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WorkWave Route Manager - Route Planning Software

WorkWave Route Manager

Get your business routes optimised on the go
(43 Ratings)

WorkWave Route Manager pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is WorkWave Route Manager and how does it work?

WorkWave Route Manager is an impressive route optimisation portal for delivery businesses. A unique approach offered by the software enhances profitability, brings down operational costs, reduces daily driver stops and betters out logistical operations at the same time. Users can get started with the particular in a seamless manner all they have to do is generate vehicle profiles, add drivers and upload routes accordingly. The intuitive feature list of WorkWave Route Manager helps out with facilities like arrival and departure management, customer-specific notifications, detailed analytics, GPS tracking and route planning. Businesses can also depend on the software to get their profitability rates improved and client satisfaction levels enhanced, by automating delivery routes on the go. Further, seamless integration with external Vehicle tracking devices like LMU 3030 and LMU 2630 is of great help. Large fleets, small fleets and ELD service providers depend on WorkWave Route Manager to get their operations streamlined in an efficient way. show more

WorkWave Route Manager Alternatives
Google Routes - Route Planning Software

Google Routes

Get to know routes easily
(14 Ratings)

What is Google Routes and how does it work?

Google Routes is route guidance and a high-quality direction providing software, with the help of which, users can easily plan their jogging routes, find hotels or visit any new place. The software has made the whole process comprehensive, transit and up to date. Whenever users are doing business, they can easily depend on the software at any time. Google Routes also allows users to create efficient routes for up to 25 waypoints. They can streamline delivery streams, guide rental cars and generate itineraries for sightseeing. With this software, users can choose faster routes based on the traffic conditions of any area during a particular time of the day. They can make wise decisions with the predictive traffic models provided by the software. Google Routes allows users to efficiently manage all the traveling tasks and discover new areas from time to time. It assures the users that they are always on time. show more

Logistia vs Google Routes | Google Routes Alternatives
Locus DispatchIQ - Route Planning Software

Locus DispatchIQ

To optimise your delivery routes and schedules
(20 Ratings)

Locus DispatchIQ pricing: Locus DispatchIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is Locus DispatchIQ and how does it work?

Locus DispatchIQ is a route planning software that helps shipping companies, and other businesses that deliver products, optimize their delivery routes and schedules. The software uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. With its AI-backed route planning, the solution requires negligible human intelligence to carry out its functions very well. With Locus Dispatcher, the allocation of orders is based on their priorities, including other provisions differentiating orders that can’t be transported together. The software comes with a Proprietary Geocoding Engine that distills and converts even the most ambiguous of addresses into precise geographic coordinates. It helps users with optimal handling of on-demand orders along with scheduled orders rerouting whenever required, which also assists in on-demand dispatch planning. Users also get automated recommendations on the best-suited vehicles based on traffic, volume, shipment, vehicle type, stop durations, delivery times, and more. show more

Locus DispatchIQ Alternatives
Stream Go - Route Planning Software

Stream Go

Optimize Routes in Real-time
(0 Ratings)

Stream Go pricing: Starts at $216.0.

What is Stream Go and how does it work?

Stream Go software is a platform used to manage routes for better business experiences. The software offers tools to scan barcodes to track every item and build up a digital audit trail. Engage users with two-way communication by email and SMS. Measure the performance of data to create your KPI reporting in Excel. It supports Mobile Android or iOS. Distributors, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Stream Go Alternatives
Locus IntelliSort - Route Planning Software

Locus IntelliSort

Ensures on-time order fulfilment
(0 Ratings)

Locus IntelliSort pricing: Locus IntelliSort Offers Custom plan.

What is Locus IntelliSort and how does it work?

