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Helium 10 - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

Helium 10

Software for Amazon FBA and Walmart Sellers
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Helium 10 pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is Helium 10 and how does it work?

The Helium 10 Software Suite will allow you to gain an advantage over your competitors as it was designed and battle-tested by top Amazon sellers. So if you want more sales, more time, lower PPC costs, and if you want to discover hidden keywords your competitors don’t use then start using Helium 10 -- the same tools top Amazon sellers use on a daily basis. show more

Helium 10 Alternatives
Cenports - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


The advanced e-commerce automation and integration platform
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Cenports pricing: Starts at $189.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Cenports and how does it work?

Cenports software is an eCommerce data automation and integration platform that enables you to organize inventories and place orders via several channels. It helps you automate and integrate your way out of inventory, fulfilment, API/EDI, and order management difficulties across hundreds of major retailers, whether you're a company owner or a manufacturer. Cenports platform assists you in producing professional looking invoices on the go. You can keep track of your sales orders and purchases at a single place to ensure no data mix-up takes place. You get a fully customizable dashboard that allows you to keep track of your company's shipments and processes. The platform provides smart inventory management tools to reduce your operational costs, and effectively grow your sales. You can automate your entire order management process with Cenports to scale up your business. It eliminates the need of manual entry logs and multiple logs by providing easy integrations with multiple retailers. Additionally, you can sync your inventory across all of your major sales channels through email, EDI, FTP, and API using Cenports. show more

SupplySpy vs Cenports | Cenports Alternatives
Vin Reco - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

Vin Reco

Payment reconciliation system
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Vin Reco pricing: Vin Reco Offers Custom plan.

What is Vin Reco and how does it work?

Vin Reco is a globally leading SaaS payment reconciliation system for brands and sellers on marketplaces who are struggling with leaked payments on marketplaces. The marketplace payment reconciliation system identifies any commission that has been incorrectly charged and provides data for the same. Marketplaces charge fees for shipping based on categories defined by the product’s dimensions, weight, and location of the delivery. If a marketplace incorrectly charges the order, the payment reconciliation system captures such transactions and provides a report for the same. show more

Vin Reco Alternatives
Jungle Scout - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

Jungle Scout

Optimize your online Amazon marketplace with Jungle Scout
(2,825 Ratings)

Jungle Scout pricing: Starts at $19.0.

What is Jungle Scout and how does it work?

Jungle Scout is an online marketplace optimization platform that enables users to easily start, grow and manage their online business. The software allows you to launch and scale your own business by assisting you in making powerful and data-driven decisions. Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform that provides smart tools and features to help you skyrocket your Amazon business. You can very easily discover the most popular products and the most powerful keywords that are required to boost up your sales. It also assists you in automating your inventory management process along with your review requests. You also can get a detailed analysis of your sales performance, popular trends, and competitive insights with Jungle Scout. Users additionally get the tools to sort from over 500 million products available on Amazon through advanced filters that help you in revealing profitable opportunities related to the product database. You can use a product tracker for saving and monitoring various Amazon products along with managing their performance and sale. It provides three premium plans along with some customizable packages and a 7-day money-back guarantee. show more

SupplySpy vs Jungle Scout | Jungle Scout Alternatives
Teikametrics - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Increase your sales on Amazon
(27 Ratings)

Teikametrics pricing: Starts at $250.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Teikametrics and how does it work?

Teikametrics is an efficient sales and profitability management software, using which users can expand their sales and profitability on the Amazon website. It increases the profit margins of the users by helping them to grow their business. The software features a unique blend between data science and next-gen automation. It makes sure that the users are spending efficiently and capturing all the opportunities provided to them. Using this software, users no more have to use archaic, rule-based bidding. They are introduced to world-class, machine learning optimization. The users are allowed to see their individual and account related profitability, that includes promotions, fees, and advertising. With the software’s keyword automation feature users no longer have to perform tedious tasks. Teikametrics allows users to leverage out their automation to increase their sales, efficiency, and visibility. The software has an efficient team of experts who are always ready to offer expert help to its users. show more

SupplySpy vs Teikametrics | Teikametrics Alternatives

Products Similar to SupplySpy

Tiger - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Create a rental market place for your online business
(2 Ratings)

Tiger pricing: Starts at $39.0.

What is Tiger and how does it work?

