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Updated on: November 27, 2021
Cigo Tracker The new standard in last-mile management

Cigo Tracker Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Cigo Tracker.

Top 5 Cigo Tracker Alternatives


Delivery Management Software

Deliver on-time, every time and excel at delivery experience for your customers. Plan your routes easily and dispatch to drivers’ phones. Get total visibility into ETA’s, time windows and expected cost of delivery operations. Save time, money and emissions. Let our algorithm optimize your route... read more

SmartRoutes Alternatives


Plan routes beforehand to achieve results that are unmatchable
(265 Ratings)

Route4Me is a route planning software for businesses and enterprises of all sizes and types, developed to assist them in planning the best route possible to save time, money, fuel, and manpower. It helps companies in optimizing their entire route planning process with just the efforts of a few... read more

Route4Me Alternatives

Distance Matrix API

Reliable and Accurate Distance Measurement Tool

Distance Matrix API is a tool that enables businesses to calculate, evaluate, and plan their routes to improve their customers' online experience and enhance their business efficiency. The platform gives users real-time traffic conditions, shares information on traffic jams, and ensures they don't... read more

Distance Matrix API Alternatives


Vehicle route optimization

Optergon is a route optimization software, built to provide you the most freedom while correctly modelling your business for creating the greatest route improvements. It provides customers with a better method to organise their delivery and save money. Users can integrate Optergon's API for route... read more

Optergon Alternatives


Business logistics made simple
(11 Ratings)

A futuristic digital platform, Logistia is basically a route planning app enabling e-commerce businesses to manage inventory and optimise routes for local deliveries. Logistia comes loaded with a variety of high-quality functionalities through integrated business solutions, facilitating the... read more

Logistia Alternatives

Products Similar to Cigo Tracker


Fully customizable fleet management software
(58 Ratings)

Tookan is an efficient fleet management software, which helps you put a fullstop to all your paperwork and digitize the entire fleet management and tracking procedure. The software provides cloud-based solution and is compatible with Android and iOS. It helps in cost-effective route planning and... read more

Tookan Alternatives

WorkWave Route Manager

Get your business routes optimised on the go
(99 Ratings)

WorkWave Route Manager is an impressive route optimisation portal for delivery businesses. A unique approach offered by the software enhances profitability, brings down operational costs, reduces daily driver stops and betters out logistical operations at the same time. Users can get started with... read more

WorkWave Route Manager Alternatives

Zeo Route Planner

Track your fleet realtime and save time

Zeo is a modern route optimisation platform. Add and assign stops to drivers directly without coding. Takes less than 15 minutes to setup. Set-up your route in just 10 mins. 6 different ways to add stops including voice input & uploading manifests. Proof of delivery collected digitally and updated... read more

Zeo Route Planner Alternatives


Smart technology for real world operations

OptimoRoute plans and optimizes routes and schedules for deliveries and mobile workforce. They are committed to bringing the absolute state of the art in planning, routing, and schedule optimization technology to everyone. OptimoRoute™ calculates allowed working hours and driver costs to help... read more

OptimoRoute Alternatives


Optimize route tracking with Routingo

Routingo is a solution designed to manage logistics digitally. It allows users to plan routes, tracking field delivery processes in real-time and carrying out various reporting in regard to the services. The application enables reaching the data from any device, thus making the service independent... read more

Routingo Alternatives
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