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Torii Maintain all your SaaS applications at a single place

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Prodcurement Software For Business
(49 Ratings)

Precoro pricing: Starts at $35.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Precoro and how does it work?

Precoro is an innovative Procurement and Spend Management software to meet the business requirements. The software offers purchase requests to streamline approval workflows with a product catalog. Stock requests and approvals with smart notifications and export them in minutes. It integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, NetSuite, and more. show more

Precoro Alternatives
Zluri - New SaaS Software


SaaS Operations Made Simple
(20 Ratings)

Zluri pricing: Zluri Offers Custom plan.

What is Zluri and how does it work?

Zluri is a platform used to manage software applications for business needs. The software offers a knowledge base in real time and monitors contracts/renewals with an approval process to maximize ROI. Gain insights with alerts to change the application ecosystem via a single dashboard. It integrates with Intercom, Slack, Zapier, and more. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. Zluri is an enterprise platform designed to help small and medium businesses manage and optimize their software applications. With Zluri, professionals can take advantage of the real-time knowledge base and efficient planning tools, helping them make informed decisions about their application ecosystem. The software allows users to easily monitor contracts and renewals with a streamlined approval process. With Zluri, you'll also gain up-to-the-minute insights about their business decisions with automated alerts based on data analysis. All of this can be conveniently managed at one central dashboard. What's more is that Zluri integrates seamlessly with popular third-party apps such as Intercom, Slack, Zapier, and more. This allows enterprises to easily collaborate on projects or developments, resulting in accurate results and healthier ROI (return on investment). Zluri is the perfect tool for busy professionals looking to make smarter decisions in regard to their business application software infrastructure. Try it today to maximize efficiency for your organization! show more

Torii vs Zluri | Zluri Alternatives
Flexera SaaS Manager - SaaS Spend Management Software

Flexera SaaS Manager

SaaS Management Platform
(0 Ratings)

Flexera SaaS Manager pricing: Flexera SaaS Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Flexera SaaS Manager and how does it work?

Use Flexera SaaS Manager to easily integrate with your systems, enabling increased visibility to what lives in your SaaS environment. Flexera SaaS Manager lets you monitor license utilization through proactively generated, easy-to-read reports. Flexera has enabled clients to save hundreds of millions of dollars with software spend optimization solutions, and now they are bringing that expertise with SaaS management. show more

Flexera SaaS Manager Alternatives
Dell Premier - SaaS Spend Management Software

Dell Premier

IT Procurement solutions
(0 Ratings)

Dell Premier pricing: Dell Premier Offers Custom plan.

What is Dell Premier and how does it work?

Dell Premier is a web-based solution designed to streamline the procurement process for organizations. This platform offers personalized product selection and simplified ordering, making it easy for users to manage procurement efficiently. With a focus on customer needs, Dell Premier provides customized solutions tailored to meet individual organizational requirements. Dell Premier enables users to access a wide range of Dell products, including laptops, desktops, servers, and accessories, among others. The platform provides a simplified and user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate and manage their procurement tasks with ease. This system also includes comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that provide users with real-time insights into their procurement processes. show more

Dell Premier Alternatives
G2 Track - SaaS Spend Management Software

G2 Track

Manage Software Spend, Usage, Contracts, and Compliance
(68 Ratings)

G2 Track pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is G2 Track and how does it work?

G2 Track is a tool that helps SaaS companies to track everything about their software or platform to realize the most optimum business outputs. This includes the ability to manage software spends, usage, contracts, and compliance. In this way, users can optimize their entire tech stack by managing their complete Saas platform in a single and powerful dashboard. G2 Tracks helps users to understand the apps they are using, the frequency with which they use them, along with the amount spent on each. As a result, users can unify their vendor data and range from invoices and renewals to compliance under a single unified platform with a clear view. Hence, every team member can follow every possible update, including notes and details about contracts. And with deeper insights, SaaS spends can be optimized in terms of product usage, billing treats, and contract renewals. show more

G2 Track Alternatives

Products Similar to Torii

Apptio Cloudability SaaS - SaaS Spend Management Software

Apptio Cloudability SaaS

A single place to optimise and manage your SaaS operations
(2 Ratings)

Apptio Cloudability SaaS pricing: Apptio Cloudability SaaS Offers Custom plan.

What is Apptio Cloudability SaaS and how does it work?

