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Updated on: December 1, 2021
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ADSi CAD Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 ADSi CAD Alternatives

New World Public Safety

New World Public Safety | Public Safety | Tyler Technologies
(13 Ratings)

Provide accurate and secure information for dispatchers, first responders in the field, sworn officers, command staff, and civilian employees.

CentralSquare CAD

Computer-Aided Dispatch | CAD Dispatch Software | CentralSquare
(4 Ratings)

CentralSquare Enterprise CAD offers the industry's most advanced location and recommendation capabilities. Advanced GIS-centric mapping gives essential location information to responders and helps save lives by locating lost cellphone callers with an outbound text.

Rave 911 Suite

Two way communication software

Providing 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching, and responding to emergency calls more efficiently and effectively with location data, Smart911, live video streaming, georeferenced floor plans, and text-from-911 capabilities.

What is Rave 911 Suite ? Rave 911 Suite Pricing

TripSpark NEMT

People Transportation Software

TripSpark Technologies is a people transportation technology company focused on helping mid-sized public transit agencies and private operators achieve their operational goals. It provides key features like Scheduling, Real-Time Dispatch. Billing and much more.

What is TripSpark NEMT ? TripSpark NEMT Pricing

Emergency Reporting

Fire and EMS Records and Reporting | Emergency Reporting
(2 Ratings)

Emergency Reporting (ER) has supported over 750,000 first responders since 2003. ER's Records Management and Reporting Software act as the centralized ecosystem that powers an agency's entire operation. DoD/military installations and large entities such as NASA, nuclear power plants, and hospitals use ER.

Products Similar to ADSi CAD


Electronic Health Records for Emergency Services | ESO
(17 Ratings)

ESO’s Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) makes it easy to produce quality emergency medical services clinical documentation. Learn more about this state-of-the-art ePCR software.


EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) - Demo | MEDHOST
(4 Ratings)

MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System can help deliver fewer medical errors, more revenue for hospitals, faster patient throughput and higher patient satisfaction scores.


ePCR | Prehospital Care Report | ZOLL Data
(4 Ratings)

With our integrated EMS ZOLL's ePCR solutions, call data flows seamlessly from dispatch, to patient care and over to EMS billers instantly

Traumasoft EMS

EMS and Ambulance Software Solutions by Traumasoft
(1 Ratings)

Traumasoft specializes in EMS and ambulance software solutions. Full automation & system integration streamlines operations and eliminates redundancy.

Phoenix EMS

Mileage Tracking Software

Phoenix EMS have it all with call details, basic patient info, history and assessment to interventions, document and photo attachment, and transport and billing. It is fully integrated with CAD, Mobile and Fire or Police RMS systems and has Insurance and other 3rd-party billing compatibility via interface.

What is Phoenix EMS ? Phoenix EMS Pricing