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Top 5 Vidyard Alternatives

Zoom - Video Conferencing Software
98%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Cloud-based VOIP, video conferencing, collaboration solution
(56,363 Ratings)

Zoom pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Zoom and how does it work?

Zoom comes with a range of cloud video conferencing capabilities, including HD voice and video functionality, dual streams for dual screens, the ability to join as a view-only attendee, as well as by Zoom Rooms and telephone dial-in. It also has accessibility features, which allow employees who have disabilities to schedule, attend, and participate in Zoom meetings and webinars. The group collaboration features allow for simultaneous screen sharing, group messaging, whiteboarding, annotation and co-annotation, iOS mirroring on iPhone or iPad, and the ability to share documents, photos, and videos. Zoom includes unlimited VOIP with toll free options in more than 60 countries available. You can also integrate any third-party teleconferencing service. Zoom lets you create a personal meeting ID and URL name to share with participants when you schedule your meetings. The security features enable you to give role-based control and include SSL encryption plus HTTPS access. show more

Vidyard vs Zoom | Zoom Alternatives
Dubb - Video Hosting Software


Your best video platform for sales conversion
(90 Ratings)

Dubb pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dubb and how does it work?

Dubb is a video hosting platform designed to create relationships and close business sales offers. It's a sales-driven video platform that lets you share videos from a screen or video camera to sell more. The software can be integrated with Slack, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. The application was based on the presupposition that everyone should be able to share intelligent and visually appealing content with third parties without the need for specialized tools or technical skills. The mission of the company is simple: change the way people in the company communicate through video. Thanks to its outstanding video sharing features, it is also easy to use and offers excellent customer service, a sleek user interface and affordable prices. The video suite also includes a Chrome extension and a site where you can manage a custom video portfolio that you can share with the network. show more

Vidyard vs Dubb | Dubb Alternatives
Loom - Screen Recording Software
96%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Record and Share Videos for Work Communication
(218 Ratings)

Loom pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Loom and how does it work?

Loom is a communication tool for work based on instantly shareable videos. Users can record videos by capturing their screens or using their front-facing camera and add vocal comments. The videos can then be shared simply using a public link, which can be accessed without a loom account. Deleting videos is easy as well and it only needs a click of a button on the video page. It features ultra HD/4K video recording with a desktop application. Users can also share links to public folders with multiple videos inside it. Call-to-action buttons can be added to the videos and various recording tools like mouse emphasis, drawing, and custom recording dimensions are present. There are in-depth viewer insights available for data such as viewers and watched durations. Unlimited video storage is available as well and SSL encryption is deployed for enhanced data security. The software can also be easily integrated with Gmail and Slack. show more

Vidyard vs Loom | Loom Alternatives
Wistia - Video Hosting Software


A complete video hosting platform for marketing
(391 Ratings)

Wistia pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Wistia and how does it work?

Wistia is an innovative video Marketing software that allows organizations to create enrapturing viewing experiences on their websites and offers them the tools to discover, engage and grow a community of brand promoters. Wistia is an exclusively useful tool explicitly built to capture organizations that use videos on their website for marketing sales and support. For organizations that post onsite videos that require a unique strategy, in their case, Wistia, is an ideal option. Wistia has proven to be one of the easiest platforms that aim at turning business videos and postcards into a practical marketing machine. Marketing professionals who make use of videos to drive growth and build a lasting brand can very easily employ Wistia to their advantage. Wistia makes it possible for businesses to manage and update existing videos as their marketing and product evolve without losing historical engagement data for modifying URLs and those critical customer insights. Wistia is extremely easy to use with multiple customization options and valuable analytics, offering exclusive features under a subscription pricing strategy. show more

Vidyard vs Wistia | Wistia Alternatives
BombBomb - Video Hosting Software


Create personal video messages for enhanced professional experience
(530 Ratings)

BombBomb pricing: Starts at $24.92.

What is BombBomb and how does it work?

BombBomb is an advanced video messaging software that helps professionals with an effective way to communicate with others by sending more personal videos. Professionals can record their faces, screen or both and send them via existing text and email communication channels. In addition, they can also check who has played their videos and when. Apart from sending the video at once, users can even share the link of the video from anywhere to any platform of their choice. BombBomb allows users to create videos that include emotion, tone and personality, this way they get to attract relevant customers and generate more sales. Other notable facilities offered by BombBomb include customer adoption and retention rate enhancement using personalised video messages. BombBomb also provides great help to increase productivity levels in real-time, besides connecting team members located across the globe by helping them share the right information at the right time. show more

Vidyard vs BombBomb | BombBomb Alternatives

Products Similar to Vidyard

Vimeo Livestream - Live Stream Software
94%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Vimeo Livestream

High-Quality Virtual Events and Conference Platform
(49 Ratings)

Vimeo Livestream pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Vimeo Livestream and how does it work?