Apptio Cloudability SaaS is a cloud cost management and optimisation platform that enables IT Teams to understand, optimize, manage and govern their SaaS portfolio. The platform helps users to make better data-driven investment decisions without affecting their business performance. Along with this, the platform also helps users to understand their SaaS footprint across multiple businesses by identifying differential SaaS applications that are consuming resources at present. It enables IT Teams to get an accurate picture of SaaS spendings and usage, by understanding app utilization procedures from the customers end. The platform also helps with the discovery of inactive and underutilized app licenses, allowing admins to make timely adjustments according to their business needs. In this way, organizations can identify redundant apps and compare their pricing in real-time. Moreover, IT Teams can track their apps with SOC2, GDPR compliance protocols and organize applications based on their risk types for custom reporting. show more

Apptio Cloudability SaaS Alternatives
Vendr - SaaS Spend Management Software


The no-brainer SaaS buying platform
(0 Ratings)

Vendr pricing: Starts at $36000.00.

What is Vendr and how does it work?

Vendr is forever changing how companies buy and renew SaaS. Cloud-based software that helps procure SaaS, handle finances, manage security, and track revenue from a unified platform. It handle as little or as much of the buying as you need, from discovery to renewal management, with data-backed insights and a small army of expert buyers show more

Vendr Alternatives
SaaSLicense - SaaS Spend Management Software


Simple SaaS Portfolio Management
(2 Ratings)

SaaSLicense pricing: SaaSLicense Offers Custom plan.

What is SaaSLicense and how does it work?

SaaSLicense is a SaaS (software as a service ) portfolio management software that facilitates easy and smooth management of your company’s portfolio. SaaSLicense enables your team to make data-driven investment decisions without affecting company performance by helping you manage and govern your SaaS portfolio. Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery paradigm in which software is licensed and hosted centrally on a subscription basis. This program aids in the management, optimization, and governance of your SaaS portfolio. You can track resource use of SaaS and on-premises apps throughout the company with this software in a single view. This software will help your company reduce the number of redundant, underused, or dormant SaaS apps from your portfolio. SaaSLicense can assist you in determining the real cost of the cloud, optimizing your technology expenditure, and demonstrating IT's value to the company. This makes it an extremely useful software to be included in your business arsenal. The software is available as part of various subscription plans that are fit to suit every type of requirement. show more

SaaSLicense Alternatives
Productiv - SaaS Spend Management Software


SaaS management with application engagement analytics
(30 Ratings)

Productiv pricing: Productiv Offers Custom plan.

What is Productiv and how does it work?

Productiv is a SaaS management platform that is designed for IT leaders and is powered by application engagement analytics. The software enables its users to rationalize, visualize and maximize the saas management portfolio in a way to suit the budget and business of users. Users can constantly check and evaluate the effectiveness and cost of their applications through the software. Productiv provides its users with data and insights that help them to increase the business value of their applications. One can visualize and see all the applications in order to get the contextual insights about users through the software. The software allows its users to increase the value of their portfolios by using various application integrations for smooth and effective functioning. The custom connectors to SaaS applications built by the software analyzes collects and uses the engagement insights to help users understand what the applications are being used for and analyze the features and trends. show more

Torii vs Productiv | Productiv Alternatives
Yaydoo - SaaS Spend Management Software


Your go-to procure to pay and procurement software
(0 Ratings)

Yaydoo pricing: Yaydoo Offers Custom plan.

What is Yaydoo and how does it work?

Yaydoo is an advanced procurement software that assists the businesses in streamlining their purchase process from accounts payable to vendor sourcing. It enables the users to automate their entire purchasing process using smart tools and features like automatic budget creation, real time spend report generation, and online transaction. With Yaydoo, users can discuss and do negotiations with various vendors at a single time, reduce their team efforts and hardwork to almost half, and save a good deal in recurring purchases. Users can always approve or deny a purchase according to their requirements as the platform sends a notification every time a request has been made. The software offers complete visibility and you can manage your terms, track payments to vendors, and optimize your entire workflow all from a single dashboard. The software additionally provides an Android mobile application for smooth functioning of all its features. show more

Yaydoo Alternatives
Zylo - SaaS Spend Management Software


Get Complete Control Over SaaS Costs And Risks
(21 Ratings)

Zylo pricing: Zylo Offers Custom plan.

What is Zylo and how does it work?

Zylo is a tool that allows organizations and users to have complete visibility of SaaS applications, usage, and spendings. Zylo’s Discovery Engine empowers comprehensive discovery, continual monitoring, and full optimization of SaaS applications to support holistic SaaS management. Zylo’s Discovery Engine has a patent-pending machine learning model that gives almost 100% accuracy, helping businesses uncover an accurate view of every SaaS application. Through Zylo, managers of cloud-forward enterprises can discover all applications, manage SaaS licenses, build a renewal calendar, drive IT collaboration, secure SaaS applications, contain costs, drive disruptive innovation, and thus prepare for growth. Users can drive more value from their organization’s mission-critical SaaS application investments with the help of Zylo’s broad range of integrations with platforms and applications like Dropbox, Aha!, Asana, DocuSign, GSuite, Office 365, GitHub, Onelogin, PagerDuty, Zoom, Zendesk and more. Every Zylo user gets a team of consultants who work closely with them to help drive ROI and ensure success. show more

Torii vs Zylo | Zylo Alternatives
Intello - SaaS Spend Management Software


Visibility in your SaaS spending
(0 Ratings)

Intello pricing: Starts at $99.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Intello and how does it work?

