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Updated on: September 26, 2020
Loopy Loyalty One-stop loyalty platform for small businesses
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Loopy Loyalty Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Loopy Loyalty.

Top 5 Loopy Loyalty Alternatives


Today’s customers tomorrow’s growth
(42 Ratings)

Talkable is changing the way companies acquire and retain customers, by quantifying and accelerating the oldest marketing channel ever word of mouth. Get peace of mind by partnering with a results-focused company with 9 years of e-commerce industry expertise. Identify, target and reward your most... read more


Better marketing option out there for small businesses
(20,735 Ratings)

Fivestars, their mission is to help businesses and communities thrive by turning every transaction into a relationship. Over 40 million people use Fivestars to get rewarded at more than 13,000 local businesses with one rewards program. Local businesses use Fivestars to bring more customers into... read more

Xoxoday Plum

Building Millions of Rewarding Stories
(51 Ratings)

Xoxoday Plum is an API driven digital rewards platform that automates rewards, incentives, and gifting. Tailor-make your web storefront with brands you wish to showcase & your users get ample options to choose from. You do away with the tedious process of handling multiple reward vendors. Plum... read more

Switchfly Loyalty

Integrated loyalty solution for travel brands
(1 Ratings)

Switchfly is a SaaS travel-commerce and loyalty engagement platform that allows you to deploy online services. Switchfly Loyalty integrates seamlessly with Packaging solution to complement any company’s e-commerce and merchandising strategy by offering flexible payment options on bundles of... read more

Capillary Loyalty Plus

Reward and retain your best consumers
(1 Ratings)

Capillary Loyalty Plus platform helps brands to retain their best customers by rewarding them with highly contextual, personalized rewards. Easily configure rules related to upgrade/downgrade, allocation/redemption, expiry, and promotions. Create and manage a single brand, multi-brand,... read more

Products Similar to Loopy Loyalty


Carry a customer loyalty plan

Pretii is a loyalty platform for business, it has the benefits of these two systems without the associated problems. Customer loyalty programs are a proven way to get more and new customers by simply rewarding their loyalty. Rewards based on points awarded according to the consumption made by each... read more


Create a Digital Loyalty Program for Your Business
(21 Ratings)

Belly Businesses increase customer visits by up to 54%. Ditch those paper punch cards! They help you build a digital customer loyalty program perfectly suited for your business. Through the iPad, your customers can easily sign up, check-in and earn points redeemable for their favorite rewards.... read more


Personalized Approach to Loyalty
(18 Ratings)

Clutch is a customer marketing platform for B2C brands. Today, marketers struggle because they have customer data stored in many different places. This makes it difficult to know how and when to reach their customers and with what message. Clutch offers a way to centralize this information, make... read more


The loyalty management platform designed for growth
(103 Ratings)

Goody offers a full stack of products for loyalty rewards, marketing, and customer relationship management. It's simple, easily accessible and integrates with everyday applications. Helps to gain insights into the most profitable customers.

Annex Cloud

Configurable Customer Loyalty Software
(63 Ratings)

Annex Cloud’s customer marketing platform provides fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions that work together to optimize the customer journey and deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content,... read more

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