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Updated on: December 7, 2019
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Topnotch cloud-based inventory control software
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EZOfficeInventory inventory tracking software helps you maintain inventory levels electronically and automate all inventory management processes.The software provides you with real-time data & analytics to help you efficiently monitor your supplies round the clock.You can beneficially employ sophisticated tools like Barcodes, RFID or QR Codes to track your inventory. The software notifies you when low stock alerts. EZOfficeInventory helps in doing audits, effortlessly procurement process, get detailed actionable stock insights etc.You can also track your inventory across different warehouses and conduct asset tracking for ensuring their time maintenance.

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EZOfficeInventory Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Austin, TX
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Category New SaaS Software

EZOfficeInventory Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription
How much does EZOfficeInventory cost ?
The pricing for EZOfficeInventory starts at $320.0 per year. EZOfficeInventory has 5 different plans such as - Silver at $320.0 per year, Gold at $540.0 per year, Platinum at $1026.0 per year, Unlimited at $1350.0 per year and Diamond at $1674.0 per year. EZOfficeInventory also offers a custom plan based on the customer's request.
$320 /Year

(Annual Package Only)

  • 50 Users
  • 200 Items

Features are

  • Custom Fields
  • Reservations
  • Mobile Apps
  • Barcode Scanning
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Audits
  • Excel Import and Export
  • GPS Location
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Label Design
  • Reports
  • Depreciation
  • Availability Calendar
$540 /Year

$540.00 Per Year or $49.99 Per Month

  • 100 Users
  • 500 Items


  • Includes features of Silver Plan, plus
  • Restful APIs
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Employee ID Scans
  • Custom Report
  • Packages
$1,026 /Year

$1026 Per Year or $95 Per Month

  • 200 Users
  • 2000 Items


  • Includes features of Gold Plan, plus
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Purchase Orders
  • Recurring Services
  • Scheduled Services
  • LDAP and SAML
  • Data Backups
  • Customized Emails
  • Company URL
  • Cart Based Actions
  • Bundles
  • Asset Stock
  • Transfer of Custody
  • Transfer of Stock
  • Save Custom Reports
  • Schedule Custom Report
  • RFID Scanning Functionality
$1,674 /Year

$1674 Per Year or $155 Per Month

  • 200 Users
  • 3500 Items


  • Includes the features of Platinum Plan, plus
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Work Orders
  • Setup Assistance
  • Prioritized Support
  • 200+ Users
  • 3500+ Items

Features are

  • Includes features of Diamond Plan, plus
  • Feature Acceleration

Contact the vendor to get the latest pricing details.

$1,350 /Year
  • $1350 Per Year or $125 Per Month (1000 items)
  • $2004.75 per Year or $185 Per Month (1500 items)
  • $2646 Per Year or $245 Per Month (2000 items)

Based upon the Number of Items the pricing plan for Month and Year Billing varies.


  • Unlimited Users
  • All Features

Contact the vendor to get the detailed pricing information.

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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 06/06/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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EZOfficeInventory Reviews

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Ruben Trinidad Jr.Source : play.google.com
(Reviewed on 20 May 2019)

Please check the programming of the "Back" button.

Noah FarrarSource : play.google.com
(Reviewed on 21 March 2019)

I don't normally write reviews, but wow this app is terrible. Very slow, I have to restart frequently because I'm trying to do something and it stops responding to input.

rish khanSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 04 February 2019)
Great product to track assets of all…

Great product to track assets of all kinds.

DarrenSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 25 January 2019)
This product works great

This product works great, No more Excel spreadsheets for us.

Marvin BowenSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 25 January 2019)
Photo Studio Warehouse - Product Management

I use EZOfficeInventory to manage the product owned by our clients at a commercial photography studio. This system allows great control over each item record with the ability to edit, delete or retire (take out of active service but not delete) records. Nothing is perfect, and there are a few things that can/should improve. Moving masses of items from one location to another requires choosing the quantity without a 'move all' option. That could be better (and if I suggest it to support they just might implement that in the future, as they have with other suggestions). Support is quick to reply and quite open about any issues that might be occurring. There is a checkout and reservation system (which we do not use, but have tested) that is simple and effective. Overall I would say that any small company would benefit from using EZOI. There is much to like and very little to be bothered by.

Bronte CableSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 21 January 2019)
The Company has been amazing to work…

The Company has been amazing to work with! Getting our staff on board has taken longer than hoped but the system is so user friendly once we imported our items it took just a couple minutes to show them how they can do almost everything through the app.

Jay TilleySource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 18 January 2019)
Our agency operates in a unique fashion…

Our agency operates in a unique fashion in that we have a large sample inventory with several hundred thousand dollars in value. We have 8-10 salespeople with free access to these samples, delivering them to specifiers all over the region. Prior to implementing tracking with EZOfficeInventory, we would regularly lose track of samples until they were obsolete, losing their value in lost opportunity. We were fortunate to have an intern find and implement the system and it has changed our sample warehouse from a necessary evil to an outright blessing. Even our very busy salesmen can keep track or the inventory, add new samples, exchange samples in the field and still keep track of its location. We've all been very impressed with the simplicity of the system and the tools it provides to assess the true cost and value of our sample inventory.I just hope our competition doesn't read this review. :)

Moaaz KhanSource : play.google.com
(Reviewed on 18 November 2018)

Awesome App to track assets, use barcode/QR scanner. Everything is awesome.

OSIRIS ENGLESource : play.google.com
(Reviewed on 12 January 2018)


brian sullivanSource : play.google.com
(Reviewed on 15 December 2017)

This app is slow, buggy, and torture to use.

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