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Bluetooth Tracking That's Different
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Other BLE based tracking systems rely on tags that blindly beacon. AirFinder tags use location beacons which are placed in your facility for just-right precision. Tags discretely communicate their location when needed. Less infrastructure means big savings in dollars and complexity. Unlike other solutions that can only present high or low precision, AirFinder Location Beacons can be placed with either high or low density or a mix of the two depending on the level of precision needed.

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A Web Based Asset Tracking Software
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AssetGather is a web-based asset tracking solution that provides enterprises the ability to view up-to-date status of all their critical assets and assess their impact on associated business processes, from anywhere. It is designed to accept and process real-time data from RFID, sensors, GPS devices and other sources to help automate the collection and updation of asset-related data. Further, AssetGather is capable of integrating with and aggregating data from existing enterprise applications and data repositories. It can also be implemented as an on-premise software license installed on your server or as on-demand software subscription hosted on our server. show more

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Product Upgrade and Data Migration Services
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4CSQL is a user friendly CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System). It is a database software of information about the organisation’s maintenance operations. This information will help the maintenance personnel to schedule, track, manage, report maintenance activities and to determine asset maintenance needs.

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Honeycomb Visibility Platform
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Business inefficiency and risk is amplified when visibility data is inaccurate, time-delayed, or in a form that isn’t actionable. The Honeycomb Visibility Platform is Roambee’s answer to generate reliably actionable visibility at scale by leveraging sensor data, curated external data, and incorporating your business rules in context. Use Honeycomb with Roambee’s sensors or your own sensor devices, integrate it with your enterprise systems, and build custom apps or solutions of your choice.

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Track any phone with a click
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With concise interface design, solution can be easy to use for both tech savvy and green hands, freeing from tedious steps while tracking a phone. This location tracking service should be enabled in a legal way and it will only be effective with the prior consent of the person who will be traced. The phone number tracker is capable of working on various platforms including Android and iOS.

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Products Similar to EZOfficeInventory


Leap into cleaner asset management
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Wise decisions rely on accurate data. Accurate data is not possible without proper tracking. AssetFrog allows you to track every asset have, no matter how big or small, expensive or cheap, tangible or intangible. You know exactly where assets are, who is using them, and their current status. User decide what to register and track to meet unique needs.

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QuicSolv Asset Tracking...

Iot based solution for tracking
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An Asset Tracking software which can be used in multiple use cases especially in organizations where tracking their assets has a direct impact on the bottom line. Get rid of the legacy methods of asset tracking and embrace new ways of doing it. Provide Assets with an identity and track it through the asset lifecycle within the organization. What is most exciting about it is that do so remotely and from anywhere in the world.

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The Complete IT Management Platform
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IT assets, software licences and subscriptions managed from one platform. Get control & visibility over your technology spend. Bring structure to onboarding & offboarding with Setyl’s automatic employee sync: introducing an efficient process for asset and software licence assignment. Visualise company IT expenditure with real time data, to create reports and budget projections that can be exported with the click of a button.

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Blockchain-powered Asset Tracking
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BlockRTI is a Returnable Transport Items tracking solution powered by blockchain technology. Build trust and transparency in network, while keeping costs down, and staying competitive.

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Geolocation and asset tracking solutions
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The inVirtus Technologies R&D team is working on energy harvesting solutions, in line with technological developments, with local suppliers. Get information about temperatures, shocks and operating times of your equipments. Easily plan, declare and manage their maintenance. Configure the zones for which you want a real-time inventory and be notified if the high and low limits for these areas are exceeded.

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Geoforce Track and Trace

Track and Trace for powered equipment
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From the beginning, this company has designed and built both our web-based and mobile device software with field operations in mind. Thus, we deliver multiple industry-best Track and Trace solutions for all of your field equipment tracking needs. Only Geoforce allows user to manage all assets – owned, rented or third party, equipment or vehicles – in a single system. For oilfield operators, our oilfield specific GIS data, with over 30,000 lease blocks and 4,000,000 well sites, gives you the context to optimize field operations. show more

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Real-time visibility over your asset register
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FMIS Asset Tracking allows organisations to track the location, status and full history of any asset across any number of locations. All the information required by finance, operations and IT can be stored in standard or user-defined fields, enabling all departments to manage their assets and equipment cost effectively and efficiently.

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Chekhra believes in offering a complete tracking solution for all your valuable assets. We capture all the action of the tracking in real-time. Experience how Chekhra's tracking solutions can help lower costs and also easy to install, which helps save time and create more efficient workflow.

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Intelligent Fixed Asset Management Solution
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Assure by Mynd is an asset tracking and reconciliation tool that comes with latest technological features which reduces the humungous human effort to track and reconcile the assets. ASSURE is a comprehensive, configurable and scalable solution which meets all your asset centric requirements. As a business evolves & requirement of business changes, it’s nearly impossible to avoid growing pains of asset and inventory tracking. Tracking of Fixed Asset and inventory remains a key concern for various businesses. Learning from experience & complexities of business across industries Mynd’s expert team has developed a comprehensive solution (ASSURE) to cater to the ever changing requirement across industries. show more

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System based Reconciliation
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Assetrak Fixed asset management (FAM) is the enterprise grade fixed asset audit and tracking software that automates processes related to asset inventory, reconciliation, transfers, retirement and allocation. Assetrak - FAM not only digitizes fixed asset data but also tracks physical location of every asset, reconciles with Fixed asset register and provides a single version of all corporate asset data.

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Analytical Space

In The Business of Quickly Moving Data
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Analytical Space is building the in-orbit communication infrastructure that will enable real time knowledge of what is happening on the surface of our planet. The Analytical Space network enables satellite connectivity with the ground, all of the time. Increased connectivity means more data in the form of additional coverage or higher resolution imagery. A constant connection to the ground means imagery can flow in real time, enabling new time-sensitive applications.

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Skyhook Precision Location

Location Solutions for Any Device
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Increase the functionality of any device with Skyhook Precision Location software. Find the right solution for your specific needs with our in-depth offerings including Wi-Fi positioning, cellular positioning, and hybrid positioning that works anywhere in the world, including indoors. Locate your connected devices and mobile phones across numerous IoT use cases. Skyhook software integrates easily with any device, platform, operating system, or application either on-premise or through the cloud, to provide pinpoint accuracy while optimizing battery life and reducing hardware installation costs. show more

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Asset Guru

Powerful cloud-based platform
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when managing equipment with Asset.Guru's powerful cloud-based platform built for businesses of all sizes, industries and complexities. Even if you only have a few laptops, tracking which employees have them and at what location and when they need to be replaced can be valuable.

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Wasp AssetCloud

Easy-to-Use Asset Tracking Software
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Wasp is the only asset tracking solution provider that offers all the necessary software, hardware, and asset tags you need to implement an asset management system. This makes AssetCloud not only the most feature-rich asset tracking software in the industry, but also makes it the most complete solution available from one provider. Automate your organization's fixed asset tracking for improved check-in/check-out processes, faster auditing, and error-free reporting.

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ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

Take Control of Your Maintenance Operations
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ManagerPlus is mobile-friendly so your team has access to all your asset information from any Internet-connected device. Quickly access work orders and inspections on a tablet or mobile device without worrying about a data connetion. No matter your company size or industry, keep everyone on the same page with our mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution. Designed to scale with your company, use ManagerPlus to improve productivity and efficiency by organizing your records, work requests, scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory, and more. Improve your bottom line by managing your time and business more effectively. show more

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