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Advanced Lead Tracking Algorithm
(136 Ratings)

Waalaxy is a lead capture software that allows you to automatically contact your target on LinkedIn and via email, the two channels that account for 96 percent of B2B prospecting today. The tool was created with the goal of allowing you to launch your campaigns in less 10 minutes. You can contact 700 potential clients every week in 10 minutes per day.Its vast list of features includes – its simple mechanics allow you to launch campaigns in under 10 minutes. On average, their chat assistance responds in under 3 minutes and has a 98 percent positive feedback rating. Easily segment your list of prospects using a variety of parameters such as title, firm, location, language, and tag. Integrating natively, Update your CRM and have the data instantly exported to your favourite tool.One of their most beneficial features is that of personalized auto-mated messages. Nobody enjoys being approached by a robot. Their feature set allows you to customise your communications. As long as your prospect does not answer, your follow-up mails will send themselves.Import new leads automatically and set your campaigns on autopilot. show more

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Generate Sales Leads
(0 Ratings)

Icereach helps you automate & scale LinkedIn outreach, so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster with less effort. Create an outreach sequence of automated LinkedIn actions with delays to engage your prospects with invites to connect, messages, or profile views.

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A LinkedIn Lead Generation Software
(4 Ratings)

LinkedProspect software is a platform used to target and engage people with product or service. The software offers tools to invite and send a sequence of messages to engage your prospects. Generate leads and start a sales conversation with them to meet the business requirements.

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A Lead Agency for Business
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Coldinbox software is a platform used to send personalized messages to generate revenue and grow your business. The software offers tools to create and manage ads, quizzes and surveys, landing pages, thank you pages, and more. The quality of databases and email lists of IT professionals are monitored and can segment the lists to make sure a high delivery-rate.

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Generate high value leads
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ContactBird is the solution for every service based business that never wants to worry about client acquisition again. Automate cold DM outreach, without the risk of getting banned. Find users who are followed by or who follow a certain user, as well as users who use certain keywords and save those users to a list. This user searches give up to 1000 users consistently.

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Products Similar to LimeCall


High Quality Personalized e-Commerce
(0 Ratings)

Fill out our form in less than 5 minutes, so that can understand exact needs and provide with the most suitable leads. Start cold email campaign, and scale business thanks to Shopileads. Increase SaaS Monthly Recurring Revenues with the power of cold email marketing. Find future clients with cold email and close them by a call to increase revenue. Target future customers and offer them services by email to increase revenues.

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Unlimited leads from Google Maps
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Choose among the 4000+ categories of Google Maps, and target precisely by state, county or city in more than 95 countries (and more coming soon). Scrap.io isn't an old database scraped months ago and filled with obsolete and invalid data. All extractions are done in real time from Google Maps, and will always download up-to-date and valid data. They only offer professional and publicly available data on the internet. The US and European laws authorise to download and exploit these data for commercial purpose. They keep track of every email, every phone number and on which page it was found. show more

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Discover Social Media Profiles
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Use features that enable the discovery of social media profiles and their contact information. Choose from various network-specific discovery options and receive YouTube and Instagram profile data in no time. Prospety bypasses YouTube and Instagram limits and, if necessary, automatically solves captchas to extract the emails. Prospety offers various network-specific profile discovery options for a diverse array of use cases. Use ones that best suit your needs and create hyper-focused YouTube or Instagram profile lists for campaigns. show more

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Build Sales Funnels in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

SeizeLead software is a platform used to convert website traffic into hot leads and grow sales funnel. The software offers widget designs and features for all kinds of needs. Measure lead conversion rate with real-time analytics. It integrates with WordPress, Wix, Webflow, and more.

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One-click collection of online data
(0 Ratings)

Kaddara is a platform designed for professionals who need fresh leads to run their business and whose business is affected by how competitors operate. The platform monitors how competitors operate in real-time and feeds fresh leads on who next customers could be. The finding is shown in dashboards, and the platform sends notifications when significant new events happen in market space.

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Convert Website Traffic
(2,513 Ratings)

Get to know everything about the organizations which visited website - their social media handles, details about their page visits and most importantly the technologies which they are currently using on their own site. Connect with the organizations that show high purchasing intent. Create own filters and define what a quality lead is for business.

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Boost your Email Clicks
(15 Ratings)

Allegrow takes your email outreach to a new level as you leverage our technology to optimise your sender reputation and inbox placement. Make the priority inbox where your emails land, not the spam folder. Increased sender reputation allows more prospects inside your cadences to open your emails and engage with you. This generates leads more efficiently and the overall reply rates on your campaigns.

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CRM Software to Close Deals
(0 Ratings)

LeadLoft CRM software is a platform used to drive revenue in minutes. The software offers tools to manage pipeline with powerful prospecting tools and engage leads with automated outreach Playbooks. Measure the pipeline via dashboard to automate workflows. It integrates with Zapier.

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A free contact form for your website - Foxyform.com
(1 Ratings)

A contact form for your own website - create your own contact form quickly and easily - with anti-spam protection and, of course, completely free!


Camilyo integrated online presence and marketing tools for online service providers
(2 Ratings)

All-in-one, omni-channel, white-labeled, integrated marketing platform, designed specifically for online service providers


FreeContactForm - Clean And Simple Contact Forms
(1 Ratings)

Free contact us forms that are responsive and secure, ready to download, and really easy to install

Dial Your Leads

DYL | Client Relationship & Lead Management Solutions
(2 Ratings)

Receive real-time notifications and stay ahead of your competition with ContactConnect, the lead management CRM from DYL.


The Managed Service for All Your Online Advertising - Optily+
(2 Ratings)

Bionic supply intelligent automation software and services for social marketing that deliver significant improvements in return on advertising spend.

Equifax B2B Marketing Lists

B2B Marketing Lists | Business | Equifax
(15 Ratings)

Generate new business leads with Equifax B2B Marketing lists for your marketing and sales campaigns


Everthere - Enterprise Grade Market Intelligence Platform
(84 Ratings)

Turn real-world marketing behaviors into actionable data. Know where your competitors are, understand where the industry is headed.