Vimeo Livestreaming is a platform that delivers virtual events and conferences in high-quality to engage the workforce remotely. It helps organizations to virtually interact and engage with audiences or employees from all over the globe. Right from global events and town halls, to local meetings and training, users can broadcast to any audience anywhere. With over 10 million successful events, users get SLA, training, and account management services and dedicated support at all times. Security and privacy are kept at the top with a secure platform that enables single-sign-on and creates private live streams to make an impact right from the start. The video gallery comes as a centralized portal where users can easily manage, publish, and control business videos all in one place. The customization tools available help match videos with specific brands. The seamless video delivery ensures that every broadcast looks and sounds fantastic every single time. show more

Vidyard vs Vimeo Livestream | Vimeo Livestream Alternatives
Hippo Video - Video Hosting Software

Hippo Video

A one-stop platform for video creation and marketing
(320 Ratings)

Hippo Video pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Hippo Video and how does it work?

Hippo Video is a personalised video editing platform that helps professionals and businesses easily create personalized videos and distribute them over multiple channels. The software allows users to create brand-specific videos driving higher engagement levels. Users also get to share videos through emails directly from their inbox. Companies can create videos to fulfil their particular objectives related to sales, customer support, marketing, training and communication. Hippo Video also provides video recorder API to developers, enabling quick video generation. As per the marketing needs, users can also create industry-based videos, serving categories like technology, services, health care, insurance, real estate etc. The software allows team members to connect and collaborate with each other seamlessly and share progress and ideas. Hippo Video has a dedicated team of professionals to help users with every feature and tool available on the platform. The video engagement platforms’ other notable functionalities include dedicated call to action buttons, a voice-over facility, inbuilt multiple effects, brand-specific watermark etc. show more

Vidyard vs Hippo Video | Hippo Video Alternatives
Screencastify - Screen Recording Software
93%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Best screen recorder for Google Chrome
(45 Ratings)

Screencastify pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Screencastify and how does it work?

Screencastify is a screen recording tool for Google Chrome, enabling users to record what they are working on in the browser. With this tool, users can capture their tab, whole screen or just their webcam. They can add the webcam anywhere in the recording and add narration with a microphone. The solution also works in offline mode and does not require an internet connection for recording. It offers several other functionalities, like Mouse spotlight, Drawing pen tool and click highlighting, to create more attractive videos. Screencastify provides various methods to share videos on different platforms. It autosaves the recordings over Google Drive that allows users to instantly share the video with just a link. Users can also directly upload the video on YouTube. Videos can be exported as an MP4, animated GIF or MP3 formats. It can be added to Google Chrome as an extension and make it into use within minutes. show more

Screencastify Alternatives
Camtasia - Screen Recording Software
90%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Experience a comprehensive video editor and screen recorder
(870 Ratings)

Camtasia pricing: Starts at $169.0.

What is Camtasia and how does it work?

Camtasia is an advanced screen recording and video editing software that makes it simple for individuals and businesses to record and create professional-looking videos. The software includes pre-built video templates that reduce users' time in editing. It also allows creating custom templates for videos that users often make. They can share templates, libraries, presets, themes, shortcuts and favourites in a single file. Camtasia allows recording anything on the computer screen, be it website, video call, software or PowerPoint presentation. Users can record exactly what they want to record, for example, the entire screen, a specific region, specific dimensions, a window or an application. It provides a simple drag and drop editor to add, remove, trim or move sections of videos or audios. Video creators can add a personal touch to their videos by adding short videos and audio directly from their webcam. It also comes with pre-made animated effects and different behaviours, like zoom in, zoom out and pan animations to make videos more interesting. show more

Camtasia Alternatives
Kommute - Video Hosting Software


Hire the right professionals seamlessly
(0 Ratings)

Kommute pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Kommute and how does it work?