Tiger is an online peer to peer rental marketplace creation platform for businesses, related to equipment, apparel, property rental, books, travel and more. A dedicated dashboard featured by the same, comes equipped with a variety of business-relevant metrics. Thus helping enterprises to let their customers login via social media accounts, browse through online platforms, raise queries via chats and pay for services as per their convenience. Further, Tiger with its advanced UI/UX lets organizations update any number of service listings and products as per their needs, get notified about customers whereabouts along with the calendar sync option. An active CRM integration facility lets users enhance their business efficiency levels, automate marketing related tasks besides managing activities like product listings and emails in a single click. Tiger is available in 25+ languages enabling users from all around the globe to get their work done. show more

SupplySpy vs Tiger | Tiger Alternatives
Sellics - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Boost up your online Amazon marketplace with Sellics
(275 Ratings)

Sellics pricing: Starts at $47.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Sellics and how does it work?

Sellics is a smart online marketplace optimization platform developed specifically for Amazon sellers to allow them to launch and scale their own business by assisting them in making powerful and data-driven decisions. It enables the users to easily start, grow, manage, and optimize their online business or Amazon marketplace by providing advanced tools for SEO keyword optimization, popular product discovery, and inventory management automation. With Sellics, users can very easily discover the most trending products and the most useful keywords that are required to skyrocket their sales. Users can also use a product tracker to save and monitor various Amazon products along with the management of their performance and sale. It also assists you in automating your inventory management process along with your review requests. Using this software, users also can get detailed analyses of their sales performance, popular trends, and competitive insights. It is a powerful solution that is ideally suited to enterprises of all sizes; they can utilize it to boost up their organic traffic, track profit margins, run ad campaigns, and much more. The software also assists in managing customer reviews and provides a mobile application for both iOS and Android to ensure smooth and secure functioning. show more

SupplySpy vs Sellics | Sellics Alternatives
AMZScout - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


One-stop for Amazon product research
(0 Ratings)

AMZScout pricing: Starts at $16.49.

What is AMZScout and how does it work?

AMZScout is a web-application to find profitable products and niches to sell on Amazon. The basic plan is $29.99/month and includes all the features plus 20 products on the product tracker. Sales estimates(one click and you’re getting all your niche information), revenue estimates (instantly get the estimated revenue on a product), look out for competition (add competitor’s products and check their revenue), keyword explorer, fulfillment details (get all the FBA fees for every product), view trends ( Google trend analyser for every product), sales rank at a glance (information about the best sellers in every niche), profit calculator (calculate your estimated income), sales history per year (check every products histories per year), instant information on ratings (get the review info on every product), quality of product listing (analyze whether a listing has good or low quality of), quick product sourcing (get potential suppliers in one click). Extremely user friendly. You can search for products on the app using categories and keywords and filtering them by a total of 44 filters. AMZScout works in Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, France, Spain, Germany, India, Italy. show more

AMZScout Alternatives
Deliverr - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


A perfect solution for your eCommerce business generated hassles
(228 Ratings)

Deliverr pricing: Deliverr Offers Custom plan.

What is Deliverr and how does it work?

Deliverr is a fast and affordable eCommerce fulfilment software, helping out brands accelerate their sales across multiple platforms like Google, Shopify, Walmart, BigCommerce, eBay, Instagram and Facebook. The software facilitates a fulfilling business transaction between brands and their individual buyers, by enabling the admins to delight the latter with predictable, fast, affordable and reliable sales. Companies can also boost up their business sales via smart badges made available to them. Deliverr comes loaded with an interactive user interface, enabling brands to get their business completely settled down and running within ten days (max). All they need to do is - connect in a listing tool/shopping cart as per need, generate an item-wise list which they want to sell, active fast shipping tags and start selling. Prime business badges served by the software include Facebook and Instagram 2-day ads, Wish 2-day, Walmart 2-day delivery, eBay Fast ‘N Free, Google Shopping Free and Fast. show more

Deliverr Alternatives
CartHook - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Boost your Shopify revenue with CartHook
(17 Ratings)

CartHook pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is CartHook and how does it work?

CartHook helps in boosting a brand’s Shopify AOV and revenue. This platform adds post-purchase offers for the same purpose. Also, with CartHook businesses can build post-purchase funnels which are triggered by what the customers buy at the checkout. The platform helps brands to decide when they would want to display the funnel based on what was purchased, cart value and product count. Furthermore, this platform allows businesses to modify beautifully designed templates, making each offer irresistible. One can choose elements including CTAs, timers and product descriptions. On post-purchase offers, it automatically inherits the brand theme from Shopify checkout. CartHook with its diverse range of tools makes it easy for users to track the results across every funnel and offer to understand the impact on their AOV and revenue. Business owners can also monitor funnel conversion rates and top converting funnels with generated revenue. Mobile optimisation, billing integrated with Shopify payment and top-notch live support, are other features present within. show more

CartHook Alternatives
Sellerboard - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Analyze your profits with ease
(4 Ratings)

Sellerboard pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Sellerboard and how does it work?

