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Baremetrics - Subscription Analytics Software


Advance tools for Saas and subscription businesses
(125 Ratings)

Baremetrics pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Baremetrics and how does it work?

Baremetrics is a subscription analytics and insights management platform that helps businesses to get hundreds of valuable metrics and insights, achieving real-time growth. It comes with metrics, dunning and engagement tools that help Saas and subscription businesses to move at a high pace. With Baremetrics, users get to see what is happening today, plan for tomorrow and strategise their growth for the next months and years to come. Baremetrics tools help to organise customers to bring meaningful and comparative insights across the dashboards. Users can choose any of their custom segments to get instant historical comparisons. With these segmentations, they can also create and save groupings of all their customers in seconds. Also, Baremetrics allows businesses to perform simple health checks to see how different groups of customers are growing. They can quickly monitor new expansion or even churn for any customer segments to get better insights. show more

ChartMogul vs Baremetrics | Baremetrics Alternatives
ProfitWell - Subscription Analytics Software


Get subscribers' reports with minimum effort
(146 Ratings)

ProfitWell pricing: Starts at $1000.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ProfitWell and how does it work?

Increasing the number of subscribers is challenging work, and tracking the customer's activity seems to be an extra burden after managing the underlying business. ProfitWell helps the business owner keep track of all the activities of subscribers so that the owner can concentrate on the growth of underlying core business operations. ProfitWell takes care of all the aspects related to subscribers and subscription growth. This site provides an accurate report of the subscriptions and helps deduce pricing strategy by analyzing the previous subscription details. ProfitWell is so featured that it can provide notification to the owner in credit card failure payments. Reports generated by this site identify the more decisive aspects of the underlying business and identify the improvement provisions. As an additional charm, this site is featured to identify old customers and helps them to get back to the company service. ProfitWell identifies the opportunities to upgrade monthly subscribers to quarterly and yearly plans. Users should avail of the service of ProfitWell as it is easy to handle and also available in mobile applications. show more

ChartMogul vs ProfitWell | ProfitWell Alternatives
Zuora Analytics - Subscription Analytics Software

Zuora Analytics

Predict your subscription metrics with high accuracy
(5 Ratings)

Zuora Analytics pricing: Zuora Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is Zuora Analytics and how does it work?

Zuora Analytics is an intuitive subscription business analytics software that allows organizations to predict subscription metrics in an efficient and time-saving way. It automatically calculates all the data without making users do any manual work in spreadsheets. The solution can also be used to track business performance through repeatable processes for reporting on business KPIs using a pre-built subscription metrics library verified by the Subscribed Institute. With Zuora Analytics, users can monitor their most important KPIs with the help of an interactive dashboard that can be customized using its drag and drop user interface. The software helps companies discover hidden growth opportunities through robust trend analyses functionality, which helps to study business impact by product, time period, region and more. Further, companies can quickly launch pricing, offering and packaging related information to achieve strategic growth objectives. It also enhances the customer experience by offering them the flexibility to make changes in their subscription. show more

Zuora Analytics Alternatives
Zuora Insights - Subscription Analytics Software

Zuora Insights

Analytics built for business users with enterprise performance
(252 Ratings)

Zuora Insights pricing: Zuora Insights Offers Custom plan.

What is Zuora Insights and how does it work?

Zuora Insights is a one-stop solution that lets you track business performance with a repeatable process for reporting business KPIs using a pre-built library of industry-leading subscription metrics validated by the Subscribed Institue. Zuora Insights offers a fresh and interactive drag and drop dashboard which will help your business to monitor the most important and relevant KPIs efficiently and with ease. Zuora Insights also includes easy to understand, robust trend analyses that break down the business impact by time period, product, region, and more for you to uncover hidden potential for growth and opportunities within your business. With clients like Control Play, CallRail and VectorVest, Zuora leads the subscription economy in the industry. With methodologies backed by the Subscribed Institute’s Definitive Guide to Subscription Metrics such as Recurring Revenue, Subscriber Value, Retention Metrics, Receivable Metrics etc, Zuora can help you in understanding your business better and making it flourish. Follow the trends, discover insights, say hello to out-of-the-box business metrics and empower your team with a self-service dashboard all under the ease of one single platform. show more

Zuora Insights Alternatives
CostTeam - Subscription Analytics Software


A Tool to Manage Subscription
(96 Ratings)

CostTeam pricing: CostTeam Offers Free-forever plan.

What is CostTeam and how does it work?