Kommute is a collaborative video messaging platform for companies’ team members and potential candidates, enabling them to communicate in the most expressive and effective way. The platform helps to attract and recruit top talents by building stronger connections with the candidates. It streamlines the onboarding tasks and timelines to create a more informative and personalised new hire experience. Managers working remotely can use the platform to connect with their teammates through short recorded videos. They can provide their team with adequate training, coaching and career guidance. Moreover, Kommute also helps managers and HR to work together and complete the tasks with shared efforts. The platform creates a way to capture and curate employees’ experiences that defines companies’ culture and work environment with its shared video messages. These recorded videos also help the sales teams to perform better and close more deals. Companies can utilise Kommute to generate how-to-do videos that serve as a knowledge base for clients. show more

Vidyard vs Kommute | Kommute Alternatives
Brightcove - Video Hosting Software


A popular online media platform
(110 Ratings)

Brightcove pricing: Brightcove Offers Custom plan.

What is Brightcove and how does it work?

Brightcove marketing platform is a video content management solution explicitly built to increase user's videos' conversion rates and engagement, and enhancing the Return of Investment of user's video campaigns with a range of tools. It assists the users in making video content because videos influence people more effectively and leaves a lasting effect on their minds. With Brightcove, users can create inspiring, informational, and engaging content for their various social media platforms. Moreover, this software comprises the video cloud that helps users to deliver content faster and be innovative with the entire process. It offers users TV-like experiences by dynamically inserting server-side ads that increase their audiences' reach and revenue wherever they are. Brightcove’s analytics features keeps the users well informed about their audience's behavior and content effectiveness through the in-depth insights that it provides. Brightcove is based on evolving modern technology, offering brilliant customer support without any false excuses, and supporting professionalism and the resources of a global foundation. show more

Vidyard vs Brightcove | Brightcove Alternatives
Flowplayer - Video Hosting Software


Improve your performance with online video platform
(0 Ratings)

Flowplayer pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Flowplayer and how does it work?

Flowplayer is an online video platform for publishers, broadcasters, and media houses that enables users to manage their videos with professional live broadcasting. The software aims at solving the online video creating hassle of the users as it is a solution for both bigger media houses and small businesses. Users can stream their videos live for everyone, and the award-winning monetization solution enables users to earn more money. The video analytics of the software provides the users with actionable real-time insights about the video content and the audience. Flowplayer enables one to quickly understand and take action on critical video analytics insights by looking at the dashboard with essential trends for one’s media library. The software enables its users to understand video engagement by concluding each piece of video content while monitoring the play rate, device distribution, and engagement score. Users can get instant video data and analyze how their videos perform without delays, along with accessing instant live data to monitor the live streams in real-time. show more

Vidyard vs Flowplayer | Flowplayer Alternatives
Cincopa - Video Hosting Software


An ideal video hosting platform
(233 Ratings)

Cincopa pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Cincopa and how does it work?

Cincopa software is a comprehensive online video class platform that empowers users to entirely brand their videos and add chapters, annotations, forms, and CTAs that can appear on their videos. This software allows users to publish, distribute, and host their content and enhance their lead engagement and generation with their audience. Cincopa holds the capacity of transforming the user's website into a video destination by using the powerful bulk uploading tools that include uploader iframe, FTP that embed users' videos on their websites. This tool also estimates the analytics of videos and reports promptly with just a few clicks. The software creates an immersive video channel in a few clips for existing and new videos. Moreover, Cincopa's advanced analytics lets users learn how, where, and who is watching their videos. It makes it easier for the users to monetize their video content either through video syndication or on their websites. Small, midsize companies and professionals make use of this ultimate software. Cincopa offers a free trial to its users and follows a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

Cincopa Alternatives
JW Player - Video Hosting Software

JW Player

High-performance video player
(23 Ratings)

JW Player pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is JW Player and how does it work?

JW Player is one of the most popular video players on the internet partly because it is the fastest HTML5 player available. This means that all the video and ad content you create renders reliably and beautifully on every single screen you use. JW Player also adds intelligence capabilities with its data drive recommendations. It can support any company’s online video strategy and techniques and help you both grow your audience and help you achieve any revenue goals you may have in place in your business at the moment. This is an end-to-end management solution that includes tools to grow your business, as well as high-performance encoding and delivery. JW Player allows you to publish your videos at scale as well as monetize them, which means that for ad-supported video, you can make every single impression count. From these capabilities, you can get the best possible ad fill and CPMs. show more

Vidyard vs JW Player | JW Player Alternatives
SproutVideo - Video Hosting Software


Video Hosting and Live Streaming for Business
(220 Ratings)

SproutVideo pricing: Starts at $24.99.

What is SproutVideo and how does it work?

