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DocuSign - Electronic Signature Software
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Simplified electronic management and signing of documents
(2,831 Ratings)

DocuSign pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is DocuSign and how does it work?

DocuSign enables its users to sign and manage documents and agreements electronically. The software handles the most demanding customer requirements by delivering an experience simple enough for people to adopt. It enables users to always track and monitor the status of the agreement in the signing process while also setting automatic reminders and receiving notifications at every step. Users can collect the details they need by adding standard fields to their agreement like a signature or date, or they can also create and save custom fields. DocuSign enables its users to save time by standardizing their processes while storing their frequently used agreements, together with recipient routing, custom fields, and other settings. The software allows its users to integrate and connect eSignature with the systems and tools already used by them. DocuSign meets some of the most strict EU, US, and global security standards, and uses the most robust data encryption technologies available. show more

DocSend vs DocuSign | DocuSign Alternatives
Dropbox Business - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Dropbox Business

Multi-dimensional working software.
(8,020 Ratings)

Dropbox Business pricing: Starts at $12.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dropbox Business and how does it work?

Dropbox Business is a business management software developed for businesses that deal with data storing and sharing operations. Dropbox Business offers powerful collaboration, sharing, and storage tools. It helps you share, sync and collaborate on files securely with Dropbox Business, a file sharing and cloud storage solution that employees prefer the most. With Dropbox Business, users get powerful features such as smart sync, which gives users access to every file and folder in your Dropbox right from your desktop. It has various extra-ordinary features which enable the users to have more files in the cloud fit on your hard drive – and team folder. Dropbox Business gets users team ideas flowing in a safe and secure location. As a team member, users can store, share, and collaborate on files in a work account that is managed by the user's company. Dropbox Business have features like customizable data storage plans, link permissions, team folder manager, file and version recovery, smart synchronization, Dropbox paper, admin console, Dropbox transfer, remote wipe, branded sharing, live support, and 3rd party app integration. Dropbox business is medium priced range software which gives users many different advantages. show more

DocSend vs Dropbox Business | Dropbox Business Alternatives
PandaDoc - Proposal Software
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SaaS Product with Built-in Electronic Signatures
(1,826 Ratings)

PandaDoc pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is PandaDoc and how does it work?

PandaDoc is a document builder responsible for workflow management that streamlines and accelerates the user's document processes. It also creates, tracks, and processes documents. The tool offers features under many categories such as proposals, quotes, team management, document access code, content management, branding, tracking, workflow, productivity, etc. The content locking feature of PandaDoc restricts the user's team members from editing a block of content in templates or library items. It integrates with several Customer Relationship Management software that has ERPs. The user can set up new or existing templates and send and e-sign proposals or agreements. The creation and sending of quotes are easy to execute, along with direct workflows. Users can upload the files quickly and send them right away. The transactional documents can be stored as well. The tool can also open discussions with the user's customers, close deals faster, collect payments, organize documents, and much more. show more

DocSend vs PandaDoc | PandaDoc Alternatives
Google Drive - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Google Drive

Store all your files in a drive with expandable storage
(39,885 Ratings)

Google Drive pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Google Drive is an online file storage portal that enables users to store, access and share files on the go. It provides a centralised administration and data loss prevention facility, protecting files from every possible data breach. Google Drive utilises its powerful AI to detect that which is important and has been frequently visited. It identifies important content and collaborators using Quick Access and ML-based servers to automatically connect users with files that are important to them. Drives can further be shared to allow real-time collaborations in a conveniently managed space. Files added to shared drives become automatically accessible to people whose email IDs have been registered in the shared list. Google Drive further ensures that none of the actual computer disk space is affected and real-time synchronisation simply makes it convenient for users to access these files from any platform as comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a set of integrated applications each designated for a specific purpose. Some of these are DocuSign for electronic signatures, CloudLock for enhanced security layers and Lucid Charts for mockups to accomplish tasks directly from the drive itself. show more

DocSend vs Google Drive | Google Drive Alternatives
HelloSign - Electronic Signature Software
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Signing documents online was never more secure and easy
(2,313 Ratings)

HelloSign pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is HelloSign and how does it work?

HelloSign is trusted by business organisations worldwide and can be used to streamline legally bound e-signatures on the go. It provides a robust set of e-signature management tools that enable getting documents signed within minutes securely. With HelloSign, clients can send out as many signature requests as desired, every month. The option for streamlining allows categorising documents that need to be signed frequently along with their recipients to maintain a distinction from other documents registered. Actions, especially payment transactions are all monitored under audit trail and are time-stamped for the later tracking of responses. Moreover, senders and recipients are free to use HelloSign in 22 different languages and have access to a knowledgeable support team all around the day. Reminders and notifications form another category of important features associated with HelloSign. These allow tracking request responses, receiving email notifications and automatically emailing reminders to the respective recipients. Further, legally bound signatures can be added by either drawing, typing or uploading as is found convenient. Single sign-on and signer codes keep every bit of data confidential. Additionally, HelloSign can be integrated with all common browsers in use, thus providing a seamless experience. show more

DocSend vs HelloSign | HelloSign Alternatives

Products Similar to DocSend

Community Box - Website Builder Software
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Community Box

Elegant Directories That Increase Community Reach
(0 Ratings)

Community Box pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Community Box and how does it work?

