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Connect Your Teams
(334 Ratings)

AuditBoard helps you bring people, risks, and insights together to keep pace with today's demands and improve business resilience. Bring teams and stakeholders together with a collaborative approach to evidence collection, control certification, risk assessments, and more.

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Intuitive technology for business
(13 Ratings)

CoreStream is a professional services firm, specializing in the delivery of technology solutions to help clients improve operational effectiveness, manage risk and streamline workflow processes. CoreStream’s Risk Management Platform is a flexible environment for centralizing risk management across your organization or within a specific division or department. CoreStream’s Audit Action Management Platform is a flexible technology platform for managing these actions, and crucially, making the task of action owners providing updates as straight forward as possible. show more

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Tugboat Logic

Security Assurance Made Simple
(71 Ratings)

Tugboat Logic software is a platform used to manage entire InfoSec program to meet the needs of business. The software offers tools to define security policies, respond to RFPs and provide proof of compliance to gain confidence with customers and win more deals. Automate the process of sending out security questionnaires to third-party vendors, and collect their responses in a cloud-based centralized management console. It integrates with Zapier, Github, GitLab, and more.

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LogicGate Risk Cloud

Enterprise Risk Manangement
(113 Ratings)

LogicGate Risk Cloud is an end-to-end suite of applications that aggregate, manage, and mitigate the entire landscape of risk within an organization. GRC is hard enough without adding on a complex pricing structure. This pricing aligns with how user budget and plan GRC program.

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Register gifts & expenses with simple GRC software
(0 Ratings)

Resolve is a simple Governance, Risk & Compliance reporting software purpose-built for declaring Gifts, Interests, Travels & Vehicle Expenses. The cost of doing nothing could be much more than doing something about it. Increased risk of legal ramifications and penalties from lack of compliance.

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Products Similar to VComply


Simple Process and Compliance Management
(0 Ratings)

The compliance management solution enables businesses to manage workflows, audit logs, map evidence, and more. It helps businesses streamline the compliance management process, build underlying controls, and mitigate risk effectively. The solution makes it easier for businesses to complete all the external and internal compliance and to stay compliant with the laws and regulations.

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Demystifying IT GRC
(0 Ratings)

ClearGRC leverages real-time monitoring and analysis to help you prepare for the unexpected while complying with regulatory requirements. ClearGRC helps you with Policy and Process Reviews, Exception Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Internal Control maintenance, Assessments, Notifications, Reminders, and Reports. For every known pain we built a simple feature that makes the job easier and far more professional.

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Operating System for Risk and Compliance
(60 Ratings)

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software for businesses and advisors that's easy to use, includes all the content you need and is powered by artificial intelligence to help get you audit-ready and in control faster than ever before.

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A GRC Software
(37 Ratings)

Onspring GRC is a comprehensive management solution that helps organizations unify their business ecosystem. It allows businesses to easily run governance frameworks such as ISO, NIST, and CMMC, as well as automate lifecycle workflows, compliance testing, and attestations. Additionally, Onspring GRC provides users with a comprehensive risk register and automated risk assessments. It also helps to assess, tier, and track vendors, and integrate criticality ratings from cyber and financial monitoring services. Plus, Onspring GRC provides live dashboards of key metrics, risk scores, audit activity status, and more. It also allows users to create multi- or single-path workflows with real-time data tables, graphs and maps. By leveraging Onspring GRC, businesses can ensure efficient processes and resiliency amidst uncertainty. show more

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A Risk & Compliance Software
(1 Ratings)

Predict360 software is a platform used to create risk and regulatory relationships in organization. The Predict360 Risk Insights identifies existing risks and predicts emerging risks using Artificial Intelligence to augment internal and external risk data. Collect evidence, and collaborate on risk related issues and incidents in real-time through a centralized platform. Generate reports to measure the status updates on completed activities to automate workflows. Banking and Financial Services make use of the software.

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Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk, and Compliance | GRC
(60 Ratings)

Protect your business and bottom line – and quickly adapt to changes in technology, regulations, and the economy – with cybersecurity and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software from SAP.


GRC Software to Manage Risk and Compliance for Growth - SAI Global
(100 Ratings)

SAI Global Risk, Ethics and Compliance empowers customers to develop an effective risk management solution. SAI360 Enterprise, Professional, and Essential Editions were designed by SAI Global's risk and compliance experts to fit any business's needs. Bundles include access to a dedicated client success team committed to successful onboarding and speedy implementation .

ServiceNow Governance, Risk...

GRC - Governance Risk and Compliance - ServiceNow
(12 Ratings)

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance leads your business transformation with risk-informed decisions embedded in daily work—across the enterprise.


GRC Management Software | SAS Governance and Compliance Manager
(14 Ratings)

Strengthen risk oversight and build trust across your organization by systematically managing risk exposures. GRC management software from SAS provides an integrated view of risk exposures and compliance obligations, facilitating collaboration across GRC and finance groups while automating manual processes.

Essential ERM

Tracker Networks - Enterprise Risk Management Software and Solutions
(24 Ratings)

Web-based tool can be activated, configured and used productively in minutes. Risk management experience is not required. The system provides dynamic reporting and the ability export data to Excel.

SYNERGi GRC Platform

SYNERGi | GRC Platform | Cybersecurity by IRM
(1 Ratings)

The SYNERGi Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform has been developed in-house by Information Risk Management (cybersecurity specialists) since 2013. It has won several awards with SC Magazine and global organisations are using it to monitor their governance, risk and compliance obligations and requirements. It helps organisations manage their compliance and information security risk programs efficiently and inexpensively.


Pricing - StandardFusion
(21 Ratings)

See if StandardFusion is a fit today by taking us for a spin for FREE for 14 days.


GRC Software | GRC Tools & Solutions | Reciprocity
(90 Ratings)

The cloud-based SaaS solution fits your existing GRC program and evolves to guide you throughout your maturity roadmap. ZenGRC is the central platform for your organization's entire infosec ecosystem. Companies from SMB all the way to Enterprise useZenGRC for: Shortened, simplified audit cycles.


GRC software for security, risk, compliance, and audit - Galvanize
(109 Ratings)

HighBond is the end-to-end platform that brings together security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals. It streamlines collaboration across organizations, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers best practices.

Oracle GRC

Risk Management | ERP | Oracle
(12 Ratings)

Discover the risk management solution that allows you to automate advanced security and transaction monitoring to strengthen financial controls, ensure separation of duties (SoD), stop fraud, and streamline audit workflows.