Intello is at the forefront in the field of SaaS discovery, management and optimization provision. By integrating with existing cloud software and by taking advantage of a proprietary browser extension, Intello provides companies with real-time visibility into their SaaS data. Intello’s proprietary browser extension and integrations shows how your organization utilizes their software licenses and collects real-time employee feedback to report purchasing decisions. All these features work together to help companies to monitor spending and save money from unused subscriptions. It also provides an enhanced and automated software vendor compliance. Additional features include Audit and Contact Management, Customer Database and Vendor Qualification Tracking among others. Intello’s overall aim is to create a more transparent SaaS ecosystem. show more

Torii vs Intello | Intello Alternatives
Trelica - SaaS Spend Management Software


Manage comprehensive SaaS operations in the most productive way
(12 Ratings)

Trelica pricing: Starts at $250.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Trelica and how does it work?

Trelica is an efficient SaaS management platform that empowers IT Teams with seamless functionalities and notable outcomes. The platform turns out to be of great help, enabling proactive management of SaaS renewals using consolidated calendars and automated reminders. Other notable facilities served by the particular include the discovery of shadow IT and inventory, automation of IT operations, engaging end-users and more. Further, the out of the box integration facilities provided by the platform is capable of automating SaaS discovery while providing continuous updates on app usage. Along with the app engagement insights, the platform also brings license details together. Thus helping IT teams to identify immediate savings from unused seats. Furthermore, Trelica can also be used to create and distribute satisfaction surveys to get feedback on the app. For security purposes, it provides full visibility to users by allowing them to go through the third-party apps their customers have given permissions to. show more

Torii vs Trelica | Trelica Alternatives
NachoNacho - SaaS Spend Management Software


A B2B SaaS Marketplace
(0 Ratings)

NachoNacho pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is NachoNacho and how does it work?

NachoNacho empower the businesses to save money and valuable time by taking control of their SaaS stack. It help businesses find and save on exciting and relevant software tools to do more, better, quicker, and cheaper. This platform allows businesses to manage all existing SaaS subscriptions using virtual credit cards in one company-wide account. This makes it easy to keep track of spending, find discounts, and cancel unwanted subscriptions. show more

NachoNacho Alternatives
Cledara - SaaS Spend Management Software


A unified Saas based purchasing and management software
(6 Ratings)

What is Cledara and how does it work?

Cledara is a comprehensive SaaS management software that helps companies to monitor, control and automate their SaaS and scale operational processes seamlessly, besides complying with regulations to save money. In Cledara, SaaS purchasing and management is powered by virtual cards that keep data in a single place, saves manual work and enhances business continuity as well. It also includes a management dashboard that provides users with oversight of the whole software stack along with actionable analytics about changing stacks and budgeting. Cledara also helps users to manage processes for companies’ SaaS secured by GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2, UK Cyber Essentials and the FCA. Moreover, it automates the processes of manual reconciliations or bookkeeping. Users can connect the team’s email to access invoices, reconcile and account for them automatically. The software ultimately helps team members with SaaS discovery, authorization, purchase, management and compliance to cancellation in just one click. show more

Torii vs Cledara | Cledara Alternatives
Quolum - SaaS Spend Management Software


Expense card for corporates
(0 Ratings)

Quolum pricing: Starts at $500.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Quolum and how does it work?

Quolum is a SaaS spend management software that receives and attaches invoices from vendors directly to transactions. They created this function since their inbox was clogged with SaaS invoices. These invoices are easily found on the dashboard by finance and accounting teams when they need to reconcile entries. Pro-ration letters, refund invoices, and payment receipts are also handled by them. Your contracts are stored in Quolum, along with structured meta-data including vendor, renewal dates, cancellation window, court of law, and data retention and processing rules. You may purchase all of your SaaS with ease. It's underpinned by cutting-edge software that tracks recurrent costs, cancels product trials, and keeps tabs on spending. All invoices from vendors will be automatically combined into a single bill for your SaaS purchases. Based on a 360-degree picture of your SaaS fleet, you can make better renewal decisions. For a limited number of SaaS services, you can receive consumption data at the feature level. Furthermore, Quolum makes it easy to see a product, team, or departmental report so you can plan ahead for recurrent purchases and renewals. show more

Quolum Alternatives
Spendflo - SaaS Spend Management Software


Get the best purchasing, negotiating, renewal, and tracking services possible.
(0 Ratings)

Spendflo pricing: Starts at $250.00.

What is Spendflo and how does it work?

