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Updated on: August 12, 2022
Bonjoro Customer engagement through personalized videos

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Show By Animaker

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Show By Animaker pricing: Starts at $23.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Show By Animaker and how does it work?

We make it easy for companies across channels, cross-functional (Sales, marking, and communication) to engage with their respective audience using all forms of Video-based communication to increase funnel conversions, revenue, and customer engagement. More viewers, more customers, more revenue Increase Viewers to Signups with Turnstiles, CTA, and grow revenue using Martech tools show more

Show By Animaker Alternatives
BombBomb - New SaaS Software


Create personal video messages for enhanced professional experience
(530 Ratings)

BombBomb pricing: Starts at $24.92.

What is BombBomb and how does it work?

BombBomb is an advanced video messaging software that helps professionals with an effective way to communicate with others by sending more personal videos. Professionals can record their faces, screen or both and send them via existing text and email communication channels. In addition, they can also check who has played their videos and when. Apart from sending the video at once, users can even share the link of the video from anywhere to any platform of their choice. BombBomb allows users to create videos that include emotion, tone and personality, this way they get to attract relevant customers and generate more sales. Other notable facilities offered by BombBomb include customer adoption and retention rate enhancement using personalised video messages. BombBomb also provides great help to increase productivity levels in real-time, besides connecting team members located across the globe by helping them share the right information at the right time. show more

BombBomb Alternatives
Loom - Screen Recording Software
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Record and Share Videos for Work Communication
(218 Ratings)

Loom pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Loom and how does it work?

Loom is a communication tool for work based on instantly shareable videos. Users can record videos by capturing their screens or using their front-facing camera and add vocal comments. The videos can then be shared simply using a public link, which can be accessed without a loom account. Deleting videos is easy as well and it only needs a click of a button on the video page. It features ultra HD/4K video recording with a desktop application. Users can also share links to public folders with multiple videos inside it. Call-to-action buttons can be added to the videos and various recording tools like mouse emphasis, drawing, and custom recording dimensions are present. There are in-depth viewer insights available for data such as viewers and watched durations. Unlimited video storage is available as well and SSL encryption is deployed for enhanced data security. The software can also be easily integrated with Gmail and Slack. show more

Loom Alternatives
VideoAsk - New SaaS Software


The Best Platform for Engagement Through Videos
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VideoAsk pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is VideoAsk and how does it work?

VideoAsk by Typeform is a platform allowing hassle-free creation of voice/video forms. It makes it easy and fun for businesses to engage with their audience and gather feedback and answers. The video questions can be captured or uploaded and a public link shared to collect video/voice responses. With a video-driven UX, a VideoAsk can be created in seconds and embedded on websites using the floating widget. The simple copy-paste feature for embedding videos is one of the USPs of this platform. Answers can be collected on any mobile devices and web, and the responses are transcribed and organized automatically. Responses can be in the form of text, audio or video and they can be exported to a CSV file. All interactions can be managed in the inbox and email/push notifications can be enabled specifically. The platform allows brands to get up close and personal with their audience, have asynchronous conversations, and collect more leads. show more

VideoAsk Alternatives
Dubb - Video Hosting Software


Your best video platform for sales conversion
(90 Ratings)

Dubb pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dubb and how does it work?

Dubb is a video hosting platform designed to create relationships and close business sales offers. It's a sales-driven video platform that lets you share videos from a screen or video camera to sell more. The software can be integrated with Slack, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. The application was based on the presupposition that everyone should be able to share intelligent and visually appealing content with third parties without the need for specialized tools or technical skills. The mission of the company is simple: change the way people in the company communicate through video. Thanks to its outstanding video sharing features, it is also easy to use and offers excellent customer service, a sleek user interface and affordable prices. The video suite also includes a Chrome extension and a site where you can manage a custom video portfolio that you can share with the network. show more

Dubb Alternatives

Products Similar to Bonjoro

Vidyard - Video Hosting Software


Add a personal touch to your videos and improve sales on remote marketing
(786 Ratings)

Vidyard pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Vidyard and how does it work?