Community Box enables users to create beautiful directories by giving them the power to add their own entries via the website or through a dedicated community box page. With this functionality, members no longer need to manually upload new entries. The tool is completely mobile friendly, making it easy to add profiles on the move. The developers have also optimised the tool for Squarespace for easier integration. Additional features include the ability to put the community on the map by showcasing the location of the members. Professional and beautifully designed listings look great on any device. It is also super easy to create branded directories within minutes with the ability to add new features to websites without any coding knowledge. show more

DocSend vs Community Box | Community Box Alternatives
Microsoft SharePoint - Collaboration Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Ensure efficient communication between teams
(11,251 Ratings)

Microsoft SharePoint pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Microsoft SharePoint and how does it work?

Microsoft SharePoint enables efficient collaboration between teams, helping companies to share and manage content besides applications and knowledge, facilitating efficient business outcomes. The software promotes collaboration between teams by allowing individual members to share files, news, data and resources alike. They can even customise their site to streamline the workflow of the entire team. Microsoft SharePoint helps users to build an intranet network of their own that can be used to enable cohesion between members and send information to every employee quickly. It also drives organisational efficiency by enabling users to share common resources and applications over home websites as well as on external portals. Further, with Microsoft SharePoint, team members can easily find the required information simply by searching through keywords. This information can be used later to make decisions and guide actions accordingly. Furthermore, companies can even accelerate their productivity levels by transforming processes, irrespective of the fact that whether these are simple tasks like approvals and notifications or complex ones like an operational workflow. show more

DocSend vs Microsoft SharePoint | Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives
Digify - New SaaS Software


A one-stop-solution to track and control sent files
(14 Ratings)

Digify pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Digify and how does it work?

Digify is a complete document security management software that helps businesses protect, control and monitor document specific whereabouts after sending. The software enables users to decide whether they want to make their sent file accessible publicly or only to selected people. Users can even decide whether the recipients can forward the sent files to someone else or not. In addition, they can even revoke access to a file if it contains errors or has been delivered to the wrong person. Digify allows businesses to upload multiple files from their computer or cloud storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Also, data rooms offered by Digify enable teams to manage individual projects and deals easily. Coordinators are also allowed to set permissions for specific data rooms in order to control recipients and collaborators access rights over sent files. A complete summary of individual files, covering metrics on how many times it has been viewed, the location from where it was accessed, the duration and whether it was printed or downloaded is also of great use. show more

DocSend vs Digify | Digify Alternatives
PDF Generator API - Document Management Software
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PDF Generator API

Create fluid and easily editable PDFs with ease
(0 Ratings)

PDF Generator API pricing: Starts at $59.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is PDF Generator API and how does it work?

PDF Generator API is a powerful tool that can be used to generate user-friendly PDFs from almost any format in an instant. It lets subscribers manage their document templates with ease using a browser-based drag-and-drop editor. Moreover, businesses can depend on the same with invoice generation, packing slips, labels and contract publishing services. As a template editor, PDF Generator API helps users develop alluring templates of their own or customise the already existing ones. Users can also write mathematical and logical expressions of their own to customise values that are displayed within components. They can leverage arithmetic, ternary, and bitwise comparison operators for this purpose. Moreover, businesses can even set up default templates with the same and let their customers leverage the particulars as default templates. Other impressive features included within the same are a wide range of smart components, template merging facility along on-premises and enterprise deployment mechanism. PDF Generator API provides its subscribers with the freedom to create their own privacy settings and secures stored data without involving third-party apps. show more

DocSend vs PDF Generator API | PDF Generator API Alternatives
CloudApp - Sales Enablement Software
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Capture and share screen instantly over cloud
(1,374 Ratings)

CloudApp pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is CloudApp and how does it work?

CloudApp is a screen recording software that helps to capture and embed video, screen recordings, GIFs, screencasts, screenshots, and images to the cloud. It allows one-click screen capture and also enables cropping and annotating the snaps right on the platform. Users can add colorful text, highlights, etc to make the images more informative. The screen recorder is also enriched with a hefty of features. Not mere recording screen sessions but one can also use the webcam to add explanations to the videos. The GIF creation module is also much easier to use. Once created, the GIFs can be dragged directly into the message. The user can share the created media easily with respective shareable links. This sharing feature has a layer of robust security modules as well. One can add passwords to the uploaded files and also define expiry dates to make sure that the file is not accessible after a certain period. The software also has a ‘Call-to-Action Button’, which is customizable. This button can be used to link a help article, provide direct sales links, etc. show more

DocSend vs CloudApp | CloudApp Alternatives
Highspot - Sales Enablement Software
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Engage with more customers and get your business performance-related tasks optimised in an efficient way
(847 Ratings)

Highspot pricing: Highspot Offers Custom plan.

