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Oracle CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Oracle CPQ

Generate quick and accurate quotes for all your orders
(233 Ratings)

Oracle CPQ pricing: Starts at $240.0.

What is Oracle CPQ and how does it work?

Oracle CPQ is an intuitive customer experience and sales management solution that enables businesses to help their customers through an order to cash process. Thus facilitating correctly configured detailed purchase order creation in real-time. Once completed with the creative part of a correctly configured order, the solution offers a detailed price quote to individual customers that include discounts and terms & conditions alike. The solution also has the capability to automatically create accurate and functional configurations in seconds, even if the product changes over time. In addition, sales teams also get access to effective and easy-to-follow procedures that help them to identify customer needs and suggest relevant product offers, accordingly. Also, Oracle CPQ enables businesses to provide intelligently designed discount and pricing information, such as average selling price (ASP), optimal price determination, last price paid and other deals as per need. The solution uses current and accurate data for generating quotes and proposals, dynamically. Finally, Oracle CPQ also supports CRM and ERP integrations to establish an end-to-end sales to order process. show more

Oracle CPQ Alternatives
Salesforce CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Salesforce CPQ

Make the best informed sales decisions possible
(1,060 Ratings)

Salesforce CPQ pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Salesforce CPQ and how does it work?

Salesforce CPQ is a cloud-based platform that provides your sales staff with easy-to-use software that is accessible from any device. Hosted on the Sales Cloud platform, it gives you a direct link to your CRM, allowing you to make the best informed sales decisions possible. Salesforce CPQ simplifies the processes of bidding, contracting, and ordering. Without ever leaving Salesforce, the solution boosts sales productivity and helps you close more business. Salesforce CPQ, which is fully native on the Salesforce platform, provides next-generation CPQ that is 5-10x easier to build than legacy CPQ apps. Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a next-generation tool that is part of Salesforce's Sales Cloud service. It's built with Salesforce standard objects like quotations and products, so you'll have a consistent data structure across the customer lifetime. This shared data approach removes cumbersome integrations, allowing new products to be launched faster and iterations to be made more quickly. show more

Salesforce CPQ Alternatives
SAP CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Deliver real-time quotes with SAP CPQ
(141 Ratings)

SAP CPQ pricing: SAP CPQ Offers Custom plan.

What is SAP CPQ and how does it work?

SAP CPQ acts as the perfect solution for customers wanting accurate and real-time quotes. With an intuitive configuration process, this software delivers positive results across every sales channel. It provides a rich customer experience by empowering sales teams and partners to offer complex product configurations, great-looking proposals, and optimised pricing. Businesses can accelerate sales teams by connecting SAP CPQ to their e-commerce, CRM, or ERP platform. From cloud deployment and configuring complex quotes to automating quotes- SAP CPQ handles everything. This software helps sales reps sell through faster channels by removing order errors. Further, it helps sales reps generate proposals and provides customer & channel-specific pricing. With SAP CPQ, one can establish an intelligent integrated sales process to simplify approvals, generate quotes faster, as well as cut sales cycles. It also helps to improve business insights to maximise sales opportunities, optimise pricing, and increase cross & up-selling. Its top features include configuration optimisation, margin protection & expansion, and seamless connectivity. show more

SAP CPQ Alternatives
PROS Smart CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Smart CPQ Software
(90 Ratings)

PROS Smart CPQ pricing: PROS Smart CPQ Offers Custom plan.

What is PROS Smart CPQ and how does it work?

PROS CPQ software solutions make it easy for multiple salespeople to collaborate on a quote or RFP simultaneously. PROS Smart CPQ software system integrates pricing guidance to deliver maximum value on every deal. Business impact matters. With integrated quote performance and waterfall charts, Smart CPQ software makes it easy for reps to visualize profitability and analyze the performance of each deal. Smart CPQ accelerates sales and your responsiveness for large quotes, RFPs, and bids with up to 100,000 line items with no performance degradation. show more

PROS Smart CPQ Alternatives
Quoter - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Optimizing user's quoting process for the remote age
(3 Ratings)

Quoter pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Quoter and how does it work?

The successful IT businesses of today build systems and processes to scale without compromising customer experience. Quoter is your sales system that increases capacity and reduces purchasing friction. Quoter is a modern, cloud-based quoting platform that helps MSPs, VARs, and ISVs save time, eliminate mistakes, and get paid faster. Their simple template-based system automates the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process so their reps can fire off beautiful quotes in seconds. Seamlessly integrates with PSAs (ConnectWise, Autotask, and Kaseya), CRMs, Distributors, and Accounting Tools. show more

Quoter Alternatives

Products Similar to PowerPrice

FPX CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Selling Made Simple with CPQ Software
(18 Ratings)

FPX CPQ pricing: FPX CPQ Offers Custom plan.

