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Updated on: September 30, 2022

Alexa Translations A.I. Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Alexa Translations A.I. Alternatives

SDL Worldserver - Translation Management System

SDL Worldserver

Enterprise-class translation management system
(4 Ratings)

SDL Worldserver pricing: SDL Worldserver Offers Custom plan.

What is SDL Worldserver and how does it work?

SDL WorldServer simplifies and accelerates the localization process for any content from websites to documents to software delivering high-quality translations on time and on budget. Create customized workflows based on your team structures and for your specific business needs. Reduce the cost and complexity of gathering, evaluating, and reporting. show more

SDL Worldserver Alternatives
SDL Trados GroupShare - Translation Management System

SDL Trados GroupShare

Easy-to-use translation project management solution
(1 Ratings)

SDL Trados GroupShare pricing: SDL Trados GroupShare Offers Custom plan.

What is SDL Trados GroupShare and how does it work?

SDLTradosGroupShare is a service solution that is installed on the cloud or on-premise for translation project management. It offers features like a review editor and easy-to-use online translation that enable real-time collaboration over the translation supply chain, permitting the user's translators, project managers, and subject matter professionals to review and create minor edits to content from any mobile device or Mac. The SDL Trados GroupShare project's dashboard allows users to stay in complete control as it offers clear visibility of all key metrics, deadlines, and projects. SDL Trados GroupShare is an ideal tool as it minimizes manual tasks and offers real-time access to projects. You can effectively translate the memories to assist the client’s team in producing high-quality translations quicker. Moreover, through its project manager with inbuilt security, it can control who can access what. Instead of sending sensitive files over email, this software lets users control access to resources on a project-by-project basis and dismiss the user's access automatically after the project or task is finished. SDL Trados GroupShare follows a quotation-based pricing strategy. show more

SDL Trados GroupShare Alternatives
Crowdin - Translation Management System


Localization Management Platform for agile teams
(38 Ratings)

Crowdin pricing: Starts at $40.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Crowdin and how does it work?

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software for individuals, teams, and companies to create and manage all your multilingual content in one place. This platform allows translating your mobile and web apps, websites, games, emails, help centers, blog articles, and other content. Get translations from an agency, a vendor from Crowdin Marketplace, your in-house team, Machine Translation, or combine translation strategies. Automate updates of source and translated content, so there's no more copy-pasting or working via spreadsheets. Integrate Crowdin with content from your repo, CMS, marketing automation tool, design tool, and other tools, where your content is hosted or created, as Crowdin integrates with more than 40 tools. Customize your workflow with features for developers, including API, CLI, webhooks, and SDKs. Ensure translation quality by adding context via screenshots, descriptions, comments, Glossary, Translation Memory, In-context, character limits for each translation, file previews, QA checks, and more show more

Crowdin Alternatives
SDL Trados Studio - Translation Management System

SDL Trados Studio

Trados, Machine Translation Software, Trados Studio
(0 Ratings)

SDL Trados Studio pricing: SDL Trados Studio Offers Custom plan.

What is SDL Trados Studio and how does it work?

SDL Trados Studio is the modern translation software for language professionals to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application.

SDL Trados Studio Alternatives
Plunet - Translation Management System


A complete business and translation management software
(4 Ratings)

Plunet pricing: Plunet Offers Custom plan.

What is Plunet and how does it work?

Plunet Business Manager is a translation management system that offers a high degree of flexibility and automation for translation departments and professional language service providers. This software allows users to manage the entire workflow on a single platform, from customers request to order, quote, invoice, and job management to reporting by deploying a web-based platform. Plunet is a smart translation software that is extremely flexible and easily customizable. Moreover, according to the individual requirements, multiple extensions and functions of the Plunet business manager can be modified inside the configurable system. This software also offers training through webinars, live online, documentation, and in-person sessions. All the process is done efficiently and the users receive project requests from their customers through the customer portal. It allows customers to upload the source documents and enter all related requirements and information for the project. Overall, it is a time-efficient software that enables users to create quotes and orders with the top-level automation feature. Plunet business manager offers a free trial and follows a quotation-based pricing strategy. show more

Plunet Alternatives

Products Similar to Alexa Translations A.I.

POEditor - Translation Management System


Thought out in every way to make your workflow smooth
(0 Ratings)

POEditor pricing: Starts at $12.74. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is POEditor and how does it work?

Translate app, website, game or other software in a team or independently using a friendly yet powerful online solution.

POEditor Alternatives
OneSky - Translation Management System


Translate texts like a professional
(8 Ratings)

OneSky pricing: Starts at $0.05.

What is OneSky and how does it work?

