This centralized architecture simplifies the work of shipping products, allowing users to invest their resources into creating innovative products for customers rather than spending time maintaining infrastructure and dealing with pesky data synchronization issues. With grafaBase, don't have to worry about becoming an expert in databases or serveless architectures, can instead focus on refining and building upon current product offerings. Plus, it has been designed to be easily integrated with existing Internal systems and APIs, streamlining the process of consolidating all data sources. With grafaBase, professionals now have greater control over how they create, implement and securely store data – saving them both time and money in the long run. show more

GraphJSON - Graph Database


Serverless, self-serve and affordable analytics
(0 Ratings)

GraphJSON pricing: Starts at $12.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is GraphJSON and how does it work?

GraphJSON is a platform used to do more with the data without breaking the bank. It has powerful features like Dashboard, Alerts Notifications, SQL, Real time and much more. It seamlessly integrates with Vercel, Stripe, Segment.

InfiniteGraph - Graph Database


Leading Graph database Software
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InfiniteGraph pricing: InfiniteGraph Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is InfiniteGraph and how does it work?

InfiniteGraph is the graph database and analytics platform for solving the most complex problems at massive speed and scale for enterprises and government.

Nebula Graph - Graph Database

Nebula Graph

Effective database solution to host super large graphs
(0 Ratings)

Nebula Graph pricing: Nebula Graph Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Nebula Graph and how does it work?

Nebula Graph is a graph database solution that helps companies to build large-scale graphs quickly. It comes with an Apache 2.0 license that enables companies to modify, copy and even redistribute Nebula Graph for any purpose. The solution offers a wide variety of data visualisation tools, such as Nebula Explorer, Nebula Dashboard and Nebula Studio. It also includes other tools like Nebula Analytics and Nebula Algorithm, that can be easily integrated with the Nebula Graph solution. This integration also includes other big data frameworks like Flink, Spark GraphX and Tencent Plato that contribute to enhancing the graph computing ability of users. The Nebula Graph uses a RocksDB, a powerful storage engine, that offers low latency for writing and reading and high throughput. Companies get work with an nGQL query language which is compatible with openCypher. Moreover, it also allows users to add more services and nodes to the cluster without compromising performance. show more

TigerGraph - Graph Database


Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning on Connected Data
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TigerGraph pricing: TigerGraph Offers Custom plan.

What is TigerGraph and how does it work?

TigerGraph is a powerful platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data. It is based on the industry’s first and only distributed native graph database, making it a powerful tool for uncovering insights from vast data sets. It is designed to support a wide range of applications, including fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT, and network analysis. show more

IBM Graph - Graph Database

IBM Graph

Enterprise-grade property graph as a service
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IBM Graph pricing: IBM Graph Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Graph and how does it work?

IBM Graph unleashes the power of data connections by letting you store, query, and visualize data points, connections, and properties in a property graph as an enterprise-grade IBM service. The experts monitor, manage and optimize everything in your stack, every day, all day, so your dev team can focus on building that next great app, not worrying about the graph. Scale your graph database as your data grows without significantly impacting query performance or the data model. show more

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Neo4j Graph Database 4.4
Oracle Spatial and Graph 4.2
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