Locus IntelliSort is an automated parcel sorting solution that is widely known to handle 250M+ orders across 400+ cities. Backed with Artificial Intelligence, this shipment sorting and rider allocation software maintains a high level of accuracy during the entire process while significantly reducing the time taken. It even offers accurate geocoding of addresses. Locus IntelliSort features an Engine for Validation of Addresses (EVA) which ensures that addresses are mapped against the corresponding route number, irrespective of their quality, leaving no room for mistakes. The software allows every shipment to automatically get assigned to the most optimal delivery route and the rider best suited for the purpose. It further generates appropriate coordinates that are grouped together to create the most profitable routes or clusters. Next, the shipment is assigned to the right delivery agent beforehand which ensures on-time order fulfilment. Moreover, the routes provided by Locus IntelliSort can be printed on the shipping label to eliminate manual dependencies. This software’s major clients include Unilever, Blue Dart, Myntra and more. show more

Locus IntelliSort Alternatives

Products Similar to Logistia

LogiNext Mile - Route Planning Software

LogiNext Mile

Route planning software
(15 Ratings)

LogiNext Mile pricing: LogiNext Mile Offers Custom plan.

What is LogiNext Mile and how does it work?

LogiNext Mile is a last-mile delivery and dispatch management software that is highly flexible. It's a resource capacity, delivery route planning, and route optimization software that works with all distribution models, including single pick-multiple-drop and multiple pick-multiple-drop algorithms. You can get real-time rerouting, delivery route optimization, and updated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) depending on changing conditions with LogiNext Mile. Heat maps, trend lines, and planned vs. real SLA comparisons are used in interactive dashboards to analyse the entire delivery network. The last-mile delivery app is hardware agnostic and has a small battery life impact. At the point of sale, you get cash and card management (COD), as well as electronic evidence of delivery in the form of an image, signature, timestamp, and geo-coordinates. Clients can use the programme to compare planned routes to real routes on a map interface and spot bottlenecks. The programme takes into account a number of variables, including resource capacity, consumer location, time preferences, traffic, and weather. show more

LogiNext Mile Alternatives
Zippykind - Route Planning Software


Powerful and easy to use delivery management software
(1 Ratings)

Zippykind pricing: Starts at $87.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zippykind and how does it work?

Zippykind is a cloud-based Last Mile Delivery Software. Save tons of time by letting the advanced map zones algorithm do all the work. Set up your map zones once and never again worry about which driver should receive the delivery. Easily schedule new deliveries through the drag and drop scheduler. View each driver's availability and team schedule through a day, two days, list, week, and month view. The multi-order subscriptions feature lets you set up subscriptions for multiple orders for the same customer which can run concurrently. show more

Zippykind Alternatives
Tookan - Route Planning Software


Fully customizable fleet management software
(89 Ratings)

Tookan pricing: Starts at $17.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tookan and how does it work?

Tookan is an efficient fleet management software, which helps you put a fullstop to all your paperwork and digitize the entire fleet management and tracking procedure. The software provides cloud-based solution and is compatible with Android and iOS. It helps in cost-effective route planning and supports automated delivery & dispatch. The Geo-analytics powered reports helps fleet managers stay updated with all recent developments in their business and provides deeper business insight. You can track your on-field drivers and fleet assets in real-time, schedule your service bookings and do inspection management with the help of this software. Tookan simplifies on-demand delivery tasks. show more

Logistia vs Tookan | Tookan Alternatives
Mappr - Route Planning Software


The Finest Route Optimization Software
(0 Ratings)

Mappr pricing: Starts at $0.1. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Mappr and how does it work?

Mappr software distributes orders between the optimum number of routes and provides the path and sequence of each route in order to achieve optimization. It serves the following markets like . Route optimisation, Load optimization, and much more. And it offers best in class mapping solution to medium and large scale enterprises. show more

Mappr Alternatives
OptimoRoute - Route Planning Software


Managing and organizing a mobile workforce was never so easier
(26 Ratings)

OptimoRoute pricing: Starts at $35.1. Offers Custom plan.

What is OptimoRoute and how does it work?

OptimoRoute is a robust route optimization software platform that enables you to instantly plan your day and optimize its route in order to obtain maximum efficiency. It allows you to import hundreds of orders with ease and receive the most effective routes and schedules for your drivers right away. With OptimoRoute, you can optimize the best routes and schedules while adhering to all order and task requirements, including skills matching, date range, priority, variable work durations, time slots, reverse logistics orders, weekday, and more. You can take into account any process restrictions and increase the number of orders processed while lowering expenses. You can know where your drivers are and get an estimate of when they'll arrive at each place. To prevent overtime and save money, OptimoRoute analyzes allowable working hours and driving expenses. It offers vehicle characteristics that ensure that orders are delivered to the correct vehicle (loading ramp, refrigeration) without being overloaded. Additionally, you can send consumers personalized SMS or email messages notifying them of the driver's arrival time. show more

OptimoRoute Alternatives
Route4Me - Route Planning Software


Plan routes beforehand to achieve results that are unmatchable
(33 Ratings)

Route4Me pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Route4Me and how does it work?