SellerBoard is a profit analyzing software for Amazon Sellers. It offers advanced and powerful tools to its users to increase their profit percentage. SellerBoard provides live data to the customers so that they can make real-time decisions. The live dashboard of the software lets users display detailed information like Amazon fees, promotion costs and their own fixed costs at the same time. The configurable charts enable users to make a quick and convenient analysis of all the important business factors. The profit and loss view offered by the software is a smart and clickable statement and focuses on every parameter from different periods. Users can customize the timeframe and granularity of the data. The software also informs users about current trends in the business market and ensures that they are not following any negative trends. SellerBoard helps users to keep track of their business cash with its inbuilt cash flow tool. This way, users can keep track of the available cash amounts and plan out tasks accordingly. The software extracts data that are related to Amazon and helps users to track expenses that are required to maintain a virtual assistant, warehouse, sample costs, and more. show more

Sellerboard Alternatives
CommerceIQ - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


An intelligent & smart business intelligence tool
(0 Ratings)

CommerceIQ pricing: CommerceIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is CommerceIQ and how does it work?

CommerceIQ is a business intelligence software that primarily is designed keeping the ecommerce needs in mind. It combines the benefits of data science, artificial intelligence & the machine learning discipline to offer business solution. It ensures optimum collaboration among teams. Users can spot sales risk and identify sales scopes better and can derive actionable insight into the revenue performance with the help of KPIs. CommerceIQ helps in tracking the inventory and staying updated with stock data. It facilitates in gathering massive ecommerce data signals from major e-merchandise sites across the globe. The software also benefits users with real-time data-driven recommendations.q show more

SupplySpy vs CommerceIQ | CommerceIQ Alternatives
Algopix - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


A must-have Product Market Research tool for any business
(4 Ratings)

Algopix pricing: Starts at $27.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Algopix and how does it work?

Algopix is a cross-channel product market research solution platform that helps users to analyse the market demand and decide the possible margins. It also helps to fetch the most informed knowledge for making the most beneficial business decisions. It analyses the cost of shipping the product for current and future inventory solutions. It provides sourcing and selling insights to popular worldwide service providers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay sellers. For manufacturers, it provides an overview of international demand and market positioning. It allows users to make a comparison between various brands and discover new marketing opportunities. Algopix offers actionable product insights and saves your time by increasing sales and reducing market risks. Thus, it provides a concrete analysis of all the expenses incurred, competition analysis, estimation of total sales, insights from Google AdWords and bulk analysis. Algopix also comes with Product discovery tools that enable you to search for them with the help of broad product keywords. The app maintains transparency through its listing insights, thus ensuring that the users are receiving the actual information they are looking for. Algopix API is designed to improve the scalability and performance of your business. show more

Algopix Alternatives
AMZ Alert - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

AMZ Alert

The greatest Amazon listing protection tool
(12 Ratings)

AMZ Alert pricing: Starts at $20.0.

What is AMZ Alert and how does it work?

We at AMZ Alert want to save you time and money by alerting you to typical Amazon seller issues right away. AMZ Alert is a scalable and dependable Amazon solution that aids in the management and scaling of typical Amazon seller challenges. Instant notifications of unpredictable behaviours such as price changes, unfavourable reviews, hijackers, product suppression, changes in star ratings, and more are included in our Amazon monitoring software capabilities. AMZAlert is an Amazon seller monitoring tool that notifies them of any abrupt or unexpected changes to their Amazon listings. It aids in increasing market share, sales, and revenue. AMZAlert allows you to reply immediately to scammers, hijackers, negative reviews, and more. It sends out instant email and SMS notifications so that you may take prompt action to fix Amazon selling issues like product listing alerts, review alerts, marketing alerts, and more. Its 24-hour monitoring software saves both time and money. Automatic cease and desist letters, buybox and Highjacker notifications, keyword ranking change alerts, product suppression alerts, quick Amazon text alerts, and many other capabilities are available with AMZAlert. show more

AMZ Alert Alternatives
AMZ.One - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Kickstart your sales on Amazon
(0 Ratings)

AMZ.One pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is AMZ.One and how does it work?

