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Gepard A Simple Cloud Content Syndication Solution

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Video Jaguar - Video Editing Software
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Video Jaguar

Video Creating Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

Video Jaguar pricing: Starts at $8.99.

What is Video Jaguar and how does it work?

Video Jaguar software is a platform used to create professional video ads for your business. The software offers pre-built templates to customize for your business. Engage your audiences with a brand with intro and outro videos. Whiteboard Video Maker module comes with pre-made whiteboard videos to customize problem your business is solving. Ad Makers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Gepard vs Video Jaguar | Video Jaguar Alternatives
CNET ContentCast - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

CNET ContentCast

Manage your product data smoothly
(2 Ratings)

CNET ContentCast pricing: CNET ContentCast Offers Custom plan.

What is CNET ContentCast and how does it work?

CNET ContentCast by 1WorldSyncContent Solutions is a product documentation, rich content, and digital marketing solutions that powers ecommerce sites ranging from small businesses to large corporations. It enables distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to gather, manage, interchange, and syndicate product details like pictures, specifications and related items to provide their partners with up-to-date, complete product content. With CNET ContentCast, you get rich content distribution, cross-sell and up-sell solutions, ecommerce store service, product finders and digital sales advisers, and global ecommerce analytics and insights all at one place. You can deliver your brand experience, marketing initiatives, and precise product information to merchant sites in real time. It provides interactive advisor tools to help customers find the right products for their needs based on desired features, as well as the right accessories like batteries, memory, and ink for those products. It additionally offers a complete reporting suite that provides insight into content use and performance. Additionally, users can estimate, procure, and sell online using a system which allows VARs and MSPs to manage customers, files, and ecommerce from a single platform. show more

Gepard vs CNET ContentCast | CNET ContentCast Alternatives
EnterWorks - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Manage business-related data with utmost precision
(1 Ratings)

EnterWorks pricing: EnterWorks Offers Custom plan.

What is EnterWorks and how does it work?

EnterWorks is a product information management software focused on handling data management and customer support. PIM or product information management is one of the main features of EnterWorks that allows clients to regulate product information across platforms and ultimately create a seamless experience driving their business. It enables powering a content repository with endless data attributes, business rules and sophisticated relationships. Further, EnterWorks’ PIM imparts role-based views with added layers of security along with audit log capacity. This ultimately enhances searchability and provides real-time information about the ever-changing trends and the products involved. The PIM software can be further customised according to the needs of the working team and ultimately, the organisation. Secondly, its DAM or digital asset management part conveniently stores and categorises unstructured content while incorporating documents, audio, images and video files. The items can be associated one-to-one among them, or by one-to-many and many-to-one relationships. EnterWorks also offers real-time insights on other digital asset management products to leverage the ones that are installed and yet remain unnoticed. show more

Gepard vs EnterWorks | EnterWorks Alternatives
Salsify - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Improve the performance of your digital shelf
(181 Ratings)

Salsify pricing: Salsify Offers Custom plan.

What is Salsify and how does it work?

Salsify is a commerce experience management platform (commerceXM) that assists brands and retailers to collaborate on winning product experiences for their digital self. Digital Shelf is the collection of diverse and rapidly evolving touchpoints that shoppers use to engage with brands and research products. The platform helps companies to generate the best-in-class customer experience by integrating PIM, DAM and Experience Builder. The Product Information Management (PIM) monitors the product information and personalises it for every channel. Digital Asset Management (DAM) automates the transformation of all digital assets across the companies’ multiple commerce endpoints. Whereas the Experienced Builder assists companies to build a rich, interactive experience that presents the value of their brand and improves conversion. Salsify provides a unique set of components that are tightly integrated by Workflows and Digital Shelf Analytics, combining processes, events and responses to manage the system operations efficiently. It provides a rich ecosystem of partners that also assists users to perform well over the digital shelf. show more

Gepard vs Salsify | Salsify Alternatives
Pimcore PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Pimcore PIM

An Open Source Platform for Product Information and Data Management
(60 Ratings)

Pimcore PIM pricing: Pimcore PIM Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Pimcore PIM and how does it work?

