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AdPuzl pricing: Starts at $29.95.

What is AdPuzl and how does it work?

They know how confusing it can be for small business owners to build & launch Facebook or Instagram campaigns. There are too many options to select from, a lack of platform intuitiveness, and a general sense that paid social media marketing is an impossible task to tackle alone. They have been in the shoes, which is why they are helping empower solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants, agents, and small business owners, to create their own Facebook & Instagram campaigns in MINUTES. show more

AdPuzl Alternatives


Multichannel Advertising & Analytics Tool
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Adline pricing: Starts at $59.0.

What is Adline and how does it work?

Adline is an all-in-one online advertising platform helping businesses drive more traffic and conversions daily. This software eliminates manual work; quick and easy advertising center that has Facebook, Instagram & Google ads all in one. You can even duplicate your ads and create dozens of variations to test which makes it easier to select the best ad. By using adline, you get to select your target audience, choose your budget and click start. With the easy campaign builder feature, you can unify Facebook & google ads into one, single campaign center without managing multiple accounts. The algorithm of adline optimizes your expenses so that you spend on ads that are generating the most results. With click map analytics, your website turns into a real-time visual analytics dashboard that helps you to analyze button clicks, conversions, and channel performance. You can also analyze the cost per conversion which in turn tells you where you should invest your advertising budget to scale growth profitably. Adline can be used by B2B companies, small & midsize businesses, and service providers. show more

Adline Alternatives


Make smarter marketing decisions
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Lebesgue pricing: Starts at $7.41.

What is Lebesgue and how does it work?

Lebesgue is an AI-driven digital marketing consultant that identifies and fixes critical mistakes. One can connect their Facebook, Google, and Instagram Ads to Lebesgue and find important mistakes that are affecting the development right away. Also, they can get step-by-step instructions and solve issues more quickly and easily than ever before. With Lebesgue, marketing teams can transform their marketing data into meaningful insights to fuel a company's success. show more

Lebesgue Alternatives


Boost YouTube campaigns with AI
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KeywordSearch pricing: Starts at $97.0.

What is KeywordSearch and how does it work?

Discover the Best YouTube Keywords with KeywordSearch Grow the YouTube Channel & Empower YouTube Ads with Laser-Targeted Keywords. Powered by Machine Learning, KeywordSearch helps Discover the Most Powerful YouTube Keywords using AI Algorithm that was Developed by the Top YouTube Marketing Experts in the World. show more

KeywordSearch Alternatives
Meta for Business - Social Media Advertising Tools

Meta for Business

A fair deal enhancing your business growth
(1,747 Ratings)

Meta for Business pricing: Meta for Business Offers Custom plan.

What is Meta for Business and how does it work?

Meta for Business is a marketing strategy on Facebook. It offers step-by-step guidance, tools, and industry insights to track business progress in one place. Meta serves a multitude of businesses including small, large, media & publishers, developers, agencies, start-ups, creators, etc. Meta for Business helps build brand awareness. On Facebook, businesses can put up posts and stories and introduce their mission to their followers. By using the brand awareness ad objectives, businesses can increase recognition and reach out to new followers. Furthermore, businesses can run video ads to showcase their work to customers who are likely to be interested. Meta for Business helps promote local initiatives. Small businesses can connect with more people in their neighbourhoods to increase in-store traffic and local sales. By updating accounts on Facebook, these small businesses can advertise to the right people. Meta for Business also helps to increase sales online. Businesses now can reach new audiences and build customer relationships along. It also helps with app promotion, lead generation, monetising content, and retargeting existing customers. show more

Meta for Business Alternatives

Products Similar to Zalster

Twitter Ads - Social Media Advertising Tools

Twitter Ads

Solutions to help you achieve your business goals
(348 Ratings)

Twitter Ads pricing: Twitter Ads Offers Custom plan.

What is Twitter Ads and how does it work?

Get users' messages in front of people not yet following them by promoting their Tweets. Quickly grow users' community of high-value followers and drive word of mouth by promoting their accounts. Track the growth of their follower base and see how people engage with every single Tweet.

Twitter Ads Alternatives
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions - Social Media Advertising Tools

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Best marketing solution for B2B customers
(226 Ratings)

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions pricing: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Offers Custom plan.

What is LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and how does it work?