CostTeam software is a platform used to identify online subscriptions, and other recurring expenses. The software offers a bank-level security to analyze your credit card and bank account statements. Manage Financial control to track your subscriptions and can generate email report in CSV file format. Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

ChartMogul vs CostTeam | CostTeam Alternatives

Products Similar to ChartMogul

Substly - Subscription Analytics Software


Company-specific subscription management made seamless
(0 Ratings)

What is Substly and how does it work?

Substly is an innovative platform designed for managing subscriptions for small and medium-sized businesses. It is arguable a saviour technology for companies that often fail to keep a track of their ongoing subscriptions. Substly brings all active subscriptions within a unified space backed by an interactive dashboard view. This also cuts on a significant amount of time that would have otherwise been invested in manual labour. The notification feature alerts subscription owners well before their subscription rents are cut and renewals enforced. The dashboard also records real-time usage of the subscriptions and thus, owners can go through their activity schedule and cut down on the unnecessary payments. Further, it even provides accurate estimates of the expenditure handled by the company towards every individual employee. Company subscriptions can be added from the extensive product database and then onwards, Substly identifies and tracks every bank transaction related to these subscriptions. Additionally, only authorised IDs with admin invitations can access the Substly dashboard. show more

Substly Alternatives
MicroMRR - Subscription Analytics Software


Free valuations and analytics
(0 Ratings)

MicroMRR pricing: MicroMRR Offers Custom plan.

What is MicroMRR and how does it work?

Connect Stripe for a free valuation, and then delve deeper into performance with visual analytics and insights. Never pay a cent to understand your startup`s revenue and valuation. Make better decisions with simple, clear charts of your startup`s performance. Instantly connect your Stripe metrics to track performance in real-time. show more

MicroMRR Alternatives
FirstOfficer - Subscription Analytics Software


Grow your business with a simple subscription analytics app
(0 Ratings)

FirstOfficer pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is FirstOfficer and how does it work?

FirstOfficer is a platform that enables its users to gain insightful subscription metrics for Stripe. The software aims at providing its users with the latest metrics and charts required to solve modern growth problems. Users are provided with insightful and powerful tools such as retention curve and configurable LTV, which can help users to diagnose their startups. With tools such as segmenting the customers, tracking churn, and conducting cohort analysis provided by the software, users can figure out the retention period of customers while also understanding them better. The software enables users to know the renewal schedule that keeps them aware of sudden financial changes and even the amount of money set to renew each month of the year. FirstOfficer enables its users to know the amount of money each cohort makes, and hence use the information to figure out the cost of customer acquisition. As the MRR and the revenue actually earned by the users are very different, the software helps the users to figure out the difference. show more

ChartMogul vs FirstOfficer | FirstOfficer Alternatives
Calqulate - Subscription Analytics Software


Utilise the best strategies and solutions for your finances
(1 Ratings)

Calqulate pricing: Calqulate Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Calqulate and how does it work?

Calqulate is an appropriate solution that further allows the creation of a single source of data for the entire company’s financial stock. It connects the company’s accounting, payroll, subscriptions, banking and CRM data with everything else within a single network. The software consolidates all information related to revenue details and configures SaaS metrics from the billing data regardless of the source it is stored in. It further allows clients to smoothen their MRR, by providing an accurate overview of the revenue earned along with, of course, the delayed revenue calculations. The software further collects the bank account balances and compiles them into a unified view for providing ample insight into the available cash in the company funds. Calqulate helps clients to plan and strategise their cash to invest cleverly and lead the business industry. Its automated cashflow forecasts track future investments, related invoices, staff costs, equity, loans, vendor payments and sales, accordingly. An overview of the customer acquisition costs and lifetime values can be calculated using Calqulate’s intensive economic analysis unit, enabling asset analysis like never before. show more

Calqulate Alternatives
MRRly - Subscription Analytics Software


A Simple Tool to Measure Cashflow in SaaS
(0 Ratings)

MRRly pricing: Starts at $70.0.

What is MRRly and how does it work?

MRRly software is a Subscription Analytics tool used for customer segmentation. The software offers 15 predefined and 5 custom parameters in creating reports. Generate Cohort reports and import data using XLS, CSV. Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

MRRly Alternatives
TrackMySubs - Subscription Analytics Software


Take control of your subscriptions
(85 Ratings)

TrackMySubs pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is TrackMySubs and how does it work?

