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Top 5 AdvancedScheduling Alternatives

Doctolib - Patient Scheduling Software


To access healthcare professionals anytime
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Doctolib pricing: Doctolib Offers Custom plan.

What is Doctolib and how does it work?

Doctolib is one of Europe’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies. Improve the daily life of healthcare personnel. Improve patient access to healthcare and patient health. Build a team of entrepreneurs with humanist values. They are dedicated to creating useful solutions for healthcare personnel and patients, regardless of age, condition or location. They strongly believe in prioritizing data privacy as they continue to build services with a positive social impact for the long run. show more

Doctolib Alternatives
DocMeIn - Patient Scheduling Software


Service for healthcare providers
(2 Ratings)

DocMeIn pricing: DocMeIn Offers Custom plan.

What is DocMeIn and how does it work?

As appointment time is approaching, the patient will receive a courteous reminder via any combination of email, phone or text. User have full control over the content and timing of those messages. Each appointment notification includes a machine-readable attachment. Patients' email software recognizes this attachment as their appointment and adds it to their calendars without having them enter any of the details. Week view, day view or print navigate calendar easily with a point-and-click interface. Customizable color-coding tells appointment status, provider and service with one glance. Drag-and-drop appointments to reschedule and immediately notify patients of changes. Appointment reminders will lead patients to the Web page, where they can view their upcoming appointments and confirm them. With recalls, user can even remind patients to schedule a new appointment. When they do, it will immediately show up in the practice calendar. show more

DocMeIn Alternatives
4PatientCare - Patient Scheduling Software


Grow Your Practice
(1 Ratings)

4PatientCare pricing: 4PatientCare Offers Custom plan.

What is 4PatientCare and how does it work?

As the only patient engagement and appointment scheduling solution focused exclusively on the eye care industry, They are uniquely positioned to equip practice for sustained success. Friendly, dedicated team has over 20 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to practices like users.

4PatientCare Alternatives
CalendarSpots.com - Patient Scheduling Software


It's better than the appointment book
(2 Ratings)

CalendarSpots.com pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is CalendarSpots.com and how does it work?

Book appointments online and manage class or workshop attendance with user-friendly calendars designed for staff, receptionists and owners. Accept appointments online and reservations based on scheduling rules. No more phone tag. Save time and get new clients with real-time booking. In addition, online client booking portal is highly customizable to reflect brand. show more

CalendarSpots.com Alternatives
OnTime! Scheduler - Patient Scheduling Software

OnTime! Scheduler

Shift Management & Staff Scheduling Solutions
(1 Ratings)

OnTime! Scheduler pricing: OnTime! Scheduler Offers Custom plan.

What is OnTime! Scheduler and how does it work?

When organizations create a schedule, the scheduling office is bombarded with phone calls and emails requesting changes. As a result, they are required to spend countless hours finding replacements, modifying the schedule, and informing others of the changes. Chyma exists to eliminate all of those problems. Everyone benefits when using the OnTime! Scheduling Software here’s why:Chyma OnTime! Scheduling is easy-to-use scheduling software that allows to generate accurate schedules with very little time spent by using rules and alerts to help to find the best resources. The Chyma software allows user to communicate the same information to everyone in real-time and prevents expensive no-shows. Administrators can change the schedules easily and share the task with users by letting them manage their own trades and specific last minute changes that guarantee compliance. show more

OnTime! Scheduler Alternatives

Products Similar to AdvancedScheduling

Clockwise.MD - Patient Scheduling Software


A Patient Engagement Software
(1 Ratings)

What is Clockwise.MD and how does it work?

Clockwise.MD software is a platform used to connect patient to clinic digitally. The software offers texting and online registration tools for patients to experience an seamless scheduling experience to build loyalty. Collect Feedback to measure ROI with informed staffing decisions and refine processes. show more

Clockwise.MD Alternatives
EZams healthcare suite - Patient Scheduling Software

EZams healthcare suite

Enterprise Appointment and Queuing Software Systems
(1 Ratings)

What is EZams healthcare suite and how does it work?

Enterprise appointment scheduling and queue management software .

EZams healthcare suite Alternatives
i-Scheduling for Appointments - Patient Scheduling Software

i-Scheduling for Appointments

Online Appointment Scheduling Software - Customizable
(1 Ratings)

i-Scheduling for Appointments pricing: i-Scheduling for Appointments Offers Custom plan.

What is i-Scheduling for Appointments and how does it work?

Appointment scheduling software is a customizable program to make appointments online ( medical, professional services , physical resources ). The software can be customized in dozens of ways to meet unique scheduling requirements. Reliability is very important which is why I offer access to a real time backup of system on another server. In case the server is down, can always view schedule on the backup server. show more

i-Scheduling for Appointments Alternatives
EzMedPro - Patient Scheduling Software


Simplify medical billing
(1 Ratings)

EzMedPro pricing: EzMedPro Offers Custom plan.

What is EzMedPro and how does it work?

EZMed Professionals is one of the few Billing Solutions that offer complete Medical Billing Services. They are a dedicated team with an aim to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to the clients with 100% transparency of the process. They believe in providing an All-in-one solution by combining Medical Billing expertise with the Project Management skills and IT Support Services. show more

EzMedPro Alternatives
JBDev Scheduling - Patient Scheduling Software

JBDev Scheduling

(1 Ratings)

JBDev Scheduling pricing: JBDev Scheduling Offers Custom plan.

What is JBDev Scheduling and how does it work?

Depending on industry, may pursue traditional scheduling software instead of self-scheduling option. Regardless of which JBDev product choose, the hours spent scheduling before will be reduced to minutes. If they are having trouble filling a shift, send the opening to all of employees at once with our self-scheduling mobile functionality. show more

JBDev Scheduling Alternatives
skedule.care - Patient Scheduling Software


All-in-one practice growth solution
(0 Ratings)

skedule.care pricing: skedule.care Offers Custom plan.

What is skedule.care and how does it work?

skedule.care, All-in-One Practice Growth Solutions. Tools developed focusing on growing your Practice- Attract, Manage, Retain & Engage patients ! The platform includes Online Appointment Scheduling system (the easiest one built -go live with appointment system in less than 5 minutes), and upcoming modules like complaint management system, support ticketing system, feedback, survey & scheduling bot. The All in one growth practice solution includes increase web presence via website creating, mobile app development, social media marketing & digital marketing. show more

skedule.care Alternatives
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