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps businesses reach their ideal B2B customers. Marketing on LinkedIn helps a company engage with a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to their needs. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions stand out in the evolving world of work. It helps attract followers and build brand awareness by posting content on its pages. It also helps people to create, optimise, and measure LinkedIn ads in one place. With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, one can promote time-sensitive posts in just a few clicks. Also, businesses can use real, member-generated demographic data to reach the right professionals based on industry, seniority, job to function, etc. B2B organisations can get more views and traffic to their website while growing followers. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions help users measure the true impact of LinkedIn ads so that they can optimise them. This marketing system also allows businesses to build a custom audience, deliver relevant content, and drive more conversions. It further offers retargeting that helps a brand stand out in the competitive market. show more

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Alternatives
Microsoft Digital Marketing Center - Social Media Advertising Tools

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Your all-in-one Digital Marketing Center
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Microsoft Digital Marketing Center pricing: Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Offers Custom plan.

What is Microsoft Digital Marketing Center and how does it work?

Manage user's presence across leading advertising and social media platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Microsoft Advertising. Manage search and social advertising with AI that helps automatically improve their campaign and manage their social media presence.

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Alternatives
Salesforce Advertising Studio - Social Media Advertising Tools

Salesforce Advertising Studio

creating 1-to-1 customer experiences
(119 Ratings)

Salesforce Advertising Studio pricing: Starts at $2000.0.

What is Salesforce Advertising Studio and how does it work?

Salesforce Advertising Studio Social Media Advertising Software, Salesforce to protect customer data and to be available anytime. Your customer data never leaves the safe environment of the Salesforce Platform and there’s no scheduled downtime. Synchronize customer records instantly from any digital channel and make sure they’re always up to date whether you’re managing campaigns for dozens or millions. Build audiences on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and with Audience Studio the entire display advertising ecosystem. show more

Salesforce Advertising Studio Alternatives
WordStream - Social Media Advertising Tools


Best way to deal with online marketing
(1,550 Ratings)

WordStream pricing: WordStream Offers Custom plan.

What is WordStream and how does it work?

WorldStream is an online advertising management software that enables brands to easily carry out their marketing tasks using innovative tools. It offers meaningful insights to the brands to help them grow and learn for their venture. The software further analyses the performance of a brand’s Google Ad by assessing the quality score, impression share, account activity and click-through rate. Additionally, it also scrutinises the wasted spend, long-tail keywords and the best practices the brands are following. WordStream provides an overview of the Facebook ads of the brand through FB Ads Performance Grader. Brands can use the platform for understanding the essentials of promoting their brands. By letting the authorities understand the target audience and the platforms where they need to put their ads to succeed. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the stack-ups against the brand’s competitors in the industry they belong to. WordStream incorporates LOCALiQ marketing services That include cutting edge technology and the expertise brands need to reach their goals in the business. show more

WordStream Alternatives
TrustAds - Social Media Advertising Tools


Monitor your ads 24/7
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What is TrustAds and how does it work?

Trustads software is designed to empower social media marketers. Using trustad will eliminate human errors by automating your manual tasks thus saving you a lot of time to run your business. Trustads’ automated rules for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can monitor your ads 24/7; pause, activate, and delete your campaign; increase/decreases your bids & budgets; duplicate your best-performing ad sets/squads; notify you when action is taken; run and take action every 15minutes across up to 150 ad accounts simultaneously. You can set the criteria you want, using preferable metrics- the rules take care of the rest.Trustads’ lookalike audience generator quickly generates, tests, and advertises to new lookalike audiences; and allows for a similarity match of up to 20%. And generating multiple Lookalike Audiences in separate countries is easy in TrustAds- you don't have to start from scratch for audiences from a different country. You can simply choose to split by country and you get a separate audience for each. And you can create up to 500. show more

TrustAds Alternatives
AdEspresso - Social Media Advertising Tools


Look out for the right audience for your business with AdEspresso
(47 Ratings)

AdEspresso pricing: Starts at $58.0.

What is AdEspresso and how does it work?

AdEspresso is a digital advertising platform that is used by companies to find appropriate audiences for their social media profiles. This includes Facebook, Google Ads as well as Instagram. Furthermore, AdEspresso has inspired many companies to achieve remarkable growth by simply streaming the right audience for their brands and content. Its simple split tests, grid composer, automatic page post promotion and dynamic ads module support Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaign creation. Moreover, by utilising the friendly interface of this platform users can manage their campaigns in minutes instead of hours. With AdEspresso, business organisations can monitor all the advertising campaigns in one place. The optimisation tools incorporated within can help companies increase or decrease the ad budget. AdEspresso also helps companies to analyse marketing campaigns and get actionable insights about the particular. Also, with this platform, organisations can improve their efficiency and collaboration levels in real-time. AdEspresso provides a wide array of tools helping individuals grow some basic skills on how to find the right audience for their business. show more

AdEspresso Alternatives
ToneDen - Social Media Advertising Tools


Grow your audience or customer reach with effective social marketing
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ToneDen pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is ToneDen and how does it work?

