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Updated on: October 5, 2022
Altova DatabaseSpy
Altova DatabaseSpy DatabaseSpy Multi-database Tool

Altova DatabaseSpy Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Altova DatabaseSpy Alternatives

Red Gate SQL Compare

SQL Compare: Compare And Synchronize SQL Server Schemas
(22 Ratings)

Try Redgate SQL Compare - compare two SQL Server databases, synchronize the differences, automate comparisons, and manage database versioning issues.

dbForge Data Compare for...

PostgreSQL Data Comparison and Synchronization Tool
(3 Ratings)

Compare and synchronize PostgreSQL databases data easily with Data Compare tool for PostgreSQL by Devart! Try free professional trial!

dbForge Compare Bundle for...

Oracle data and schema comparison - dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle
(3 Ratings)

Get Oracle Compare Bundle comprising dbForge Data Compare and dbForge Schema Compare. Save up to 30% on purchasing database comparison, analysis, and synchronization tools!

dbForge Data Compare for...

Oracle Data Compare tool to compare diffs and sync data easily
(0 Ratings)

Oracle Data Comparison tool helps compare and synchronize table data in Oracle databases easily. Try a free professional trial for 30 days!

dbForge Schema Compare for...

Schema Compare tool to Diff and Sync PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift Databases
(45 Ratings)

Compare Diffs and Sync Schemas in PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift Databases! Download AmazonRDS schema diff tool for free!

Products Similar to Altova DatabaseSpy

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL

MySQL Data Compare Tool to Diff and Sync MySQL Databases
(4 Ratings)

The tool gives clear view of differences between data, allows analyzing them, generates synchronization script, and applies changes at a glance.

dbForge Schema Compare for...

Oracle Schema Compare to Diff and Sync Oracle Tables Structure
(3 Ratings)

Oracle Schema comparison tool by Devart helps compare, synchronize, and check differences in two Oracle schemas. Try a free professional trial for 30 days!

dbForge Schema Compare for...

SQL Schema Compare Tool to Diff and Sync Database Structures
(3 Ratings)

Compare SQL Server databases, analyze differences in database schemas, generate synchronization scripts with SQL Server Compare Tool by Devart. Try it for free!

dbForge Compare Bundle for...

SQL Compare and Synchronize - dbForge Compare Bundle
(3 Ratings)

Bundles include two separate tools to compare and deploy databases. Discounts are significant when compared with purchasing each tool separately.

xSQL Data Compare

Compare and synchronize the data two of SQL Server databases
(0 Ratings)

xSQL Data Compare allows you to compare and synchronize the data of two SQL Server databases. It supports all SQL Server versions, from 2000 through 2019, on-premise and on the cloud, including the latest Azure SQL Database. It provides a wide array of options, grouped into the comparison, scripting and execution categories. It generates a change script tailored for the version and the compatibility level of the target database and it can handle small and large databases with ease. You can use a simple and intuitive UI or take advantage of a powerful command line for batch comparison. show more

What is xSQL Data Compare ? xSQL Data Compare Pricing


FREE Compare database tool - DBComparer 3.0
(1 Ratings)

DBComparer is a professional database comparison tool for analyzing the differences between Microsoft's database structures.

SQL Server Comparison Tool

Super easy database comparison
(0 Ratings)

SQL Server Comparison Tool is a program for quickly finding differences in SQL Server databases. Compare data and structure

What is SQL Server Comparison Tool ? SQL Server Comparison Tool Pricing


Data Comparison Tool
(4 Ratings)

JuxtAPPose is used to Compare data from files and queries has never been easier. It has key features like Local Installation, Visualize Differences, Data Sources, Custom Key and much more. JuxtAPPose is a tool to compare data quickly and easily from files or DB queries from the most popular engines focused on simplicity.

What is JuxtAPPose ? JuxtAPPose Pricing