Spendflo is a software-as-a-service spend and procurement platform for high-growth businesses. Spendflo gives high-growth organizations visibility, control, and optimization over their SaaS spending. They become the clients' centralized SaaS purchasing operation, handling negotiations and renewals. Their technology keeps track of SaaS spending and usage across the company. Get a 2x-3x return on investment and become a strategic procurement partner. Get better visibility and control over contracts while reducing your workload. Accelerate compliance procedures while concentrating on security. In the least period of time, find the right instrument. You can save up to 30% on your SaaS stack. Alternatively, you can request a refund. Allow Spendflo to purchase and renew your SaaS on your behalf. Increase vendor visibility, automate procurement, and spend less on each tool. Your solution will automate all of your SaaS procurement requests, approvals, and renewals while also providing real-time visibility into your current stack, cost, and savings. show more

Spendflo Alternatives
Tropic - SaaS Spend Management Software


Slash your software costs
(0 Ratings)

Tropic pricing: Starts at $3750.00.

What is Tropic and how does it work?

Tropic is an essential tool for companies of all sizes. Its suite of products are designed to help manage the software purchasing process and provide a strategic advantage to its users. Finance teams can take advantage of guaranteed savings and ROI. IT teams can ensure compliance and reduce risk. Procurement teams can implement process efficiencies and work with Tropic as an extension of their own team. Tropic's products are designed to save money and time, while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. Its comprehensive suite of features helps companies of all sizes manage their purchasing process, guarantee savings and turn their software spend into an advantage. Companies who choose Tropic can rest assured that their software acquisitions are handled in a secure and cost-effective manner. show more

Tropic Alternatives
ControlHippo - SaaS Spend Management Software


SaaS Management Platform to automate IT task
(0 Ratings)

ControlHippo pricing: Starts at $10.00.

What is ControlHippo and how does it work?

Are they struggling to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts and seeking a platform that will manage everything for them? ControlHippo is the perfect solution for them. With ControlHippo, they'll be able to efficiently manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, integrate with their CRM for streamlined communication, and track all customer interactions. ControlHippo is designed to be a powerful yet easy-to-use system that will help save them a tremendous amount of time. And they don't have to worry about setting up complex configurations or coding ControlHippo can be set up and running in a few short clicks. As soon as they set up ControlHippo, they'll be able to gain more insight into leads and better manage customer interactions. They'll be able to use our advanced analytics to understand how to improve customer relationships, get valuable insights on interactions, unlock critical patterns for customer success, and much more. Plus, ControlHippo even provides triggers and contact tagging to ensure that everything is well organized and properly tracked. With ControlHippo, they won't have to worry about managing multiple WhatsApp accounts again. Their platform is the perfect solution for businesses that need to efficiently manage their communication channels. Get ControlHippo today and experience the power of advanced analytics and streamlined communication. show more

ControlHippo Alternatives
CloudEagle - SaaS Spend Management Software


Save on SaaS, else get your money back
(0 Ratings)

CloudEagle pricing: Starts at $1000.00.

What is CloudEagle and how does it work?

CloudEagle is a software procurement and management service designed to help businesses focus on their growth by taking care of their software purchases and renewals. With CloudEagle, businesses can save time and effort by delegating software procurement tasks to the CloudEagle team, who can source the software needed for their operations. The team also takes care of software renewals, ensuring that businesses can continue to use their software without interruption. By allowing businesses to focus on growth and other important tasks, CloudEagle provides a valuable service that can help businesses achieve their goals. With CloudEagle, businesses can streamline their software procurement and management processes, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations. Overall, CloudEagle provides a reliable and efficient solution for businesses looking to offload the burden of software procurement and renewals. show more

CloudEagle Alternatives
Sastrify - SaaS Spend Management Software


Manage all you SaaS memberships from one place
(25 Ratings)

Sastrify pricing: Sastrify Offers Custom plan.

What is Sastrify and how does it work?

Sastrify is a virtual Software-as-a-service procurement service, helping digital-first companies to optimize their SaaS tools. They centralize your procurement, providing you with a clear overview of applications and licenses, and negotiate with your suppliers to get you the best deals. With their easy setup and quick integrations, they onboard your current SaaS tool landscape within only 5 minutes of your time. Based on the input data, they can already provide you with a comprehensive overview on your tool stack. Based on your current SaaS tool stack and their large database, they will define the most promising tools for creating immediate savings for you. Also, Sastrify automatically identifies renewal dates and onboard the respective tool owners. Add owners and followers to your SaaS applications and get notified at every update. Understand who is responsible for decisions i.e. new purchases, contract negotiations, onboarding, and off-boarding of users. With their professional experience from past negotiations, their specialized procurement team supports you in negotiating new and existing contracts. In addition to the above, we work directly with the vendors to share your requirements and interests to save you time and money to the maximum extent possible. show more

Sastrify Alternatives
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