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Updated on: June 29, 2022

Web Analytics Software

Web analytics software is mandatory for all companies in order to analyze the performance of their websites. Incorporating this application helps you to identify your customer behavior. It allows you to gather important data based on which you can make data-driven decisions. Using this software, you can analyze your website visitors and can measure website traffic. In addition, you can identify visitors interactions on your website and use its advanced tools you can even find out where your customer clicking on your web page. Analyzing all these will help you to improve your customer engagement, sales, and customer conversion rate.

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Most Popular Web Analytics Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


It is an open source analytics software with privacy protection and user-centric insights. It can be installed on your server at free of cost. It provides real time updates about the details of your website visitors. Matoma has a customizable dashboard which allows you to create your own dashboard... read more

Matomo also won

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popularly used web analytics tool for tracking and comparing website’s traffic and conversion rate of campaigns, and is free of cost. Google Analytics analysis can identify websites performing poorly with various techniques such as Funnel visualization, referrers... read more

Google Analytics also won


Woopra is a customer journey and product analytics software delivering end-to-end journey metrics efficiently. Its services are trusted widely by top companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Redhat, Wordstream, Applovin, and more. The platform offers a variety of powerful features enabling users to analyze and extract useful information to improve business growth. With useful product analysis, businesses can extract all the necessary information to unify data across variable product and marketing needs besides analyzing customer journeys, trends, and retention rates effortlessly. Also, businesses can take real-time actions based on user... read more

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a website analytics tool that empowers website owners and digital marketers to increase their visibility into the browsing behavior of website visitors. It offers in-depth analysis of websites while also keeping the results GDPR-compliant. With the help of a dedicated... read more

Visitor Analytics also won


Oribi actively captures data about website visitors and converts them into intuitive and simple reports. The tool provides users with a dedicated dashboard and allows the tracking of individual website visitors in a way that taps into data heads such as where the visitor came from, the landing page... read more

Oribi also won


Hitsteps is a great tool for businesses to boost their website performance. It acts as an all-one toolbox of handy capabilities such as Web Analytics, Live Chat, Page Analysis, and Uptime Monitor. Hitsteps Analytics functions as a powerful real-time visitor management service that enables users to monitor their visitor stream, look at how they are interacting with web pages, and the page views that they are clocking. Details about the visitors are provided such as geolocation, first visit on the website, who referred them to the website, the browser they are using, their OS and device, and more. Users are also provided with heatmaps for each... read more

Simple Traffic

Simple Traffic is a website traffic provider that uses cutting-edge visitor forwarding software to supply websites with real visitors. The traffic is directly forwarded to user websites from a vast group of websites and domains that are owned by Simple Traffic. This resource accepts 1 URL per... read more

Simple Traffic also won

Piwik PRO

Piwik Pro tracks user behavior even in the most secure areas while being privacy-compliant, available on-premises and also in the cloud. It also managed GDPR consent. Piwik Pro Analytics Suite has renowned capabilities to manage tags that deploy custom triggers without IT support, run on-site retargeting, customize reports and dashboards and many more. Piwik Pro provides full compliance with privacy and security laws worldwide. It provides 100% of data ownership and no data is ever shared with third-party servers. You can combine data collected through Piwik Pro analytics suite to build extremely accurate profiles of your customers and... read more

Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics is a compact website analytics tool built for privacy-conscious site owners. The platform offers access to a variety of valuable stats which companies can make use of to improve their end-user experience. Also, Plausible Analytics features a simple set-up and can be integrated... read more

Plausible Analytics also won


Finteza is a comprehensive analytics tool that helps businesses track and analyse traffic, conversion rates, sales funnels, landing pages and advertising campaigns alike. An advertising engine available within makes it easy for users to sell ad spaces, manage banner rotation, accept payments and analyse reports. Instead of providing media kits, advertising houses can offer access to advert zone statistics, helping clients make better decisions while choosing ads to be displayed. Another remarkable feature of Finteza is its multi-step traffic quality measurement protocol, which helps businesses with advanced botnet analysis, accurate tracking... read more