Pimcore’s software centralizes and harmonizes all sales, marketing, and technical product information. It is built for easy integration into all existing IT system landscapes and is used to acquire, manage, and share any type of digital data easily. The tool includes a web-based engine to create a new product data model within minutes. It has more than 40 high-performance data types that are capable of handling millions of products or other master data with thousands of attributes each. The robust PIM solution is designed to work with multiple languages and provides a flexible data model, data editing, and translation interface for effectively working with product data within an international or global context. The tabular user interface is mainly used for three different tasks such as batch editing records in an Excel-like manner, bulk editing of selected records, and searching or filtering for certain records based on an integrated query builder. The platform includes advanced rights management and can be 100% customized and fine-tuned according to each user. show more

Gepard vs Pimcore PIM | Pimcore PIM Alternatives

Products Similar to Gepard

Label Insight - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Label Insight

Comprehensive product data for customers
(1 Ratings)

Label Insight pricing: Label Insight Offers Custom plan.

What is Label Insight and how does it work?

Label Insight is a product attribute metadata solution that aims to deliver detailed and accurate product attribute metadata in real-time. Thus boosting up the overall growth of CPG brands and retailers. It connects consumers with the relevant products meant for their health, wellness and lifestyle needs. Moreover, an inbuilt Item Setup functionality present within the same, helps companies configure transparent product launches as per customer needs. Its high-quality product data saves time to reach the market, increasing revenue opportunities. Label Insight comes with a digital discovery feature, enabling brands to improve their organic search models. Furthermore, by highlighting specific products, the solution increases the customer engagement rate to a great level. Additionally, Label Insight can provide relevant product recommendations and promote differential product categories via optimised placement for high-intent keywords, thus leading to more ROI. With the ability to recognise and target specific shopper segments, the solution integrates attribution data into loyalty apps. Moreover, Label Insight identifies potential areas of growth and manages categories to drive strategic decisions, while marking thoughtful impacts at the same time. show more

Label Insight Alternatives
Syndigo CXH - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Syndigo CXH

A Content Experience Hub For Core Level Marketing
(73 Ratings)

Syndigo CXH pricing: Syndigo CXH Offers Custom plan.

What is Syndigo CXH and how does it work?

Syndigo CXH is a platform that provides an end-to-end solution to create, manage, enrich, syndicate, and optimize all core marketing, product content, and digital assets. The platform connects users with more than 1,500 global retailers and 10,000 global brands for more than three million products. Content Experience Hub allows brands and retailers to provide the best possible product experiences to their users through content creation, syndication, validation, enrichment, and analysis. Syndigo empowers brands and retailers to effectively provide their consumers with the Right Data utilizing standardized, industry-specific, and regulatory data sets. Users can create new marketing content, enrich existing assets or supercharge their workflows to create an engaging shopping experience. Users can manage their digital assets effectively and also transfer data effortlessly between trading partners. It delivers engaging and quality product experiences to meet the unique requirements. ​It also drives sales with detailed reporting and content analytics. Syndigo CXH enables the users to gain more control over how the content appears and ensure that it meets their retailers' expectations. show more

Gepard vs Syndigo CXH | Syndigo CXH Alternatives
Akeneo PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Akeneo PIM

Powerful PIM platform to build enhanced products
(137 Ratings)

Akeneo PIM pricing: Akeneo PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is Akeneo PIM and how does it work?

Akeneo PIM is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution that assists brands to deliver high-quality products across all sales channels. The software comes with a robust asset management tool that makes organizing, linking, and transforming multimedia assets easy. Users can import raw data from MS Excel or CSV files and structure the data according to families, categories, attributes, etc. so that the set looks standardized. The logs or cells of the entire data set are open for attaching notes, images, etc. This helps teams to draft enriched product descriptions. Users can also take bulk actions to save time and effort. A single change can be implemented easily on the entire data set. The software also provides the option to control user rights. The admin can control who in the team or any stakeholder is able to access which specific fields and values. The collaboration feature allows reviewing and validation of changes done to a product. Product designers can even assign business rules that automatically apply to all design aspects of every product. All these along with the ability to generate valuable reports, make Akeneo PIM a complete solution for product information management. show more

Gepard vs Akeneo PIM | Akeneo PIM Alternatives
Plytix - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Product Information Management platform
(98 Ratings)

Plytix pricing: Starts at $830.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Plytix and how does it work?