What is FPX CPQ and how does it work?

FPX CPQ software is a platform used to configures all sales orders for complex business rules. The software offers tools to generate budgetary quotes on pricing and discounting rules. Validates all product/service selections and preserves margins requiring approval for discounts. Measure business performances with professional sales proposals It integrates with SAP, Salesforce, IBM, Magento/Adobe, Microsoft and more. show more

FPX CPQ Alternatives
Apttus CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Apttus CPQ

Configure, price, and quote with confidence
(398 Ratings)

Apttus CPQ pricing: Apttus CPQ Offers Custom plan.

What is Apttus CPQ and how does it work?

Apttus provides Software as a Service applications that enable enterprise-class applications to be deployed quickly and easily. The functionality enables for total visibility and end-to-end administration of business functions, as well as quick and easy expansion through configuration tools. Apttus offers complete Quote-to-Cash solutions based on the Salesforce1 platform, with the goal of delighting customers and increasing revenue. Apttus CPQ software is a critical component of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash system, helping sales companies to reduce risk and speed time to revenue. The critical business process between a buyer's interest in a purchase and revenue generation is driven by Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions. Companies may improve sales effectiveness while increasing visibility and control of the entire Quote-to-Cash process, including configure price quotes, using Apttus. Apttus offers a completely integrated Quote-to-Cash solution that is entirely built on the Salesforce Platform. On the most advanced cloud platform, all opportunities, pricing, product configurations, quotations, and contracts are totally in sync. show more

Apttus CPQ Alternatives
DigiFabster - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Improve client interactions by minimising quote time and focusing solely on productive work
(211 Ratings)

DigiFabster pricing: Starts at $290.0.

What is DigiFabster and how does it work?

DigiFabster is a rapid quotation software that manages quote requests and saves time. Gone are the days of time-consuming and difficult quotation management systems. DigiFabster now makes it simple for individuals to handle quotations. All quotation requests are tracked and managed automatically by the programme. In addition, managing quote inquiries through email do not necessitate a multi-step approach. It enables people to receive more profit by concentrating on high-value sets. With this programme, the quoted time is reduced to 10 minutes instead of 24 hours. Also, the database contains hundreds of the most regularly used equipment and materials, which may be changed several times without difficulty. Furthermore, the platform improves file preparation by automatically detecting and repairing frequent process errors. The programme also offers multiple uploading, up to 30 models at a time, with a 300+ MB limitation. DigiFaster through its seamless interfaces controls the client base online and aids in the development of strong customer relationships. show more

DigiFabster Alternatives
ConnectWise Sell - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

ConnectWise Sell

IT Proposal Software and Templates
(378 Ratings)

ConnectWise Sell pricing: ConnectWise Sell Offers Custom plan.

What is ConnectWise Sell and how does it work?

ConnectWise Sell is a cloud-based software solution, designed to increase your quoting volume and wins, by, freeing your quote and proposal process from on-premise limitations. Give your sales reps the power to know when their client is interacting with the quote or proposal. ConnectWise Sell helps put an end to the chaos and empowers your team to shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates with quote and proposal automation. Allow clients to upsell themselves based on fully detailed, easily accessible upsell options provided in the quote. show more

ConnectWise Sell Alternatives
Verenia CPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Verenia CPQ

Simplify buying and selling processes across all channels
(178 Ratings)

Verenia CPQ pricing: Verenia CPQ Offers Custom plan.

What is Verenia CPQ and how does it work?

Verenia CPQ is a cloud-based configure price quote (CPQ) solution for companies in the distribution, manufacturing, and e-commerce industries. Product visualization, pricing quotations, CRM and ERP connection, and customer self-service are all important aspects. Regardless of the intricacy of the product or service, Verenia CPQ can configure and quote it. With its "Guided Selling" feature, the system adjusts discounts and margins automatically and assists users in upselling and cross-selling accessories and items. Dealers, partners, and users can also be aligned with local government standards, company procedures, and national legislation using the system. A range of role and permission-based views are available in the system. Sales employees may enter quotations and confirm orders, salespeople can produce and send sales proposals, and engineers and product managers can change product data. Management can see sales activities. Users may track orders, view and pay bills, view purchase history, verify product and service availability, approve quotations and estimates, and view product catalogs through Verenia CPQ's customer self-service site. show more

Verenia CPQ Alternatives
QuoteWerks - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Quoting software to bridge the gap between CRM and accounting
(456 Ratings)

QuoteWerks pricing: Starts at $13.75.

