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Updated on: December 8, 2021

Contract Management Software

A contract can be described as a written or spoken agreement enforceable by law, about sales, employment or tenancy. It is an extremely important document in any business as well. The contract management process, hence, signifies the activities involved in monitoring the contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, etc. Now, a contract management software helps in automating and enhancing the activities associated with managing the agreements made with customers, vendors, partners, etc. Enterprise contract management software helps in minimizing sales cycle, quicker revenue realization and keep at bay the hassles of paper-based administration of contracts. 

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Most Popular Contract Management Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.

Icertis Contract Management

Icertis Contract Management is one of the leading software, designed for solving the toughest enterprise contract management issues. It comes with a simple user interface and is very easy to deploy as well as use. A holistic view of the contract, automatic profiling, automatic tracking helps in... read more

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Concord is an intuitive contract management software that enables businesses and professionals to collaborate, e-sign, manage and store agreements. Up-to-date and automated contract templates provided by the same, help businesses create well-written contracts in real-time. At present, Concord is a... read more

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ContractWorks is an advanced contract management software that facilitates easy and secure management of all of your contracts. It aims at reducing your stress of manual contract management by providing tools to organize all of your contracts easily and quickly. With Contract Works, you get an easy... read more

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Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts is a complete Contract Lifecycle Management tool that lets the user automate and streamline all their contracts across the organization. Using this tool, users can streamline their contracts process, solve challenges, and manage the whole working across all their businesses with... read more

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Contractbook is an online contract management tool used to create, sign and store contracts and legal documents safely. Contracts can be created from ground up or choosing from a list of preset templates, after which they can be digitally signed and sent to recipients. The contracts can be uploaded... read more

Contractbook also won


ContractSafe is a futuristic contract management software, helping out businesses to store and manage all of their contracts within a unified location, proceed with speed search and get access to simple email-based reminders in the form of detailed reports. The software helps with accurate deadline management, by sending in automated reports regarding approaching deadlines. Also, an intuitive search and reporting feature made available within the same enables keyword-based searches and exact match finding facility on the go. Admins even get to depend on ContractSafe with seamless user management, role-based permission rights, no-delete and... read more


Gatekeeper is a robust contract management platform, helping out IT, procurement, vendor management and sales teams to track and renew contracts on the go, besides managing associated processes simultaneously. The platform sends automated reminders to users about contract renewals. It also offers a... read more

Gatekeeper also won

Contract Logix

Contract Logix is a comprehensive contract management solution trusted by top graded global business houses. It helps organisations to get access to an industry-based approach on the go, where admins can process role-based security policies as per needs. Moreover, dynamic template and clause library found within the software, helps users draft negotiation based contracts in real-time besides automating their entire contract management system. Large teams working together can collaborate with each other, seamlessly. They can also automate e-sign agreements and versioning related tasks with ease. Further, detailed reports offered by Contract... read more


Outlaw is an advanced contract automation platform that makes the entire contract life cycle process easy, from cloud-based redlining to template creation to a document generation to real-time e-signing and negotiation. It offers end-to-end contract management solutions and keeps all parties on the... read more

Outlaw also won


ContractRoom is an intuitive contract lifecycle management platform that helps companies accelerate agreement related closures, enhancing collaboration and increasing staff efficiency levels at the same time. It assists companies to reduce staff efforts by streamlining and automating the way contract requests are submitted. The solution also helps to drive standardisation of contracts by retaining and reusing proven standard languages, clauses and negotiation strategies. With ContractRoom, companies can offer online access to non-legal internal users as well as third parties to review contracts. It also enables users to search and locate... read more