Plytix is an all-in-one Product Information Management (PIM) tool. It gives your entire team a single source of truth to easily find, edit, and optimize product information. The platform handles both incoming/outgoing and cross-departmental product data including; digital assets, technical specifications, marketing data, sales information, channel-specific information, localized information, design specification, and more. Meantime, the product catalogs are enhanced with email notifications that enable you to track where all content goes. show more

Gepard vs Plytix | Plytix Alternatives
inRiver PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

inRiver PIM

Get product related information monitored in a digitized form
(54 Ratings)

inRiver PIM pricing: inRiver PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is inRiver PIM and how does it work?

inRiver PIM is a one stop solution for organizations, helping them to enhance sales, streamline syndication, build better customer experiences, find new markets and get access to automated strategies in real-time. The product information monitoring solution can be used to publish, create, enrich and syndicate contents, enabling organisations to outperform their market competitions. Merchandisers and marketers can schedule a frictionless purchase path using the particular solution. inRiver PIM helps them to streamline syndication, increase sales, generate better customer experience and bring down product return rates. Business houses can get themselves scaled as per the requirements of newly acquired marketplaces in real-time. A robust user mechanism offered by the solution, facilitates faster time to market, automates manual tasks and eliminates duplications as well. Enterprises also get to offer comprehensive customer experiences, building in a frictionless path towards purchase. inRiver PIM houses a supportive community of its own, who provides accurate solutions to multiple queries. show more

Gepard vs inRiver PIM | inRiver PIM Alternatives
Sales Layer PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Sales Layer PIM

The new generation Product Information Manager.
(80 Ratings)

Sales Layer PIM pricing: Sales Layer PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is Sales Layer PIM and how does it work?

Sales Layer is a cloud-based product information management (PIM) solution designed to help eCommerce marketers manage and organize their product information, synchronize and update it automatically, analyze the quality, and then publish automatically across multiple channels and platforms. Sales Layer automatically maps every field with the right attributes, categories, and families. Track the evolution of the quality of your product information with graphic reports. Enrich your product information automatically and improve the ranking of your product listings. All this in clear, visual charts and graphics. show more

Gepard vs Sales Layer PIM | Sales Layer PIM Alternatives
Perfion PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Perfion PIM

Management your product data from a single place
(2 Ratings)

Perfion PIM pricing: Perfion PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is Perfion PIM and how does it work?

Perfion PIM is a PIM (product information management platform), developed to assist a corporation in managing enormous volumes of complicated product information and effectively disseminating that information via the appropriate channels. It provides you complete control over your product data, allowing you to focus on more important duties rather than looking for information and maintaining several systems. With Perfion PIM, your entire product information data is gathered in one convenient location and all of your websites, applications, and publications are automatically updated with it. With Perfion, you can simply update product information in one location, and the changes are applied across the board, enhancing your internal procedures and customer communication. It makes it simple for your company's workers to cooperate across apps, departments, languages, and product versions. Existing data sources can also be imported or live-linked into Perfion. Employees can effortlessly manage and update product information across datasheets, brochures, portals, price lists, websites, and more using the easy drag-and-drop feature by Perfion. Additionally, the platform supports real information inheritance, making it simpler to add and update product variants. show more

Gepard vs Perfion PIM | Perfion PIM Alternatives
Comestri PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Comestri PIM

Display rich product data and attract more customers
(0 Ratings)

Comestri PIM pricing: Comestri PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is Comestri PIM and how does it work?

Comestri PIM is a product information management software that empowers businesses to make their products more discoverable and customer-relevant as well. The software enables businesses to enrich data and modify the product information so that it can be displayed on all websites, marketplaces, eCommerce and dropships programs. Brands can enrich their content by adding descriptions, images, videos and attributes so that customers can easily find the respective products and buy them. This information can also be personalised through different attributes, like visuals, prices, language, currency, descriptions and more, to target a certain group of customers. With Comestri PIM, companies can streamline their product management process and even make quick filters to refine customers’ product searches. Products can be segregated in multiple regions and multiple languages with the help of its flexible & customisable features. Moreover, product and data modelling, digital asset management, and data quality control are some of the other features of Comestri PIM that help companies from time to time. show more

Comestri PIM Alternatives
Catsy - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Syndicate to Channels with PIM software
(61 Ratings)

Catsy pricing: Catsy Offers Custom plan.

What is Catsy and how does it work?

Catsy brings a decade of experience with product content syndication and digital asset management. Catsy is a leading PxM solution that makes it easy to sync your product content across all of your sales channels. With Catsy you can easily export products to a number of retailer and dealer templates to directly impact your sales and increase revenue. No more data silos. Catsy has been honed and refined to provide you with the ability to create a single source of product content information. Easily share product information with your customers and sales team through an intuitive, searchable self-service eCatalog. show more

Gepard vs Catsy | Catsy Alternatives
Demostack - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Ensures demo creation in minutes
(0 Ratings)

Demostack pricing: Demostack Offers Custom plan.

What is Demostack and how does it work?