Route4Me is a route planning software for businesses and enterprises of all sizes and types, developed to assist them in planning the best route possible to save time, money, fuel, and manpower. It helps companies in optimizing their entire route planning process with just the efforts of a few clicks here and there. Route4Me is a popular routing software that is trusted by more than 2 million users and thousands of businesses for the management and optimization of their routing process. You just have to type, do copy and paste, or simply upload your list of customers and pick the total number of your drivers and hit optimize. Your work is done! The software will provide a fully optimized route for you in just seconds. Route4Me is the perfect software to plan things beforehand which not only saves time but also energy and fuel. The software is available as both an Android and iOS app along with versions for Windows and Mac. They additionally offer 24*7 live support and a free trial. show more

Logistia vs Route4Me | Route4Me Alternatives
Routific - Route Planning Software


Route Planning, Without The Hassle
(17 Ratings)

Routific pricing: Starts at $33.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Routific and how does it work?

Routific is a cloud-based delivery route planning and route optimization solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses maximize their fleet capacity, save on fuel, and track driver progress in real-time. The route optimization algorithm has been in development for more than a decade. The customers complete more stops per route and lower their cost-per-delivery with the help of Routific. Delivery tracking tools and customer notifications keep things organized and stress-free even with last-minute changes to your routes. show more

Logistia vs Routific | Routific Alternatives
Distance Matrix API - Route Planning Software

Distance Matrix API

Reliable and Accurate Distance Measurement Tool
(0 Ratings)

Distance Matrix API pricing: Distance Matrix API Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Distance Matrix API and how does it work?

Distance Matrix API is a tool that enables businesses to calculate, evaluate, and plan their routes to improve their customers' online experience and enhance their business efficiency. The platform gives users real-time traffic conditions, shares information on traffic jams, and ensures they don't enter into restricted areas. Distance is calculated depending on the mode of transport that users utilize - it will show the best route for car drivers, users who prefer to walk or cycle around. The tool's value-added feature is its forecasting option that lets users predict the departure and arrival times. It comes with 2500 elements in the basic plan and unlimited matrix size in the Pro version. Once users give the two points' coordinates, the Distance Matrix returns the trip duration to users in seconds along with the distance, calculated in meters along with the fastest route. The API is useful for food delivery service providers, cafes and restaurants, taxi services, courier services, logistics, and transportation companies. show more

Logistia vs Distance Matrix API | Distance Matrix API Alternatives
Routingo - Route Planning Software


Optimize route tracking with Routingo
(0 Ratings)

Routingo pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is Routingo and how does it work?

Routingo is a solution designed to manage logistics digitally. It allows users to plan routes, tracking field delivery processes in real-time and carrying out various reporting in regard to the services. The application enables reaching the data from any device, thus making the service independent from the platform. The software has an SSL certificate, which ensures that a user’s data is completely secured. The periodic backup option of the software facilitates the preservation of user data as they undergo a regular and timely backup on the cloud. The simple interface of the Routingo application is highly optimized and makes operating the app quite easy. Irrespective of its high accessibility, the option of customization allows the users to personalize the layout the way they want. The support services of the application are always there to assist in solving any problem or for suggesting any opinion. All of this makes delivery planning and tracking from the Routingo extremely convenient and hassle-free for businesses. show more

Logistia vs Routingo | Routingo Alternatives
RouteXL - Route Planning Software


Plan your routes with RouteXL
(3 Ratings)

RouteXL pricing: RouteXL Offers Free-forever plan.

What is RouteXL and how does it work?