What is Highspot and how does it work?

Highspot is a robust sales enablement platform that helps companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution. It supports businesses of all sizes and is widely trusted by popular organisations like Nestle, Zillow, Adobe. Redhat, among others. A variety of advanced features offered by Highspot help businesses accelerate their revenue strategy in real-time and elevate ROI as well. Users also get to manage content with ease and proceed with the ones that can derive seamless customer loyalty in real-time. Moreover, Highspot lets users guide sellers through well-thought sales plays and get tests designed in a comprehensive manner. Highly specialised playbooks and AI-led recommendations made available within the same are capable of delivering expert guidance to ensure an increase in sales. With onboarding and training facilities, users can train staff with expertly crafted training techniques. Also, brands are equipped with the ability to coach reps and provide actionable feedback on their performance to optimise sales. With this intuitive platform, organisations can enhance their customer engagement levels besides helping reps understand individual buying behaviour and pursue them precisely. show more

DocSend vs Highspot | Highspot Alternatives
SalesHood - Sales Enablement Software
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Get More Sellers Performing Like Your Best
(471 Ratings)

SalesHood pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is SalesHood and how does it work?

The SalesHood Platform is built from the bottom up to boost sales productivity with sales enablement processes, security and workflows to automate Learning, Coaching, and Selling. Streamline coaching with templates and workflows designed to boost quota attainment. Improve sales productivity with sales content and win stories delivered just-in-time for customer conversations. Correlate sales enablement activity with sales performance data. show more

DocSend vs SalesHood | SalesHood Alternatives
ClearSlide - Sales Enablement Software
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Defining Sales Engagement
(617 Ratings)

ClearSlide pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ClearSlide and how does it work?

Clearslide is a sales communications application that offers web-based services designed especially for the communication requirements of sales teams. This software provides peace of mind to the salespeople because they get complete control over the content even after it is sent to the clients or customers. Clearslide is one of the leading sales engagement platforms that completely transforms the way in which sales teams engage with their customers on the phone, in person or through email. It provides an easy to use communication platform which eliminates technological hassles and delivers satisfactory buyer experience, boosts the productivity of the salespeople and improves the overall success of the sales team. A key feature of this software is the integrated conferencing calling which enables salespeople to connect with multiple prospects and clients at the same time, which helps in effective communication. Clearslide is also the first solution that eliminates the piecemeal approach by amalgamating all the aspects of sales communications into a single unified platform. show more

DocSend vs ClearSlide | ClearSlide Alternatives
Gryphon.ai - Sales Enablement Software
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Experience the best of conversation intelligence
(867 Ratings)

Gryphon.ai pricing: Gryphon.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Gryphon.ai and how does it work?

Gryphon Networks brings together the innovators of AI-powered and guided selling. It is a unique solution that provides conversation intelligence with on-platform features different from contemporaries alike. Apart from providing the marketing teams of the client company with ample support on calls and conversations for increased benefits, Gryphon Networks also looks after pipeline acceleration and advance deals, besides providing necessary assistance in closing revenue deals with hundred per cent efficiency and stellar profits. Some of the noted benefits of using Gryphon Networks include ramping up of new representatives by 35 per cent and increasing the pipeline by 25 per cent. It further includes progressing deals by 15 per cent thanks to advanced sales methods and onboarding optimisation of new customers. Thus accelerating revenue recognition. The pipeline filling feature provided by Gryphon Networks is intended towards increasing sales velocity. This happens thanks to relevant target messaging which often possibly turns cold targets into profitable prospects. The CRM cadence is the best way to reach and convince relevant prospects. show more

DocSend vs Gryphon.ai | Gryphon.ai Alternatives
GetAccept - Sales Enablement Software
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All in One Sales Enablement Platform
(419 Ratings)

GetAccept pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GetAccept and how does it work?

GetAccept’s all-in-one Sales Enablement tool helps sales reps increase personalization and engagement to help build trust and win buyers over within a digital environment. Streamline your internal and external contract process by creating multi-recipient approval and signing workflows. Make sure the right people fill in the right information at the right time. GetAccept provides you with a legally binding eSignature solution that gives your customer the ability to digitally sign documents within seconds at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. show more

DocSend vs GetAccept | GetAccept Alternatives
Pitcher - Sales Enablement Software
93%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Improve your sales performance
(0 Ratings)

Pitcher pricing: Pitcher Offers Custom plan.