OneSky is a translation management platform that provides companies with a translation solution to translate their text files. The platform supports 19 file formats and it is capable of translating the text into more than 50 languages. The text is translated with in-country expertise as well as in the specific domain knowledge, whether it’s apps, websites or games. OneSky allows users to easily manage their end-to-end localisation, right from preparation to deployment. User companies’ employees can also use it as a communication platform. It can save a lot of time for users that they are spending sending emails back and forth. With OneSky, users and employees can communicate directly and if they are adding comments, their history can be tracked down. The platform comes with various useful tools, such as glossary tools, screenshot management and on-device testing tools. These tools assist users to translate their texts without losing their context. show more

OneSky Alternatives
Smartling - Translation Management System


Localise your content at scale with Smartling
(453 Ratings)

Smartling pricing: Starts at $500.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Smartling and how does it work?

Smartling is a language translation and content localisation platform that helps local businesses to reach out the global audiences in their native languages. Trusted by 100+ brands, this platform delivers omnichannel brand experiences that facilitate global growth. Smartling simplifies the complexities of managing multilingual content at scale. It helps to centralise a company’s linguistic assets under one platform and integrates them directly with the tech stack. By doing so, a company can have direct access to Smarrling’s network of professional translators. This software also helps companies with end-to-end translation management. Further, this well-equipped language translation software that offers visual context, quality checks and endless productivity tools enable brands to streamline translation projects. Since personalised content is more appreciated by customers, it provides a full-service translation hub for localising content. Smartling also provides automation and integration. This software can deploy new content faster by using its Translation APIs, web proxies and integrations alike. Moreover, the CAT tool of Smartling can help to translate visual context, memory and linguistic assets. show more

Smartling Alternatives
TransPerfect - Translation Management System


Excel in the global marketplace
(0 Ratings)

TransPerfect pricing: TransPerfect Offers Custom plan.

What is TransPerfect and how does it work?

TransPerfect, and we have almost 30 years of experience helping organizations connect with their audiences in any language. Translation, website and app localization, multilingual creative, and more. Simplify multilingual content management with GlobalLink technology. Specialty groups wholly dedicated to industry. show more

TransPerfect Alternatives
Memsource - Translation Management System


Helping global companies translate efficiently
(0 Ratings)

Memsource pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Memsource and how does it work?

Memsource helps global companies translate efficiently. Memsource supports 500 plus languages, more than 50 file types, and 30 and above machine translation engines. Using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology, Memsource allows its customers to increase translation quality while reducing costs. With a team numbering over 120 people in offices across Europe, the US, and Japan, Memsource serves thousands of customers globally, including leading brands such as Uber, Supercell, Vistaprint, Zendesk, and more. show more

Memsource Alternatives
XTRF TMS - Translation Management System


A unified translation and localization ecosystem
(12 Ratings)

XTRF TMS pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is XTRF TMS and how does it work?

XTRF is designed and developed by people who know the language industry inside out. Clients access your XTRF platform with a secure login to order quotes, view project history and generate reports. Manage your workflows from one place: project automation and management, vendors, invoicing and sales management. Linguists log in to get and deliver new jobs, view their financial data, and define availability. Expand XTRF’s abilities to send custom emails and reports, modify data, give advanced import and export options, create custom invoices. show more

XTRF TMS Alternatives
Phrase - Translation Management System


Amplify your business-specific reach over the global market through Phrase
(380 Ratings)

Phrase pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Phrase and how does it work?

Phrase is an intuitive software localisation platform that helps businesses to reach new markets and make new customers anywhere in the world. They can do this by making their company’s websites/apps adaptable to foreign languages. The platform comes with its own API compatible with a variety of localisation processes. It enables users to easily import and download locale files and tag keys besides interacting in multiple ways with the localised data stored in Phrase. Further, a variety of futuristic integrations with external platforms like API, GitHub, GitLab Sync and Over the Air are made available in real-time. The platform also helps businesses to manage translations by offering as much context and assistance as possible, facilitating faster work done with the help of the right tools for a particular job. Moreover, Phrase also provides a plethora of features that are specifically designed for improving company-wise translation quality and consistency. These are Translation Memory, Glossary, SmartSuggest and In-context Editor. show more

Phrase Alternatives
Lingotek - Translation Management System


Translation Management System
(14 Ratings)

Lingotek pricing: Lingotek Offers Custom plan.

What is Lingotek and how does it work?

