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Acunetix An Automated Web Security Scanner Tool To Keep Your Organization Secured

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Top 5 Acunetix Alternatives

Netsparker - Vulnerability Management Software


Get access to enterprise-based security management
(40 Ratings)

Netsparker pricing: Netsparker Offers Custom plan.

What is Netsparker and how does it work?

Netsparker is a robust application security testing solution helping out enterprises to reduce the risk of online attacks with its accurate and automated application security testing functionalities. The scalable solution is equipped with automated security testing capability, allowing companies to secure their SLDC. For remediation, critical vulnerabilities can be seamlessly assigned to the team. Netsparker’s automation significantly saves time and eases their workload. Companies can gain total visibility on the app security and also find lost web assets. Further, an interactive scanning approach makes it possible for the platform to proceed with consistently detected vulnerabilities and fewer false positives. Also, a combination of signature and behaviour-based testing functionality provided by the same assures seamless business. Netsparker allows admins to take control of huge workloads with scalable security testing, saving time while controlling permissions for users. Moreover, its proactive security codes are capable of preventing vulnerabilities in an efficient manner. show more

Acunetix vs Netsparker | Netsparker Alternatives
Nessus - Vulnerability Management Software


You are safe with Nessus
(269 Ratings)

Nessus pricing: Starts at $2790.0.

What is Nessus and how does it work?

Nessus is an industry leading vulnerability assessment tool that can help you automate vulnerability scanning, save time during compliance cycles, and engage your IT staff. Nessus, which is powered by Tenable Research, provides the industry's largest vulnerability coverage, with new detections being introduced to the platform on a regular basis. It offers predictive prioritization that prioritizes the most essential security concerns and quickly comprehends and effectively conveys the top ten high, critical, and most common vulnerabilities discovered after a scan. By integrating data science, threat intelligence, and vulnerability information, the Tenable VPR (Vulnerability Priority Rating) lets you home in on the most critical vulnerabilities. In order to target your repair efforts, it provides suggestions on which vulnerabilities represent the highest risk. It additionally offers pre-configured templates for a variety of IT and mobile assets that are supplied out of the box, ranging from patch management effectiveness to configuration audits, to assist you rapidly identify where you have vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can create reports quickly using customizable views, such as specific vulnerability categories, vulnerabilities by host, or vulnerabilities by plugin. show more

Acunetix vs Nessus | Nessus Alternatives
Qualys VM - Vulnerability Management Software

Qualys VM

Get protected against attacks at any time from anywhere
(108 Ratings)

Qualys VM pricing: Qualys VM Offers Custom plan.

What is Qualys VM and how does it work?

Qualys VM is an appropriate vulnerability management software offering scalable, advanced and extensible solutions against threats. Enterprises can use the software to get a detailed view of their IT assets, their vulnerability position along with accurate protection options. The software when teamed with Continuous monitoring technology, sends proactive alerts to InfoSec teams, about potential threats before they get turned into breaches. It uses Six Sigma accuracy to run detailed and continuous scans protecting the IT assets of the enterprises located in the clouds, on-premises and mobile endpoints. An executive dashboard within, the software displays a detailed overview of the security postures along with comprehensive remediation options. Organizations can also use Qualys VM to detect forgotten devices and visualize their network map. They can uncover multiple access points, devices and web servers which can leave their network vulnerable to attacks. Admins can configure the hosts and their scanning options. The software also offers manual, scheduled and continuous vulnerability scanning options. show more

Acunetix vs Qualys VM | Qualys VM Alternatives
Rapid7 Security Services - New SaaS Software

Rapid7 Security Services

IoT Security Testing Services
(5 Ratings)

Rapid7 Security Services pricing: Rapid7 Security Services Offers Custom plan.

What is Rapid7 Security Services and how does it work?

Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering IT, and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations. Rapid7 understands the complexity of IoT and connected systems and will assess the highest risk systems and communications, so you can focus on the entry points that matter. Designing hardware is often the first step of a major project and can determine your limitations and weaknesses. This service provides your engineers with one-on-one time with security consultants during design time. show more

Acunetix vs Rapid7 Security Services | Rapid7 Security Services Alternatives
GoDaddy Website Security - Website Security Software

GoDaddy Website Security

Smart Tool That Offers Website Security And Protects Your Server Data
(28 Ratings)

What is GoDaddy Website Security and how does it work?