Demostack is the only demo environment solution that provides revenue teams with total flexibility, control, and visibility into product views. Product teams may concentrate on developing amazing products rather than managing demo settings. Revenue teams (Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, and Customer Success) are given the authority to offer product stories that connect, move discussions ahead, and accelerate revenue growth. Trusted by many companies and their revenue teams, Demostack helps users create a high-fidelity demo environment in minutes. It’s a carbon copy of a product experience. Furthermore, this demo environment solution helps users edit charts and data, move elements, as well as personalise texts. Demostack lets one’s prospect experience the magic of the product, without hiccups. This solution also allows users to get powerful insights on which demos generate deals, what was presented by whom, to whom, and who are associated with right now, and more. Demostack assures sales teams to deliver flawless demos, every time. Also, sales engineering teams can create custom demos in minutes. show more

Demostack Alternatives
Quable PIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Quable PIM

Product Information Management platform
(0 Ratings)

Quable PIM pricing: Quable PIM Offers Custom plan.

What is Quable PIM and how does it work?

Quable PIM is cutting-edge SaaS software for growth-oriented firms, manufacturers, and distributors. In record speed, the PIM solution propels and harmonizes your items everywhere. Companies can use Quable PIM to centralize, organize, and improve their product information - whether content or media - for automatic dissemination across all sales and communication channels. Quable PIM is a simple and collaborative SaaS platform for omnichannel distribution and product information management. The solution caters to the needs of both B2C and B2B brands from a variety of industries, including retail, tourism, luxury, and industry. Quable PIM is simple to use, and the flexibility of its technology base guarantees quick adoption. Quable defies every PIM industry rule with its clever and innovative SaaS platform. Quable is a professional company that focuses on ergonomics and user-friendly features to speed up marketing data enrichment and shorten time-to-market. show more

Quable PIM Alternatives
AtroPIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


A Product Information for Business
(0 Ratings)

AtroPIM pricing: AtroPIM Offers Free-forever plan.

What is AtroPIM and how does it work?

AtroPIM is a PIM software used to manage product catalog with current product information across all channels. The software offers tools to manage product attributes by linking it to products, product families, assets and categories. Manage media files with AtroDAM to manage assets - images, PDFs, documents, videos, archives, etc. Collaborate with your team to automate business processes to increase the productivity for better product experience. Product Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

AtroPIM Alternatives
PIMworks - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Collect, enrich and manage your product data within one place
(17 Ratings)

PIMworks pricing: PIMworks Offers Custom plan.

What is PIMworks and how does it work?

PIMworks is a product information management (PIM) software that helps businesses to monitor their entire product data from a single place. The software provides users with a 360-degree overview of product information from a unified location that helps to eliminate redundancy in information and simplifies the overall product journey. Businesses can add useful information to product landing pages in order to offer customers more enticing and rich product-based content. Further, with PIMworks’s instant product syndication and ready-to-use templates and APIs, users get to prepare product content that can be distributed across different channels. The software also includes a digital asset management module that makes it easy for users to track all of their product images, video and other sources, within a single repository. Furthermore, the software comes with built-in workflows that help different teams to monitor complex architecture using a flexible hierarchy management process that includes pre-set rules and permissions. show more

Gepard vs PIMworks | PIMworks Alternatives
smallPIM - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


PIM Solution for eCommerce
(0 Ratings)

smallPIM pricing: Starts at $1000.0.

What is smallPIM and how does it work?

StrikeTru offers a SaaS PIM that gives flexibility, scalability and accessibility by consolidating all product content & digital assets on to a single platform giving entire organization a centralized view of high-quality product data. This top priority is for customers to take control of their product content so they can focus on boosting eCommerce environments and generating more revenue. In the age of same-day shipping and same-day delivery, user need enterprise-wide visibility over complex product data to deliver current and consistently great product experiences across sales channels, every single time. show more

smallPIM Alternatives
Apimio - Product Information Management (PIM) Software


Configure your business with great product experience management
(1 Ratings)

Apimio pricing: Starts at $159.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Apimio and how does it work?

Apimio is a Product Information Management platform that allows producers to share product information with retailers in order to improve consumer relationships. With the next-generation Product Information Management (PIM) technology, you can provide your online shoppers with the best product experience. Designed to improve product data and increase online sales. Improved product experience management will result in increased sales. Apimio streamlines every step of your product journey, making it faster and easier to get started with optimized product data on your online stores. Make contact with your team members and channel partners. Keep track of user actions and contact information in one place. Data such as names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers should be stored in a convenient location. Bring all of your product data to the cloud and work together with your vendors. Bring your entire team together and provide them the tools they need to create the finest product experiences for your online customers. show more

Apimio Alternatives
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