What is QuoteWerks and how does it work?

QuoteWerks integrates and leverages the software you already own and know how to use. Before a quote is sent to a customer, QuoteWerks facilitates peer reviews and quote approvals from sales managers and executives ensuring there are no mistakes and the quote is within the margin. Select your branded template and determine how you’d like to present your quote to the customer. Electronically deliver interactive quotes via optional QuoteValet cloud service. show more

QuoteWerks Alternatives
Expedite Commerce - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Expedite Commerce

A quick way to build closer relationships with customers
(60 Ratings)

Expedite Commerce pricing: Expedite Commerce Offers Custom plan.

What is Expedite Commerce and how does it work?

Expedite Commerce is an all-rounder business management platform that helps organisations streamline various processes, ranging from manufacturing and revenue generation to attracting new customers and retaining them, seamlessly. It enables businesses to CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) their products, as well as guide customers to buy products online, with the help of 3D visualisations. The platform can be integrated with sales processes and call centres that ultimately helps brands to improve their customer experiences. Moreover, it can also be integrated with businesses’ pre-existing ERP systems and manage inventories adequately. With Expedite Commerce, users can simplify their billing system about subscription, usage, recurring and one-time charges for particular bills. The platform can be relied upon to automate individual billing cycles and get instant feedback about bill cycle processing and generated revenue. Overall, Expedite Commerce helps businesses to maintain their focus on regular customers, build better relationships, sell faster, fulfil orders on time and automate recurring processes alike. show more

Expedite Commerce Alternatives
Competera - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Optimal prices customers trust
(0 Ratings)

Competera pricing: Competera Offers Custom plan.

What is Competera and how does it work?

Competera enables retailers and brands to increase customer trust by setting and maintaining optimal prices in real-time. This deep learning algorithms continuously re-calculate billions of possible price combinations ensuring an average gross margin increase by 6%.

Competera Alternatives
CloudSense - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Redefining Business Management
(89 Ratings)

CloudSense pricing: CloudSense Offers Custom plan.

What is CloudSense and how does it work?

CloudSense is a tested Commerce and Subscriber Management platform for Salesforce, designed for high-volume or sophisticated continuing services. This merged data provides you with a 360-degree perspective of your consumers, which can be leveraged to generate tailored, omnichannel customer experiences with embedded AI. From sales to continuous subscription fulfillment, it enables the whole commerce journey on a single platform. For long-running complex commercial processes and subscriber Order Management, CloudSense offers a one-of-a-kind drag-and-drop business process management solution. It has a vast list of features such as - Experts in Salesforce, mobile and online applications, integrations, and migrations. Their teams create and implement solutions that are customized not only for your technology but also for your people and procedures. One of their most beneficial features is their training programme - Classes give your employees hands-on experience so they can immediately grasp your solution and implement what they've learned. Designed for both functional and technical stakeholders, each course ensures that each participant leaves completely educated in their platform. They have a 24/7 technical support team that can be accessed through a call or email instantly. show more

CloudSense Alternatives
Pricefx - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


A platform that scales with your brand
(67 Ratings)

Pricefx pricing: Pricefx Offers Custom plan.

What is Pricefx and how does it work?

Pricefx is a price optimization software that offers the brands with a full suite of prices. It has turned itself into a world-class platform and it effectively meets the client’s current and future state needs. When it comes to pricing, Pricefx continuously gathers insights on pricing data and manages strategies to bring the price to the market from boardroom data points. The software’s built-in features like the PriceAnalyzer and PriceOptimizer utilize machine learning and data science techniques to help and test volumes, margins, segments. It also helps to optimize pricing strategies after analyzing the impactful visualizations and reports, helping a business to identify the underperforming products and a very granular root cause analysis. Pricefx provides the sales team with a very straightforward interface and a seamless integration with most CRM systems, providing the entire team with the unmatched response time. The state-of-the-art ChannelManager software brings the complete ship and debits claim management seamlessly together with a business’s existing tech stack. A combination of these unique features and solid customer support guarantees long term customer satisfaction and cost savings. show more

Pricefx Alternatives
BlueprintCPQ - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Build and price combinations for all your products and services in the right order
(71 Ratings)

BlueprintCPQ pricing: Starts at $60.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is BlueprintCPQ and how does it work?

