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Lead conversion reimagined
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This data-driven solutions allow user to seamlessly source, engage, and nurture leads so that can focus on what matters most. Engage with customers or candidates and build relationships at scale.

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Hiring Made Better with AI
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Hiretual's recruitment software used to scale organization with intelligent sourcing of candidate profiles. The software offers tools to set up email sequence campaigns and measure the engagement with clicks. Collaborate with teams, screen candidates and share candidate profiles to meet the needs. It integrates with Gmail, ATS, and more.

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The new standard for hiring
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Start discovering and hiring Talent with 93% accuracy in record time. Simulate the job experience and attract the most compatible Talent for your business. Code free. Grow your team faster than ever. Accelerate the discovery, interviewing, and hiring process from 42 days to 7.

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Recruiting Tools for Diverse Hires
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Divercity (divercity.io) is a diversity and inclusion measurement and recruiting platform that helps forward-thinking companies and HR professionals accurately measure and track their diversity breakdown and find and connect with diverse talent.

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Data-Driven Talent Engagement & CRM Software
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Gem use recruiting data and automation to build better candidate relationships and hire more effectively. Gem CRM enables your recruiting team to refine talent acquisition and diversity strategies with analytics, build predictable outcomes in the hiring process through pipeline insights and built-in forecasting, and more effectively engage and nurture top talent with outreach automation.

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Products Similar to CandidateZip


Match Resume Data With Job Description
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Increased hiring efficiency and brand recognition with an AI-backed platform. Accelerate recruitment process with precision like never before. AI and Big Data Analytics firm, which helps organisations in managing their data assets, and finding the best ways to surface insights from the data to enable them with data centric decisions. Their mission is crystal clear. They deep dive into data to unlock insight and have the courage to act. Making use of data is the process adopt with an aim to solve business problem statements. They work with clients to build the analytics capabilities that enable organisations to achieve sustainable advantage. show more

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The AI Assistant for Recruiting, Olivia
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Paradox, the company that’s inspired by a world where AI empowers recruiting teams to spend time with people, not software. Olivia helps companies capture and screen candidates, answer candidate questions 24/7 (on any device), automate the back-and-forth of interview scheduling to save everyone precious time, and so much more.

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Online Portfolio for College Students
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Build your portfolio in Flastio, share it with employers, and land multiple interviews in a month. Employers struggle to shortlist entry-level candidates since many students' resumes look the same. User will need more than a traditional resume to stand out. Flastio's shareable portfolio lets showcase work and projects while applying for jobs or internships.

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AI-Powered Job Search
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JobOffer's AI engine invites qualified, available, interested candidates within 60 seconds of job going live. Central dashboard displays list of applicants ranked automatically based on job criteria. Access top talent with almost no effort. Save time and money.

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A Fully Autonomous Recruiting Platform
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PandoLogic’s AI-enabled recruiting platform only gets more intelligent the more user use it. As bring back workforce, the competition has never been tougher. Save yourself the pain of struggling to find talent with a recruiting platform that will help stand out while keeping budget in check which is where PandoLogic comes in.

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Technology that actually makes building relationships
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HiringSolved automates recruiting, helping match people with jobs with speed, accuracy and Google-like simplicity. While legacy recruiting systems and processes are famous for their complexity and inefficiency, HiringSolved simplifies recruiting by bringing everything together in a single pane of glass.

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Find developers in real-time
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Engineers can filter out the noise and discover relevant job opportunities. Finding perfectly fitting roles and companies doesn't have to be a struggle. Discover interesting opportunities with Insights Newsletter and take advantage of recruitment mailbox.

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The portfolio and recruitment platform for IT professionals
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Centralize resume, project portfolio and blog content. Build up a following, discover other creatives and get invited for relevant vacancies. Forget archaic PDFs filled with unparsable blocks of text. Resumes on Lumeno are rich, structured documents driven by experience with design tools, programming languages, DevOps utilities, and more. Resumes also include private settings to ensure are only contacted about vacancies that satisfy requirements. From salary and skills to time commitment and commute distance.

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The software to attract talent
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Refy is the platform to create the best referral program , taking employer brand to the next level. Having direct access to talent means have to spend less time and resources on the search, interviews, coordination and negotiation. There is a lot of talent that fits with company but is not actively looking at employment opportunities. The referral program is a great way to reach these candidates. Finding candidates via job portals or headhunters can be very expensive. Referrals are a much cheaper source of recruitment and, although they have a cost, they result in an internal benefit. show more

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Take control of hiring
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Take control of user hiring in under 30 minutes with hya. The fast and easy way to kick off recruiting without the use of spreadsheets and post-it notes.

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ThisWay Global

Unbiased candidate Sourcing
(2,692 Ratings)

Increase the diversity of your talent pool and instantly identify top qualified candidates for every job. Find qualified talent from diverse communities, guaranteed. Receive curated job opportunities from companies focused on fair hiring practices. Deliver simple, fair, and accurate matching and sourcing to your customers. Introduce your diverse members to fair and equitable companies and their jobs.

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AI sourcing, outreach automation
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Hireflow is the all-in-one outbound recruiting platform with AI sourcing, outreach automation, recruiting CRM, and diversity metrics. Source with one click using our Chrome Extension. All in one - automated email look-up, outreach, follow ups, inbox integration and ATS sync. Emails are optimized to send at the best time of day. Source 3x faster and stay in your flow.

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Ideal | Talent Intelligence | Product Features | Talent Acquisition Intelligence
(2,510 Ratings)

Ideal is a talent intelligence system. Learn how AI-powered talent acquisition enables leading organizations build better workforces.


Recruiting Automation Platform | Entelo
(113 Ratings)

Entelo recruiting automation software helps talent teams more efficiently discover and qualify talent. Designed with the recruiter's daily workload in mind, Entelo delivers significant efficiency gains.


Careers in HR Technology | See Current Openings at HireVue
(94 Ratings)

AllyO tackles workplace engagement challenges with candidates and employees, from hi to goodbye. As the most funded and highest valued AI for HR company worldwide; AllyO has partnered with 15% of Fortune 50 to automate talent acquisition and management. Backed by tier 1 investors such as Google, SAP, Randstad, Bain and Cervin Ventures, we've demonstrated hyper-growth of 4.5X year over year.