A Godaddy product that protects user websites from hackers, malware, and other online security threats and keeps the data safe. Users get protection for unlimited pages within a single website, security analysts for advanced issues, Google blacklist monitoring and removal, complete malware removal, hack repair, and much more. Users don't have to install any software, the security scans will run daily, and if there is any issue, automatic removal tools will fix it. In case it is not able to be fixed, then security experts will repair it manually. Depending on the requirements, users can choose from a 30-minute, 12-hour, or once-a-day security plan to monitor the website. Website Security monitoring not only protects the user's website, but it also protects their rankings by checking a variety of different blacklists and notifying them if they have been placed on rank one. Various kinds of required security checks like Brute Force Prevention, Injection Prevention, Zero-Day Prevention or Cross-site Scripting Prevention are taken care of. show more

Acunetix vs GoDaddy Website Security | GoDaddy Website Security Alternatives

Products Similar to Acunetix

Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform - Website Security Software

Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform

Integrated threat intelligence
(0 Ratings)

Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform pricing: Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform and how does it work?

Protect applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic with a cloud-based, PCI-compliant, global web application firewall service. By combining threat intelligence with consistent rule enforcement, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall strengthens defenses and protects internet-facing application servers. show more

Oracle Dyn Web Security Platform Alternatives
Sucuri - Website Security Software


Gain peace of mind by securing all your websites
(196 Ratings)

Sucuri pricing: Starts at $199.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Sucuri and how does it work?

Sucuri is an online-based Website Security Software. They safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database. They restore your site completely. Websites with security warnings lose 95% of their traffic. They submit blocklist removal requests on your behalf. The website firewall (WAF) blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic. They love complex malware infections, and you’ll never pay more for them. Each plan covers your website for a year, including unlimited cleanups, pages, and databases. show more

Sucuri Alternatives
Akamai Kona Site Defender - Website Security Software

Akamai Kona Site Defender

Protect your apps and APIs against the largest and most sophisticated attacks
(12 Ratings)

Akamai Kona Site Defender pricing: Akamai Kona Site Defender Offers Custom plan.

What is Akamai Kona Site Defender and how does it work?

Kona Site Defender provides application security at the edge closer to attackers and further from your applications. With 178 billion WAF rule triggers a day, Akamai harnesses unmatched visibility into attacks to deliver curated and highly accurate WAF protections that keep up with the latest threats. Kona Site Defender provides you with total flexibility integrating into change control, automating protections, providing APIs for your development toolchain, and offering managed services that offload security management, monitoring, and mitigation to Akamai experts 24/7. show more

Akamai Kona Site Defender Alternatives
SiteLock - Website Security Software


Cybersecurity Solutions Built for Every Business
(991 Ratings)

SiteLock pricing: Starts at $12.49.

What is SiteLock and how does it work?

SiteLock is the global leader in website security, currently protecting more than 12 million websites globally. SiteLock delivers cloud-based 360-degree website security solutions with the technology to find vulnerabilities, automatically remove malware, provide WordPress database scanning, core CMS vulnerability patching, defend against DDoS attacks, meet PCI compliance standards, provide static application security testing and accelerate website performance. SiteLock also provides website support services that are available 24/7/365. show more

Acunetix vs SiteLock | SiteLock Alternatives
MalCare - Website Security Software


The Only WordPress Security Plugin
(8 Ratings)

MalCare pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MalCare and how does it work?

MalCare scans the website on its own servers and hence, there is no load on your server resources. Your website will always run at peak speeds and you will not lose any visitors. MalCare’s fully automated malware removal lets you get rid of all viruses and backdoor forever. MalCare uses the collective intelligence from its network of websites to detect and block threats from hackers and bots in real-time. MalCare’s algorithms go beyond signature matching to detect even the most complex of hacks that generally go undetected in other popular security plugins. show more

MalCare Alternatives
SiteGuarding - Website Security Software


Best Choice Security Solution for your website
(0 Ratings)

What is SiteGuarding and how does it work?

Over 450.000 clients use SiteGuarding services daily. Based on extensive experience focused in Information Security they can assure user the best service and the best prices in the Globe. Before your business is a victim by intruders and think of your Business reputation damage. Consider outsourcing your overall website security to professionals. Even if you have been a victim, we can take care of all the needed processes to bring back everything in place such as Google’s reputation loss recovery, email delay processes, etc. Our Research & Development experts scan daily thousands of attacks and update all firewalls and customers on the fly. show more

SiteGuarding Alternatives
Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager - Website Security Software

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager

The shortest path to protecting your web applications
(0 Ratings)

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager pricing: Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager and how does it work?