TrackMySubs wasn't designed to help the average guy manage their Netflix account. It was designed specifically for digital entrepreneurs. Every feature has evolved from the needs of real digital entrepreneurs in order to help you save time and money.TrackMySubs is the ultimate subscription tracking and management tool for small business. show more

TrackMySubs Alternatives
Probe - Subscription Analytics Software


The ultimate command-based metrics app for Slack
(0 Ratings)

Probe pricing: Starts at $40.0.

What is Probe and how does it work?

Probe is a SaaS-based analytics software that offers metrics in Slack and integrates with all the products that the users are using to operate their business. The software provides the users with access to their data with a simple Slack command. Probe comes with a Slack bot that has various commands such as ‘/probe mrr’, ‘/prove new mrr’, ‘/probe renewal’, ‘/probe churn’, ‘/probe churn rate’. Each of the /probe commands will show an analytical graph having all the relevant data one is looking for. Users can connect Probe with their Stripe account or even send their data via the public API of the software. The Total MRR command shows a linear graph that represents one’s total MRR over the past 6 months. To see the weekly data of the same, one can run the ‘/probe mrr weekly’ command. The stacked bar graph generated after running the ‘/probe renewal’ command represents the user’s existing MRR movements. The MRR Churn command shows a bar graph wherein users can see and understand their net MRR churn. Whereas the MRR Churn Rate showcases the percentage of MRR churns per month. show more

Probe Alternatives
Mainmetrics - Subscription Analytics Software


Receive SaaS-based analytics and scale your business
(36 Ratings)

Mainmetrics pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Mainmetrics and how does it work?

Mainmetrics is a futuristic platform that enables businesses to get SaaS-based analytics directly from Braintree accounts. Businesses can use the particular to get a real-time view of the key metrics that are responsible to drive their growth. Companies can take a quick look at how their SaaS business is performing and undertake actions in real-time. It provides a detailed analysis of businesses’ progress through which admins can compare the performance of different strategies that were running in different time periods. The platform also helps users to know their monthly recurring revenue and revenue growth rate, through which they can prepare courses for the future of their businesses. It even provides accurate data about MRR churn showcasing how much they are going to gain or lose in revenue each month from upgrades, downgrades and cancellations. With Mainmetrics, users can easily track how many new customers they are getting each month and what their customer growth rate is. Apart from monthly data, it also helps to calculate the annual run rate, which is 12x their monthly recurring revenue. show more

Mainmetrics Alternatives
RevenueStory - Subscription Analytics Software


Know more on subscription analytics & drive business growth
(0 Ratings)

RevenueStory pricing: RevenueStory Offers Custom plan.

What is RevenueStory and how does it work?

RevenueStory gives users all details about subscription analytics that the user needs to discover to help align the organization's growth. The software understands its users and their businesses quite well. It comes with a custom-built dashboard where it shares all kinds of minute details and gives an overview of the metrics too. Next, RevenueStory brings together the products, customers, and revenue information to showcase the growth metrics. It edits the historical data and reflects all the information in real-time on the dashboard. This application is built on a billing system, and users can see their subscriptions, product catalogs and revenue clearly. With RevenueStory, users get the ability to view their data from a different perspective too. The software enables users to track the underlying data on each of their metrics that they get to see. RevenueStory helps its users to scale their products with their customers’ growth, hence increasing retention. show more

ChartMogul vs RevenueStory | RevenueStory Alternatives
JOinee - Subscription Analytics Software


Manage the awesome organization
(0 Ratings)

What is JOinee and how does it work?

JOinee helps to Building membership package made easy. Automated collection of recurring subscription. Ability to raise funds . Create, publish, and share donation. Customize the organization's membership and donation forms, flexibility to decide what information relevant to the organization. Take payments via cards, leveraging Stripe secure platform. Protected by HTTPS/TLS encryption, PCI-DSS compliant. Communicate with the subscribers. Optimized for mobile and tablet. Don't let slow manual drive. Accept payment from anyone, no matter where are they in the world. JOinee supports most of European and US dollar currencies. Clean reporting dashboard. view money collected by Stripe and monitor Stripe payout. show more

ChartMogul vs JOinee | JOinee Alternatives
Appflow.ai - Subscription Analytics Software


In-app Subscription Analytics Tool
(279 Ratings)

Appflow.ai pricing: Starts at $3.88. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Appflow.ai and how does it work?

Manage iOS and Android in-app subscription data, paywall A/B testing and push-notification in one place. Transform real-time data to actionable insights with personalized suggestions. Segment and compare different data states and subscriber groups, analyzing different data relations to improve sales performance model and increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Integrate chosen attribution and marketing analytics services to platform. More data and settings opportunities to better understand customers' behavior. show more

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