Vidyard is a set of tools that helps professionals and businesses with video creations, making their remote selling process quite easier. It allows users to record an hour-long video using their iPhone or internet browser. They can also record screens with or without a camera. With Vidyard, businesses can create unique messages in video form for each of their recipients and personalize them on demand. They can also generate a video playlist in a sequence and create a 3 second GIF preview that can be included in the emails. It also includes video editing tools that can be used to trim videos from the beginning or the end. Vidyard tool also allows professionals to integrate with pre-existing sales engagement platforms. Users can even customize their webcam bubble by adding their name and title at the beginning of the screen recording. Lastly, the tool allows them to host ad-free high-quality video streaming and upload the videos in different formats. show more

Vidyard Alternatives
Connatix - Video Hosting Software


Best platform for video advertising without any compromise
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Connatix pricing: Connatix Offers Custom plan.

What is Connatix and how does it work?

Connatix is a video monetisation platform that helps businesses to deliver and publish high-quality streams. A powerful video player and in-built revenue tools available within the particular, helps users to deliver the most engaging videos in real-time. Users can create premium videos that include story-like formats and hand-picked, editorial content. It allows companies to quickly add new revenue streams and increase the engagement levels with viewers as well. Organisations can leverage their existing videos to create brand awareness and video stories of their choice enhancing monetisation. With Connatix, users can repurpose their social content in-app and on-site to facilitate more engagement and enhanced revenue levels in real-time. Moreover, the platform also helps to deliver exclusive inventory from the top publishers besides enabling users to amplify their campaign performance with the help of an end-to-end solution. Connatix provides everything that video creators need, including brand safety, zero reliance on 3rd party cookies and positive associations. show more

Connatix Alternatives
Entre - Video Hosting Software


Professional network for entrepreneurs, creators, & investors
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Entre pricing: Entre Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Entre and how does it work?

Entre Charge tickets, use video or audio, record the event, and use screen-sharing. It goes Live or schedule events and rooms virtually. It seamlessly connected the people in the app on both mobile & app.

Entre Alternatives
PlayStory - Video Hosting Software


Create interactive videos
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PlayStory pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PlayStory and how does it work?

Add some zing to videos and connect better with customers using PlayStory, ultimate destination for creating interactive videos. They provide no personalization and have poor engagement and conversion rates. With the sharp increase in video consumption, companies have a strong demand to create interactive videos that help them provide a quality video watching experience. show more

PlayStory Alternatives
RecCloud - Video Hosting Software


Supercharge your business with intriguing videos
(1 Ratings)

RecCloud pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is RecCloud and how does it work?

RecCloud is a comprehensive video creation platform that enables businesses and individuals to record and share videos online and even experience video collaboration as per their needs. The platform allows users to record their screen activities, along with system sound or their own voice, to create intriguing videos. Businesses can upload all of their videos in the cloud and save their local storage space. They can even set an exclusive password for the videos to keep the content safe and secure. With ReeCloud, users can also allow their colleagues, family members or friends to manage the playlist. While recording the screen, video creators can customise video format, recording mode, audio quality, frame rate and other preferences as per convenience. RecCloud is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), following which it collects and uses all the data in the right way. The platform is available in 19 different languages making it easier for businesses. show more

RecCloud Alternatives
Adilo - Video Hosting Software


А Video Hosting Platform
(1,267 Ratings)

Adilo pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Adilo and how does it work?