Vulnerabilities in your websites and other public-facing applications can lead to costly data breaches that disrupt your business operations and erode customer trust. There are hundreds of ways to bring down a website, hack into your data, and introduce malware into your network. In fact, more than 80 percent of websites have vulnerabilities that put businesses and data at risk. show more

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager Alternatives
Trust Guard - Website Security Software

Trust Guard

Security Designed To Make You More Money
(74 Ratings)

Trust Guard pricing: Starts at $97.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trust Guard and how does it work?

Trust Guard Seals are specially designed to eliminate your customer’s security concerns and improve trust, which makes customers much more likely to buy from you. With Trust Guard, you can fully protect your website without being a rocket scientist. They’ve made the control panel so easy that if all the lights are green, you’re protected. Trust Guard utilizes Malware Scanning to look for strange patterns or abnormal types of code that have been found on other sites and then alerts you about any suspicious findings. Malware issues are difficult to detect, and in many cases, hackers can be stealing information for months before they're ever discovered. show more

Trust Guard Alternatives
PatchStack - Website Security Software


Protect WordPress websites fromplugin vulnerabilities
(11 Ratings)

PatchStack pricing: Starts at $12.74. Offers Custom plan.

What is PatchStack and how does it work?

Patchstack security researchers uncover plugin vulnerabilities to automatically deliver security patches to your websites. Be first to receive protection from new security vulnerabilities.

PatchStack Alternatives
Shield Security - Website Security Software

Shield Security

Protecting WordPress sites all over the globe
(0 Ratings)

Shield Security pricing: Starts at $6.58.

What is Shield Security and how does it work?

ShieldPRO is accessible to everyone. It gives you a toolkit with everything you need to expertly secure your site, without being a security expert. ShieldPRO isn't about security alerts. We're all tired of those. Instead, Shield does most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to focusing on the work you love to do. show more

Shield Security Alternatives
WebARX - Website Security Software


Protect websites from vulnerable activities
(46 Ratings)

WebARX pricing: Starts at $12.74. Offers Custom plan.

What is WebARX and how does it work?

WebARX software is an effective forum to enhance website security, block traffic, and prevent any malware activities. If users built firewalls rules with the Web ARX firewall engine, it can monitor site errors and Blacklist proficiently and generate weekly security reports. Developers are choosing WebARX for their website as it is an excellent thing to do. It is a very useful software as it reduces website vulnerabilities and offers security that allows developers to create their personalized firewalls standards, identify the malware activities and shield it by all means. WebARX is an excellent website security platform that offers exceptional protection and monitoring for the user's website and makes it impossible for hackers to perform any other activities on the website. It offers a cloud-based web application Firewall that works efficiently. Proper website security software is a must for any business to keep their websites safe from malicious activities. As hacking has become a common activity nowadays, opting for WebARX software becomes mandatory. WebARX makes no compromises when it comes to security with a pricing plan of $12.74 per month. show more

Acunetix vs WebARX | WebARX Alternatives
Astra Security Suite - Website Security Software

Astra Security Suite

Complete Website Security Suite
(170 Ratings)

Astra Security Suite pricing: Starts at $19.0.

What is Astra Security Suite and how does it work?

Astra Security is a privately held U.S. & India-based web application security & solutions company. They offer holistic website security solutions via real-time malware monitoring, threat protection, malware removal & website protection services. Stop worrying about your site's vulnerabilities. Sleep stress-free at night with Astra guarding your website from any and all threats. With Astra security, you can sleep sound knowing that your website is safe from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 80+ other types of attacks. All in one. show more

Astra Security Suite Alternatives
Detectify - Website Security Software


Automated web application security
(2 Ratings)

Detectify pricing: Starts at $85.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Detectify and how does it work?

Detectify automate the work of hundreds of ethical hackers to help keep your web apps secure. Scan for the latest critical vulnerabilities daily and continuously monitor your web application security.

Acunetix vs Detectify | Detectify Alternatives
Imunify360 - Website Security Software


(0 Ratings)

Imunify360 pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is Imunify360 and how does it work?

Imunify360 Is A Comprehensive Security Suite For Linux Web Servers. Antivirus, Firewall, Waf, Php Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation With Easy Ui And Advanced Automation.

Imunify360 Alternatives
Atomicorp OSSEC - Website Security Software

Atomicorp OSSEC

Cloud and Server Security and Compliance
(0 Ratings)

Atomicorp OSSEC pricing: Atomicorp OSSEC Offers Custom plan.

What is Atomicorp OSSEC and how does it work?

Atomicorp provides unified, comprehensive workload security for any workload, running in any cloud, datacenter, or hybrid environment. Through security automation and integration, Atomicorp solutions enable you to stay secure and compliant while continuously delivering new re

Atomicorp OSSEC Alternatives
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