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Updated on: November 30, 2021
Aurion Analytics
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Aurion Analytics Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Aurion Analytics Alternatives


Go beyond simply analysing the existing data with the agile HR Analytics module
(24 Ratings)

Talentsoft transforms data analysis into a continuous learning cycle.


People Analytics Solutions for Enterprise and Mid-Market | Visier
(29 Ratings)

People analytics solutions. Connect previously disparate sets of HR data to understand the complete story about your organization and your people.


Get A Dedicated HR Manager For $99/month
(1 Ratings)

Bambee allows you to hire an HR manager for just $99 a month. Plus SMB’s can access a free suite of powerful HR tools to stay compliant.

Prevue Assessments

Prevue HR | JobFit Assessment Tests
(1 Ratings)

Prevue's job assessment tests use aptitude, interests, & personality to see how they'll impact a candidate's performance. Reduce turnover by 50%, learn more!

Predictive Success

Pre-Employment Assessments | Predictive Success™ Canada
(1 Ratings)

Predictive Success, Canada's Leader in Pre-Employment Assessments: Try A Predictive Index® Test for Determining Behavioural Fit and Cognitive Ability. Request a Demo to See How a Predictive Index Survey® Can Help You Hire Better.

Products Similar to Aurion Analytics


Make Work More Meaningful - Attuned
(1 Ratings)

How do you make work more meaningful? Manage your team using what matters most to each of them. Work with intrinsic motivation.

Human Capital Management...

HCMI: Workforce Analytics for Business Results
(1 Ratings)

HCMI's mission is to fundamentally change the way organizations make decisions about their workforce. HCMI seeks to enable organizations to leverage their workforce as a source of transformational value creation.

The Vision Lab

Features - The Vision Lab
(1 Ratings)

Find out why AI-driven innovation works best. Learn more about the features that make The Vision Lab such an effective means to crowdsource ideas.


HRMetricsPro | Employee Retention Metrics
(1 Ratings)

HRMetricsPro is a suite of HR Dashboards that help you understand exactly where and how you can improve HR functions and activities and plan strategies based on validated metrics and customized data.

Activ8 Intelligence

Activ8 Intelligence – Home | Activ8 Intelligence
(1 Ratings)

Our award-winning people analytics product, illumin8HR, helps your end users make informed decisions from accessible insights.