Аdilо is an all-in-one video hosting and marketing platform for businesses and соnneсt сreаtоrs offering seamless, and buffer-free streaming that gets your videos to your аudienсe faster. Beyond super-fast video hosting and аdvаnсed соntent security, Аdilо has many solutions to make your videos interactive, monetize your соntent, build а team and get more out of every video. Аdilо lets you аutоmаtiсаlly generate сарtiоns, so your videos саn be more ассessible to all аudienсe. Аdilо аlsо аutоmаtiсаlly adds subtitles in your video in many other languages including Роrtuguese, Sраnish, Russian, French, Chinese, and Korean, providing a global reach to your video. With the Соntent Scheduler, you саn also schedule your video stream’s starting and expiration point, using the tools to drip feed or build urgency. The video рlаtfоrm is the first business video hosting service to providing enterprise-grade соntent рrоteсtiоn and anti-рirасy teсhnоlоgy at аffоrdаble rate for businesses, online marketers and e-learning course creators to рrоtесt their premium content. show more

Adilo Alternatives
Engajer - Video Hosting Software


Connect with your Audience through Interactive Video
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Engajer pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Engajer and how does it work?

Engajer is an easy-to-use online platform that allows the creation and distribution of interactive video content while measuring the audience’s engagement levels. As the viewers navigate the engajer, valuable data on their preferences begin to appear, allowing them to decide who to follow up with first. Engajer Marketing shares information about products or services with large numbers of people at a low cost, increase fundraising and create lasting supporter relationships. And it also delivers user-centric solutions through interactive videos. show more

Engajer Alternatives
TeamTV - Video Hosting Software


All-in-one video solution
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TeamTV pricing: TeamTV Offers Free-forever plan.

What is TeamTV and how does it work?

Record and share videos, statistics, feedback and content that helps team perform and monetize at a higher level. Easy to use video-analysis and highlight creation software for all the customers, embedded on the platform. To serve the customers better. Easy to use software for the entire club. Video-analysis, player development, highlight movies, automatic camera's. Everything you need to level up the club. Automatic recording of matches, data and video sharing and management, and smooth video workflows for live and VOD content creation. Everything need to level up the league. show more

TeamTV Alternatives
WowTo - Video Hosting Software


Easily create HowTo videos with WowTo
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WowTo pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is WowTo and how does it work?

WowTo helps creators to create support, training and educational videos that your viewers can listen to in their preferred language. To use this video creation tool no technical or creative knowledge is required, it is designed for making step-by-step HowTo videos, no confusing timelines or keyframes. The natural AI lifelike voiceover saves you time and money, and you get 300+ options to choose from. When you need a speech correction or include changes from product UI update, just change the corresponding step and generate the video again. No need to restart from scratch to update your videos. Replace [CC] with [VO]- with the write once and play (in multiple languages) technology, reach a global audience so they hear in their locale and not read your videos. The built-in annotator visually points out the content & uses effects like blur, zoom, etc. Soothing background music can be added to your videos for a pleasant audio experience. Transitions- slick motion effects can be used between steps in your How-to videos. show more

WowTo Alternatives
Bungee - Video Hosting Software


inspire viewers to take action
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Bungee pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bungee and how does it work?

Add call to action, collect leads and get meaningful feedback, all in user videos, with no code. With Bungee, they can catch the interest of their viewers and convert them into leads, on autopilot. Impressions, clicks, and conversions are all tracked. Users can see which overlays perform the best on their videos. Bungee's video player automatically adjusts the quality of their video for slower connections. show more

Bungee Alternatives
Show By Animaker - Video Hosting Software

Show By Animaker

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Show By Animaker pricing: Starts at $23.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Show By Animaker and how does it work?

We make it easy for companies across channels, cross-functional (Sales, marking, and communication) to engage with their respective audience using all forms of Video-based communication to increase funnel conversions, revenue, and customer engagement. More viewers, more customers, more revenue Increase Viewers to Signups with Turnstiles, CTA, and grow revenue using Martech tools show more

Show By Animaker Alternatives
Vidone - Video Hosting Software


The Ultimate Video Client Software And Training
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Vidone pricing: Starts at $0.71.

What is Vidone and how does it work?