BlueprintCPQ also known as XaitCPQ, is an intuitive sales automation software that helps businesses to attract more deals by assigning accurate prices to individual products and services on the go. The solution enables users to enhance their sales by increasing the quality of bids and proposals alike. It can quickly adapt new price lists, products and discount structures to keep users always ready for the future. BlueprintCPQ can be integrated with users’ existing eCommerce and CRM platforms, facilitating error-free processing of configured products. Moreover, a simple administrative tool available within makes it easy for businesses to follow scheduled rules and achieve the right balance between administrative overhead and user acceptance, accordingly. Proposals created over BlueprintCPQ are professional in appearance, that also includes tailored images, CAD drawings and graphics. These proposals are correct, updated and free from any currency or price book errors. Moreover, a team of CPQ experts are correctly available on time, ready to solve users’ problems or situations. show more

BlueprintCPQ Alternatives
DealHub - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Empowering sales teams to close deals faster
(355 Ratings)

DealHub pricing: DealHub Offers Custom plan.

What is DealHub and how does it work?

This sales engagement software is easy to use and set up and creates the ideal brand experience for every contract, quote, proposal or agreement that professionals send. It automates approvals, tracks buyer engagement and sales workflows. Sales teams can close more deals faster with this end to end solution. An interesting feature provided by this platform is the predictive sales playbooks that let salespeople walk step by step through content generation activity and customer engagement. Dealhub also provides dynamically generated, deal-specific micro websites that enable salespeople to interact and engage with stakeholders throughout the sales process, e-sign documents and capture feedback. The dashboards of Dealhub allow sales representatives to easily and quickly comprehend deal flows and generate more sales pipelines. show more

DealHub Alternatives
Experlogix - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


Now is the time to sell
(6 Ratings)

Experlogix pricing: Experlogix Offers Custom plan.

What is Experlogix and how does it work?

Experlogix is a sales enhancement platform that enables sales teams to setup, price, and provide customized, precise quotations quickly and easily using CPQ technologies. It accelerates and simplifies quote processes, increases customer satisfaction, and improves quality and accuracy, by allowing you to manage even the most complicated quoting, price, and setup needs without scripting. With Experlogix, you can simplify and speed up your quotation and order procedures to assist your sales reps in selling quicker and more efficiently. Using automated and consistent procedures, you can create, transmit, and e-sign highly tailored and persuasive quotations and proposals. You can generate on-demand BOMs, routing, and other paperwork depending on customer-specific parameters. You can create precise orders and bids every time, with corporate rules that discover discrepancies automatically, preventing expensive mistakes and delays. You can visualize items with detailed explanations and realistic visuals, leading your sales reps through the setup of difficult requests. Additionally, you can integrate the Experlogix CPQ system with your ERP or CRM platform, NetSuite, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics to simplify and expedite quotation and order processes. show more

Experlogix Alternatives
bit2win CPQ Suite - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

bit2win CPQ Suite

Place accurate quotes and close deals in a smarter way
(14 Ratings)

bit2win CPQ Suite pricing: bit2win CPQ Suite Offers Custom plan.

What is bit2win CPQ Suite and how does it work?

bit2win CPQ Suite is specially designed for companies transforming themselves by digitalizing revenue operations of their own. It empowers enterprises to set up complex services and products, present accurate quotes, and execute smarter deals based on the latest pricing and product information made available. Also, service providers can use the CPQ solution to simplify the ongoing feature usability and complexity levels, besides reducing the number of clicks, and screens. The platform can also be utilized by users to automate relevant document generation processes, directly from their CRM system. A robust workflow management tool lets users define process-flow based on the click and point approach. They can also utilize it as a fast wizard configurator to gather and validate data produced by the use. Enterprises can map a variety of catalogues related to fulfilment and billing, to generate a unified commercial catalogue out of them. Besides e-signature and microservices facilities, bit2win CPQ Suite enables service providers to optimize retail services by digitizing all of their store processes. show more

bit2win CPQ Suite Alternatives
Apparound - Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software


The fast easy path to successful online selling
(34 Ratings)

Apparound pricing: Apparound Offers Custom plan.

What is Apparound and how does it work?

Apparound is an all-in-one digital solution that improves sales productivity by providing sales reps, useful tools, and information to make their daily activities easier. Track sales activity and productivity with full visibility into your sales pipeline. Use digital technology to make your sales productive from anywhere. The software gives them the information and tools they need to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively than ever. show more

Apparound Alternatives
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