Lingotek’s Translation Network is the only cloud-based SaaS solution to connect all an organization’s global content in one place, giving them the power to manage their brand worldwide. Lingotek gives you two editing solutions, delivering horsepower along with ease of use and flexibility. In-Context Workbench is a Google Chrome extension that changes the way companies create and distribute content to a global audience. TMS Workbench is the most powerful and easy-to-use online translation editor available today. You have all your resources at your fingertips translation memories, terminologies, machine translation, formatting, quality checks, and a full timeline history of the translated content. show more

Lingotek Alternatives
Nitro by Alconost - Translation Management System

Nitro by Alconost

Get your text translated by native speakers
(0 Ratings)

Nitro by Alconost pricing: Nitro by Alconost Offers Custom plan.

What is Nitro by Alconost and how does it work?

Nitro by Alconost is a human translation platform that helps companies to get authentic translations of their texts and files. Users can translate their text into 70+ languages and all the translations are performed by native speakers. Nitro by Alconost monitors the translation quality via random monthly checks to ensure that users get the best results. Translators selected for the job hold a thorough understanding of the subject and if they have any doubts, they can ask questions to users to clear them. Furthermore, if users are not satisfied with the results, they can even ask for refinement. In Nitro by Alconost, a glossary can also be added so that translators can learn about any terminology that they are unable to understand. Proofreading services are also available at Nitro by Alconost for users who can write in a foreign language but need some correction. Finally, it also comes with an API that enables users to integrate Nitro by Alconost into their own applications or systems. show more

Nitro by Alconost Alternatives
Wordbee - Translation Management System


Project management made easier for you
(0 Ratings)

Wordbee pricing: Starts at $150.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Wordbee and how does it work?

Wordbee is a fully scalable cloud translation management solution for Enterprises and LSPs that integrates project management with sophisticated business analytics capabilities, allowing you to track a broad range of KPIs in your translation projects while also forecasting effort dates,and costs. It integrates translation into databases, code repositories, CMSs, games, FTP and data streams. Wordbee Beebox reduces the burden of localization projects by half by focusing on automating and simplifying the translation process rather than individual file handling. It enables you to boost the productivity of your team and staff. It offers a smart end-to-end translation management solution called Wordbee Translator to translate documents and projects. Users can also automate quoting and invoicing using Wordbee Translator. The platform links a variety of CMS systems to your preferred TMS or supplier. You can also get live preview and in-context translation. It also ensures that your assets are continuously translated as they are created and updated. Additionally, all three versions of TBX are supported by Wordbee Translator, as well as all public standard variations (dialects) of version 3. show more

Wordbee Alternatives
XTM Cloud - Translation Management System

XTM Cloud

Cloud-based translation management system
(24 Ratings)

XTM Cloud pricing: Starts at $61.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is XTM Cloud and how does it work?

XTM is the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise translation management solution with an integrated CAT tool. With XTM you don't have to worry about missed deadlines. Set due dates for the whole project or for individual workflow steps in different languages. Then XTM will remind all the key people when a deadline is approaching or a task is overdue. Translation memory is at the core of cost-effective translation management. TM stores combined source and target texts. When a previously translated sentence or a similar one is encountered in a new text, the TM returns a match. show more

XTM Cloud Alternatives
TextUnited - Translation Management System


Multi-faced API Software
(82 Ratings)

TextUnited pricing: TextUnited Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TextUnited and how does it work?

Text United is a software company that simplifies translation of websites, documentation, and software through the means of language technology. It provides a cloud-based Translation Management System for companies looking to create and maintain multilingual apps, tech docs, and websites.

TextUnited Alternatives
Text United - Translation Management System

Text United

Comprehensive software for a seamless and automated translation process
(75 Ratings)

Text United pricing: Text United Offers Custom plan.

What is Text United and how does it work?

Text United is a translation software for small and medium enterprises, helping them to increase productivity. The software enables companies to translate and localise their digital content for international employees, clients and leads. It helps them to bring their products to international markets, talk to their customers in their language and strengthen the brand appearances on the global level. Text United abides by Translation Memory Technology and Terminology Management that translates text in other languages without changing its meaning. The software supports more than 3 dozen file formats that can be further extended using the customised content-processing filters. It provides various machine translation engine that can be used for instant translation, such as DeepL, Google Translate etc. To reduce the translation costs associated with human-quality translations, companies can deploy a workflow that enables translation process by machines and corrections by native humans. show more

Text United Alternatives
SimpleLocalize.io - Translation Management System


A Simple Translation Software for Developers
(0 Ratings)

SimpleLocalize.io pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SimpleLocalize.io and how does it work?

SimpleLocalize.io is a platform for continuous translation software for web and mobile applications. Find keys in source code and translate them with Cloud Editor using the auto-translation tool. Translated keys and languages are available on CDN. Developers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

SimpleLocalize.io Alternatives
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