RouteXL is a comprehensive road route planner for a wide array of destinations, determining the most efficient multi-stop route for deliveries, pickups, and services. Its intelligent system can organise addresses, reducing the overall duration. The solution finds the best route for a passenger’s destination that helps in saving time and fuel. Thus enabling the drivers to find out the most convenient route. RouteXL takes the hassle out of route optimisation and makes it an easy job. The customers just need to add their departure location and all destinations to the map and press a button to calculate individual routes. With RouteXL addresses can be easily imported from many applications, spreadsheets or e-mail, via simple copy and paste. The routes are shown on the maps and the directions can be printed that customers can take with them. The map can also be exported to sat-nav devices, navigation apps, emailed to friends or shared over social media. Furthermore, RouteXL’s user interface and routing algorithms make use of open data from OpenStreetMap. show more

RouteXL Alternatives
SimpliRoute - Route Planning Software


Optimize your delivery routes with logistics intelligence
(0 Ratings)

SimpliRoute pricing: Starts at $32.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is SimpliRoute and how does it work?

SimpliRoute is the most complete software to optimize your operations, plan the right routes and provide the best experience for your customers. Simplify is a unique routing algorithm, based on learning what happens on the street, you'll get smart and efficient routes that your drivers and routers will love to follow. Balanced Routing helps you get the right balance across your entire fleet of vehicles to ensure an optimal and balanced workload for your drivers. show more

SimpliRoute Alternatives
MyRouteOnline - Route Planning Software


Optimize your route online for several location
(10 Ratings)

MyRouteOnline pricing: Starts at $29.95.

What is MyRouteOnline and how does it work?

MyRouteOnline fleet tracking solution provider guides you properly to your destination with easy-to-follow turn-by-turn driving directions.This tool enables fleet managers to upload their address list from an excel spreadsheet or just manually type the data into the system. MyRouteOnline then displays the best route to the destination and provides several stops driving directions. You can also get a live map facility.This reliable route planning software comes loaded with multiple fleet management features like fuel management, maintenance scheduling, vehicle tracking, work order management, mileage tracking and inspection management. No need to download anything as it is web-based. show more

MyRouteOnline Alternatives
ElasticRoute - Route Planning Software


Free Multi Stop Route Planning and Optimization Software
(0 Ratings)

ElasticRoute pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ElasticRoute and how does it work?

ElasticRoute uses its own proprietary heuristic-based algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem (VRP) efficiently and at an unsurpassed speed, enabling businesses worldwide to benefit from fast and efficient automated route planning and optimization. With ElasticRoute, businesses worldwide (even those with massive fleets) are now equipped with the agility to deal with challenges like unplanned changes, or last-minute additions to their delivery plans that are commonplace in field service or logistics operations. show more

ElasticRoute Alternatives
Maxoptra - Route Planning Software


Route Optimization Softwares with Real-Time Changes
(38 Ratings)

Maxoptra pricing: Starts at $45.7. Offers Custom plan.

What is Maxoptra and how does it work?

Maxoptra is a route optimization software for fleet operators. The tool aims to cut costs for the users and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It offers dynamic route optimization for tailored routes and takes into account traffic conditions, known roadworks, vehicle capacities, live order volumes, and delivery time windows. The system even responds to real-time changes in these parameters. Maxoptra Driver App allows drivers to report job statuses in real-time, and receive new orders throughout the day. Users can monitor real-time vehicle positions while optimizing multi-drop routes for maximum efficiency. Maxoptra can then proactively alert users if the ETA of deliveries changes and reroute vehicles in real-time in case of any issues. Integration with 30 different in-vehicle tracking technologies is supported and users can integrate Maxoptra using the provided API with their in-vehicle tracking technology in the case it is not supported. show more

Logistia vs Maxoptra | Maxoptra Alternatives
AntsRoute - Route Planning Software


The all-in-one route optimization software
(0 Ratings)

What is AntsRoute and how does it work?

AntsRoute is a planning and optimization software solution in SaaS mode which deals with the entire business process associated with business trips. Easy-to-use route optimization solutions to schedule operations or deliveries smartly regarding logistics constraints and already planned orders. Create the most efficient routes using current resources and field workers to their maximum potential. Dispatch routes to your drivers or technicians and track their progress via the AntsRoute mobile application. show more

AntsRoute Alternatives
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