ToneDen is a social marketing solution that empowers business owners to increase their sales by reaching out to more people. The platform helps users deal with their day-to-day marketing challenges by providing a variety of proven strategies through advanced playbooks. Users can leverage ToneDen, to create winning ad campaigns and start discovering new buyers within their newsfeeds. The platform also enables users to notify their prospects in a meaningful and personalized way through targeted Facebook messages, specially crafted to acquire more subscribers and customer engagements. Additionally, advanced marketing tools available with the platform, help users with lead generation and enhanced customer reach. Business houses can also obtain detailed analytics from ToneDen, using which they can find out prospects who opened or clicked on their messages. Furthermore, the platform comes with stunning landing pages that play an important role in engagement and reach improvement. show more

ToneDen Alternatives
SocialAds - Social Media Advertising Tools


Powerful Advertising Solution for Joomla
(1 Ratings)

What is SocialAds and how does it work?

SocialAds brings cutting-edge features in online Advertising help maximize the revenue generation potential of your web properties. Super intuitive design, features built to empower website owners and advertisers & ease of use means you can be 'up and earning' in record time.

SocialAds Alternatives
Smartly.io - Social Media Advertising Tools


Powering Beautifully Effective Ads
(427 Ratings)

What is Smartly.io and how does it work?

Smartly.io is a creative management platform that automates every step of the social advertising process thereby empowering the management to produce and deliver effective experiences on various social media platforms. It helps in exponentially increasing the brand’s content and market value by providing its creative automation tools and templates. It instantly publishes advertisements across various social media channels using different formats and enables the dynamic updating of your ads in real-time using its smart tools. It allows the users to track performance and obtain useful insights about their brand. It uses a holistic cross-platform approach in order to increase your performance graph and encapsulates all your creative, data, and media into a smart cloud to promote growth and enhance brand performance. Smartly.io enables the user to create tons of completely personalized on-brand ads with just a few clicks. It offers a free demo which makes it a perfect choice for all types of online businesses. show more

Smartly.io Alternatives
CitizenNet - Social Media Advertising Tools


Meet Conde Nast’s Social and Data Innovation Lab
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CitizenNet pricing: CitizenNet Offers Custom plan.

What is CitizenNet and how does it work?

CitizenNet is a Facebook and Twitter Marketing Partner specializing in automation for Media Buying. They make your data work hard so you don’t have to. Tap into unified insights across all digital channels to help you better understand your audiences and win more customers. Put an end to media waste, cut costs, and drive superior performance with predictive real-time optimizations. Easily slice and dice omnichannel data to understand the impact that digital advertising has on your business. show more

CitizenNet Alternatives
Hunch - Social Media Advertising Tools


Grow your brand and attract the best leads
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Hunch pricing: Hunch Offers Custom plan.

What is Hunch and how does it work?

Hunch is an automated media buying and creative production platform that empowers brands to foster paid social. It as a platform is extremely flexible and clients can connect their Google sheets, XML and other out of the box feed types on the go besides and mapping any kind of product feed alike. Since the software is entirely automated, all a client needs to do is register their product. Thereafter, Hunch works to ensure that the field is proper and is ready-to-use for dynamic and automated ads. It combines creative automation and creative testing to launch several personalised ads generated using the provided data, third party data and the Hunch Studio. Clients here have full liberty to customise and set the optimisation goals using advanced rules and triggers. The campaign goals can be optimised with automated bids, budget and creative performance. As far as the outcomes are concerned, Hunch seldom disappoints. The highly personalised customer journeys prepared by this platform provide the right offer for the right person at the very right time. show more

Hunch Alternatives
Paragone - Social Media Advertising Tools


Generate demand via paid Social media like never before
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Paragone pricing: Paragone Offers Custom plan.

What is Paragone and how does it work?

