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Updated on: December 1, 2021
Dory Attract more engagement in your virtual meetings and make them productive

Dory Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Dory.

Top 5 Dory Alternatives

Lucid Meetings

Efficiently manage your teams and boost productivity
(14 Ratings)

Lucid Meeting is a team management software designed to run business meetings successfully. Its mission is to facilitate more human interaction and run team discussions and conferences efficiently on a daily basis. The software tries to address and focus on the underlying systems that play a key... read more

Lucid Meetings Alternatives


Create Productive Meetings

Meetric software is a platform used to automate effective meetings. The software offers tools to organize, track and schedule meetings. Collaborate with team with shared agenda and notes to meet the requirements. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Meetric Alternatives


Organize your team’s chaos
(8 Ratings)

Tadum is the better way to run recurring meetings. Tadum provides the process and tools to easily organize meetings, automates the creation of agendas and minutes, and creates accountability in the team. Better meetings lead to happier teams, happier customers, and better results for the business.

Tadum Alternatives


Show them you know them in every meeting

See current meetings and upcoming meetings from all your calendars. Get alerts before a meeting to prepare and after a meeting to take notes. Forgot to take notes, you can do it next time you visit the homepage. Being the first voice the prospect hears about the company, one has to make the best... read more

1Page Alternatives


The next-gen video conferencing software

OpenMeet is a meeting management application where you can have free video conferencing within a room. It allows you and your component to view each other through a video call as it seems like a physical meeting room. This is a platform where a user can manage its meetings by just sharing the... read more

OpenMeet Alternatives

Products Similar to Dory


Bring your tool stack into your meetings

Sessions is redefining hybrid communication by bringing all your collaboration tools in one single place. With our unique agenda designer, all your sessions will be flawlessly organized and always on time. Design your sessions around a clear agenda with specialized tools and resources for every... read more

Sessions Alternatives


Your relationships matter

Genuine human connection starts with every first impression. Make yours memorable with Warmly's Business Cards. Start every Zoom meeting with an immediate conversation starter - your virtual business card. Warmly is able to give you context on everyone before, during, and after your meetings - even... read more

Warmly Alternatives

SpeakUp Live

A Q&A tool for remote all-hands meetings

SpeakUp Live is an all hands meetings tool that makes it easy to field questions from your remote audience. Anyone can post a question or vote on questions. The meeting leader can easily see the top voted questions and answer them within the tool, or live in the meeting.

SpeakUp Live Alternatives


Manage meetings instantly

Zynq software is used to manage meetings for remote teams. The software offers zoom or hangouts as auto-added to every meeting you schedule Boost Productivity with timezones for optimal meeting times. Individuals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

Zynq Alternatives

sKreen AI

Host virtual meetings and live sessions on the go

sKreen AI is an advanced virtual meeting and conference hub, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to ease out the user experience and complexities related to online interaction. Meeting coordinators can depend on the software to host, monetise and join professional... read more

sKreen AI Alternatives
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