Grow your business with SproutVideo’s enterprise-worthy video marketing, analytics, and privacy tools. Start sharing the videos and live streams today. Whether sharing secure internal communications or live streaming a product launch, the video hosting features the business needs. Share videos and broadcast live in the customizable player. SproutVideo is an easy embed option, No coding skills required. See Live Stream Viewer engagement in real-time. show more

SproutVideo Alternatives
Bambuser - Video Hosting Software


Live streaming made easy for mobile user
(0 Ratings)

Bambuser pricing: Starts at $599.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Bambuser and how does it work?

Bambuser is a live streaming video application. Users can create, manage, and distribute HD video and photo content via a single content dashboard and apps for iOS and Android. The software is intended for field services, mobile platforms, and media companies. The offering includes a suite of live video streaming products and development tools (SDKs) ready to be used to enable live streaming capabilities in other mobile applications and platforms. Unlike other apps, Bambuser provides users with the embed code to easily attach a video to a website. It's just a simple copy/paste to transmit your program to the desired page. Package prices are lower than those of other competitors and at the same time offer a higher return for your money. The versatility of content sharing is excellent and the ability to create voice recordings that can be marketed according to your needs. show more

Vidyard vs Bambuser | Bambuser Alternatives
Bonjoro - Video Hosting Software


Customer engagement through personalized videos
(40 Ratings)

Bonjoro pricing: Starts at $20.83. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bonjoro and how does it work?

Bonjoro is a customer engagement app equipped with a simple platform yet with powerful integrations to draw customers and also to change the mindset of the customers to favourable response. Users can integrate with thousands of integrations and focus on goal-oriented campaigns to create a customer funnel. Users can use the app to send videos at intended targets and boost engagement to achieve the goals set. There are over 20 languages and users can choose their language accordingly and connect over the mobile app as well as the desktop version. It provides CRM, CSV data uploads as well as Zapier connectivity for a thorough and filtered customer funnel. Calls, messages, custom branding features provide users with detailed knowledge of customer data. Users can send videos through their own mail id or animate messages using HTML for an even far-reaching objective. Work as a team and boost ROI by managing a single dashboard and sync results with real-time CRM integration. show more

Vidyard vs Bonjoro | Bonjoro Alternatives
Connatix - Video Hosting Software


Best platform for video advertising without any compromise
(0 Ratings)

Connatix pricing: Connatix Offers Custom plan.

What is Connatix and how does it work?

Connatix is a video monetisation platform that helps businesses to deliver and publish high-quality streams. A powerful video player and in-built revenue tools available within the particular, helps users to deliver the most engaging videos in real-time. Users can create premium videos that include story-like formats and hand-picked, editorial content. It allows companies to quickly add new revenue streams and increase the engagement levels with viewers as well. Organisations can leverage their existing videos to create brand awareness and video stories of their choice enhancing monetisation. With Connatix, users can repurpose their social content in-app and on-site to facilitate more engagement and enhanced revenue levels in real-time. Moreover, the platform also helps to deliver exclusive inventory from the top publishers besides enabling users to amplify their campaign performance with the help of an end-to-end solution. Connatix provides everything that video creators need, including brand safety, zero reliance on 3rd party cookies and positive associations. show more

Connatix Alternatives
Vidalytics - Video Hosting Software


Grow your customers through marketing videos
(23 Ratings)

Vidalytics pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Vidalytics and how does it work?

Vidalytics is a compact video hosting and marketing platform that helps marketing teams reach their targeted audience via engaging videos and convert them into customers. The platform allows brands to customise their autoplay messages as per convenience, keeping in mind specific target areas. Also, with Vidalytics, marketing teams get the facility of adding ‘opt-in’ option within their videos to collect information about individual viewers in real-time. The information collected includes names, phone numbers, emails and more. Further, dedicated Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) within the same appear at the right time in the videos when the viewers are ready to take action and buy the product. Video Heatmaps facility offered by the same helps users to spot extra engaging or boring parts of the videos, where viewers might skip or rewind the videos. Marketing teams can even add their viewers to the pre-existing CRM or email list to send information about specific points of the videos, like pricing or discount coupons. show more

Vidalytics Alternatives
muse.ai - Video Hosting Software


The power of video made simple for you
(43 Ratings)

muse.ai pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is muse.ai and how does it work?

muse.ai is a next-gen ad-free video hosting platform that includes a powerful embedded video player and the most advanced video search. muse.ai Embed your videos on any website using the most advanced player and benefit from: Adaptive streaming, Multi-modal search, Glimpse preview and stream using Chromecast or Airplay. Empower your audience to search for anything inside your videos using our leading video search. show more

muse.ai Alternatives
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