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Updated on: July 7, 2022
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Polly Free Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of free alternatives to Polly.

Top 10 Polly Free Alternatives

Simple Poll

Create and manage polls effortlessly
(69 Ratings)

Simple Poll is a poll creating software that allows users to create polls where their colleagues can cast their votes. The poll helps users to get quick answers to questions. It saves a lot of time and human labour. There are zero chances of human error as the software automatically keeps track of... read more

Simple Poll Alternatives

Second Intelligence

Boosts productivity among working professionals, students and researchers
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Second Intelligence is Q/A virtual assistant powered by ML (Machine Learning). It is built to turbocharge a company’s productivity in understanding key concepts within lengthy content. Furthermore, with Second Intelligence, companies can empower working professionals to quickly understand and... read more

Second Intelligence Alternatives


Connect teams serendipitously
(10 Ratings)

Donut is a quick and easy team management platform to connect your coworkers on Slack. It enables you to form serendipitous connections for DEI talks, peer learning, virtual coffee, and other activities. It streamlines the process of socialization within your organization or team. Your team members... read more

Donut Free Alternatives


Receive Notifications Desktop in MInutes
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Crono software is a platform used to manage Notifications on phone. The software offers tools to track deliveries, mark messages to automate workflow with alerts. Share files over Email, WhatsApp and centralize space to share notes, links, one-time-passwords between devices. Sync calendar with... read more

Crono Alternatives


Experience the best-ever project management service
(22 Ratings)

Workast is the most innovative tool available for project management meant for slack teams. Acting as a boon for streamlining teamwork, Workast makes it easier to delegate tasks, manage ongoing and forthcoming projects, run meetings, and get access to an overview of the team’s collective work.... read more

Workast Alternatives


Automate tasks by connecting tools
(4 Ratings)

Jirio is a JIRA Slack Integration tool that allows you to create, transition, and search JIRA issues from your Slack channel. This key is used to create an issue in the JIRA project. When you click on a Projects menu in JIRA, you'll see a key. In brackets, you'll find your project key. Moving an... read more

Jirio Alternatives


Optimize calendars and focus on the work at hand
(37 Ratings)

Clockwise is a calendar assistant that assists users to optimize calendars and free up blocks. This helps one to devote time to what matters most like any strategic planning, research project or any other stuff. It helps in increasing focus time of users by 11 times. It largely takes care of the... read more

Clockwise Alternatives


Software deployments made simple
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Dockbit turns complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows, so you can spend less time tinkering and more time creating awesome software. Define the branches of your pipelines and Dockbit will automatically deploy changes when it sees a matching Git commit. Dockbot is your... read more

Dockbit Alternatives


Be prepared for positive workplace changes
(2 Ratings)

Roby is a workplace management platform that enables you to manage, connect, and secure your office with workplace management solutions designed for today's working environment. It introduces a new approach to handle requests that otherwise need human assistance. With Roby, you can automate staff... read more

Roby Alternatives


A Calendar Sharing Tool for Slack Channels
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Eventbot is a shared calendar management solution for Slack channels. The software enhances collaboration between team members residing across dispersed geographical locations, by allowing them to generate events within the Slack channel, track holidays, invite others and more. With Eventbot,... read more

Eventbot Alternatives
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