What is Pitcher and how does it work?

Pitcher is a sales automation platform that has altered the way enterprises promote and sell efficiently using field force excellence, content automation, coaching, analytics, permission management, order and sample management, and retail execution, all in one platform. It offers a global smart application for customer engagement and sales enablement. With Pitcher, you can discover your competitive edge with all the security and regulatory standards you demand in the cosmetics, life sciences, biotech, pharma, generics, Rx medication manufacturers and medtech sectors. You can excel in field execution to optimize your production in the health, food & beverage, clothing & accessories, cosmetics & personal care, & domestic necessities, and pets industries. You can monitor, execute, and plan your daily commercial activities successfully in the automotive, manufacturing, engineering, oil and energy, tire, chemical and agriculture sectors. You can take back control of your content and the language your service teams and advisors employ, and stay compliant in the wealth management, financial services, insurance, and banking industries. Additionally, you can utilize Pitcher’s intuitive mobile technology to collaborate among your sales and marketing teams. show more

DocSend vs Pitcher | Pitcher Alternatives
Seismic - Sales Enablement Software
93%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


The ultimate sales enablement solution
(791 Ratings)

Seismic pricing: Seismic Offers Custom plan.

What is Seismic and how does it work?

Seismic is a sales enablement and marketing orchestration software, enabling go-to-market teams to provide compelling buyer experiences that drives revenue. It enables you to ensure content correctness and relevance with live data components that update and create completely compliant papers at the touch of a button. Seismic provides real-time insights on how your sales teams are using content, what's generating revenue, and what material is needed in the future. Every asset and document in the system is kept up to current, on-brand, compliant, and ready to go. You can deliver exceptional customer experiences and equip sellers with real-time data, suggestions, and the tools they need to make every buyer encounter matter. You can deliver engaging digital experiences at the appropriate time and in the right place for your customers. Users can provide in-context advice, coaching, and insights to sales teams. You can create and manage content in one place, then let sellers customize it for maximum effect. Seismic's sales-enablement solution allows you to improve the way you provide information to your sellers by giving them quick access to deal-clinching material and training. show more

DocSend vs Seismic | Seismic Alternatives
MediaFly - Sales Enablement Software
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Chart out effective marketing campaigns that can attract more sales
(65 Ratings)

MediaFly pricing: Starts at $30.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MediaFly and how does it work?

Mediafly is a sales enablement and content management software that helps businesses to create, access, share and track engaging sales content and close more deals. The software helps users with hassle-free personalized and custom branded presentations using a wide range of animated templates. In addition, brands can also add, update and share their sales and product content with their customers to keep them engaged and drive in more sales. Mediafly comes with a TCO and product comparison mechanism, ROI calculators, diagnostic and benchmark assessment tools that help businesses predict the regular outcomes of their marketing campaigns. Moreover, real-time sales training and coaching helps organizations with content creation and sharing part, besides attracting buyers in real-time. Mediafly can be integrated with major CRM systems, enabling users to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Reporting and analysis, AI-powered insights, and advisory services are other essential features of the software that ensures seamless business growth. show more

DocSend vs MediaFly | MediaFly Alternatives
Showell - Sales Enablement Software
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A Sales Enablement Software
(121 Ratings)

Showell pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Showell and how does it work?

Showell software is an Sales Enablement platform used to tracking sales in minutes. The software offers a digital content library for storing and managing your presentations, brochures, data sheets, case stories, videos and images. Collaborate with teams to measure products, campaigns and content updates with communication tools. Share content and generate reports in real-time to measure business performance in minutes. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

DocSend vs Showell | Showell Alternatives
SAP Sales Cloud - Sales Enablement Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

SAP Sales Cloud

Improve the customer experience with sales enablement tools
(48 Ratings)

SAP Sales Cloud pricing: SAP Sales Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is SAP Sales Cloud and how does it work?

SAP Sales Cloud is a sales enablement platform that allows firms to track marketing effectiveness and handle leads, forecasting, contracts, bids, commissions, billing, and invoicing from a single location. Revenue recognition activities can be automated in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 15 and ASC 606 requirements. SAP Sales Cloud enables businesses to manage one-time and usage-based billing or invoicing processes, create target regions or quotas using prescriptive analytics, and obtain real-time visibility into sales success. Product configuration, contract storage in a centralized repository, and order management, pricing, and discounting processes can all be automated by managers. Supervisors can also define role-based access permissions for employees using contract templates and the clause library. Businesses may use SAP Sales Cloud to score leads in real time, manage opportunities, anticipate quarterly revenue, and track the full sales pipeline. Organizations can also use machine learning capabilities to receive customized sales suggestions by sorting sales territory according to corporate goals, detecting outliers, and detecting outliers. show more

DocSend vs SAP Sales Cloud | SAP Sales Cloud Alternatives
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