Paragone.ai empowers the modern enterprise to transform how brands and agencies manage digital growth. Their self-serve growth marketing platform enables multiple stakeholders to plan, measure, and operationalize insights, so executive leaders, digital media managers, and data engineers can deliver on business growth. Marketers use Paragone to attract, engage, and convert buyers across a growing number of paid media network partners (Social, search, and display). By consolidating multiple data sources into a single pane of glass, the APM platform reduces time to insights while increasing granularity across geographies and lines of business – complete with real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations. show more

Paragone Alternatives
Madgicx - Social Media Advertising Tools


Facebook Ads Strategy Optimization Tool
(373 Ratings)

Madgicx pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Madgicx and how does it work?

Madgicx is a unique tool for digital marketers and social media marketers that empowers users to take complete control of their Facebook marketing strategy. It reveals strategic details about every metric in a way that enables users to align business KPIs with a Facebook ad strategy. With advanced automated tactics that are backed by an AI, adverts can be optimized for the highest possible returns in the least possible resources. Users can leverage the tool to create winning adverts within a minute with the help of a streamlined creation process that delivers the highest potential with the best performing creatives. Users can see a consolidated campaign overview which includes a Performance Cockpit. This helps them identify strong performers and scale their efforts accordingly. A rich underlying data model quickly identifies the next best audience that the users can target, enabling users to add more ad sets. A rich reporting function provides reports on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. show more

Madgicx Alternatives
ROI Hunter - Social Media Advertising Tools

ROI Hunter

Profitable Ecommerce at Scale
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ROI Hunter pricing: ROI Hunter Offers Custom plan.

What is ROI Hunter and how does it work?

ROI Hunter is a (PM) product marketing platform that enables you to create campaigns based on profitability, probability of return, margin, and more using product-level analytics. It empowers marketers with actionable data for Google, Instagram, and Facebook campaigns, boosts graphic designers' capacity with customised templates, and provides performance analytics to category managers. ROI Hunter integrates product-level data from Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, internal systems, and ecommerce platforms into your company's product feed. It improves the profitability of your campaigns by providing insights into margin, possibility of return, under-promotion, and over-promotion. It offers customised templates to build dynamic data-driven commercials, and films from static photos using the Creative Factory tool. Marketers can enhance profit by locating and advertising only high-margin items with the help of ROI Hunter. With ROI Hunter, you can create, manage, and collaborate on Google Smart Shopping campaigns with your team all in one location. You can access product-level warehouse data with ease using a direct connection to your internal systems and warehouse. Additionally, you can integrate your measuring channels into a single source of truth and assess product performance. show more

ROI Hunter Alternatives
Brand Amplifier - Social Media Advertising Tools

Brand Amplifier

National Advertising. Local Results
(0 Ratings)

Brand Amplifier pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Brand Amplifier and how does it work?

They know the challenges franchise, retail, restaurant, and other multi-location companies face in creating, implementing, and measuring digital campaigns. The Brand Amplifier is designed to address the needs of both head office and local markets to deliver superior results for the company overall.

Brand Amplifier Alternatives
Pencil - Social Media Advertising Tools


Unlimited ad creatives for ecommerce
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Pencil pricing: Starts at $100.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pencil and how does it work?

Pencil is a Creative AI platform that allows the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer marketers to test an unlimited number of ad creatives and win more customers. You link the data from your store, asset library, and ad account. Our algorithms come up with new ad concepts, provide transparent insights, and learn from your data in order to better your outcomes. You may integrate your store, asset library, and ad account data with Pencil. The algorithms develop new ad concepts, provide transparent insights, and learn from your data in order to improve your outcomes. Allow pencil to manage your advertising or add human creative expertise. Pencil creative AI features include: To come up with innovative ways to talk about and market your products, use OpenAI GPT-3. Cut and splice your photographs and video to create entirely new ad concepts. Upload and lock your logos, fonts, and colors to ensure that all created ads are consistent with your brand. Make sure the ads you're testing are statistically distinct enough to uncover winners. Compare the advertisements you've created to previous winners. Run the "next best" test every time. In minutes, you can come up with new ad concepts to test, and you can make changes right away. show more

Pencil Alternatives
Brainity - Social Media Advertising Tools


Engage Customers with Ads
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Brainity pricing: Starts at $19.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Brainity and how does it work?

Brainity software is a platform used to manage your ads on Social Media Channels. Engage customers with e-commerce funnel with traffic to increases sales. Re-target past visitors to serve ad sequences. Optimize performance across campaigns with dynamic budget allocation and automatic audience curation. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce (Wordpress), BigCommerce and PrestaShop. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Brainity Alternatives
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