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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 26/10/2021 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Pricing Insights for Inventory Management Software

  • The Average Cost of a basic Inventory Management Software plan is $59 per month.

  • Finale Inventory pricing starts at $63/month, which is 7% higher than similar services.

  • 52% of Inventory Management Software offer a Free Trial Allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. , while 17% offer a Freemium Model Allows users to access basic features at no cost..

Finale Inventory FAQs

How much does Finale Inventory cost?

The pricing for Finale Inventory starts at $63.00 per month. Finale Inventory has 5 different plans:

  • Starter at $63.00 per month.
  • Bronze at $166.00 per month.
  • Silver at $291.00 per month.
  • Gold at $458.00 per month.
  • Platinum at $665.00 per month.

Does Finale Inventory offer a free plan?

No, Finale Inventory does not offer a free plan.

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Compare Finale Inventory Pricing Against Competitors

Product Name Starting Price ($) Billed Unit Free Trial Learn More
Finale Inventory Finale Inventory 63 per month - Finale Inventory Pricing
EazyStock EazyStock - - - - EazyStock Pricing
CyberStockroom CyberStockroom 99 per month - + CyberStockroom Pricing
Wholesale - Inventory Management System Wholesale - Inventory Management System 45 - - - Wholesale - Inventory Management System Pricing
ZapInventory ZapInventory 25 per month - - ZapInventory Pricing
Zoho Inventory Zoho Inventory 59 per month - + Zoho Inventory Pricing
EZOfficeInventory EZOfficeInventory 35 per month - + EZOfficeInventory Pricing
inFlow Inventory inFlow Inventory 89 per month - + inFlow Inventory Pricing
Acctivate Inventory Software Acctivate Inventory Software - - - + Acctivate Inventory Software Pricing
Inventory365 Inventory365 379 per month - + Inventory365 Pricing

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Finale Inventory Alternatives

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Finale Inventory Features

Inventory Management Features

  • Features: The Feature Score % is calculated using the weighted average method, where core features hold more weight in the final calculation. Read More

Transfer Management

Helps to document and automate as much as possible the shipment of inventory items from one warehouse to another


Helps to trace data on product sourcing and find what materials and processes were used in product manufacturing

Supplier Management

Helps in automating, monitoring and managing a company's supplier lifecycle like pre-contract tasks, post-contract ones, etc

Shipping Management

Helps automating and monitoring the shipping process and controlling other aspects of shipping

Serialized Inventory Tracking

Helps automatically tracking the inventory items serial-wise

Purchase Order Management

Helps in the management process of purchase orders and ensures real-time monitoring/processing of purchase transactions

Order Entry

Ensures automatic order fulfillment for customers and clients


Helps in categorizing, assembling, packing and supplying stock items together

Inventory Overview

Offers an overall view of the inventory stock in a glimpse

Inventory Optimization

Helps to maximize the use of the company stock or inventory

Inventory Forecasting

Helps in forecasting inventory items or stock supplies and facilitates making informed decisions for ensuring optimal inventory control

Custom Pricing Models

Helps in providing custom priced packages for stock items

Cost Tracking

Helps in tracking the cost of stock items for easy access

Barcoding (RFID)

Helps in scanning the barcode of an object and accurately records the data or transaction

Search (Filter)

Provides with advance and efficient search/ filter tools to get more refined findings or results


Helps to manage business affairs across multiple sales channel

Warehouse Management

Keep your stock safe by using barcodes or serial/lot numbers

Finale Inventory Integrations

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