AMZ.One is a futuristic tool helping out Amazon sellers to get their sales improved in real-time. The tool comes loaded with a keyword rank tracker to provide daily rankings for the user’s products for any chosen keywords. Also, an Amazon product finder available within the same enables the seller to search among the best-selling products in each category. The sales tracking tool monitors real-time sales volume for any product on the website. AMZ.One comes with an on-page analyser to optimise Amazon listings for search algorithms with concreted tips. Also, by getting instant notifications for negative reviews, the seller can achieve a quick resolution. In addition, its advanced super URL SEO tool allows users to add a retargeting pixel and reach out to customers in real-time. Besides periodic email reports and promotional giveaways, there is a keyword research feature to find the most used keywords on Amazon, which promotes sales significantly. AMZ.One offers competitor wise updated information for seamless monitoring. Other notable features include hijack listing alerts, negative review notifications, product-wise alerts, finders and more. show more

AMZ.One Alternatives
Optiseller - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


E-Commerce software tools
(0 Ratings)

Optiseller pricing: Starts at $29.17. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Optiseller and how does it work?

At Optiseller they have the capabilities and experience to support user in the journey to set-up and scale online business processes from an unbiased viewpoint. They will point out the areas that can be improved and recommend the right tools and services can use to drive growth and efficiency. At Optiseller they are experts at integrating new technologies with existing applications and working processes. They have worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide to ensure that the different pieces of the puzzle work together in the best possible way, no matter how big the operation. show more

Optiseller Alternatives
AMZDiscover - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


Amazon Reviewer's Email Addresses Discover
(0 Ratings)

AMZDiscover pricing: AMZDiscover Offers Custom plan.

What is AMZDiscover and how does it work?

AMZDiscover is an awesome tool for discovering Amazon reviewer's Email addresses. Easy & quick to collect the Amazon reviewer's Email addresses list. It produce key features like Detailed Reviewer Information, Access Reviewer, Amazon Marketplaces and much more.

AMZDiscover Alternatives
ProfitGuru - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


A Sell Products in Amazon in seconds
(0 Ratings)

ProfitGuru pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ProfitGuru and how does it work?

ProfitGuru software is a tool for researching products, tracking competitors and suppliers for your Amazon store. Manage brands to monitor sales insights on competitor products. Estimate the sales volume per month for each product and measure the product attributes like price and size. Retailers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

ProfitGuru Alternatives
Insight Mailer - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

Insight Mailer

Increase sales with Amazon Seller Tool
(0 Ratings)

What is Insight Mailer and how does it work?

Insight Mailer is a feedback management software developed exclusively for the Amazon sellers with an aim to increase the sales from a single platform. The application allows the sellers to manage product reviews, customer feedback, and seller ratings. The software helps to automate email campaigns, explore repeated data and facilitate the process of business communication. With the help of a unique algorithm, the software helps the user to target the right shoppers with a better understanding of customer sentiments. Insight Mailer helps the user to keep track of the number of orders received in a particular point of time. It provides both the total as well as individual counts of orders. The application helps to know about the details of repeated purchases customers are making, in order to attract them with more promotional offers. Insight Mailer even shows the seller the amount of products sold along with the number of customers for a specific period of time. It also has a feature to help the seller to identify the geographical location of customers, along with a clear idea about the regions having more sales. show more

Insight Mailer Alternatives
DataHawk - Online Marketplace Optimization Tools


An ultimate fuel to accelerate the eCommerce growth
(37 Ratings)

DataHawk pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is DataHawk and how does it work?

DataHawk is a software analytics forum that assists businesses in increasing sales, boosting productivity, optimizing margin, and acquiring insights on Amazon. It covers product data monitoring, Search Engine Optimization, financial reporting, and market search and intelligence. DataHawk tool consists of many useful features to make the business turn massive. When it comes to business success, Amazon's e-commerce analytics platform is the best. It helps to achieve success in the hyper-competitive marketplace, connecting buy boxes and protecting margins. Data shop’s cloud-based and self-served software platform offer solutions around product data monitoring, market intelligence, Search Engine Optimization, advertising analytics, and sales reporting. Amazon resellers must opt for this tool because of its automated PDP tracking and leverage competitive market analysis tool that ultimately improves new product launch projects and PDP performance management. Data Hawk is an excellent software for Search Engine Optimisation that would be profusely helpful for resellers, brands, and agencies to increase sales because of its fantastic tracking tool and SEO dashboard. DataHawk makes managing Amazon's business so easy with its starter, growth, and pro pricing strategy. show more

SupplySpy vs DataHawk | DataHawk Alternatives
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