Vidone combines the best, proven training on beginning and developing a successful freelancing or agency business from the ground up with a powerful cloud-based platform to discover, close, and manage clients. VidOne is a game-changing cloud prospecting, email marketing, and CRM software that helps you locate and land new clients to sell your video or other agency services to, all while managing them all from within the app. The program also offers genuine, in-depth instruction on how to obtain clients on a number of networks, what to sell and charge, scaling training for hands-free work, and more, all of which are essential for running a successful freelancing or agency business. The cloud-based program that enables you to quickly locate and contact hundreds of business owners in need of videos and other marketing services, with the goal of converting them into long-term customers. Clients via Google, Facebook, and the Yellow Pages – enter a keyword, a location, and a radius, then press the search button. View vital information such as a prospect's address, email, website, star ratings, and more across all three networks. show more

Vidone Alternatives
Qiwio - Video Hosting Software


Utilise Qiwio to generate more sales
(4 Ratings)

What is Qiwio and how does it work?

Qiwio is an attractive video hosting platform that helps organisations with accurate leads, speeded up pipelines and robust business growth. The platform includes a variety of tools along with unlimited storage that businesses need to securely host and manage their branded videos. Also, brands can collect emails from their viewers by adding forms to their videos and convert them into customers through a dedicated call-to-action button. The platform allows changing the videos based on viewers’ answers to offer them a fully interactive experience. Businesses can customise every part of the Qiwio’s video player to add colours, thumbnails and logos in the video that match with their brand. Coordinators can also publish the videos to any channels of their choice and scale-up viewers’ engagement in return. Qiwio’s eBook comes in handy with a variety of tips, tricks and strategies that brands need to create and publish videos successfully. Users can sync all of their data with Google Analytics, through Zapier, which shows a complete overview of their efforts. show more

Qiwio Alternatives
VideoKen - Video Hosting Software


Supercharge Videos with AI
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VideoKen pricing: VideoKen Offers Custom plan.

What is VideoKen and how does it work?

VideoKen provides rich indexed videos to users. With AI's power, viewers can traverse through the videos as they do with a book, thus improving their engagement level. Users can submit the link of their video, and VideoKen will transform the video. Users will receive the indexed video in their inbox. They can use the link to share the video with whomever they want on any platform. It helps users improve their SEO using the 'Phrase Cloud' feature of the VideoKen. VideoKen allows users to enhance the ROI of their video with VideoKen's dashboard that provides deep, actionable data insights. Users' viewers can search and find contextual terms they are looking for and their occurrences throughout the video. Users can use the value-added feature of the Atomizer tool that allows them to share a link, insert questions, and call out for emails within the video. It creates metadata for all the videos in the enterprise database, using it to power the discovery of relevant videos across the enterprise. show more

VideoKen Alternatives
VidTags - Video Hosting Software


Interactive AI Powered Video Hosting Software
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VidTags pricing: Starts at $32.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is VidTags and how does it work?

VidTags is an Ai-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, Tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating the marketing video/audio contents super easy. A brand new, video platform that uses the power of Ai to Supercharge the video engagement, get more views, and increase sales. show more

VidTags Alternatives
Cincopa - Video Hosting Software


An ideal video hosting platform
(233 Ratings)

Cincopa pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Cincopa and how does it work?

Cincopa software is a comprehensive online video class platform that empowers users to entirely brand their videos and add chapters, annotations, forms, and CTAs that can appear on their videos. This software allows users to publish, distribute, and host their content and enhance their lead engagement and generation with their audience. Cincopa holds the capacity of transforming the user's website into a video destination by using the powerful bulk uploading tools that include uploader iframe, FTP that embed users' videos on their websites. This tool also estimates the analytics of videos and reports promptly with just a few clicks. The software creates an immersive video channel in a few clips for existing and new videos. Moreover, Cincopa's advanced analytics lets users learn how, where, and who is watching their videos. It makes it easier for the users to monetize their video content either through video syndication or on their websites. Small, midsize companies and professionals make use of this ultimate software. Cincopa offers a free trial to its users and follows a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

Cincopa Alternatives
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